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Write a report which critically analyses the preliminary design and detailed design phases of the project discussed in Assignment 1. Particular attention is to be paid to the system test, evaluation and validation processes employed and any optimisation that was required. In the Introduction, you will need to briefly summarise the content covered in Assignment 1.

To demonstrate your research skills and understanding, the report must draw upon relevant sources like journals, books or reputable trade publications in analysing the project. You must also present the case study in terms of the above two lifecycle phases and evaluate the detailed design against the identified needs / requirements. 

Preliminary Design of Water Theme Park

Previous assignment discusses the proposal plan for the water theme park in manner to analyze the needs and requirements of the users and the park. The water theme park has been always interesting and relaxing for the individuals and their family. Millions of the individuals went to the water park for entertainment and enjoyment. It has become one of the trending sections for the individuals to go there and look for the sources those could contribute in the enjoyment factor for the individuals. The development of theme park has been selected as the point of objective for this report. Theme park has been always a great place for gathering of the individuals and utilizing the various entertainment sources. Previous paper discussed the needs and the requirements for the development of the water theme park. This section explained the basic need definition for the proposed project that includes the safety, resource efficiency, impacts, Compatibility and interoperability, Quality and durability, maintainability, sustainability, new attractions, zero pollution, minimal waste, and affordability. These points were helpful in addressing the mapping of the project that was to develop the water theme project where many individuals can come together and enjoy the services being offered.

The developed park also considered sustainability as the major for the development and execution of the project and development of the park that can fulfil the needs and requirements of the visitors. Previous paper also introduces the conceptual design of the proposed project in manner to analyse the strategies those could be considered as the prior objectives for the development and execution of the project development.

This report will be emphasizing on the preliminary and detailed design of the proposed water theme park in manner to assure that the developed project will be assuring the factor of enjoyment and sustainability for the individuals coming at the park for enjoyment.

The preliminary design will be focusing on the planning on how a waste land can be transformed in a water theme park and the necessary requirements for the management of the enjoyment and output of the respective innovation. This will allow in the development of the strategies of how different incorporations would allow the efficient and effective deployment of the strategies those have been considered for the delivery of the respective innovation. The preliminary design will include the parks, sheds, swimming pool, rides, washroom, cycle, and many more those needed to be embedded in manner to assure that the delivery of the project will meet the necessary requirements and the audiences would be happy with the deliveries and output. This design will specify the respective areas of concentration and the necessary places those would be contributing in the entertainment and sustainability management throughout the parks. The different blocks have been represented considering the different buildings those could be incorporated within the waste land for the necessary transformation and allowing large number of consumers to avail the necessary services.

Detailed Design of Water Theme Park

Figure 1: Preliminary design of water theme park

(Source: Created by Author)

The following design expresses the necessary detailed design of the water theme park and innovations have been added through establishing the facilities for entertainment, games, roaming, and enjoyment. The theme of the of the park is water and hence, the fun will only be in water however, the individuals coming for the enjoyment will need certain facilities such as restaurants, washrooms, garden, playing courts, sheds, and many more. The detailed design explains the necessary fun buildings and the courts those are necessary considering the fun and the facilities for the individuals. The measurement for the areas have not been considered in the following diagram however, all the specified areas needed to be considered while discussing the establishment of the buildings. The different sectors have been provided for the establishment of the necessary buildings. The availability of so many sectors of enjoyment will ensure that the consumers will be heavily attracted and number of the consumers in the same sectors will be assuring that the number of consumers coming to the waterpark daily is capable enough for making better benefits, however the sustainability will also be assured. The reutilization of the water will ensure the efficient application of the water being used in the pools and the drives. There will be the availability of the comforts, fun, and sustainability management.

Figure 2: Detailed design of Water Theme Park

(Source: Created by Author)

The discussed water theme park is aimed to be user-friendly and attracting in nature. Hence, different factors and aspects have been considered as part of the theme park and no single test or evaluation can be done to state the effectiveness and efficiency of the theme park or its components. The water park in discussion has been designed with disruptive tools and techniques and hence, the evaluation of the system needs to be based accordingly. The table below has offered an insight into the evaluation, validation, testing and optimisation of different crucial factors. The evaluated system will assure the fun of the individuals and sustainability of the environment and how these parks could contribute in the growth and development of the society. The park would be capable of allowing 500 individuals at a time and they all could avail the provided facilities and hence, a very large number of individuals could efficiently enjoy the park. The next section will, be helpful in evaluating the technical specifications of the proposed project and how those could be helpful in contributing in the enhancement of the consumer satisfaction.


