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Problem Formulation

Discuss About The International Of Contemporary Hospitality Management.

The following report deals with the problems that Hotel Sidesporet of Denmark faces in the recent times. This includes the likes of the low occupancy rates, competition from the other new restaurants and hotels and most importantly retaining different old customers as well as attracting new customers. The study will highlight the different strategies that can be taken by the management of the hotel to get rid of the new challenges and establish a line of sustainability for the organization. The study however at first recognizes the different problems that exist in the industry. The following problems will highlight the areas where the company lacks and the steps that can be taken to ensure its efficiency in the market. The report has been based on the collection of data from both the employees of the hotel and the customers visiting the Zealand area of Denmark. The data collected from them are crucial as because they provide a clear and transparent outlook to the main problems and also highlights the problems that they face. Apart from this the data has also been collected from relative sources like articles, books, research papers which were completed earlier.  

The modern market of Denmark offers a challenging situation to the mentioned hotel. The different problems include the opening of other hotels and pop up restaurants in the neighborhood, the decrease in the occupational ratio of the organization and also other similar kind of problems. This kind of problems tends to create problems to the smooth operations of the business and thus it leads to different kinds of problematic situations for the organization. The management of the business must have suitable strategies in place to ensure the success of the business in the long run and make the most of the business accordingly. The recent problems have forced the organization to operate in the grey zone which makes it vulnerable to different external forces. The emergence of new businesses has ushered in more and more opportunities for the customers to try different options rather than using the same service all the time. The introduction of new pop up restaurants and other small and large hotels are the example of such kind of opportunities. Hotel Sidesporet which was once the natural choice of the tourists visiting the Zealand part of Denmark has now been changed. Therefore the management must concentrate on organizational development of the company to gain success. However change is not that easy to pull off as because it needs detailed preparation and planning which will make it easier for them to make the most of the organization. The low success rates of change project management in the hospitality industry make it more difficult for the organization to attain success in the following plan. The main reasons for the failure of the organizations to reach the organizational goals are because senior officials tend to rush these initiatives in the organizations and thus have the tendency to deviate from the main reason of conducting the organizational goals.


This report is based on Hotel Sidesporet of Denmark, which excels in serving proper room services with breakfast along with maintaining their restaurants and events. The problem statement identified in this respect was related to retaining old customers and attracting the potentially new customers in order to increase profitability of the company. In the case of Hotel Sidesporet it was required to find out the factors which would retain the old customers as well as attract the new customers. Therefore, both primary and secondary data was collected from the hotel to know about the current scenario. Primary data was collected by interviewing the tourists of Denmark. They were asked about their preference of Hotel Sidesporet and the factors that attracted them to stay in that hotel. In terms of secondary sources, the company website was searched along with other travel websites such as and The company reports were helpful in gathering data on the number of visitors to the hotel every year. From the travel websites, it was found out about the particular services, which the tourists mostly liked. The ratings were analyzed to find out which services of the hotel attracted most of the tourists and the services, which needed improvement to attract new customers. As this project is based on change management of the hotel, therefore it was important to gather information about the new modifications required in Hotel Sidesporet.

Planned change model was considered as the suitable theoretical strategy to bring about the modifications in the hotel. This particular model was selected based on the response of the tourists in the interview. The data collected from two sources followed interpretivism philosophy and deductive approach while conducting the study. Apart from the planned change model, there are other theories in the process of change management. Application of other theories was dependent on the response of the tourists staying in the hotel and the review of the hotel services in the travel websites. As per the company report, it was found out that the hotel is facing strong competition from the rival organizations as they have started offering the same services. The change management was intended to create something new and unique, which will keep it on a separate platform from the rival companies. Primary data from the new customers focused on their reluctance to go to Hotel Sidesporet because they were getting the same benefits in other restaurants too. Effective change agents were required to identify for modifying the services in the hotel industry. For instance, the agents might include employees, products and service delivery. The hotel authority needs to keep in mind the reviews and responses and focus on the services of the rival companies before incorporating their change management process.              

