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Write an essay to describe the concept of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and investigate the role and purpose of WIL in higher education.  This involves integration of professional practice placement experience towards developing students to understand the professional and operational context of child protection service.

  • This essay will be involved undertaking professional practice in child protection services, difficulties student may encounter and how such difficulties may contribute to learning.
  • Examine the operational and professional environment at the same time will critically analyse the social work theories applied in the workplace practice. the discussion will reflect the approaches used by territory families.(
  • Lastly, the essay will decribe skills learned in the child protection system and how those skills will build the professional development.

Professional Services in Child Protection Services

The reflection is made on the discussion about the integration of professional services in respect of child protection services. The professional services are significantly effectual and helpful in the development of children. The practices related to placement consider an essential element to attain the results in upcoming endeavors as human service personnel. The training programmes and learning process play a significant role in the progress of students. These training programmes and learning process permit the person to recognize the implementation of theory into practice. This essay states that how the skills achieved in the child protection system will help in professional growth is discussed and examined. The discussion will state the challenges faced in proficient practices in children security services are discussed and examined. The parts discussed below, will follow the specific strategies and processes adopted by territory families.

However, afterward, on finding, it is found by me that the expression is not new. Child protection refers to the security of children from viciousness, corruption, exploitation, and negligence. The security of a child is concerned with the children's experience too, and depletion of, hypothetically dangerous produce of all explanation. The children protection practitioners work to stop child abuse. They make contact with relatives and family members on a continuous basis to solve the issues related to child abuse appropriately. The main challenge for child protection professionals is to assess the family members where negligence is happening. Professionals making evaluations of family members where negligence is taking place are said to occasionally make some errors (Broadley & Goddard, 2015).

The best way for entities to ensure the professional work of the team is a training program. The training for Child protect does not end with liable persons though and it is similarly significant that the team have a certain method of child protection training. The child protection training is the specific area that is recently not properly enclosed in the social work training and education for professional functioning with the child such as the police department. The practitioners of Territory families are functioning in the legal situation and chase Northern Territory Legislation. It is the specialized edge of reference of the entity and help the workers for the actions and assist them to establish the skilled procedures. The main objective of the learning program is to make sure that the learners improve the capability to assimilate the knowledge by the arrangement of educational and the activities related to work. The major goal is to make sure that the work-integrated learning is the obvious feature of the postgraduate programmes and undergraduate programmes with a focus on learning for students (Roberts, Chamberlain & Delfabbro, 2015).

As per my learning of the term, the learning programs are surrounded as the formal element of graduate and postgraduate courses and is familiar by assessment and credit points. Learning activities are particularly created that need students to integrate and appropriately relate previous education and information to create and authorize the decisions in the background related to work. Additionally, the learners are educated and motivated to show up on the personal decision and steps in the activities related to work to disapprovingly assess themselves. I realized that the managers are searching out the graduates who may rapidly become creative followers of the company or business or an organization. The training programs are recognized as making a significant contribution to the transition of graduates to the workplace. Therefore, Murdoch University is searching out to develop and keep the co-operative partnership with the businesses, industries, governments, and the public organization to make the staff of the upcoming period (Houston, 2015).

Training Programs for Child Protection

According to me, the training programmes require a great partnership. It requires good partnerships between all shareholders, involving the local business and public entities. The real partnership gives opportunities of valued learning to improve the notion of work ‘readiness' and go far beyond ordinary outreach activities to the different conduct of university research and education. Effective activities of learning program meet the needs of industry, students, and universities in developing, conveying and replicating upon the learning experience that advantage all shareholders. It has the capability to render important advantages for managers, learners, teachers, and academies (Bailey, Mace & Powell, 2016).

I felt that there are various advantages for the managers like the capability to set up or examine the new projects, having the dedicated resources to fulfill the specific schemes, opportunities to give possible recruit tests without obligations, making use of reflection on work experience as employment measures. I also realized that this program also helps in having the pool of potential recruits with the common attentiveness of workstation philosophy, suggesting new concepts or ideas, establishing the connection with high education institutions and serving in learning practices and practices. It also creates opportunities related to staff development for the managers (Marsh, et. al, 2015).

While analyzing the purpose and role of training programmes, I found that there are various advantages for the learners or students. After discussing with my mentor, I found that these programmes help the students to create theories in the practices, establishing the alertness of workstation philosophy and opportunities, improving the soft skills like announcement, interaction, team-work, mail and report-writing skill, reliability and presence, management and career expansion, creating the chance of real logical thankfulness of related business. I too have learned from analysing these Work-Integrated Learning programmes help in developing logical skills to reflect upon in further educations, creating the gratefulness of the flexibility of the quickly varying world of work, Short-term financial advantages, creating improved the employment predictions and the potential of commanding high salary on advancement, attaining logical support in making approaches related to career. I came to know that the training programmes are required for the students to know and have an understanding of the certified and operative background of child protection services.

