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Employability requirements and the selection process from a hotel industry perspective

Discuss About The Competency Requirements For Job Performance?

The profile of public area attendant is very responsible job because this profile is liable to take care of the guest in efficient manner because it promotes the positive image of the property to the guests. I am working in Crowne plaza cooge beach as a public area attendant. I am going to define my journey of securing industry placement position in the term of employability requirements and the selection process.

It is vital for the post of Public Area Attendant to have the skill of team leading, information skill, technological skills, making decisions, managing times and problem solving. I am able to communicate with staff member which is helpful to maintain the decorum in the hotel industry. Having experience under a potential employer’s roof provides a sight into life on the job. Crowne Plaza Cooge Beach is the well known hotel and it would be great opportunity for me to get good job profile over here. However, the fulfilments of employability requirements are necessary for the hotel and I have efficient skills to accomplish my duties.

The selection process in the perspective of candidate is different because an interview invitation defines that something in the job seeker’s qualification prompted curiosity about him as a way out the needs of the organization. Personal interview offer the opportunity to learn the exact nature of those requirements and sell his capability of doing work to fill them. It is vital for the candidates to prepare themselves in an adequate manner before interviewing and prepare the questions as they evaluate the company (Adiguzel, 2008). Initially, I had prepared myself for interview and explored the environment of the hotel so that I could prepare myself for interview.

There are number of employability requirements that employer want to have from employees in every industry. The major five elements of employability skills always integrated by the staff of hotel industry such as cooperating with others, team work, possessing integrity, honesty and personal ethics, obeying the instructions of the hotel industry and communicating with others in an efficient manner. The job profile of public area attendant in the perspective of Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach is very important and it is the requirement of the hotel to ensure that all public areas of the hotel should be clean and tidy which will reflect in the guests’ view of its property as one of superior quality. There are number of responsibility of the employees in the perspective of the employers such as vacuum carpets where required, empty trash in all public areas and clean all public area restrooms, report all required maintenance items and follow all sanitation and safety policies (Ab Rahman, Omar, Kofli, Mat, Osman & Darus, 2009).

Brief overview of your organisation

In the perspective of hotel industry, the department of human resource approach the process of recruitment with an eager awareness of the financial side of the employment such as the workforce of the company shows its largest expense. A hiring process is integral process of every industry because in this process the selection of the right person with great skills can enhance the productivity of the work as well as make the good image of the company in the view of outsiders (Chan & Kuok, 2011). I am selected for this profile in the Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach after clearing two processes such as written and interview. Successful hiring requires more than discovering the ideal resume and it requires the personal interview to analyze the capabilities of candidate and his compatibility with the culture of the organization.

Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach provides pleasure seeking holiday to the guests by the sea. The view of ocean is stunning from the room of the hotel. It provides the number of facilities to its customers such as heated pool, fully equipped gym, tennis court, meeting rooms and business centre. It is situated near Sydney CBD and Sydney Airport. It is well known hotel for providing the best Coogee Beach accommodation experience.

Induction process can make effective and loyal staff within the hotel and this program is used within number of businesses to welcome new employees to the company and make them ready to fulfil their duties towards company. The induction process of mine was good at this hotel as I got to know about the policies and procedures of the company which helped me to understand the various aspects of the company to fulfil the job role of mine. As it was new job for me but the induction process of this hotel gave me clear understanding about my job responsibilities where I came to know that what should I need to done for providing better quality services to the guests of the hotel. There were some steps of induction process in the company such as first step is to welcome in the organization after the providing the complete details of the hotel so that one can get to know about the depth detail of the hotel (Finch, D. J., Hamilton, Baldwin & Zehner, 2013). I got the entire details about my pay scale and deductions, explanation about the future training opportunities and career prospects.

