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Compliance Requirements

Discuss about the Compliance Management System for Businesses.

Compliance management systems have over the years formed an integral part of most businesses and organizations. They have laid a basis on which companies have been able to set standards in the industry that ensure transparency in production as well as adherence to rules and regulations that help shape the practices. The aspect has led to companies adopting various compliance management systems which aid in monitoring of different activities. It is imperative that the adopted system takes into regard the various company strategies and cultures that have described it over the years as well as ensuring that it is according to the industrial procedures and policies in the specific area.

The project, therefore, seeks to analyze the particular compliance requirements for a nonprofit organization referred to as the Charity Care based in Brisbane. The firm is based on two aspects; community care and computer care which are involved in the various charity tasks conducted by the workers. The project will, therefore, assess the requirements associated with the company, propose possible options to be used as a compliance system and provide a comprehensive review of the project. This will enable the firm effectively develop strategies to ensure realization of the overall goal and objectives. The project is estimated to take about three months to ensure its full implementation as well as addressing of possible faults that may occur. The resulting compliance system will effectively deal with the problems arising from the industry (Wiegers & Beatty, 2013).

Internal compliance requirements are those that are required by the relevant entities and are usually formulated and enforced internally by the organization’s upper staff. Charity care possesses various internal requirements which ensure the safety of the people involved in the firm. The work health and safety policy requires the workers to be provided with safe environment in which they conduct their activities (Product, 2014). They should be properly shielded from any dangers and injuries through provision of proper equipment. The equal employment opportunity policy requires that the organization gives equal chances to all the people regardless of their gender or background. Other internal requirements help limit the expenses of the company as well as entertainment aspects and activities.

External requirements are those that are sanctioned by the relevant authority to which the organization belongs at the particular period. Charity Care is faced with various external requirements which help it to implement its strategies. The Collections Act 1996 is governed by the office of Fair Trading which requires charity organizations to comply with certain rules before they can be registered. This also applies to the various methods the charitable organizations can use to raise funds for their programs. The authority also requires the organization to publicize its accounts for audit after certain periods.

OHS Requirements

There is need to develop effective research methodologies which see to it that the overall objective is realized. The project will, therefore, rely on articles through reviewing of literature. Additionally, surveys will be conducted to help identify the best management system. This will include use of interviews and questionnaires to assist in the process. The methodologies are useful and effective since they guarantee immediate feedback. Research tools such as the internet will also be useful and help make comparison with other systems across the country as well as assessing their effectiveness.


Research method

Research tool


Identify the QLD charity organization’s requirement

1)      Review of literature (legislation)

2)      Interview people


1)      Company reports, articles, legislation, policies, reviews

2)      Questions, people, time, analysis tool for data, spreadsheet

3)      Questionnaire

Computer, internet

$200 (for example)

Identify internal OHS requirements

1.      Safety of the employees

2.      Limiting the expenses

1.      Interviewing the workers

2.      Using questionnaires



1)      Conduct survey

2)      Online research

1)      Questionnaire

2)      Use of the internet


  1. What do you feel about the current requirements?
  2. What are the possible ways you can suggest to be improved?
  3. Is the current environment safe for you?
  4. Do you enjoy the compliance regulations?


This plan will be presented to the CEO to enable a comprehensive review by the board. The plan will try to capture all the details and specific aspects that affect the stakeholders. Additionally, it suggests a formation of a compliance tem whose specific task will be to oversee the effectiveness of the whole process and the realization of the overall goal shared.

The compliance requirements explained affect various areas of the Charity Care Company. The organization’s employees are directly impacted by the move since it concerns their wellbeing. Consequently, their ability to function and provide services is affected by the compliance requirements. The budgeting function is also affected by these requirements since they require resources which may not have been earlier allocated. In this aspect, it becomes difficult to implement the requirements if they are not properly allocated for. The organization may face various penalties and risks in the event that they choose to disregard some of the compliance requirements. Charity Care may be temporarily or permanently closed if there is any evidence of lack of compliance with requirements regarding to employee safety, ethical consideration and taxation. In some cases, they may incur heavy fines which heavily impact upon their ability to continue production at a particular level (Wiegers & Beatty, 2013). The move soils the name of the industry and may make it difficult to find donors and well wishers. Therefore, it is important that the firms adhere to the compliance requirements to avoid such penalties and risks. Alternatively, they can engage in activities which minimize risks in the industry.

Charity Care has various options to ensure compliance with the internal, external and industrial regulations it faces. The organization can choose to increase the safety of the employees in their work stations through providing them with proper equipment. It includes gloves that protect them from micro organisms they may encounter while taking care of the community members. The action is available to the third part content management policy which is already in existence in the organization. hence, it will be an improvisation of the overall goal and objective of the firm. the estimated cost of the material is close to $100 which will be incurred on a monthly basis. The option, moreover, is effective and will help guarantee their safety as the equipment is disposed after a single use. There is no case of recycling or reusing the gloves.

QLD Requirements

The organization can also comply with the external requirement through proper filling of the forms and recruitment of legal help. The option will cost the organization an estimated $200 in terms of legal fees. However, it is effective since the expert assists in determination of effective ways the organization can operate according to the existing government regulations. It also matches the company’s culture and organizational behavior since it aims at ensuring smooth delivery of services. The compliance management system, additionally, is effective as it relies on legal knowledge and experience of the relevant people in handling a sensitive situation (Product, 2014).

