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Your assignment has two parts. If you are doing Option 2, please contact Maria to approve the list of system features for Part 1.

  • The “System Feature” section of theSRS

Your task is to produce the “System Features” section (cf. provided template), covering the iMega system features listed in the table below.

The functional requirements have to be specified using the EARS approach.

Feature ID

Feature Name

Feature Description


Messages and reminders

Display (F2.1) the information about current sales, if the user is near the corresponding store;

(F2.2) welcome messages when the user approaching Mega;

(F2.3) reminders to use discounts/loyalty programs, when the user is in the corresponding store,

(F2.4) reminders to pick-up online orders

(F2.5) reminders based on the previous consumption patterns,


Store location

Advice users how to find a particular store within



User Behavior

Collect and present to the managers in the web application the information on

(F5.1) whether the user enters the store after a sale notification


Account management and wish list

Customer can edit their personal information in the account and create wish lists: add/remove items to/from their wish list, while browse in in the online- shop. When the customer is nearby the items from

the list, the app will remind them.




Update the advertisements information via the web


Your task is:

  • To analyze and prioritize quality attributes, recording the rationale for decisions and using the Brosseauspreadsheet
  • To specify SMART requirements of a high importance to thesystem

Write user stories to cover the system features from Part 1. Use the format and language style appropriate for Agile User Stories.

Functional Requirements using EARS Approach

System Features

Messages and reminders:

The messages and reminder feature displays the information about the current sales, if the user only is neat to the corresponding store. Then user when approaching the mega then the welcome message is displayed. Reminders are used for the discount purpose and for the loyalty programs. This only be done when the user is in the corresponding store. Reminder informs about the pick-up of the orders that are came online. Reminders are given based on the patterns of the previous solution (Lai and Ali 2013).

Functional Requirements

Functional requirements are those are associated with the function. A requirements is that the system displays messaged and the corresponding information about the sales to the user whether the user is in the store or the user is near the store. The EARS approach is called the easy approach to requirements syntax. The sender must be aware of the error message and the reminders. For any kind of reminders if there is an invalid input so this need to be corrected for any kind of error message which needs to be generated.

Store location:

This feature of the SRS advices the users to find the particular store within the mega. This will help the user of the corresponding store to be close to the store or is in the store (Rao and Srinivas 2015).

These store location is associated with the mega app. The ability of the store locating is applied to display a map of the mega center of shopping with a display which shows and directs the user about which store is located where. This will help the user to find the desired located store. If there is any error occur in the display then the user will go to the wrong store in place of the actual store. This will save the time of the user as all as the stores will benefited.

User behavior:

User behavior is one of the system feature of the SRS. User behavioral requirements are displayed using the use case diagram. Using the use case diagram the total overview of the system is displayed. The use case diagram shows the user activities within the store of the mega (Chhabra et al., 2015).

The functional requirements of the user behavior describes the functions of the user and the components that are user use. The requirements are the behavior and the input that are given by the user in the system. User behavior can be contrasted with the non-functional behavior. User behavioral feature is used for the user activity and described by the use case diagram. The user behavior are collected and presented to the managers in the application of the web on the information.

User Stories

Account management and wish list:

In this feature the customers can edit their personal information on the account and then the user creates their wish list. The user can add or remove the items from their wish list anytime. These can be done during the website browsing. After adding the item in the wish list the user will get a notification of the wish list (Tarmizi 2013).

This requirement does not mapped to any of the project objectives or the principles. There is no difficult or easy benefit of implementing this functional requirements. This only being done as the favor or if it is in any others wish list. This functional requirement can be dropped without having any negative impact on the total project or in the entire system.

Advertisements Update:

This feature that is advertisement update that is the information about the advertisement is updated via the web application. The srs document is created for the management system of advertisement. This is a solution that is online and the users who want to advertise their content in the web can do it online. This document consist of the overall information of the system and about the development of the system and testing is also described in the document (Lloyd?Lavery et al., 2017).

The non-functional requirements are divided in to two parts one is internal quality another is external quality. The external quality is what that is primarily important to the users and it shows the quality in use. The external quality consists of availability, reliability, performance, robustness, safety, security, usability, integrity, instalability and interoperability. The internal quality is the most significant to the development and to the staff maintenance. The internal quality contributes to the satisfaction of the customer by making the product easier to enhance, test, correct and migrate to the newer platforms.

The analysis of the attribute of the quality the following needs to me done:

Firstly have to list a set of quality attributes to consider and the attributes has to be rich. Then we have to reduce the list by analyzing the view of the stakeholders and by recording the rationale that is used for deciding those particular quality attributes that are taken for the consideration. In the next step we have to prioritize the attributes by using the given Brosseau’s spreadsheet. The priorities are different for the users and for the staffs of the maintenance and for the technical staff. Then we have to elicit the specific expectations for the each attribute that the software must be user friendly, reliable, fast and robust.

Non-Functional Requirements and Quality Attributes

Then have to specify the well-structured requirements qualities. SMART approach is to be used that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-sensitive. 





Not important, as we are not going to reuse any parts of this system in other solutions.


High priority, as  this would help to increase availability by reducing the maintenance times


Medium priority, as we assume that the possibility of major changes is very low.


High priority. We expect a high number of users concurrently accessing the application


High priority, as we require a high testability


Low priority. The solution is not resource-intensive


Low priority. No current plan for cross platform development



High priority. Especially important during peak hours, which we expect to have from 7am to 9am, 12pm to 1pm and 5pm to 10pm.


Medium priority. The system will not require any complicated algorithms or calculations.