Evaluate your induction process into the organisation

I have learned how to clean the public area of the hotel for providing pleasure sight to the guests. First impression is the last impression and if the guest enter into the hotel and get cleanliness in their surrounding, it will attract them to stay in the same hotel without preferring any other. I observed that induction process is quiet good of the hotel as other employees got to know their working style in efficient manner which reduce the efforts in training session. It has been observed by me that correct induction process can help new candidates up to speed and productive in quick manner. Employees are the most valuable assets for the employer as they are liable to fulfil the requirements of the hotel to get success (Podsakoff, Whiting, Podsakoff & Mishra, 2011).

However, the induction process of the hotel is effective but there are some recommendations for improving the process of induction in Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach hotel. It has been recommended that hotel should implement some strategy in the induction process for providing the efficient knowledge to the new employees. There is number of benefits of induction training as it enables new recruits to become productive as quickly as possible. The induction process of the hotel can be improved by avoiding the text based training (Neven, Odera, Reardon & Wang, 2009). Everyone in the induction process must use the appropriate language while working. The trainer of the hotel should use assessment to improve the content recall and retention. Moreover, it is required for the trainer of the hotel to communicate the deep values of the hotel so that everyone can get sufficient knowledge about the policies and working style of the hotel. The mission, vision and core values of the hotel should be communicated in effective manner to the new employees and introduce new employees to the other staff members (Fisch, English, Pedaline, Brooks  & Simhan, 2009). According to me new hires are costly resources that are why HR need to make ensure that the induction program for new employees will facilitate them to attain the standards performance steps hastily by giving training, mentoring and offering regular feedback in the time of the induction period. 

Training and development defines the ongoing efforts which are able to improve the performance of the employees at the workplace by applying various methods and programs. Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach hotel has number of training methods such as orientations, lectures, case studies, computers based training, self instruction, audiovisual training and role playing in the term of training and development program. Training programs encourages employee to accomplish the work with efficient manner. There are two kinds of training that is on-job training and off- job training. On-the-job training explains the number of methods that can be applied while employees are actually performing their jobs. These methods can comprise coaching, internships, job rotation and apprenticeships. It has some benefits of it such as it is highly practical and employees get opportunity to learn new things while performing the tasks (Ingersoll & Strong, 2011). On the other hand Off-the-job training defines the various methods that are delivered to candidates outside of the continuous work environment in the time of working hours. These methods include the cases studies, conferences, simulations, special study, online presentations and role playing.

Reflection on your learning and observations

Potential leaders of the hotel can be found if they get proper training about the working criteria of the hotel and implement the new strategy in the favour of the hotel’s success. There are various kinds of training programs such as technical training, sales training, computer training, communication training and clerical training. Technical training has advantages as it enables employee to learn about the technical concepts, factual information, and procedures (Athanases, Abrams, Jack, Johnson, Kwock, McCurdy & Totaro, 2008). The main focus of the sales training is to communicate the customers in an effective manner and it amplifies the knowledge of the employee about the products and the services of the hotel. Clerical training is able to improve the decision making skills of the employees as they take on enlarged roles and responsibilities. Computer training enables the employee of the hotel to understand the use of software applications for the benefit of the company (Naito, Nakayama, Okamura, Miura, Yanagita, Fujieda & Ueshima, 2008). Communication training is liable to improve the interpersonal communication skills and this training can be taught separately as well as in group.

The training program of the Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach hotel is effective but it has number of competitors which is in the queue of success and trying to figure out the most efficient way to provide the training to the new employees for making them potential leaders. There are number of competitors of it such as Dive Hotel, The Annexe house and Coogee sands hotel and apartments. However, the basic training processes of all hotels are same but the main competitor of Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach hotel is The Annexe house. The Annexe house provides the efficient training to its employee and makes them prepare for potential leaders. It provides the various kind of training to its employee but the effectiveness of training of the Crowne Plaza hotel is more efficient. The training program of the Crowne plaza is more focused about the cleanliness of the hotel as it has appointed Public Area Attendant for supervising the cleanliness in the hotel. On the other hand, The Annexe house is also more focused on the cleanliness and sanitation in the hotel and provide the training to the new staff for providing the excellent services to the guests. Hotel is maintained the tickler file which is helpful for the front office manger to check up on employee training status (Kim  & Van Dyne, 2012). Training tickler file is considered as the database that is able to keep the track of training session and alerts trainers to crucial upcoming dates for each new employee, details of the training session and comments (Trip Advisor, 2018).