The management information system for the compliance needs to adhere to various aspects and requirements which guarantee its success. The aspect is critical to the success or failure of the project since it takes into account the conflicting requirements of the different stakeholders through analyzing, documenting, validating as well as possibly managing the software to be used. Charity Care requirements involve the specific databases that will be used to keep track of records regarding employees and customers. It is also important that a separate database regarding the proposed computerized financial management system is kept. The requirement has various deliverables which act as documentation for the process. Data requirements are shown in an entity relationship diagram and are usually used as the starting point for the design. Data warehouse security requirements are included in the documentation to help specify who and when to access the information in the system. Documentation regarding the data quality issues is also provided in the design.

Personnel staffing is an important requirement for the compliance system. it allows the workers to operate in a free manner as they have well defined roles and duties at any specific time. Charity Care should focus on various aspects that ensure proper adherence to the requirements brought forward by the department. The compliance system should ensure that it incorporates significant variables such as the average number of employees scheduled for duty at a given time. It should also rely on historical patterns that have described the organizations for a long time. Additionally, it is also important that the system includes limited assignments and duties for the employees, uses correct estimates for the length of leaves and separately keeps track of the leave usage through Dispatch or EMS (Wiegers & Beatty, 2013). The case study reveals key personnel for staffing in the board of directors. The board will be tasked with making decisions regarding daily running of the Care and also enact policies regarding hiring and firing. The manager will have the task of implementing these policies according to the history of the organizations. The workers, on their part, will try to adhere to these policies to allow for easy service delivery and ensuring quality in the output.

Budget for each Research Task

The training requirements fronted by the system helps deal with the various ways used to handle the compliance system. it specifies the personnel to be trained with regard to the conditions, throughput and the tasks to be imparted. Moreover, requirements regarding possible constraints to be faced should also be explained. It involves the possibility of including different models in the overall model. There should also be inclusion of possible support packages. Suitable training options for the organization staff may be internal where they learn by themselves or external where the organization recruits qualified individuals to oversee the process.

A complaints management system is necessary in the compliance management system to allow for easy identification of errors and effective ways to deal with them. It allows the organization to register, acknowledge and act upon possible complaints raised by the personnel regarding the system. It is also important that the organization creates a compliance management culture in the environment. The strategy will include proper emphasis on the need to comply with existing regulations as well as strict penalties for non compliance. It will make it easy for the individuals to comply with both internal and external requirements. The system, moreover, should be able to identify and manage compliance breaches. This can be enhanced through integration of the system with the organization policies regarding compliance. The integration will make it easy to identify and promptly correct a possible compliance breach in the organization.

Charity Care should also try to meet the compliance requirements through engaging experienced personnel to help in the process. The firm can outsource legal help to ensure that its structure is well developed and takes into consideration all the requirements needed in establishment as well as the day to day running. Ultimately, there is need to establish tests that will act as measurable devices for the various design areas (Wiegers & Beatty, 2013). In this regard, it is important that Charity care develops more short goals which can be easily valued when compared to the long list of specific but unmeasured requirements. The design can encompass prototypes which make it easy to measure the achievements of the projects after a specified period.

Charity Care will undergo various budget constraints to allow the full implementation of the project. it is therefore, important that the organization uses the three month grace period to outsource for the funds before implementation begins. The funds will be utilized in various departments including human
resources for developing, implementing, reviewing and maintaining the proposed compliance management system

What (Tasks)

Who (Personnel)

When (Time line)


proposal to purchase quality management system software

compliance manager

next 2 months


internal audits more often

administration team

every 3 months


Training and development

All employees

Every year


Legal Help

Management team



Integration of policies with system

Compliance team

At the start of implementation


Actual implementation

Compliance team

After three months



Administration team

After three months


The Compliance management system project is, hence, seen to be viable if the existing requirements are met according to the documentation. Charity Care will be able to enjoy a comprehensive system which takes into consideration the internal, external as well as industrial needs fronted by the system. Additionally, it will be easier to monitor a computerized financial management and payroll system, therefore, reducing the possibility of compliance breaching.

The system implementation will be gradual and follow the existing steps as documented. The compliance team will first ensure that the existing hardware and software used in the firm integrate with the system. It will also conduct a feasibility study to determine possible faults to be incurred and, hence, develop ways to deal with the problems. The implementation process will be phased and pilot. In this regard, the system will be implemented in portions at a given department before it is rolled out to other departments.

The organization will periodically monitor the system to determine any possible errors. The compliance team will be stationed at the organization premises six months into implementation to help address and correct and errors. The prototype method used in the system will allow the team to easily monitor the performance of the system (Product, 2014). This will be compared against the documented expectation the system had. The results of the monitoring activities will show a more reliable system able to detect any breach in the compliance.


Therefore, the project will affirm its importance to any business organization. It is imperative that other firms take up the approach through focusing on internal, external and industrial compliance agreements. Moreover, it is important that the developed system integrates with existing hardware and software requirements to allow easy implementation. Ultimately, any possible errors need to be promptly addressed to ensure the full maximization of system results.


Product, A. B. O. D. (2014). Subject to compliance with requirements, provide product indicated

on Drawings or comparable product by one of the following: 1. Eaton Electrical Inc,2416-5.

Wiegers, K., & Beatty, J. (2013). Software requirements. Pearson Education.

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