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Computer Environments Supporting Design

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Discuss About The Computer Environments Supporting Design Construction.




Holmes school is a small private school that offers curriculum for the past 20 years from preschool to 6th grade. It expanded its business to offer after school care to the students. The organization have a requirement to implement an information system for the management of the administrative and financial task of the school and reduce the manual effort of the management team. The main purpose of the development of the information system is to record the data generated from different sources in the business and use it for producing an appropriate result.

Company /Organization Background

Holmes school started as a small private school in the Midwest United States and it offers curriculum for the preschool to 6th grade for the last 20 years and it expanded it business to provide after school care service to the Holmes students and the students of other school. There is a need for development of a IT solution for the management of the information and management of the enrolment and reducing the workloads on the staffs and the administrative personnel. The organization currently faces huge demand from different points and it is not in a position to hire new administrative personnel for the management of the workload in the organization.

The following the key functional requirement of the current information system that should be developed for handling the workloads and reduce the effort of the staffs and the administrative personnel’s.


Addition of new client – The information system can only be used by the authorised users and the main route for success is to monitor the client action and controlling it. Through enrolling a client into the framework, the manager or administration can track the workouts of the client. The director would be able to enlist new client into the framework and this useful prerequisite is known as the make new client.

Add New Course - The administrator would enter new course into the framework by making another course. The administrator would enter information with respect to the course and submit. The course would fill in as the association between the understudies and the teachers. Consequently, this practical prerequisite is exceptionally fundamental to keep up.

Search - The seeking alternative will be given to every one of the clients. The search functionality will enable the clients to seek something from the database. The search option will likewise comprise of conditions that will limit the query output and upgrade the client experience.

Validation - The framework ought to be secured from different points. The procedures must be certifiable and information that it records must be genuine. The framework will utilize different information check techniques and outside conditions that will ensure what the framework is taking as info is credible.

Approval - In any framework where the data chain of command is a pivotal substance, the approval is a fundamental thing to cover. The approval will enable the framework to keep the undesirable individual to get to particular information. Taken for instance, the staffs cannot get to the administrative account yet the administrator can get to every one of the records.

Login - with a specific end goal to join approval into the framework, the framework must enable the clients to login. The login capacity will get the id of the individual client and begin a session against the id in a specific framework. The session will be on until the point that the client devastate the session by logging out.

Result - The outcome will be produced by the administrator. Every one of the outcomes should be accessed by the administrator and teachers yet the parents can get the details of their children’s from the information system. The framework will contain the outcomes until the point that an understudy is passed out.

Business Rules - The frameworks will comprise of business rules. The business standards will control the exercises done inside the framework. The business tenets will control the framework forms with the goal that the business can get most benefit from the framework.

Authoritative Functions - The administrator of the framework will be responsible for the general framework. In any case, there are a few things that an administrator must access, for example, review reports and other vital reports to the business. The developer will outline the administrator capacities according to the support and association administration choice.

Verifiable Data - The administration frequently requires authentic information for settling on compelling basic leadership. The database of the framework will hold the information of the considerable number of children from the present student to who has passed seven years previously. These information can be gotten to just by the management personnel and administration.

Reports - reports are the most significant parts of business. The available data residing in the information system should be used for the generation of the report and provide an overview of the current business process. The management personnel should have the access of the reports and it must be secured from the other users.

Lawful or Regulatory Requirements - The framework must keep up the principles and controls of the state and country. The framework will be coded such that it can consequently distinguish in the event that somebody is disregarding the principles. The framework will be equipped for reacting to the infringement fundamentally and this will offer time to administrator to determine the issue.


The non-functional requirement identified for the development of the school management information system are given below:

Execution - The framework execution must be sufficient. The framework will process every request generated from the clients end. Every one of the procedures will be done inside the negligible time conceivable.

Limit - The framework will be fit for handling all the request from the clients and process the request parallel for reducing the waiting time of the user to get the details of their query.

Accessibility - The framework will be accessible for utilize 24*7. A support group of outsider association will be utilized for carrying out the maintenance jobs.

Security - The framework will be equipped for keeping the inner digital security risks. The servers used for hosting the information system must be configured with firewall policy and antivirus application must be installed for protecting it against virus, ransom ware and other agents.

FURPS+ requirements AND Project Feasibility






The main functionality if the information system is to handle the administrative task such as recording the details of the payment and the human resources for reducing the manual paper works and maintaining records in excel spreadsheets.  

An interface should be designed for interacting with the information system and enable the users to use the system efficiently without facing any problem.

The information system should be reliable to respond to the query of the users and the system should be available to the users for 24 * 7 such that it can be used for management of the information. The information in the system should also be secured using encryption algorithm such that the information are not accessed by any third party users for misusing it.

The performance of the information system depends on the configuration of the network used for connecting the information system. The information should act as the core of the network and meet the compliance standards for integration with the current business system. The legal issues should be eliminated for deployment of the information system in the current business process.   

The information system designed for Holmes school should have the maintenance support for supporting the changes in the needs of the organization. An active internet connection is required for connecting the remote user with the information system and increase the flexibility of the system.


Use Case Descriptions

Use case

Create summary report


Administrative assistant

Trigger Event

Check service


The administrative service should be checked from the services that are selected by the parents and the summary report should be created according to it.


Administrative assistant

Related use case

Check service


Parents, manager, Teacher, president, Vice president


The details of the services and the information of the student must be available on the database for the creation of the summary report.

Post conditions

The order summary report is created and stored in the information system for publishing the report and for future use.

Flow of activities



The administrative staffs checks the service.


Create summary option is selected for the creation of a brief report regarding an individual using the different types of service offered by Holmes school.

 The account of the student is analysed for finding the service selected by their parents and returned to the user.

The summary report is stored in the information system for reference.

Exemption conditions

1. Loss of data  cause due to failure of system

2. Network error can cause loss of data

Use case

Add account



Trigger Event



The user needs to register into the information system with their details for opening a new account and use the service.


User and Manager

Related use case

Add account


Parents, manager, Teacher, president, Vice president


The details required for the registration with the information system should be available to the user during the time of registration.

Post conditions

The manager needs to add the new account to the information system and provided privilege to access the different service of the information system to successfully create the account.

Flow of activities



The user registers into the information system to use different service

A approval is sent to the user after the verification of the details of the users and it is evaluated for validation

The manager is responsible to add new account and allocate different permission after analysis of the type of account to be added in the information system.

Create summary option is selected for the creation of a brief report regarding an individual using the different types of service offered by Holmes school.

 The information system take input from the user and stores in the database for recording the details of the users.

The user need to wait and pass through different stages generated by the information system for verification and validation of the user information.

The information system creates a new table in the database with a unique user id, stores the username and password and the other information for the management of the users accounts.


Exemption conditions

1. Loss of data  cause due to failure of system

2. Network error can cause loss of data



From the above report it can be concluded that a feasibility study should be done on the current requirement of the system for analysing the requirement of the project and develop the information system aligning the current business needs. An interview session should be arranged with the stakeholders of the project for clarification of the needs and selection of the strategy for the development of the information system. Proper documentation should be maintained for development of the information system. A risk analysis should also be made for identification of the risk that may arise during the progress of the project development stages and a risk mitigation plan should be prepared for eliminating the risks and develop the information system successfully.



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