Brief Description

Hotel Sidesporet in Denmark is located in the Holbaek area in Zealand. The hotel specializes in offering the customers with their best bed and breakfast. They specialize in maintaining a chain of restaurants, events and wellness. They are ruling the industry for 10 years; however, they are facing strong competition from the upcoming small companies. The emerging companies are following the same strategies as that of Hotel Sidesporet. At this crisis, they are required to find out unique strategies, which will provide them competitive advantage. Due to lack of innovation in the hotel, they are finding it difficult to cope up with the issues of managing their chain of restaurants and events.    

The hotel was built with the intention of providing the customers with the best product and service delivery in the area. This hotel was considered as a historical architecture due to its gorgeous outlook. Most of the tourists who visited the Zealand area paid visit to this elegant and prestigious hotel in the city. This hotel used to top the travel websites always because of the customers’ first preference. There are number of provisions such as free internet facilities, free parking, complimentary breakfast, non- smoking rooms and suites, restaurants and bars, kitchenette, business centre and spa. Customers preferred this hotel, as there were no such hotels initially in the area with all these facilities. Therefore, they had the advantage of retaining the old customers and attracting the new customers. The problem that they are facing now has forced them to think of new and innovative strategies, which will help them to regain back their lost position.

The review of the hotel has focused on the brilliant experience of the tourists in terms of friendly staffs, superb breakfast and variety in food items. The centrally located hotel provided the tourists with a splendid view of the blue sea, which could be accessible easily from the local station and the airport. The old customers had attachment with this place because they were used to stay there whenever they visited Zealand. However, it was difficult for the management to find new customers, as they had nothing new to offer. The provisions were same in other hotels in the area and people have the habit of trying out new every time. Therefore, the hotel was suffering from existential crisis, which required them to implement change management process. Considering the case of the hotel, planned change management model can be suitable apart from the change management model of Lewin. According to Lewin’s change management model, the three steps of unfreeze, change, refreeze will focus on the organizational structure, and the modifications required giving them a competitive advantage.           

The above mentioned review of the following topic has shown the different types of the problems that currently exist in the lineup of the organization. These kind of problems pose a serious threat to the success of the business. Some of the main problems that have been identified in the following segment are as follows;


Uncertainty over sustainability and other kinds of uncertainty


Expectations from the customers for a better service

Support of the Upper Management

· There is no support from the upper management

· Absence of support from the employees to the management


· Absence of proper communication between management and employees

· Absence of proper communication between management and the customers

Uncertainty-The hotels and inns are generally complex organizations that create value for the customers as well as the investors by bringing together and mixing both the positive elements of people and technology. The performance of Hotel Sidesporet is affected by the growth of the industry in the Zealand area of Denmark. As explained in the proceedings the challenges in Hotel and restaurant sustainability, the main contradictions involves that of the operations, innovations, finances and marketing strategies that are employed by the management of Hotel Sidesporet. As mentioned earlier the hotel has been in the business in this particular area of Zealand for 10 years. However the hotel is now vulnerable to external threats as other hotels and restaurants in the area have been offering similar kind of services and also much better services in the same expense which has led to the loss of customers for the organization. There have been many different reasons for the creation of the uncertain situation. First of all the management of the hotel has failed to follow the service concept which in other words has failed to provide the perceived value of different kinds of the products offered by them. This has led to the failure of the organization to meet the modern demands of the customers. The new hotels and restaurants that have popped up in Denmark are offering different new services to the customers according to the popular demand. This helps them to attract more and more people to these hotels. The absence of any such unique strategies and techniques are leading the organization to failure.

Apart from the above mentioned uncertainties there are also different problems like uncertainties over customer interactions, absence of new reservation systems, innovations in hotel designing and implementing new partnerships or joint venture strategies are important for the organization to change the levels of the organization and manage the different kinds of the organizational demands. The uncertainties over new revenue model and absence of new and efficient employees have also led to the failure of the organization. The above mentioned uncertainties provide a bleak future for the organization and do not help the cause of the organization. It is utmost important for the organization to manage this kind of uncertainties and ensure a much better future for the Company. The management of the company needs to take drastic and effective steps to tackle the problems efficiently. The uncertainties over the future needs of the hotel must be improved according to the modern day needs. For example the management must undertake a totally new marketing campaign that will help in the identification of the different choices and preferences of the customers. The survey in turn will be analyzed by the organization and then the results will be considered for different kinds of organizational changes that may include the change in the reservation system, providing new services to the customers, providing additional discount to the loyal customers and also partnering with different kinds of travel agents or other travel applications to attract more customers to the hotel. This will help in removing uncertainty and establishing stability in the organization both in terms of sustainability and innovation.    