Optimisation/ Evaluation/ Testing/ Validation


A research work by Dawood (2013), have developed a certain list of criteria that validates the selection of a location. The list will be used for the validation of the location and the criterions are

Criteria 1: at least 100-meter away from hydrological streams.  

Criteria 2: less than 10 degrees’ terrain slopes.  

Criteria 3: The land use type must be an empty parcel.  

Criteria 4: Away from an existing tourist infrastructure by at least 200 meters.  

Criteria 5: Away from an existing road by no more than 100 meters.

Criteria 6: The area of the proposed site is larger than 1000 square meters.

Clean Environment

NSW green rating will be used for validating the environment friendliness (NSW Government 2018). The discussed rating is provided based on the National Litter Index.

Value for money

Value for money can be validated by surveying that will potential visitors of the water park.

Quality of facilities and services

Customer Satisfaction index needs to be developed by the park to validate the quality of the facility and services.


Optimisation/ Evaluation/ Testing/ Validation


The safety measure guidelines proposed by the Australian Government needs to be accounted for safety optimisation in the park. Online sensor based can be adopted for ensuring structural safety of the park.


Affordability of the theme park need to be kept at a price that can maintain the quality of the park and should also be considerate of the competitive market to attract more visitors.

Material requirements

The material requirement of the theme park can be assessed based on the type of material. For irons and steel load testing, stress testing and other testings needs to be done. For the polymers materials elasticity testing along with the threshold identification and other testing needs to be done. Similarly, for different materials different testing needs to be done. Based on the findings the material cost and quality can be optimised.

Evaluation, Testing and Optimisation Strategies

Functionality Evaluation of the adopted technologies


Optimisation/ Evaluation/ Testing/ Validation

Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality/ Robotics

The discussed technologies are system operated that are based on the micro controller’s principles and hence, they can be tested based on the principles of the microcontrollers and systems. Functionality testing, Regression Testing, Adhoc testing and retesting are part of the evaluation procedure. To assess the QA three metrics needs to be assessed and they are Process, Product and Project

The image attached above reflects the shows the steps that needs to be assessed for the complete evaluation of technological system.

Automated Management system

It can be tested by using test metrics for different processes. Different test cases will be developed for different processes. To identify the success percentage of the test cases the formula is [Percentage test cases executed= (No of test cases executed/ Total no of test cases written) X 100].

Structure of the water theme park will be evaluated using the structural analysis. As part of the evaluation different testing will be such as load testing, geometry testing and others. Linear Elasticity is one of the most crucial evaluation that will be done to ensure the holding of the structure. It will evaluate using four forms they are Direct tensor form, Cartesian coordinate form, Cylindrical coordinate form and Spherical coordinate form. The discussed equations formulate the linear elasticity study of the solid objects deforms due to internal stress because of prescribed loading conditions.


The report in discussion can be emphasised to state that the water theme park in discussion will be one of the most unique and attractive zone for the visitors because of the user-friendly measures and the adopted disruptive technologies. A project plan diagram has been attached that reflects different savouring zones that will be offered by the discussed theme park. The savouring zones will include restaurants, pooling area and other savouring zones. The parking spots and other crucial zones have also been included in the plan to offer an insight into the final delivery. However, discussion of the plan cannot be completed with discussion over the evaluation strategy of the components. Hence, the discussed paper has offered an insight into the evaluation/ testing/ optimisation strategies of theme park.

To enhance the quality of the understanding of the components and factors the testing have been divided into categories. The first category being the business requirements for which the findings reveal that different indexes offered by the governing or well-established rating bodies are the unit of measurement or evaluation. The litter index has been identified for validation and evaluation of the environment sustainability and similarly customer satisfaction index for the measurement of the quality and services along with other indices and criteria. The other categories that had been evaluated/ optimised/ tested and validated are based on the functional and non-functional factors and features of the whole park. Based on the types of the factors or tools testing has been recommended. The assessment of the factors and features will enable for the development of a vital and efficient water theme park. It will also establish a base for the future work of the water theme park with adequate and feasible measures. Hence, in conclusion, it would be adequate to state that the discussed theme park is one of the most unique featured park that is being developed according to the perception of customer friendliness.


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