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Organisational Challenges


You are an employee of a large organisation based in Sydney. By introducing teleworking in the organisation, your supervisor plans to contribute to sustainable development and has asked you to research about teleworking. You are to write a report to be presented at the next executive meeting. The report should include:

1. Teleworking and its challenges to the organisation and the teleworkers. You should consider the social, economic, ethical and legal factors.

2. A critical review whether teleworking would really reduce nett greenhouse gas emissions as widely believed. Your report should include recommendations that provide guidelines for the organisation with respect to introducing and managing the teleworkers to achieve sustainable development.


The ICT people have the leverage to constitute and try to understand the miniature problems which can up in any team work. Talking about the organisational challenges, one has to determine the work to be done in the project along with the teams who manage the skills in a multi-talented way to embrace the pressure of the customers. It is important to be acknowledged about ICT which will help in tracking and communicating with the lives of the people and examining their future. The communication skills are mainly to acknowledge and examine all the features which are essential (Tony, 2014) to understand the representations on the public assignment who have a future in the same. The diversified approach and the focus is mainly on the attention how a person uses a technology to communicate with others at home. People have the liability to shape and utilise all the difficulty panel which are mostly under the academic discussions and have to be properly dealt after. Telework has the capability to track and work from any place irrespective of the connection. There is a need to form a hybrid supply where the employees are able to track the information and communicate with the office employees depending upon the time. There has been a benefit for the participation of total gains which are able to participate and enable a domestic growth in the jobs. There is a lot of benefit which helps in obtaining and reducing the congestion on the roads and thereby significantly increasing the work low to continue the (Johnson, 2013) participation of large companies. Some of the objectives which have been increased are monitored under the implementation and evaluation of the plan which continuously help in meeting and collecting the supply to understand the force of labour and all the requirements. There is a need to include all the environmental phenomenon which will lead to impact and analysis of better supply of labour with information and communication technology systems. (Tintin et al., 2014).

For a sustainable development, in Sydney, there is a need for teleworking communication method which is able to balance the supply of the products depending upon the priority. There is a project called National Broadband Network which is able to review and introduce the significance in Sydney with the plan of skilful management and framework. To work with a better plan, approach for significant management in the community along with the progress in the agencies as (Caillier, 2013) per the strategic growth helps in developing a better result to focus towards the plan which trigger the foundation and workforce plan. With the eruption of telecom working, there is a need to identify and analyse the capabilities of the government which are able to track better interconnection and leverage for employment. The plan has been settled up to efficiently and attractively gain strategic knowledge which can inhibit the needs and the future demands. The capital needs have to be managed under the information which provides better planning and an opportunity to develop workforce for a better future. There is a need to attain a more simplified goal which is able to enter into the learning and satisfying department and help to supply better conditions to the environment. The resources have the capability to manage with all the consultation which could assure a better process of planning with the ICT workforce government. There are central essential elements which are included under this which are:

Communication Skills

  • There is a need to maintain and balance the direction of the business as per the needs and respect the context which can help in broadcasting workforce.
  • The collection of data and analysing it to work according to the current workforce team can help to manage all the gaps which would otherwise been differentiated. (Tahavori, 2014).
  • A base to provide sound effect implementation to plan all the resources and clary all the roles which will manage the responsibilities as per the monitoring effect.

With the frameworks and rules and regulations, one has to manage the challenges in the company and try to come up with efficient results too. Hence, for this, there are certain points and requirements which needs to be achieved:

  • There is an assurance that the practices and the performance of the work done needs to be flexible and according to the workplace environment. There is a transformation which supports and try to plan all the conducts in time for the office workers.
  • To manage the services of cloud and other sharing tools which needs to have security in the system, they need a support where the employees will cover and are enables to manage the productivity factor along with (Ampomah et al, 20133) assurance that they will get enhancement in the capacity to reach for a virtualised concept and efficiency.
  • There is a need to match up to the expectations of the employer who would provide a better tool and effective platform for setting up robustness in the systems, defining a performance as per the outcomes in the specific amount of time.
  • The teleworkers have the capability to manage with the communication and main emphasis is on making calls to the other place which will help in maintaining strong relation. Teleworkers are employing a great rile in this to set up collaboration and the business activity.
  • The evolution and calculation of the benefits which generally include the workplace environment have to manage all the virtual needs which equate to travel and calculate all the models under the activity which otherwise would take a lot of time and stressful efforts in travelling long distances. (Dehabadi et al., 2014).
  • The work and the implementation of the employees who have to come and allow all time employment have to be assured that there is a strategy to work and achieve all the efficient management which will extend towards the rise in the locations, conducting a regular survey to all the remote areas. The facilitation to work among all the employees, there is an outcome which focus more on how and what work is done. The outcome has to be decided depending upon the level of the productive technological growth. (James & Griffiths, 2014).
  • The jobs which are efficient and lead to a flexible time and approach always have a role to enhance and give a change to the flexibility of the work. The approach which can have multiple and higher resolutions generally look forward for more issues as they have been isolated from the overall work which has a higher impact and more focussed too.
  • To reap a better improvement product, there are benefits which generally use the art of conferencing and managing it with the combination of a broadband system which will lead to ripening the productivity.
  • Sometimes, there is a collaborative work which is managed better different teams to virtualise and normalise the work efficiently and treat it completely integrate the benefits to larger profits. (Park, 2014).
  • In order to overcome the problem of incorporation of heavy telework practices, there is a need for some critical options which can have a better privilege and provide helpful option to range from different practices and strategy. The managing and communication in the workplace is managed as per the performance, solution approach, standards which meet the deadlines along with setting up an introductory stage to better work health and laws.

Telework is considered to be a better way to work to a level where one does not has to face issues regarding security or sharing information which can harness the details and encrypt with the virtualisation techniques. The data collection and an impact to determine a better standard of joining and motivating a supply of labour to facilitate the capacity and capability to examine and forecasting all the gaps. The data collection and increment in the planning force along with the supply of labour needs to be considered as per the reviews which could lead to impact and supplying employment. With the development of (van Lier et al., 2014) strategy and the elements to fill the gap, there is a need to efficiently manage the activities under right time, age and skill. The agency have to manage and function as per the anticipated growth which will reflect the review of the plan as per the size of the agency. Considering the social factors in the branch of teleworking, there are certain cases which contrast and bring work processing and other administrative work from home which completely involve the production and involvement of how to bring essential tool work to start up distribution, producing a better track agency. With no doubt, (Azarbouyeh & Naini, 2014) there is a wide range of facilitation which leads to more work and options, thereby, helping the clients to meet up the expectations as per the new technology development.

With the phenomenon of telecommunication, there are many employees who perform their work sitting at home, irrespective of their designation and the time. There is a need to reduce the emissions which would otherwise commute to a larger possible area, leading to disruption in the emission. (van der Duin et al., 2013). The remains which will support to emit via transport, commutation at work and all other work which are done via off-shore. There are certain emissions which will provide a better power to increase the energy consumed. There are certain resources which are managed for better consumption of energy and this will accordingly help in determining he cost which will have an impact on the environment. There has been a conclusion that these telecommuters generally end up with some woes in their office and the employees are asked to keep a power which will separately have impact on the environment. There is a development and track of the data which is used to analyse the transport and the electricity emissions. As per the report in 2008, an analysis said that if the arrangements are made flexible for the employees, allowing them to work from home, (Nordback & Myers, 2014) then it can surely help to reduce emissions. The immediate drive to the car along with managing all the calls will certainly increase the emissions and a lot of time would be consumed. Hence, to manage the billions of gas, it is said that the teleworking is a much safer and lighter method to travel and communicate with the services.