Expectations- Hospitality industry is directly linked to the customer satisfaction. The management of Hotel Sidesporet has however failed to live up to the expectations of the organization. The customer requirements of the organization have turned into tangible and also intangible in nature and thus it is quite hard to meet all the different demands of the customers by the organization. The customer expectation is generally build up from the product and service offered by the product and services that are offered to them by the organization. This includes the services of bed and breakfast that are provided by the organization and other similar kind of services. The needs or the desires of the customers are created from this particular kind of services. However the people visiting the Zealand Area of Denmark are being offered lots of other services that are much cheaper and in some cases also better services in the same price. The absence of such kind of services have been a problem for the organization as they are gradually falling behind in the race and are staring at an early exit from the market. It is one of the most basic elements of a business set up to satisfy its consumers in order to attain success in the market. Hotel Sidesporet was able to meet the demands of the people since its establishment and attracted a lot of customers for the reputation of nice hospitality services to the customers. However the failure of the management to innovate new products and different kinds of new services has led to the slow degradation of the marketing aspects of the mentioned organization.

First of all the organization has been providing almost similar kinds of services since its inception which does not help in the growth of the organization. It is important for the organization to evolve with time as because the choices of the customers are changing with the change in times and thus it is important for the management of the business to keep updated with the developments. The organization has failed to do so and the continuation of the similar kind of services has really led to the failure of the organization in the market. The feedbacks from the customers on their needs and demands have also been ignored which is one of the main causes for the loss of the customer base of the organization. Apart from this there are also expectations from the customers on providing improved services like internet facilities, better laundry facilities and also other kinds of facilities. Therefore it can be concluded that the organization must consider all the feedbacks and other kinds of choices of the customers to build a proper and efficient service that helps in the management of the business and ensure sustainability in the market.

