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Various Factors Involved in Implementing Network Infrastructure

Discuss about the Concept of Information Communication Technology.

Information communication technology (ICT) is a revolutionary concept for the market, which is related to the technology. Due to its vast implementation, it is majorly adopted by many organisations in recent times. ICT is playing an important role in the modern society and is helping in driving towards efficiency and innovation. Information communication technology can be stated as an extension of the term information technology, which focuses on the concept of unified communication and the telecommunication integration. The field covers any range of products that will be retrieved, stored, manipulate, transmit or receive information using electronic media for example personal computers, emails etc. (Ramachandran et al. 2012).

The report mainly put insight into the concept of various factors, which are involved in the process of implementing network infrastructure into an organisation in this case ‘curtain co’. The framing of the report is done in such a way that it is understood able for people who are involved in the business background. The aspect of the information communication technology can break the burden, which is related to the communication between the stakeholders to safeguard the data. The recommendation is also provided for the most suitable type of factor, which are discussed in the report taking into consideration the organisation.

The concept of network infrastructure can be considered as a software and hardware components, which enables the connection of the network, management, operation and communication of the organisation network. The implementation of the equipment directly provides enhanced features of security that in return provides more efficiency in the working and hence saving for the firms. The services, which are related to the system, are stated below (Kinne 2013).

Network convergence can be considered as a module, which enables efficient coexistence of the communication of multiple modes, for example, telephone, data and video as a single network. The concept directly affects the sector of maintaining the mobility of the equipment in an organisation. The system is very much cost effective and demands less maintenance as taking into consideration other systems.

The concept of unified communication is abbreviated as UC server as a framework, which integrates multiple asynchronous, and communication, which is in real time to increase the collaboration of the organisation, communication and the productivity. Equipping the same would result in cost reduction in the sector of long distance and intraoffice communication cost. On the other hand, it can be stated that it offers a boost in the concept of productivity by enables the concept of call accounting and billing, unified messaging, conferencing etc. According to a recent survey, it can be stated that the system majorly helps the collaboration of the organisational employee and the increase in the productivity which is almost 50% (Silic, Back and Sammer 2017).

Suitable Types of Infrastructure

The LAN or the local area network can be considered as a process of multiple interconnecting systems in location, which is close geographically. These facts are achieved using communication channel. According to the need of the user, the communication channel may vary. The most common types of LAN, which are in use in recent times, are.

  • UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair)
  • SMF (Single Mode Fiber)
  • STP (Shielded Twisted Pair)
  • MMF (Multi-Mode Fiber)
  • STP (Shielded Twisted Pair)

Curtain Co. can be considered as an organisation whose operation is all over the country. The concept of LAN if applied to their business would be a big loss due to the factor that it would then have limited access area. To operate the business properly, they would be requiring adopting the concept of Wide area network (Sparks, Roach and Campen 2014). The organisation should take into consideration the concept of IP VPN (Internet protocol virtual private network) due to the factor that it implements the concept of flexibility into the organisation, which would be helpful if they take into consideration, plans to expand their field of work. The WAN connection in this context can be considered to be a cost-effective solution which can also affect the factor of reliable speed while providing options of interaction for the employees on premises and other units of the same organisation.

The concept of internet protocol (IP) and Domain Name System (DNS) are methods for the aspect of identifying the concept of the system. The DNS assist in the concept of allocation of the IP address directly to the system. The system should be very much automated to manage the concept effectively and effortlessly. The concept of automation would directly be beneficial for the concept of enhancing the sector of simplified and fast troubleshooting. On the other hand, it can be stated that it would be eliminating the errors, which are relating to the configuration along with putting more focus on the concept of security and compliance. The above implementation would enable the organisation to save money and resources and enhance the factor of productivity (Mark, Voila and Cardello 2012).

The applications which run over the concept of the network or in the application layer assists in the concept of communication, data storing, manipulation, presentation or other which are using peer to peer or client server architecture. This concept is dependent on the application layer relating to the network protocol. The system would be helping the organisation to achieve the operation in a hassle free manner and very much efficient. The main network services in this aspect are the Emails, Ethernet, SNMP and VoIP (Hale 2012).

Network Services and Technologies

This technology mainly enables the user to make a call over the network using the broadband internet instead of making conventional or analogue phone calls. The system is beneficial in the way of converting sound waves to digital waves and then transferring it through the channel of broadband. The advantage, which can be achieved from the concept, are stated below:

  • Portability can be considered as one of the advantage relating to the implementation as it can be accessed by any device with the use of a broadband connection and a login credential.
  • Comparing it with other modes, the technology is very much cheaper which includes long distance calls.
  • It can be stated that it offers ease due to the factor of flexibility, which can be achieved. Along with this concept, multi-functionality features can also be implemented (video call, voice call and others).

