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About CSL Limited


Discuss about the Research And Development Of The CSL Private Limited.

The CSL private limited is a global speciality biotechnology company mainly focusing upon the areas of research and development. The company produces a range of products and services for the betterment of the human health along with coping with a plethora of diseases. The CSl products include blood plasma derivatives, vaccines, cell culture reagents. The company contributes in the areas of medical, genetic research and manufacturing applications.  The organization is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.  Though it has branches all over USA, Germany, and UK and has a huge number of subsidiaries or partnering agencies. Some of the subsidiaries of the CSL limited are- Securus, GmbH, bioCSL Pty Ltd. etc.

The CSL areas of speciality have been divided particularly into three specific areas of expertise such as - plasma products, vaccines and pharmaceuticals and research and development. The products derived from human plasma can be life-saving under certain conditions such as - trauma, massive transfusion, disseminated intravascular coagulation. The use of plasma derivatives such as prothrombin complex concentrates has been increasingly used nowadays for the treatment and prevention of coagulation in major accidents or trauma cases.

The CSL Limited maintains a strong relationship with its subsidiaries and partners globally through its series of corporate social responsibilities.  The company also contributes to a good share of philanthropist activities by providing free vaccines for children. The organization possesses a number of global distribution channels, thus enabling equity of access to each and every consumer. The company face strict competition from a number of its market contemporaries such as Novogen, Ausbiotech, biotech 365 and many others.

The strategic planning of the company can be explained with the help of the CSL mission, vision and values statement. The mission statement of the organization is to deliver quality work to the customers in less time and at affordable prices. As commented by Sun et al. (2017), the mission statement can be expanded into the planning of effective customer loyalty programs. The values and ethics of the company can be divided into a number of objectives such as patient focus, innovation, collaboration, integrity and superior performance. The company focuses on turning innovative technologies into plausible solutions. CSL being a  biotechnological company a  number of SMART goals can be set up for the company, which helps in long-term strategic goal achievement. The SMART goals can be divided into five factors such as specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.




?       The  aim of the company is to design cost-effective  biotech products

?       Generate plasma-derived products  for controlling some of the major  blood-related disorders such as thalassemia and haemophilia

?       Reducing the dependence on technology and medicines by focusing more on botanical extracts


?       The effect of the R&D products of the company can be measured with the help of  online health  survey reports

?        A number of partnering health channels can be approached for propagating  health advocacy partnered through CSL


?       The goals set by the  companies  need to be discussed with the potential stakeholders

?       Garnering  sufficient funds through  presentation of facts and research


?       The technology introduced should be backed up with sufficient data

?       The stakeholders  need to  be provided  with  clear and transparent expression of interest


?       The company plans to implement a new range of plasma-derived products within the next 2 years or sooner

CSL's Products and Areas of Specialty

A number of approaches can be undertaken for the planning of the strategic goals and objectives of any business organization. The approaches could be divided into the following types such as traditional, modern and innovative. The CSL Limited emphasizes upon both traditional and innovative approaches for reaching out to a wider customer base. As asserted by Turker and Altuntas (2014), the traditional approaches are based on the already established facts and research. Therefore, there are fewer chances of errors, establishing 100 percent results. Additionally, implementation of the tested methods and approaches helps in reducing the pressure on natural resources.

Additionally, the practice of the traditional approaches also helps in reducing the dependence of new age chemicals and technologies. This further helps in reducing the level of carbon emissions. The innovative technologies, on the other hand, help the company in reaching out to a more diverse range of patients. As commented by Kong and Ko (2017), a drastic increase in the rate of global warming could be related to the cellular mutation levels resulting in disease of serious and chronic nature.

This has been reciprocated in the rise in demand of new age and technologically advanced medicines. The focus of the company is to implement sustainable methods and approaches in generating new medicines or health-related interventions by focussing more upon the botanical extracts. As commented by Yammarino (2013), long-term use of steroid-based medicine has been seen to enhance symptoms and expressions of diabetes or other long-term illnesses within people.

The human resource management within a company is dependent upon a number of governing factors.  As commented by Islam (2014), the implementation of effective human resources management strategies further governs the success rate of an organization. The management strategies of the CSL Limited can be compared to a number of other biotech companies for understanding the loopholes within the management process of the present company. In this respect, the CSL limited believes that implementing the traditional management approaches is not sufficient and follows a rather systematic business management policies and approaches. The aim of the company is to implement customer focused, demand driven HR practices. This helps in the establishment of customer loyalty programs which are important for retention of value-added customers. In order to minimize risk and maximize production, the CSL limited had implemented cross-cultural review, portfolio management and gating decision points for moving a project forward.