  1. Upper Management Support-The main aim of the business is the establishment of the business in a proper and effective way to ensure the smooth running of the business. The smooth running of the business can only be completed in the presence of a proper support of the upper management. The upper management support of the organization is utmost necessary for the success of the business. The absence of upper management support will render the business organization ineffective to the different kinds of development of the organization. Some of the main issues that have been identified in Hotel Sidesporet are as follows;
  2. Problem Recognition- After talking with most of the employees of the organization the management has been criticized for not recognizing the achievements of the employees. In turn the management, in most of the cases has openly criticized the employees which have greatly hampered the reputation of the organization. This has led the employees to work in a state of fear thus leading to a downfall of their organizational performance. The absence of good and effective management skills have been the reason behind such a failure. It is important for the management to be friendly and helpful towards the employees which helps in the recognition of the employees and changes the performances of the Company.
  3. Running bad Meetings- Most of the organizational meetings in the hotel are main time sinks with small payoffs. The disconnect currently exists between the managers desire to remain in the loop and delegate the different kinds of tasks. It also leads to the buildup of the employee’s disinterest towards attending these meetings. The disinterest and also the absence of the employees from these crucial meetings often lead to different kinds of problems in the business. This may lead to a situation where it will be impossible for the organization to find out different kind of solution and the organizational performance is disrupted in such situations.  
  4. Instilling fear-The incompetent managers threaten the job security of the employees. This leads to different kinds of problems for the organization. The workers who are Scared will even use the company time to look for a new kind of job especially in the hotels that are proving to be the main competitors for the organization. The competitive organizations will also be involved in attracting the employees from Hotel Sidesporet as they will try to gather the immense experience and will also try to instill a sense of jealousy for their earlier employer and try to gain the best performance from them to ensure their success in the market. The presence of incompetent managers and absence of young and dynamic leaders have led to the absence of proper confidence among the employees. The absence of proper confidence can affect the organization in the long run.
  5. Creation of negative environments- The employees of the organization are there to help the organization in any kind of distress and crisis. However the employees of the mentioned hotel do not have any such intentions as because they always suffer from the fear of being expelled from the job and also suffer stress from too much pressure. This has led to the failure of the organization as it has not been able to innovate new and better ways to tackle crisis situations and has also not been able to meet the demands of the employees. The negative environments of the organization can only be removed through the proper circulation of the rules and regulations, the maintenance of a proper and friendly environment and many more as such.
  6. Communication- Communication forms one of the main pillars in the success of the business. However the report has seen that there is an absence of proper communication between the different people who are involved with the organization. The absence of communication is seen to be happening in the workplace just because of the presence of an intolerable management which forces things upon the employees. The present management clearly lacks the vision to move forward. The management does not hold meetings and rarely meets and interacts with the employees which have been one of the main causes behind the recent low occupancy rate of the organization. The low occupancy rate of the organization makes it impossible for them to survive in the harsh market conditions, especially in the present scenario where a number of different hotels and restaurants are slowly gaining popularity in the mentioned area of Denmark. The lack of communication between the employees and the management of Hotel Sidesporet has created a void between them and in most of the cases the developmental process gets stalled. Apart from this many employees admitted that there was a relational breakdown between them and their employers as they failed to recreate the organizational bond between them and their employers. The breakdown of the positive relation will surely affect the organization and it will lead to the degradation of the personal as well as the organizational performance of the organization. The employees also suffer from low morale which leads to the organizational breakdown. The absence of proper relationship and low morale will lead to dissatisfied clients. The management of the hotel has failed to match the advanced style of their competitors and thus have to take immediate action to establish themselves as one of the best Hotel chains of Zealand area of Denmark.

Some of the best solutions that can be taken by the management of the organization to attain the best results include the implementation of different frameworks related to the change management undertaken in the organization. The management of the hotel has decided to implement two different change management model and the People and Change Framework.

Lewin’s Change management model will involve the management to undertake the elements of change and implement the model in thrtee different stages. The first stage is Unfreezing. This particular stage will involve the removal of unwanted people from the workforce and recruit dynamic and super active people especially managers in the hotel. The recruitment of such kind of people in the organization will be one of the greatest changes in the organization as it will bring in the much needed force in the operational performance of the organization and also help the hotel to perform in a unique way. Unfreezing can take place at different levels where change can happen in management, employees and also in other departments like suppliers and other kinds of shareholders too.

The Changes which are designed and implemented and the employees will need to adapt to the different changes and develop the new pattern and habits as demanded by the market. In the case of the Hotel Sidesporet the management must adapt to the changing demands of the customers and introduce unique features to improve the occupancy rates and gain a competitive edge in the market. The changes will then be monitored in the new set up by the management in the third and last stage which is Refreezing. The changes will be regularly monitored and reports regarding the development will be published every now and then to ensure success. The change management solutions was successfully implemented in the Hilton group of Hotels where the management brought in significant changes by assessing the needs and demands of the customers. The main changes included the likes of on demand cab services, new and trendy stores in the hotels, providing extra benefits to privileged customers and many more as such.

Figure 1: People and Change Framework Steps

The management of the hotel can follow the following framework and follow 6 stages to change the structure of the organization accordingly. The first stage is the examination of the current position and gets a clear and transparent idea of the problems that exist in the organization. Apart from this the organization has to manage the works and tasks of the employees in the next stage and accordingly prepare for the implementation of the plan in the third stage. In the fourth stage the organization has to ensure that all the plans go accordingly and each and every employee follows the new planning. Last but not the least the management has to monitor the results and study the impact of the changes in the organization. In case the new plan does not work the management has to implement some other plan.

