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Customer Experience

Build the customer journey map. 

The following paper deals about the customer experience for the chosen organization Dreamworld and the products and services offered by them. The research will have to be done on the chosen organization and the experience of the customers will have to be evaluated here. The customer experience is a very important issue in this context. This is why it is extremely important for the customers to understand what the organization is offering to them to meet their demands. The experience of the customers largely depends on the facts of how the customers can gain the trust of the organization. The organization must provide the customers with the best products and services in a timely manner so the customers do not have to opt out of their disposal and seek help from their competitors or the rivals. This is why the customers’ experience or the customer journey map should be developed along with a persona. The recommendations will be given regarding this as well.

The experience of the customers will have to be evaluated focusing on the services or products or Dreamworld (, 2018). It is a theme park that provides the customers with some special adventure shows and others. The activities of the organization will be to provide the customers with several wildlife shows on poisonous snakes and other animals. The bird shows are also arranged by the organization as well. They give the advertisements on social media and other channels so they can get the best response from the customers. They have to attract the customers by promoting several shows for the children mostly. They also declare the dates on which the special shows will be shown. It is a great aspect that the organization also provides the customers with several 3D and 4D products as well (, 2018). Here the two aspects related to media are paid media and owned media. The customers want such practice regarding the organization that they can avail the best products with safety. One of the most important issues in this context is the sustainability of the organization (Smith, 2012). The customer groups for this organization have seen the company’s initiatives on saving the tigers. The organization Dreamworld has realized the fact that the sustainability issues should not only rely on stopping the carbon emissions or the using the non-fossil fuels. As tigers are getting rare, the community should be very much protective about the tigers. Dreamworld has always catered to provide the customers with the best experiences for providing their services on time (Hill & Gale, 2016).

Developing the persona and customer journey map

The main targets of the customers are to make the company utilize all their channels effectively so they can utilize these channels. The demands of the customers will have to be understood. This is how they will be able to gain the sustainability within the organization. The organization must be able to do their works in a customer-centric manner (Tax, McCutcheon & Wilkinson, 2013).  Then only they can provide the valuable considerations on how they can improve their business. The customers will need to assess whether their liked company is doing the business ethically. The sales and support channels for the organization should grow properly indeed. This would ensure on how they can they get the best support from the company through their services (Ferrell & Fraedrich, 2015).  The company must be able to satisfy the demands of their customers in a better way. In this context, one of the most significant things is the customer journey map (Lemon & Verhoef, 2016). 

The developing of the persona is a five step process. The necessary things about this process are developing the skills and interests of the persona, identification of the needs and goals, describing about the social environment of the persona, a short brief about the demographics and personality, the social environment of the persona, finding the burning questions in this issue, identifying the three important reasons for the persona to engage with the product and three reasons for not engaging with the product (Howard, 2014). However, the customer experience in Dreamworld has been a very important issue in this section. This is why the organization is trying to recover from the River Rapids tragedy. The organization has proposed several ways to improve their customer experience through the inclusion of the new offers for products and services (Norton & Pine, 2013).  It was a terrifying matter when the high-risk rides in the park had to be closed down for several reasons. The fatal accident had taken place and this was a very important thing for the customer experience of the Dreamworld. The managing of the rides has been in question indeed. If the customers lose the faith on the customers, this will have a negative impact on the services of the company (Rawson, Duncan & Jones, 2013). The personal template will be discussed here in the following section:

Persona name

Me (demographics and personality)

The demographics in my community is mainly low-middle class income families. Some of them are very enthusiastic about taking their children to these theme parks. They focus on the personality development of their children as well. This is why they will need to focus on the proper sustainability of the company  indeed.

Three reasons for engaging with the product

· The strong brand reputation of the company

· The marketing campaigns made by the company

· The timely offers on several shows for the children

My job, skills and interests

I am a journalist by profession. One of my strong skills is to collect the important news about the entertainment field. As Dreamworld is a theme park, there are many scopes for the entertainment. I have high interests in the adventures like theme parks and all.

My social environment

I live in a social environment that belongs to people belonging from different cultures. Some of these people have high interests in this field and some of them do not have any interest at all.

Three reasons for not engaging with the product

· The safety measures are not properly implemented

· I think Dreamworld is not engaging with the customers to get their feedbacks

· I also believe the customers expect frequent offers from them that are not always possible to provide.

My needs and goals

My goal is to develop a framework in which the managers of the company will be dedicated to put more focus on the safety of the customers. I will try to raise the awareness among the customers through my articles so they can raise their voice in this matter.

My burning questions

· Can Dreamworld will be able to build a customer-centric network and implement it properly?

· Will Dreamworld be able to provide the best safety measures to their customers?

My pain points

· The customers must be given the proper safety in the theme parks.

