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The Retail Industries In This Global World: King Add in library

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1. Identification of the role of a recruitment agency?

2. The Reason behind the choosing of the recruitment agencies by the employers of Retail sectors?

3. The relevant criteria an employer should use to select an agency to recruit for them?

4. Analysis of the effective relationship building of The HR department with the Recruitment agencies?




The retail industries in this global world are considered as the relevant source of the diversified and merchandised opportunities. King (2014) stated that the recruitment procedure is essential in considering the deployment of the skilled employees. The human resource management has to take the initiative to select the relevant employee for the organisation. However, Wood et al. (2014) implied that the retail industry is locating in a vast area. Therefore, the recruitment agency plays the vital role in recruiting the suitable candidate. The study will be illustrating the necessity of the recruitment process with the special reference of retail sector.

1. Identification of the role of a recruitment agency

According to Katou and Budhwar (2015), the recruitment agency is the considerable firm, which is relevantly choosing the suitable candidate for the employers. However, it is important to note that there are several noticeable differences between the employment agencies and the recruitment agencies. Snell et al. (2015) indicated that the recruitment agency redirects the candidate for a particular employer whereas the employment agency is confirming the jobs of a candidate from indirect sources.

It is to be ensured that the recruitment agency is aligned with the implementations of the skilled information technologies. Therefore, the recruitment agency gets aware of the requirement of the employer. Accordingly, the agency selects the candidate and makes them alert about the procedures or the responsibilities of the employer. The improvisation in the information technologies is thus very much essential for the recruitment agencies and the feature substantiates the recruitment of the IT people mostly. Abdullah et al. (2013) mentioned that in most of the cases, the employers of the IT firms are mostly using the recruitment agencies for selecting the suitable candidate. The professional engineers are mostly selected as the suitable candidate for concerning the field.

2. The Reason behind the choosing of the recruitment agencies by the employers of Retail sectors

It is very much indicative that the recruitment and the selection process are very much time consuming and difficult in justifying the relevant candidates. Bach et al. (2012) opined that the process of recruitment facilitates the number games. Many fields in retail sectors are concerned about the suitable employees and therefore, most of the employees have to struggle for being selected by the employers. Even the employers have to work harder while recruiting the suitable candidate for a relevant post. Most of the employees, who are applying for the job roles are skilled enough, which makes the difficult situation for the recruitment department to select the right person suitable for the job role. The retail sector is usually aligned with the fashion segments, skilled selling power, hospitality management, and the other aspects. The recruitment agencies select the candidates who are skilled enough for applying in these job roles.

On the other hand, it is to be ensured that the recruitment agencies present their specific needs. According to Findlay et al. (2013),  the retail sector is including of different fields, such as IT field, hospitality team, service team, management team, operational team, sales team, etc. Therefore, the employer needs to specify the department where the employees and accordingly, the recruitment agencies will ensure the suitable candidate for the relevant job roles. Fischer et al. (2012) pointed out that the employers usually ask for the right people who are appropriate for their required job roles, which is sometimes get difficult for them to find out the apt employees. The recruitment agencies advertise the job roles, which is helpful for the candidates to apply for the position. The responsibility maintained by the recruitment agencies is helpful for the employers since it saves more time. The human resource management that is appointed to such recruitment agencies needed to be more skilled about the technicalities and other relevant aspects applied in the selection process of retail companies. The justification of the employees’ skills will be enhancing the productivity in the relevant area of the retail sector. The recruitment industries spend more time while interviewing the candidates and choose them. Even they can inform the candidates for the relevant key skills that are needed for the applications. The recruiters associated with the retail industries are much skilled in hiring the employees for the retail sectors.

Guivarch and Hallegatte (2013) implied that the employers build a strong relationship with the clients associated with the recruitment agencies and it enhances the understanding capabilities between the partner associations.  When a recruit company is knowledgeable enough about the companies policies, terms, conditions, requirements, and other subjected area, it gets easier to find out the appropriate employee who will be able take the responsibilities by assuring the skills. The recruitment industries help in staffing, which saves times and pressures of an employer. Hope (2015) pointed out that when a company needs a retail employee, they sometimes arrange the advertisements or promotions. The cost, which is required to be invested during such advertising programs, sometimes, is similar to the cost that is needed to be paid to the recruitment agencies. Rather, the recruitment agencies can justify the right candidate suitable for the job role and effective enough in saving the work force. The employees can even use the relevant search engines published by the recruitment agencies in various segments of the retail sectors. The variety of skills will be justifying the suitable candidate for the beneficial area of the employers. The availability of the service executives is also very much significant. The transparent relationship of the recruitment agencies with the employers will be much beneficial for selecting the responsible employees. Henceforth, the employers usually choose the recruitment industries in choosing the suitable candidate for the relevant job roles.