The transformation is almost same to the temporary operation that may take place so that the solutions towards the change management can be developed properly. The set up of operations of Hotel Side Sporet needed changes that outlined some of the major issues and redefined the mission and vision of the hotel. In order to implement changes in an Organization it is necessary that the mission and vision be kept as a constant so that change can be managed in a proper manner. The managerial implication related to the changes in the hotel need to navigate from a team as well as the uncertainty that exists within the Organization.

Change management helps in addressing undefined as well as unpredictable time in an Organization. The changes that take place in an Organization navigate through a revolution that takes place due to the efforts put in by the managers. It is necessary for Hotel Side Sporet to remember that objectives related to strategic navigation and change upholds the operational performance that exists in an Organization. The four types of problems that have been mentioned above can be considered keeping in mind the appropriate solutions that exist within the hotel.

In the case of Hotel Side Sporet, the biggest problem that the hotel has faced is the breakdown in communication. Due to this, the Organizational change that is due to take place at the hotel seems to be justified. The employees within the Organization showed appreciation for the changes as the change agents made effort to maintain a proper communication system. It can be said that in some ways the transition of change has been done to an exploratory degree, as the leaders have been both the change agent as well as the employees that have undergone the changes. In the case of Hotel Side Sporet, the operations related to the completion of tasks have been measured by the goals attained by the hotel. It has been seen that the goals of Hotel Side Sporet are more concrete and hold an invariable form for the success of the Organization.

The change agent involved with Hotel Side Sporet can take into account the uncertainty issue that is faced by the employees. Therefore, it is necessary that the agent of changes that can be prepared for the communication breakdown so that the resistance of the employees can be mitigated in a proper manner. The loss of performance of the employees may be due to the resistance showed that does not help in improving the operational performance of the employees. It is necessary to articulate the goals that the employees’ belief can be achieved so that a smooth transition of change can be made in the Organization. Similarly, in the case of Hotel Side Sporet, the Organization needs to have faith on the common goals so that necessary actions related to communication can be taken.

It is important that the change applied in the Organizations be communicated to the employees so that they can remain aware of the activities undertaken in the Organizations. The vision and mission of Hotel Side Sporet can be articulated with the concept of providing benefits to the hotels. The perception of the individuals needs to be aligned with the goals of an Organization so that it can form a proper bond with the policies and procedures that exists. It is important that the expectations of the employees be shared along with the goals so that the employees understand their limit and based on the understanding it can help the Organization to grow. In the case of Hotel Side Sporet, the managers of the hotel need to understand the unconventional success that the employees require so that motivation can be provided to them.

Hence, the transition process that exists in the hotel can mirror the achievements of the employees. Despite the unconventional measures of success can be created by analyzing the buy-in methods that are adopted by the employees so that they can remain aware of the changes that take place in the hotel. It also necessary that the change process described can help in creating an impact for the employees so that improvement and growth can be achieved. In this case, for an establishment like Hotel Side Sporet, communication can be a solution that defines the workforce and the existence of performance adherence to boundaries. Hence, the fear that results from uncertainty can be mitigated to suit the organizational change and need.

It is necessary to maintain communication so that a continuous change management process can be implied on the organizations. The employees that are on the verge of transition can implement communication as a mode of organizing the policies and procedures of the organization in which it works. It is important that the managers of Hotel Side Sporet encourage the employees to understand the changes so that the expectations can be met. This may help in reducing the level of uncertainty and based on it, reassurances towards communication can be made. The communication need to be based on the channels that instigate change management in an Organization so that employees do not face problems while trying to adapt itself with the changes. It has been seen that valuable input related to the process of change management need to be undertaken so that the employees of Hotel Side Sporet can provide proper support to the Organization. The employees of the hotels are provided with unexpected challenges so that the skill and training can take place simultaneously. Therefore, it can be said that in the case of Hotel Side Sporet affectivity in managing communication can result in the success of the Organization. The validation that exists behind the continuous communication of Hotel Side Sporet can be pertained to the concerns of the employees and based on the concerns individual goals for the implementation of change management can be obtained. At the same time it is important to maintain a follow-up communication process so that the transition may take place successfully.