Further, while analyzing the advantages for Academics, it is found by me that Work-Integrated Learning programmes create the chances for learners to see the subject area in practices, develop the capability to incorporate the students learning experience in prospectus development, enhance the skills of the student, and establish the connection with the wide range of workers. These programs help in using manager connections to make sure that the marketable or learning related to the industry is up-to-date, using a connection to motivate the managers to take participation on-course authentication boards in the establishment of matter area, present guest lecture or take participation in the seminar. It makes able the academics to find new research chances connected to logical implementation. In this way, it is easy to develop the skills in valuation procedures by functioning with managers who have knowledge in evaluating employability skills. The territory families work as per the central values of the entity, and matters employees require to do the job by being liable, skilled and talented applied these basic strategies to the customer. Territory families offer their members of team training selected to restore the knowledge to master the specialized skills required to do well in the areas.

Benefits of Work Integrated Learning for Managers, Learners, and Academics

Having read and analyzed the various books and articles on Work-Integrated Learning, I now realize that it is also beneficial for high education institutions. These Work-Integrated Learning programs make Work-Integrated Learning chances for the undergraduate students, provide the position, and render the chances of promotion to the team who undertake to organise and develop WIL opportunities for undergraduates, inspire specialised approaches to the administration of Work-Integrated Learning opportunities, identify important research chances connected with Work-Integrated Learning activities and identify probable improved graduate qualities (Churchill & Fawcett, 2016). 

The Work-Integrated Learning programs manage for recognizable communication point for managers communicating the institutions that may involve the one-stop-shop which co-ordinates the work experience range, the separate controllers who co-ordinate staff groups, or an individual manager who may direct the organization to associates through the universities. These programs recognize and assist the specialized development necessities and make sure the university's processes and rules to make able the more supple incorporation of experience chances in the study programs. It also helps in identifying the part played by high learning career services to recognize the possible Work-Integrated Learning opportunities, broadcasting related data about the chances, making alert the learners to the significance of Work-Integrated Learning and suggesting them regarding the application (Jeffries, Field & Bond, 2015). It also helps in recognizing the dynamic role of Work-Integrated Learning in the career of students, making sure the obligation at each level for an experience of work, supported by sources. It is required to be alert of possible of Work-Integrated Learning as the resources of encompassing high education company connections at both division level and the level of universities (Fraser, et. al, 2014).

I came to know that the learning programs have become an essential component of post-secondary training and the vital resources with the help of which the applied and practical knowledge is pervaded in the prospectus in extremely important and skilfully significant manners. The extensive range of possible results is expected from incorporated service of children like enhanced attainment by schools, better health, and fewer anti-social performance, or conduct, great assistance for defenseless relatives (Herrenkohl, Leeb & Higgins, 2016). There can also be probable for cost-saving as the outcome of operative functioning between the organizations. Inquiries into child protection cases have underlined what can happen when service fails to do efforts in an integrated way. It is supposed consequently that when service works great jointly, giving joined services to the child and the families, which better results are required to be achieved. However, there is the deficiency of proof to check this philosophy, compounded by the problem in dependably calculating or evaluating these results. It is also assumed that such a way of working would result in financial capabilities but again there are some deficiencies of proof to presently sustain this. There would always be a variety of terms of Work Integrated Learning. The strategies include some opportunities. The chances for the learners to spend the lengthy period in the company where they accept open assessments related to work with workstation administration. The scholars acquire to assimilate before considered theories with the real logical implementation in the workstation and are capable to establish the specialized capabilities. Subjecting the self-control, the work placement can also be stated to an internship, practicum and medical or experimental placement (Parolin Schnekenberg, et. al, 2015)


I have also observed that assignments are generally made at one of the campuses, under the administration of the educational workforce; however, convey on the brief from the industries or communities consumer. As well as education to contribute and apply before studied theories, learners are capable to create the talent in assignment administration, customer connection, and can be necessary to do work in multi-disciplinary teamwork (Afifi, et. al, 2015). It is also found that the students practice a learning atmosphere set up in the universities, in discussion with industries, which pretends as various difficulties of the real work circumstances as much as possible. The learners are provided with the chances to assimilate theories and practices as the people experience the simulated working atmosphere involving arranging various task, personal dynamic, limits, and other workstation forces.