The business objectives of the Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach are productivity, customer service, employee retention, growth and competitive analysis.  The business objectives of the hotel are the consequences to attain and maintain the growth of the business. It is vital for the company to make understand other staff of the hotel about the goals of the hotel (Abidin, 2015). In the context of productivity, employee training, new equipment and maintenance of the equipment are increased the productivity of the employees. The objective of the company is to provide the resources to the employees of the hotel for being productive. Keeping customer happy from the services of the hotel is the first priority of the Crowne Plaza. A good customer service facilitates to retain clients and produce repeat revenue. Employee turnover costs lost productivity and the costs interlinked with recruiting which involve paying placement agencies and employment advertising. Positive employee environment is able to improve the retention. Growth is the next objective of the Crowne Plaza which is planned and based on historical data and future projections. A competitive analysis of the activities of the company is the ongoing business objective of the Crowne Plaza. It is necessary to have the sufficient knowledge that where the services of the hotel is standing in the market. It would be helpful for the organization to determine how to improve the position of the hotel among customers and improve revenue.

Change management is the strategy which is helpful to prepare organization for growth and creating processes that effectively deal with a developing marketplace. This strategy is to make a dynamic organization that is ready to meet the challenges of the industry. Training and development program is another strategy to enhance the productivity of the employees (Gumusluo?lu & Ilsev, 2009). Trained employees are prepared to provide the better quality services to the guests so that they would prefer same services for next time visit. Apart from that there are some fundamental hotel marketing strategies to stand out from the competition. It is required for the hotel management to use Search Optimization best practices because having a website is not the solution for attaining the target in effective manner and the value of its will be limited if it is not easy to find that is why the use if search engine optimization is extremely crucial. It can be used by optimizing the website of the hotel with the use of tactics of SEO, it would boost its visibility on search engines such as Bing and Google and attract more visitors. The objective of employee retention of the hotel can be sustained by making work life balance. Conducive work environment can boost the employee retention because when an organization has strong ethics and culture, it will boost the employees to connect with the work enthusiastically (Dedeo?lu & Demirer, 2015). The strategy of open communication enables employee to share their views and ideas in the context of growth of the company as well as employees and it will enhance the trust of them on senior management. Competition analysis should be done in every organization as it helps to show the weakness and strength of the organization and offer the opportunities to improve the condition of the organization (Menguc, Auh & Ozanne, 2010). In such case the competitive strategy of value chain analysis, SWOT and PESTLE can be used to evaluate the competitive environment.

Identify and analyse the organisation's training programs

Stakeholder is a person who makes planning and process and has something to gain or lose. Stakeholder engagement is considered as the process of effectively obtaining the view of stakeholders on their bonding with the programme or organization. Stakeholder mapping is helpful to start of any stakeholder engagement process (Guskey, 2007). Stakeholder mapping recognizes the target groups and gather the relevant information about them. There are two kinds of stakeholders such as internal stakeholder (employees and management) and external stakeholders (customers, competitors, suppliers, etc.). Internal stakeholders are those who involve in the major thing of the organization such as funding, resourcing and co-ordination of the strategy. On the other hand external stakeholders are interlinked in contributing their opinions and experiences in term of defining the concerns that are crucial to them as carers, members and service users (Jiang, Klein, Wu & Liang, 2009).

Internal stakeholders

External stakeholders









Board of directors


Director of the hotel

Trade unions

The role of internal and external stakeholders to attain the objectives of the organization is crucial as they contribute their views and ideas in the context of growth of the company. The role of internal stakeholder is integral as they are liable to carry out roles as outlined for project.  The objective of the company is to make satisfy the customers from services, growth of the company, increase the employee retention and to understand the competitive environment by using competitive strategy. The success and the failure of the project are dependent on the stakeholders (Babiak & Wolfe, 2009). My department is housekeeping department and as a public area attendant, it is my duty to maintain the cleanliness in the hotel. However, my position is dependent on teamwork and the solid foundation based with the mechanical hour capacity and the reports of productivity. The interests of internal and external stakheoders are different but their interrelationship is helpful to attain the objectives of the company. For instance, the interest of government in company is compliance with laws and payment of taxes while the interest of directors or manager of the hotel is in career progression, job stability, pay and performance linked bonuses (Cripe, 2002).  It shows that different stakeholders have different interest with the company but the value of interrelationships is important for attaining the objectives of the company.