The last few decades have been mainly characterized by a radical change in the perceptions of the management. The importance of the work force in the industry has been provided the most importance as an efficient workforce is the key to the success of the different type of businesses. The presence of a competitive edge in the market is important for the business and it can only be achieved through the presence of well trained and motivated employees in the organization. The growth of the hotel industry in the last few years the capacity of the business needs to grow in leaps and bounds to meet the needs of the customers. The hotel managers are lined up in a rat race to provide the best kind of services to the customers and ensure full comfort for them. The motivation of the employees thus remains the primary and the most important task of the people. Different experts are of the opinion that worker motivation is critical to the performances of the worker and thus the managements of the organization needs to motivate the members of the workforce in a proper way. Different kinds of HR theories also places great stress on the needs of the managers to understand the different types of the motivational theories. The evolution of the different human resources as the discipline of the management has been characterized by different types of numerous academic and research work that works out on the best ways of solution.

 The Sidesprot hotel can follow the example of Ritz Carlton Hotel that have the reputation of being the best in terms of employee training, employee motivation, excellent services and other excellent parameters related to hotel management. The main idea that can be taken by the management of the hotel will be dominated by the likes of the complex system of policies, procedures dealing with different kinds of remuneration, training and involvement of the employees. Apart from this the allocation of the different responsibilities, employee and customer respect and engagement and the empowerment of the employees.

As mentioned earlier the absence of proper support from that of the upper management will not help the organization and it will lead to chaos. The absence of proper support from the top management is described as the failure of the change implementation. The proper and effective maintenance on the performance of the operations is necessary for the change to be accurately implemented. It is also important to prepare and train the employees accordingly.

The presence of key stakeholders is important for the formulation of a strategic plan to easily implement the change program. The following is more important in the hospitality industry as because it involves the presence of the human elements. The transformation team altogether might identify the different areas which have the potential for the mistakes committed or identify the different unexpected outcomes from a particular event. Teamwork is essential for the success in this stage. The importance of the recurring in the teamwork is again, to effectively maintain the performance of the operations during the transformational period.

The leaders appointed for change can also be found in workplace. The people who tend to be such leaders can be said to be as the internal leaders and their leadership qualities are invaluable to the organization. They help to develop effective communication and manage the internal customers who are related to the following change process. Their experience is invaluable as because they provide much in depth and convenient understanding of the employees of the organization.

The management of the Hotel can introduce sightseeing tours, provide cab services, boat services, helicopter rides and most importantly introduce breakfast, lunch and dinner packages to attract more and more customers. This kind of steps will ensure more occupancy for the hotel. It will also help the management to build a strong competitive edge in the market.