3. The relevant criteria an employer should use to select an agency to recruit for them

It is quite indicative that an employer mostly looks for the appropriate employee for the selected job role. The recruitment agencies are ensuring the apt position for the suitable employee, which is very helpful for the employers. Ivery (2014) pointed out that the retail sector is facilitating different segmentations and the employees are selected accordingly. The recruitment agencies are thus finding the suitable candidates that are well matched for the job position.


The retail sector s associated with several expertise, such as Human Resource/Training management, logistics, finance and administration, information technology, sales department, store operations, automotive skills, customer care centers, marketing, etc.

Mueser et al. (2014) suggested that the Human Resource Management and training department is mainly aligned with the development and the implementations of the strategic objectives of a retail company. The different structure based companies are hiring candidates who will be able to manage the entire organisation as well as the internal business scenario. The recruitment agencies have to look for the suitable candidate, who is efficiently expertise in the required fields with the proper implementations of the technical amendments. The logistic industries are associated with almost 1.7 million employees in different organisations. The department is initiates with the different modes of transports and delivers goods with the help of the relevant transport system. Sparrow and Cooper (2012) implied that the supply chain industries are aligned with the chemical & petroleum chains, Electronics & Electrical chains, Automotive Chains, Clothing & Footwear chains, Paper & Printing chains, Food & Drink Chains, Utilities, Furniture & Furnishing chains, etc. The segments are important for the retail industries and based on such criteria, the recruitment agencies are choosing the relevant candidate for appointing them in these different departments.


It is evident that the retail industries are expertise with the implementations of advanced technicalities. Therefore, the candidates should be skilled enough for these different departments. The recruitments industries are selecting the people who are skilled enough in using the advanced information technologies, which is one of the most important areas of the retail sectors. Therefore, the expertise team will be ensuring the technical amendments. On the other hand, the retail sector is associated with the implication of the fashion and knowledgeable about the different clothing sectors. The candidates who are eligible for the fashion fields can suggest the customers about the proper fashionable trends, which is attractive enough for availing more customers’ attentions. In fact, the recruitment team has to ensure the selection of the employees for the billing center, the machinery amendments, and for the improvisation of the different technologies relevant for the departmental aspects.

It is important to know that the present world is over fascinated with the implementations of the computer services. In keeping pace with such amendments, the necessity of the advanced information technological tools has become much fascinated. Therefore, the recruitment industries are usually looking for the suitable candidates, who are expertise in such fields like system functionality, ICT technologies, system administrative, and service delivery managements. The expertise team available in the recruitment agencies will be effectively testing the employees, who are applying for the relevant job roles. It helps the organisations to save their time and get the relevant employees for maintaining such responsibilities. The recruitment agencies are effective enough in choosing the eligible candidate for the employers in retail sectors, where the use of the advanced information technologies is much fascinated and required.

4. Analysis of the effective relationship building of The HR department with the Recruitment agencies

It is quite evident that the role of the recruitment agencies is very much significant in starting up a new company. Especially in the retail sector, the recruitment agencies are looking for the candidates, who are skilled enough with the advanced technicalities. For the betterment of the recruitment and selection process, the HR department of the company has to build a transparent relationship with the recruitment agencies. The Fair relationship maintaining with recruitment agencies will be evaluating the proper delivery system for the selection process.

Storey (2014) suggested that the recruitment agencies usually act as the vendor, which delivers the recruitment services. In building a fair relationship with the recruitment agencies, the HR department has to ensure a balanced relationship with them. Since the agencies are dealing with many clients, it is easier for them to choose the appropriate candidate for the suitable job roles. Bratton and Gold (2012) mentioned that the client who gets the best candidates can provide the employee support for the chosen department. In such manner, it is very much important for the HR department to initiate a written agreement with the recruitment agencies. On the other hand, it is also very much important to note that the HR department will standardize the payment through the different promotional channels. However, Arthur (2012) mentioned that in spite of having a signed agreement with the recruitment agencies, the HR department has to maintain the regular relationship with these agencies for their benefits. It enhances the transparency while communicating and making them aware of the requirement. If the HR department is building the skilled relationship with the recruitment agencies, it will be relevant enough for deciding the actual candidate who deserves the job role.


The entire study is reflecting the necessity of the recruitment agencies while selecting the eligible candidate for a definite job role in a retail sector. It is quite indicative that the retail sector emerges with the implementations of the information technologies as well as the different market segmentations. Therefore, the recruitment agencies help in coordinating with the parent company and helps in saving the time and pressure of the HR department. It is to be noted that the recruitment agencies are mainly dealing with the candidate expertise in the information technology departments. The person who is skilled enough in information technologies will be aptly chosen for the relevant for the specified job roles. Therefore, it is very much indicative that the role of the recruitment agencies is very much significant in choosing the relevant candidate for a specified job role in a retail sector.



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