I have already discussed about the various strategies to attain the objectives of the hotel. Change management strategy, training and development program, fundamental strategy and competitive strategy are the major strategy to grab the opportunities for the growth of the hotel. It can be possible that different stakeholders may have the commonality of the purpose at a very common level but if it is considered at more detailed levels they might to inflict different aims and purposes on the organization. Internal and external stakeholders have different influence as internal stakeholders sources of influence is hierarchy, control of strategic resources, control of the environment and involvement in strategy implementation. On contrary, external stakeholders has the power to control of strategic resources such as labour, money and material, possession of knowledge and involvement in strategy implementation. It is vital for the manager of the hotel to monitor the concerns of all legitimate stakeholders and communicate with stakeholders about their respective concerns and contributions (Dhir, Itoi, Khashab, Park, Teoh, Attam & Maydeo, 2015). The cooperation of both stakeholders is integral for the organization to achieve the objectives of the company. The roles and responsibilities of the internal as well as external stakeholders along with their interests and claims in company are defined below.

Internal stakeholder

Roles and responsibility in the hotel

Main interest in the hotel


They are responsible for the actions of the hotel.

The main interest of them in pay, bonuses, status and the reputation of the hotel in the view of outsiders.


Manage the work of the hotel as per the assigned by department.

o   Working conditions

o   Pay scale

o   Job stability

o   Performance linked bonuses


Run the operations of the business and implement the board policies.

Working condition of thee hotel and career progression.

External stakeholders

Roles and responsibility in the hotel

Main interest in the hotel


The roles of the government in the context of the hotel are to maintain and implement the laws and with laws in which all companies are complied (Hallgren & Olhager, 2009).

o   Payment of taxes

o   Level of import or export and employment

o   Compliance with laws

Small investors

They do not have authority to control anything and have the limited power with use of vote.

They compliance with laws and legislations and have the main interest in fees.


The main role of the suppliers in the Crowne Plaza to supply the resources needed during the campaign.

To get the good wages from the hotel and maintain the relationship with the organization.


Receives the effective and better quality services from the hotel

o   Good quality services

o   Reasonable price

As per my placement evaluation I do consider that I am good in communication and management which will be helpful for me to maintain the cleanliness in the public area of the hotel by instructing staff. As a Public Area Attendant it is my duty to take care of the cleanliness and hygienist in all over my hotel. The fulfilments of employability requirements are necessary for the hotel and I have efficient skills to accomplish my duties. I can perform routine cleaning task such as restock any necessary supplies such as amenities, toiletries etc. I have interpersonal skill which covers the problem solving, verbal as well as non-verbal communication and decision making. I am confident towards my job role which encourages me to take decision as on my own behalf where management is not required. It is not possible that work can be done without any problems or issues, in such situation I can resolve the issue until it does not show the need of the higher authority for compromising. 

However, the Crowne Plaza is effective hotel and provides the better quality services to the customers by giving proper training to the employees. The improvement should be done in the induction and training process because it is the first step for the new joining and new employees get better understanding about the polices and working style of the hotel. The mission, vision and core values of the hotel should be communicated in effective manner to the new employees and introduce new employees to the other staff members. The hiring process of the hotel is effective but the human resource department of the Crowne Plaza should motivate the employees before sending new candidates for interviews so that they can reduce their fear while interviewing. The staff of the hotel should be extended because there are so many departments in the hotel which require special attention for the growth of the hotel (Leonidou, Christodoulides, Kyrgidou & Palihawadana, 2017). As a Public Area Attendant I have realized that there should be more staff in the housekeeping department because public area is the major area where all people come, sit and enjoy with their dear ones and cleanliness keeps them far from diseases. Due to arriving of lots of people at same place in large number can bring the issue of lack of cleanliness that is why it is required for the management to arrange the latest equipments of cleanliness so that tidiness can be maintained for a long time.