High priority, as this would help to increase availability. Also might be perceived as "branding" requirement.


High priority. The system should be tolerant to users' mistakes. This also might be perceived as "branding" requirement


Low priority,  this system is not safety-critical


High priority, if we include the feature "submit loan application" (which will imply dealing with sensitive user data). Otherwise, low priority. In this analysis, we assume that this feature will not be a part of the application.


High priority, as the system will be developed to attract more customers


Low priority, as this is a stand-alone system


Low priority, as the user will not install anything. Web application.


Medium priority, if we include the feature "submit loan application". Otherwise, low priority.

USE 1: a user who is unaware of the location of the store in the iMega can easily find the store.

USE 2: the user can manage their account as well as they can also add their products wish lists and they can buy the products later according to the wish list.

AVL 1: a huge variety of products is on sale in the same time as they have 100 retailers approximately.

AVL 2: the iMega store shall be open throughout the week. And the mall should work approximately 14hours a day.

AVL 3: the iMega shall provide feedback to the every user that buys a product from the supermarket.

ROB 1: The cart where the products are added must have some checking method that the product that is going to be added by the user is valid and correct product or not. In case of the wrong product it is going to be changed by the system.

[1] How easy it to maintain the system

It is very easy to maintain the system as the system is totally implemented by the staffs of the iMega and the staffs should be efficient enough to maintain the system.

[2] How easy it is to [maintain,] change, enhance, and restructure the system

As the system will be provide an online and the offline service so there will be some complications in the case of online modification in the system. The enhancement is bit easy as only minor changes can impact well in long term. Restructure will be difficult as the old structure is gone through several modifications so the new structure will require a lot of implementation.

[3]  How easily the system can grow to handle more users, transactions, servers, data, etc.

It is easy to handle the customers as the super market will offer the user online and te offline facility and there are 100 of retailers in the super market so it will be easier to handle the customers as well as the transactions of the products.

[4]  How easily developers and testers can confirm that the software is implemented correctly

The developers and the tester will able to confirm that the software is implemented correctly if the all operations that is performed by the users gone smoothly. Like when the user buys something or add something the notification must be send correctly to the user.

[5] The extent to which the system’s services are available when and where they are needed

The online system will work 24*7 and the offline market will work every day 14hours. And all the products that are available in the market will be listed in the supermarket.

[6] How quickly and predictably the system responds to user inputs or other events

The system will response quickly as whenever a user add a product in the wish list or the user buys something then the system quickly send a notification regarding the purchase of the product to the user.

[7] How long the system runs before experiencing a failure

The system will work until it face a major failure like wrong product supplied or wrong information is given. In case of this situation the system must shut down and done the required modification in the system that will mitigate the reason of the failure.

[8] How easy it is for people to learn, remember, and use the system

It is very easy to use the iMega because for the user who are new to the supermarket and unaware of the fact that where the store are located that the user is looking for then there is a display installed in the supermarket which will display the store details and the locations of the stores.

Story 1 :

Messages and reminders





As a

As a system

I want

I want to display the proper message and the reminder for the user.

So that I can

So that the users will get push notification whenever they buy anything online.

Acceptance criteria

Criterion i:

Given that the system in implemented in the software

When they buy anything

Then push notification will come

record is prioritized

Story  :

Store Location





As a


I want

Display the store location that which store is exactly located in the mega.

So that I can

Instruct the people for the right store at the right time so that they can save their time

Acceptance criteria

Criterion i:

Given that the store location is displayed in the system

When they enter in the mega shopping mall

Then thy will be instructed for the store

record is prioritized

Story 3:

User behaviour





As a


I want

To see the behavior of the user

So that I can

Analyse and process the behavior of the user.

Acceptance criteria

Criterion i:

Given that the user behavior is analyzed

When they enter in the store or not

Then the information will be taken and applied.

record is prioritized

Story 4 :

Account management and wish list





As a


I want

Enter the personal information or can enter the wish list that want to buy in future

So that I can

Get the reminder of the item that I have wish listed in the data store

Acceptance criteria

Criterion i:

Given that the user can edit their information and they also can enter their wish list

When they want to buy the things in future

Then they will get a reminder about the wish listed item whenever they will be close to the store.

record is prioritized

Story 5 :

Advertisement Update





As a

Manager of the project

I want

To update the advertisements information via the application

So that I can

That the information of the advertisement will be updated over the time.

Acceptance criteria

Criterion i:

Given that the advertisement updated via the application of the web

When the information is updated of the advertisement

Then the information is get updated time to time using the web application.

record is prioritized


Lai, R. and Ali, N., 2013. A requirements management method for global software development. AIS: Advances in Information Sciences, 1(1), pp.38-58.

Rao, S.S. and Srinivas, Y.M., 2015. Entrepreneurship Development in Indian Retail Sector: A Study of Business Models in the Global Context. UNNATI, p.14.

Chhabra, A., Iyengar, S.R.S., Saini, P. and Bhat, R.S., 2015. Presence of an Ecosystem: An Answer to ‘Why is Whole Greater than the Sum of its Parts’ in the Knowledge Building Process. CoRR.

Tarmizi, A.S.A., 2013. Bezacube Web Based Application Systems (Doctoral dissertation, UMP).

Lloyd?Lavery, A., Rogers, N.K., Hatfield, S.J., Grindlay, D., Barnett, R. and Thomas, K.S., 2017. What's new in atopic eczema? An analysis of systematic reviews published in 2014. Part 2. Treatment and prevention. Clinical and experimental dermatology, 42(1), pp.3-7.

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