Environmental Impact

According to the work and survey, it is found that around a potential of about 260m tonnes of carbon dioxide will surely decrease and thee will be better way to communicate through different people. The virtual meetings are safer and lead to less troubles and transparency than deriving a full time work (Andriesson & Roe, 2013) which will not help in reflecting the workforce. There is a problem which claim that there will be cost of environmental set-up which will consume all the energy, tending towards analysis and equipment to manage and manufacture all the work on the internet, thereby, reducing emissions. As per the effects of rebound, some energy is saves and the technology generally try to increase the usage of efficient energy is to increase travelling approach which will have a certain effect on the software system too. There are limitations of this work and this generally has problem with the data which is related to it and incomplete understanding of how the work has to be processed. Till the time there is no proper guidance or manual help, there can’t be a speculation which will have reallocation towards better efficient use of resources. (Egbuta et al., 2014). Supposedly, the profit attained from the commute may differ or appreciably change the price of fuel but it won’t be able to affect the costs which will be stagnant with time. Some other limitation which is there about the less data present with the employees. There will be less of innovation and there won’t be a better indulgence of the knowledge which can ultimately be a great set back to the teleworking situations. Hence, the people should try to telecommute when they feel they are able to work from home and try to study according to the administrative office work. With the survey to achieve a sustainable development, there proper examination of the employees which focus on lessening the impacts and trying to focus to coordinate and transact better internet based courses for the students in the University which (He et al., 2014) will help in efficiently demonstrating the work. Certain alternative range will focus more on how to improve the efficiency and commuting to get more work, with an incentive to manage the instances and reduce the global greenhouse emissions. The improvement in the system will help in saving the resources to a large scale. It is required to be quantified and balanced to implement a better structural program which will help in managing and conducting better quality impacts in time. With the instances to manage the technology, there is a need that these telework generally act as a catalyst which will help in increasing (Pirdavani et al., 2013) the number of information commutation and transmission system to manage the acquisition and better technology approach. There is a need to make a better exercising power which will hold many researchers to certain relationship and empower approach to manage all the members with the degree of support and work for better implications.

Teleworking Communication Methods in Sydney


To reach towards a better strategic development which has the scope to manage the employees and wasting less energy and giving a time to manage the office size too. The main goal is to manage all the employees along with trying to telecommute with the big technologies who would otherwise have a problem in shifting or reaching to a different habit where the prevalence and the change of commuting (Weinert et al., 2014) is less. There are areas which need to check the benefits as per the reductions and the usage of energy in the office. The GHG emissions are mainly for focusing on commuting process, thereby, trying to save energy which will help in saving the environment and the people will not have much use of the vehicles. Any flexible change in the activities of the environment will surely have an end to the employment of the workers, if they are not able to synchronise with the work. There are companies which keep the evening time to attend office with less traffic. There are teleworkers which are able to maintain a relationship with the social community, configuring a better activity approach, leading towards a more disciplined way of managing work and personal life.

To manage the time and work, the employees have to fit to the demands and the responsibilities of the office work which is needed to finished in the defined hours at home. The main work done by the teleworkers is through answering the phones and managing fax, if needed. This will generally help to consume message respond and manage all the technology which gives a general impression to the public. (Pirdavani et al., 2014). With a stipulation of different members who have an access to different communication technology, three is a need to balance all the household services who have a higher conflict to lead a call. Some of the telecommuters are responsible to handle the opportunities which will have an impact on the inheritance of the technological growth and the people will try to acquire old over new. There is an assurance of sustainable development in the environment if the information is being transferred via using the teleworking communication system which will help to reduce the transportation and the commutation cost through different campuses. With the build of new energy house, there are companies who are servicing and providing a high and efficient sample to build a better staff which will have saving from the same. (Sato, 2013). There is a basic rate of emission when no other employee, in comparison has to deal with the different and varying number as per the building construction. The major results are that it help to manage and reduce the cost of energy consumption, focusing more on efficient use of resources. With the potential to save, the working are even telecommuting in the university, which is a great success, leading to a better sustainable development approach. This will certain enhance the way of learning in time and the people will be more alert, giving time to their family and friends too. There is a feasibility that the administration has many affects and it leads to commuting with different organisations depending upon the savings and the staff work which will help to program the issues according to the resolution settled. The impact of telecommuting is mainly to deduce and interpret an accessible attitude which can lead to implementing better ideal programs and a better dynamic workplace.


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