My greatest achievement has been my strength during my placement. My strength is good communication skills and interpersonal skills which has attracted the interviewers. My skills are matched with the required job profile which helped me to get the opportunity to fill this job profile. It was my career goal to job in hotel industry as Public Area Attendant and got selected as same desire profile was my greatest achievement. I am satisfied with my job profile and salary package and it is done due to my skills. Satisfaction and job contentment is necessary for every kind of job profile and it is my biggest achievement when I get the same job profile as per my desire. I am very honest towards my work which pushes me to move ahead with loyalty. I was prepared for the interview and gathered the details of the hotel from the internet which helped me to get the sufficient knowledge about the hotel.

I have learnt about leadership that it is necessary to improve the productivity of the workforce, increase emotional intelligence, growth of the confidence in team and improve the charisma and seriousness in the business operation. The development of leadership is integral because firm take on the personality of the leaders (Harrison, 2012). The training and development program of leadership is able to increase the productivity and promote harmony (Dries & Pepermans, 2012). Appropriate leadership style should be accepted by the organization for attaining the goals of the organization. I have learnt the importance of leadership in the organization because without leader’s guidance and motivation, followers cannot perform in well manner within the organization.

I got the desired profile but my journey is not ended here. I just want to see myself at high position in the hotel industry in next 12 years. Efforts and smart work are necessary to get the good profile in the hotel industry and I have the ability to take advantage of my strength to attain the goals. Here are some ways to draw on to show how to make plans or goals a reality. I will accept the criticism and will not lose my hope. I will never die my passion of becoming a branch manager of my hotel. I will learn constantly not only related to my field rather about another department which would be helpful for me to expand my knowledge.

It is vital to have the better understanding about the hospitality and tourism industry’s requirement for employment & selection process. There is a special course of hotel management and other diploma related to job in hotel industry which is being offered by number of colleges. It is integral for the employees who want to make their career in hotel industry to have the number of skills such as interpersonal skill, good communication skill, problem solving skills, decision making skills and punctuality (Zhu, Sarkis & Lai, 2013). The key performance competencies for success in the industry is providing motivational support, fostering teamwork, managing change and performance, developing others and interpersonal awareness (Vathanophas, 2006). It has been critically evaluated that the hospitality operations management program provides the skills of business and insight to work in a broad area within the versatile industry (Ayanda, 2011). It may include housekeeping operations, human resource planning, front desk management and food and beverage management. In the point of view of management, operations of the hospitality, events or tourism organization are required special attention from the government because it has the liability of number of people who travel from one place to another for different purposes (Fraj, Matute & Melero, 2015). Employability at the global context is different in comparison of local level. If the hotel where I am working as a Public Area Attendant wants to expand its business at global range and send me to another country for the same department, in such case the liabilities, responsibilities and the required skills will change. One should have the different skills (communication skills, problem solving skills and many more) and confidence while handling the situation of over there. Professional network associations would be helpful to deliver the advantages to members of it (Aguinis & Kraiger, 2009). Conference, seminars and meetings will be facilitated to connect with the employees from another country. Personal and professional action planning can be done by following some steps such as clarify the values, creating the personal mission statement, perform an audit to strengthen personal skills and determine the area of excellence. Strategic business objective of the organization has the huge importance and it can be accomplished with the support of interrelationship between various internal stakeholders (Wang, Hutchins & Garavan, 2009). The role of internal stakeholder is vital as they are liable to carry out roles as outlined for project. The business objective of the organization can be attained effectively with the co-operation on internal stakeholders which includes mangers, directors, employees and management. The cooperation of both internal as well as external stakeholders is essential for the organization to attain the objectives of the company.


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