The electronic mail can be considered as a technology, which enables the exchange the information through electronic devices. The concept ones achieved can be very much beneficial for the organisation, and the range of advantages are stated below:

  • The main advantage, which can be achieved, is that it provides communication ease to the user and enhance the concept of collaborative communication as it enables information sharing to multiple users.
  • The service can save the factor of cost on the stationery items and would be offering the physical security of the data, which is being transferred.
  • The marketing sector can also be enhanced using the concept. This is due to the factor that the email concept can be applied to the marketing aspect, and high benefits can be achieved from it (Decusatis, Carranza and DeCusatis 2012).

The SNMP can be considered a protocol related to a network that collects information from different devices of the network for example servers, routers, printers, switches and other. The network service can help in the concept of getting a trace of an unauthorised person who directly attempts at implementing the concept of trespassing the network of the organisation. If the version of the SNMP is chosen correctly, it can help in securing the path of connection with the device of the network. SNMP also helps in the concept of monitoring the consumables of certain types of devices such as paper, ink and toner for the printers and send out the notification when it would be needed.

The Ethernet can be considered as a restricted and private network of communication that can be directly be accessed by customers who are authorised by the organisation. The benefits, which can be achieved from the concept, are stated below:

  • The productivity of the organisation is increased using safeguarding the information and aspect of monitoring the business operation.
  • The margin of error can be reduced from the concept.
  • Flexibility can be achieved from the concept of means of providing the customer self-service.
  • On the supply chain management, it has a direct positive impact, and it enables the organisation to connect with the suppliers directly.
  • The loyalty of the customer can also be achieved by the service using offering updated and accurate information to the side of the customer.

Data storage

There are many types of storage devices, which can be incorporated into the concept of data. In the list provided below different states all the types of storage area, which can be accessible for the storage concept of the data.


The concept of cloud storage can be considered as one of the most advanced storage sectors when relating to the storage of the data. The technology can be adopted by small as well as large-scale industry according to their requirement. The main aspect of the case is to benefit from the services, which is being achieved from the storage solutions. The cloud, when implemented, can be beneficial in the way of cost saving as well as maintenance. The service provides physical security at the highest level. The concept also provides immune towards the concept of cyber-attacks to an extent due to the factor that the data is stored on multiple servers and in different layers.

LAN or Local Area Network


SAN or Storage area network can be considered as an exclusive, high-speed, secure network that offers storage with access to a network of block level. The system offers many benefits which can be seen when it is implemented within the organization. The concept of though storage also provides high speed, efficiency and dynamic failover protection this concept increases the utilization and effectiveness. The implementation of the above-stated technology can directly enhance the sector of production for the organisation.

Distributed Database

The organisation, which is taken into consideration Curtain Co, has their service spread all over the world in a large area. Therefore, it can be stated that the distributed database concept can be very much beneficial for them. The concept of beneficial in a way that the people can access the database in the house and on the other hand the headquarters can access it. The cost, which is related to the implementation of the technology, is very less and hence can be considered very much affordable.

There is a various model for the concept of processing of the data, which can be adopted according to the requirement of the user. Few of the models are stated below:

Peer to peer (P2P)

The most advantageous benefit, which can be achieved from the concept of P2P model, is the ability to reduce the bandwidth bills. The implementation of the system would also be beneficial in a way, which directly reduces the installation cost. The major benefit which can be achieved over C/S (client server) model is that the concept of the latter model gets affected if the server is down while the former can be understood the situation if one of the peers is down.

Client server model

The client server model is defined, as a model were the client interacts with the server to attain the desired result. The client directly requests the server to which the server responds accordingly. The main advantage, which can be achieved from the concept, is that it incorporates centralised control over the application and oriented management. The model offers robust security for the information while playing different roles according to the need of the user.

The discussion can be concluded on a note that for the organisation P2P model should be implemented. The main reason behind this recommendation is that the unit of the organisation is spread across a large geographical location, and the model is very much cheap and involves very less cost of implementation

WAN or Wide Area Network


The report can be concluded on a note that the concept of ICT, when implemented, would enhance the overall functionality of the organisation. The report directly puts focus on the concept of network infrastructure, and in the end, the suitable recommendation is provided. The recommendation, which is provided for the organisation Curtain Co. It can be stated in the end that the devised report can develop a reliable ICT solution if the organisation takes into consideration its networking services appropriately.


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