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Discuss the gal of Our Organization and Statement of Need?

E-Health Care Solutions web application is a one-stop healthcare portal entertaining a two way (Doctor - Patient) customer database, bringing to them a full package of features of finding each other and then interacting among themselves, under a single roof.

On one hand, it allows the doctors to use it as a professional or social networking website by encouraging them to communicate among themselves and other registered health care experts worldwide via chat boxes, forums, etc. to share medical advancements, cures, case studies, journals, research papers, etc (Kerzner, 2013).

On the other hand, this medically rich online database can be beneficially reaped by making it available to the patients, medical students, health care professionals and other general users seeking online health care solutions. These users can either seek the help of the doctors by fixing appointments, sharing medical reports, e-mails, etc. with them or look for answers to their other medical queries by searching the general forums, discussions, or publicly shared information by the doctors (Wahlster, 2013).

The success of a medical treatment solely depends on the effectiveness of communication among patients and their physicians. In order for the patient to fully understand and learn about his or her health issues and medical conditions, it is necessary for the patient to convey to the doctor the symptoms or difficulties he or she is facing in an effective and clear manner.

The need of effective communication in medical and health care field is very important for patients to be treated and recovered successfully. Moreover, the cost of establishing corporate and government health care sectors are often quite burdensome to implement. In case a patient wants to be facilitated by supervised care he or she needs to pay an extra significant amount of money (Finnerty, 2013).

Our organization will greatly reduce the complexity of all of these factors by facilitating online one-to-one personal medical consultancy by specialised doctors. Moreover, patients can easily communicate with their physicians through forums or messages whenever they want.

In the real life scenario, there are a lot of problems faced by the patients and the doctors, like:

Appointment fixing: Usually the patients need to go to the hospital or to the doctor’s chamber and wait in a long queue which takes a lot of time, in order to make an appointment.

Handling emergency situations: It has been observed that in some emergency situations, patients are not aware of how to handle the situation. A proper guide to such first aid situations is required.

Goal of Our Organization

Patient-Doctor relationship: for accomplishing a successful medical treatment, patient-physician relationship should have a basic foundation of trust and faith. The doctor should have some ethical obligations towards the welfare his or her patients. It greatly influences the decision making because the patients can be confident that they can confide to their doctor (Kerzner, 2013).

Patient feedback: A patient’s feedbacks or opinions after going through a medical treatment can be very much valuable and important for the physician to improve his or her treatment policies and approach towards the patients. But in traditional health care system, after a patient is recovered or released, their doctors hardly come to know their feedback or what they think about the treatment process.

Through our project, the patients can leave posts in the online communities as well as private messages about their opinions or suggestions for improvement which can be easily viewed by doctors.

Lack of a portal for online communication: There should be a portal where the doctors can communicate with the patients as well as themselves.

Our system can provide solutions to the above mentioned problems in the following way:

  • An automated online system will help to fix the appointments in very less time.
  • In case of any emergencies, the users can post discussions in the forum about their problems and receive solutions from other users or doctors instantly.
  • Our system will provide a proper channel for communications among the doctors worldwide, thus overcoming the geographical barrier.

An e-healthcare website gives a platform to the medical professionals who provide online or web consultancy, patient treatment, and private one-to-one communication regarding health issues. Patients do not need to travel across geographical boundaries to avail a special medical facility.

E-health care offers a secure platform for patients to avail 24X7 personal health care solutions. The primary requirement is an internet connection. Patients can access all the registered doctors’ information just by logging in to the website using a username and a password. Appointments can be fixed for a specific doctor who has active profiles in the website (Thomas, 2013).

The software is for communication among doctors and patients. There are three actors in this project: Users, Doctors and Physicians, System Administrator.

  • Via interaction among the doctors and sharing of information like case studies, journals, research-work, etc., inventions of new technologies, videos, etc. can be achieved.
  • The patients can easily fix appointments with the doctors.
  • The doctors can access the medical history of the patients from a record kept for every patient account.
  • The users can post in the forum with their queries. Doctors from the concerned departments will respond to their queries.
  • The users can view all the information posted by the doctors.
  • An SLA will be fixed for all the doctors to respond to the user’s queries in the blogs.An automated mail to the administration will be sent on breach of the SLA.