· The adventure shows and other shows should be provided at a cost-effective rate.

· The customers should provide their feedback to the company in an effective manner.


Name: Mary

Age: 35

Education: MBA in Marketing Management from Chicago State University

Family: Married with 2 children, aged 12 and 9

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Environment: Plans for the trips to the theme park as early by using her laptop in her house



Tech Background and Usage





The purpose of the individuals is to spend some quality time in the Dreamworld amusement park. The family members would be able to spend some quality time in the time.

The individuals should be able to plan the needs of the junior members of the family according to their preferences properly.

The stress will be on the individual elders when they will have to look after the safety of the children and appointing the logistics for safeguarding the children and keeping the children entertained all the time.

The kids and elders should be able to experience the best ways through connecting through the GPRS maps and social networking apps. The latest updates should be kept through for the personal use at Dreamworld theme park as well.

The individual selected here, Mary, will look to plan the family vacations properly. She chooses the spot and buys the tickets as well.

She has the adaptability of using the social apps for maps available in the parks. She always finds her way through avail the entertainment.

Mary has a Apple iPhone 7s that she takes with her all the time. Her husband and sin have Samsung Galaxy J7.

She uses the device to navigate from one place to other places. She will also manage her way to get the emtertainment that she will be get for her children.

Start with research

Define behavioural stages from the customer’s perspective

Capture customer considerations

Detail every touchpoint

Map out the customer pain points

Chart the changing customer emotions

Consider what other detail can be added to the map

Outline any opportunities for improvement

The manager should begin the research work for the betterment of the theme park about the technical, financial and all other aspects.

The different behavioral stages from the customers’ perspective are making the customers aware of the services, purchase of the services at the right cost, getting the best services and knowing about the various services.

The customers will effectively consider the various aspects of the services and products. This will be highly important for judging the quality of the products.

The brand awareness of the services, the location of the theme park, the ways of purchasing the tickets and managing the cost of the tickets.

The customers are not at all happy with the pricing of the rides of the theme park Dreamworld. They have also complained about the waiting to time to get to each ride and the online availability of the tickets.

The ticket availability from the e-commerce sites would lower down the services of the company. If the company does not have the proper public relations strategies, this would have an impact on the customers negatively.

The details like the average time for getting into the rides would be included. The price of the tickets and offers could be detailed as well.

The recommendations for the improvement could be given like making stronger PR strategies,  writing blogs in the social media, adapting the word of mouth marketing strategy could be included here as well.

The company Dreamworld should always provide the best services to their customers in order to enhance their services in a positive manner. They provide the customers with several rides and attractions that are generally provided in the theme parks. The company provides the customers with the fun they will need in the mix (Kumar & Reinartz, 2018). They also have the biggest LEGO store in the country. The products that they provide are mostly very hard to find. This is why their product offerings are unique in range. Some of the most dangerous rides in Dreamworld are Giants Drop and the Tower of Terror II. Through these various products, they gain the attraction of the customers indeed (Wang & Feng, 2012).  

They also give the animal lovers the chance to see the Toyal Bengal and Sumatran tigers in their Tiger Island. This is also a very unique service feature for them. The company also gives their customers with the opportunity to witness the magic of movie. They also give their disabled customers with the access to different rides and attractions. They give their customers with maps for discovering the wide range of products and services they provide. They have group tour desks and a lounge for the tours. There are bilingual staffs as well who thrive to help the people speaking different languages than English. This is why the customers are quite happy with their products and services. The customer relationship is also very strong in this context.

  Dreamworld will be looking to increase their services and products so the customer experience can increase as well. Some recommendations will be given to improve upon the services that they already give to their customers. These ways will surely improve the ways Dreamworld will be operating in this current competitive business environment.

  • The managers of Dreamworld will look to focus on the quality of the rider safety. Otherwise, the customer faith will surely decrease. This will be helpful for keeping the customers in a better way when they come to the theme park.
  • The tragedy of the accident in Dreamworld has really made the customers lose their faith. The loss of human lives while going for an entertainment ride is really an unfortunate incident. The company will have to clean the rivers to provide an environment friendly atmosphere for the theme park travelers.
  • They can go for repairing the paddle boat facilities as well. This will be another of their value added features. The company must focus on the customer satisfaction. They should offer their customers with several coupons during the time of several festivals. Thus the customer-centric operations will lead them to grab a better market share indeed.


This paper can be concluded by saying that the customer journey map is a very important feature to identify the gaps in the company from the perspective of the customers. It is the customers who will evaluate the process of customer satisfaction in the best ways. The persona has been developed in this paper to focus on the weaknesses of the company and decide what areas will have to be improved. The customers will have to be provided with the best offers so they can give the value added features within their operations. The recommendations have been made to develop their business as well. 

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