Task Name




Hotel Change Management

58 days

Tue 7/17/18

Thu 10/4/18

   Meeting with the Stakeholders

1 day

Tue 7/17/18

Tue 7/17/18

   Meeting with the associated partners

1 day

Wed 7/18/18

Wed 7/18/18

   Meeting with the employees

1 day

Thu 7/19/18

Thu 7/19/18

   Discussion with the Market Experts

5 days

Fri 7/20/18

Thu 7/26/18

   Second meeting with the stakeholders, employees, partners and Marketing Experts

2 days

Fri 7/27/18

Mon 7/30/18

   Marketing Survey regarding Customer demands

10 days

Tue 7/31/18

Mon 8/13/18

   Analysis of the Marketing Survey

4 days

Tue 8/14/18

Fri 8/17/18

   Discussion with all the stakeholders, employees and arriving at a decision

1 day

Mon 8/20/18

Mon 8/20/18

   Chalking out a new plan

20 days

Tue 8/21/18

Mon 9/17/18

   Incorporating all the details in the plan

2 days

Tue 9/18/18

Wed 9/19/18

   Cross checking the plan

4 days

Thu 9/20/18

Tue 9/25/18

   Discussion of the plan with the stakeholders and the employees

1 day

Wed 9/26/18

Wed 9/26/18

   Final Checking and Approval of the Plan

5 days

Thu 9/27/18

Wed 10/3/18

   Implementation of the Plan

1 day

Thu 10/4/18

Thu 10/4/18



The change management in the following organization continues to hover around the organizational behavior. The result of the different findings from the following paper has shown the absence of proper management and human resources in the proper context. Apart from the source of the direction at the time of change in the organization, human resources generally takes a more supportive and strong role. This activity results into the empowerment of the change agent in the direction of the change. The embracing of the unpredictable course or the path of the change to the planning of the unexpected challenges, it seems that humility is needed along with the presence of a certain amount of change agent. The case for the change in the organization’s strategies is likely calculated in operational performance in the far future and the total time of the business. However the most important obstacles to the short term performances are larger and demand a much prompt response from the organization. The next aspect of the change management policy that will be taken up by the management of the mentioned organization will show the operations of the business in itself. The change agent will employ the human resource skills to make sure that they employ the right people in the organization to attain success. All together they promote as well as sell the change agents and the elements of the change management to the customers of the hotel. In order for the change management to be successful the management of the hotel needs to set the right step forward by implementing the right set of skills. The result of the study has shown that the management takes little care of the employees and treats them unfairly. However such a condition must be changed and the management of the organization must employ and implement an environmental friendly policy that will be helpful for the organization to gain success. The process of change must be treated as a separate operation that helps to maintain the organizational performance. It is seen that the organizational and operational performance of the business is sensitive to time. The opportunity of the organization to recover from the lost performance is much lower in nature but has a great source of value in the hospitality industry. It is especially special for Hotel Sidesporet as because it experiences quite a high turnout in the peak seasons. Communication which has been proved to be ineffective in the organization is also one of the most vulnerable spots of the organization and it must be treated in a proper way to ensure success for the organization. The absence of proper communication has already led to disastrous results in the business and the employees are under huge pressure to perform. It is equally important for the business to manage the communication as effective communication is the key to success and it also helps to create a magical bond between the company and the customers and most importantly between the management of the Hotel and the employees working in the hotel. The management of the organization must thus make the most of the available resources to ensure the success of the hotel in the market which is filled with other large competitors.

In the hotel industry, the impact that the service of the hotel has on the operational performance that is highlighted by the individual touch that is found in the workforce. The agent of change has a certain amount of preparation for the transition which begins with the review of the different market conditions. The change agents of the organization must prepare the transition with the proper assessment of the different types of the conditions prevailing in the market. This includes the current culture of the organization and its change, change in the financial aspects of the organization, tangible and intangible conditions and many more as such. The change agent of the organization also includes the psychological and cultural influences of the organization. The start of the change process will involve the total managerial and structural change of the organization. The development of the change process will involve the evaluation of the different change elements to communicate with the workforce of the organization. The conceptualization of the process of the change in the management of the organization is given in the below table;

Introduction of Change

Ø Working set of expectations with the different kind of moving standards

Ø A proper and shared path to mutual success

Ø Implementation of the different steps for the organization

Manage the Communication

Ø Elimination and uncertainty of the events of change management

Ø Accuracy and transparency evaluation

Executive Leaders:

Ø Internal analysis is must before the implementation of the change management plan in the organization

Ø Human Resource valuability in the organization.

Ø Agreement on the symmetric information to share to the workforce

Internal Leaders:

Ø The insight to properly analyze the front line employees of the organization

Ø The absence of any threat to the proximity of the motivation and authority of the organization


Ø Immediate response to inhibitors of performance

Ø A link between the stakes of employees and that of the management

Adaptability is one of the key themes in change management in organizations and has an impact on the operational performance of the mentioned hotel. Change generally arrives in order to improve the overall performance of the organization. On the other hand, the ability to manage the performance of the organization and the employees during the change lies in an intuitive adaptability to the different kind of expectation.

The importance of innovation, effective leadership and proper communication has been established in this particular study. Hotel Sidesporet which was one of the popular destinations in Zealand because of its exclusive services has to transform itself totally to meet the changing demands of the people and match them accordingly. The following report has been prepared after much research and thus will provide the required edge that needs to be achieved to gain a stronghold in the highly competitive market of Zealand area of Denmark. The following report has also been able to achieve its objectives as it has discussed and analyzed the problems as well as the different kinds of the solutions to it.


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