We did our research on what the doctors and patients commonly do not have and we can provide to them. From our research we came to a point where we decided to design a website for them where the doctors and patients can both get the medium to communicate among themselves as well as with one another (i.e. doctor-to-doctor communication, public forums for patients to post their queries etc). There is no such portal available in the internet which supports both doctor and patient communication in such a way. That is why we decided to create a platform where a doctor from anywhere in the world can communicate with other registered doctors using the help of messaging or private chat-box; also the users/patients can access the journals and research papers uploaded by the doctors, ask health related questions and even request for an appointment.

Statement of Need

This mission will result in significant cost savings, but the overall scope of the project is far greater:-

Users are facilitated with primary health care solutions without having to move physically. All of it happens in real-time. Also they have option to choose from a number of doctors and specialists online. It supports feature that provides one-to-one communication with the specialists. It can be hugely helpful for the patients. Patients can receive personal quality treatments from the registered physicians. Doctors will be providing relevant recommendations and consultations. Users can access various doctors’ details that are registered with the website, without having to be restricted by the geographical barriers. Moreover, sharing of medical reports and test results online is very easy way to let the doctor know about the user’s particular health issues (Finnerty, 2013)

Physicians are facilitated by this website in various possible ways. Online health care portal will help the doctors to practice real time treatments. Moreover, they do not need to go to their chambers every day instead they can practice medical treatment online directly from their own home. With automated online health treatment doctors can get patients from various countries as a result revenue is increased. It provides a new approach to health care systems which is efficient and powerful as well as beneficial for both doctors and patients across the globe. Physicians who are new in the medical field can open an online health care portal and communicate with other practitioners. There are also options for offering new services, emergency advices etc. A group of physicians can share their thoughts on online forums or communities which is also visible to patients. It might help them learn about certain health issues and take precautions accordingly. Online consultations can bring potential customers to their business. Also, email, newsletters etc can be generated to support remotely located patients treatment.

  • Member’s ID Creation: Doctors and users need to register themselves to access the website.
  • Appointment Fixing: Patients can request for an appointment with their respective doctors and depending on the availability of doctor, the appointments will be fixed.A token amount will be paid for fixation of appointments.
  • Discussion Forum: Patients can post their queries in the forums and get expert advice from the doctors themselves.
  • Communication Medium: Private communication among various doctors worldwide will be possible using tools like chat-boxes.
  • Administrative Functions: Administration will monitor the activity of the doctors. If a user’s query is unanswered for a fixed SLA by a particular doctor, an automated mail will go to the administrator of that hospital.
  • Information Sharing: Doctors can post their journals, case studies, medical news, information about diagnosis of various diseases, invention of new medical technologies, videos, etc. on the forum. This information will be valuable to the medical students.
  • Rating: There will be a rating for the doctors based on user-feedback, recommendation from other doctors, etc.
  • Suggestions to The Administrator: Doctors can also directly communicate with the admin. And valuable suggestions regarding new technologies can be enforced within a hospital.
  • Online Report Viewing: Doctors can view medical reports online and can share the patient’s medical history with other doctors.
  • User Feedback: Users can share their experiences by providing feedback to the doctors.

Eclipse IDE: Eclipse is program development software that facilitates ‘integrated development environment’ or IDE. It usually supports multi-language platform for application development such as C, C++, Java etc. Eclipse has various plug-in features to support interactive environment facilitating software development.

 MySQL: It runs on the server side and provides multi user access to databases. It supports syntaxes for SQL to store and retrieve data from relational database.

HTML: This language is specifically designed for displaying various contents in web pages both texts and interactive components (Finnerty, 2013).

JavaScript (JS): It is a type of programming script used to implement in web browsers and runs on the client side. It is mainly used to make the web page interactive and able to communicate with users.


“E-healthcare Solutions” develops a new and fresh approach towards online medical treatment. It presents a modern and crisp system for the doctors and patients worldwide to communicate among themselves in an easy and convenient way, where activities like appointment fixing, private one-to-one chatting, writing personal blogs etc. are offered in a single and open platform. It may be concluded that there are still a lot more scope for development for achieving a more flexible website for this project as well as to render a flawless website design. Further, better approaches are awaited that may be suggested by the users of the website.

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