As per my learning, enhancing the requirements of learning on the children protection system in the context of present economic limitations has led to rising argument as to how threatened the sources may be used to best effects. The training plays a great role in improving the efficiency of the child protection systems that is at present the case. This work focuses intervention that trial has started to advantage more children and to the great level in comparison of other services. The local leaders have the critical role in helping to make sure that proof is used in taking decisions, tasking and functioning with family members so as to child and family members take the best probable help. Enhancing the efficiencies of the limited child protection system needs taking the methodical strategy to handle claim and costs. I read that the work integrated learning helps in enhancing the efficiency of the system related to child protection. The literature review in order to recognize the known and up-and-coming/original systems and exercises and another manner of functioning stated to enhance results for the child, who have practiced mistreatment and abandon or are simply recognized as being a danger of this mistreatment (Buchanan, Freegard &Isted, 2014).

It is discovered by me that it is the moral and legal duty of the children protection professional to do work in the best interest of child protection. The child protection role weight the ethical opinion of consultants while managing the matters however professional practitioners require to separate the apprehension for well been of the child included in the matter(Care and Protection of Children Act,2017).The significance of the academic approaches to securing and conversation between the shareholders is extensively identified. The great incorporation of the function of various agencies with quick assistance and common social service has long notices as the manner to make able earlier recognition and more efficient functioning with the child at the danger of damage.  There are various original service forms to ease great multiagency teamwork, like the use of the shared front door, accommodating referral for the quick assistance and social concern, and making help to the family members across the range of the danger and requirement. There are some proofs that community-based models based on communities of practice may make great incorporation between the child protection forces, particularly by having the forenamed children and family's team social employee closed to the services. Conversely, there is restricted proof in respect to the influence of the multi-agency strategies in expressions of increasing results for exposed child and youth (Bath, 2015).

In general, the requirement of the child protection system is improving. However, weakness in the information collection sources this is the restricted image. In this way, it is not so possible to know completely the different facts that lie behind enhanced requirements and scope to which this is driven by modifications to the system, to making financial support or change in the scope of the local children people. Various attempts to increase the efficiency of children security system are making. These efforts should begin with the knowledge of the transfer pathway. Regrettably, there are various restrictions to present data collection, which limit the capability to create a complete evaluation of the requirements on and efficiency of the children security systems.  The leaders and the managers of services related to children must know how to make sure that the use of proof becomes the main portion of the idea for and traditions of services related to child in that area, and the main element for taking decision in the services and with partner(McGregor & Cartwright, 2011). It may include checking the local children security system such as by involving evaluation of the scope to which general intervention and strategies are stranded in proof as the part of an incomplete job to reconsider local children defense system presentation (Sheehan, 2018). 

It is analyzed by me that it is also required to review the process of using the cost-benefit models in present time and the procedure to use may be reinforced or shared to increase strategic plans and decisions taking, involving with finance managers and finance director in key partner agencies. Adams & Lee?Jones, (2017) states that it is much required to interrogate use of research proof in general commission decision, such as by necessitating local manager and main social worker to involve the strength of proof in the business matters influencing social work practices and in condition for service specially made with or carried by the partners of authority.

Schmied, et. al, (2014) stated that in each territory, any individual who has the concern in respect of the children, which come under the ground for interference, could create the report to statutory children security services. Social work takes about the changes related to society. It states the critical relations between people and the atmosphere. Social work includes the examining issues of people and states the challenges to solve unfairness, favoritism, and dysfunction. In this way, as per the International Federation of Social Worker, the profession related to social work may be defined as the profession, which encourages the social changes, problem resolving in the public relations, and empowerment and emancipation of the individuals to increase well-being. It is required to use theories of the conduct of people and social system, social work intervene at a point where individuals communicate with the environment. The Principles of human rights and fairness are basic to the social worker. The social work profession is made on the primary interrelation of systems of morals, theories, and practices. Even though over the periods, the meaning of social work has undergone incredible alteration (Payne, 2014).

As per the above analysis, it can be said that Operational issues are the common problem of the entity, in Territory Families condition the systems, such as other systems, is not ideal. the children security system has a great role in developing and enhancing the live and results of some of the general exposed child in the societies. In spite of various national points stating the enhancing image, the people have very limited knowledge of the efficiency of the children security system overall. It is also indicated by the examination rating that the challenges remain in the various fields. On the other hand, the people require to establish the good knowledge of what good child's social care really looks like, especially as the force on the services continue to enhance on back of increasing requirement. My research has recognized the important gap between ‘what is required to be proper' from the study related to peer review and what is really carried in the general children security system. While the complex reality of decision-making in local authorities means that evidence of effectiveness will always be only one consideration among many, evidence could and should play a greater role than is currently the case.

In the upcoming period, I will intend to establish my self-assured skills while functioning with colleagues to ensure that social care of children is maintained. In the future, I will make this the aim for my learning and knowledge and will discuss this with my mentor and friends to work the approaches for how I can get this.


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