The CSL limited gains an upper hand compared to some of its counterparts such as living cell technologies and Lumenis. Here, the CSL limited believes in constantly adding values to its organizational culture by providing the employees with sufficient growth and development opportunities. The company organises employment training programs for educating the employees with new intervention strategies in the field of research and development. In this respect, the organization establishes a healthy and positive competition between the different employees working within the organization by providing them with performance bonus and incentives. As commented by Sinnadurai and Fong (2015), the establishment of competitive HR strategies helps in the maintenance of a positive organizational culture.

CSL's Corporate Social Responsibility

CSL follows strict policies by implementing appropriate screening techniques for recruiting right candidates based on relevant experience and appropriate educational backgrounds. The company spends a considerable part of the market share in employment training programs. The recruitment rates of the company are 30 % higher compared to some of its counterparts such as Lumenis and Living cell technologies. However, as argued by Itaya (2014), where the emphasis had been laid on sustainable HRM policies. This is further based on three main approaches such as - reproducing capability.

Here, the goal is to design HR systems which cater to the social, environmental and demographic factors for the achievement of the organizational objectives. The second HRM approach which could be implemented in the present context includes the creation of a socio-eco-environmental friendly image which is mainly aimed at maintaining long terms positive goals and relationships with the stakeholders. The third approach combines the other two aiming towards the achievement of long-term goodwill prospects of the organization within the current market.

The sustainable leadership approaches focuses upon long-term environmental and social outcomes along with gaining more market share and profitability for the organization. In this respect, the leadership goals take into consideration the corporate social responsibility of the organization. Some of the aspects of sustainable approaches are incorporating a strong sense of trust, morality, and environmentalism. These coincide with the values propagates by non-traditional leadership approaches. Therefore, transformational leadership styles are more prevalent within a sustainable environment.  As commented by Bourtzis et al. (2016), the transformational leadership takes into consideration the new motivations along with the old ethics which are important for maintaining the unique culture and values of the organization.

The CSL limited follows the transformational leadership style, which takes into consideration the changes within the global market along with the constantly changing market dynamics.

Additionally, the CSL limited incorporates shared leadership styles, which enhances the spirit of cooperation within the team working within the current organization.  As asserted by Blomme et al. (2017), a laissez-faire leadership style is incorporated into the work culture of the current organization with a view to imbibing the view of the employees in designing the organizational plans and business models. These help in the maintenance of the sustainable and long terms goals of the organization.

The intervention and advent of modern technology can be used to improve the aspect of supply chain and logistics for the current company. The supply chain can be further divided into inbound and outbound logistics.  Some of the interventions which could be implemented over here are conducting online surveys and social media trafficking along with the use of social media for management of supply chains. In this context, the CSL limited can emphasizes upon online tools and techniques for maintaining a strong and effective relationship with its suppliers and buyers. The integration of strong technological tools and intervention strategies have been found to be useful in maintaining a direct selling and advertising platform. As commented by Kondolf et al.  (2017), such interventions help in the tracking of the goods and services sold by the company. Therefore, such similar measures also help in transparent marketing channels which coincide with the goals of sustainable management policies.

CSL's Strategic Planning Approach

In the current assignment, the sustainable management and marketing strategies with respect to CSL limited has been taken into consideration. Here, a detailed study had been conducted based on the organizational policies and processes of the organization. Here, a number of smart goals for the organization have been designed based upon the requirements and the current market scenario. Here, the emphasis has been placed on the different leadership styles and approaches used within the organization of interest for meeting the goals of the sustainable marketing.

However, one of the most important perspectives in the establishment of sustainable marketing and management strategies are the implementation of strategic HRM and organizational policies which creates a balance between the profitability ratios of the company and the long-term objectives. Thus, CSL being biotech company their aim is to design effective medical intervention strategies which can help in providing cost-effective and efficient generic medications with the help of recombinant methods and technologies, However, as argued by Liphadzi  and Vermaak (2017), lack of funds along with sufficient research data often prevent the organization from achieving success in such projects.

Therefore, implementation of transformational leadership styles along with emphasizing upon sustainable and natural resources can help in meeting the requirements of the organization.


The current study focuses on the aspect of sustainable marketing and management which helps in maintaining the organizational goals and objectives. For the present study, the CSL limited had been taken into consideration which is an Australian biotech company. The main goal is to implement sustainable marketing methods and management policies. Some of the effective measures have been highlighted over here such as the implementation of transformational leadership styles along with advanced scientific methods and technologies. For example, implementation of recombinant therapies for generation of medicines can reduce the pressure on the natural resources. The CSR policies also provide a quick overview of the company as a whole. 

However, the organization maintains a fair and lawful work culture by promoting a workplace culture of mutual trust and respect. Though, in this regard, the lack of technical support and changing political scenario affects the business processes of the organization to a great extent.


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