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Choosing from the list below, you will conduct research using the CNC library databases and produce a 1,250 to 1,500-word argumentative/persuasive essay. You are required to write using third person point of view. Remember to narrow your focus to a manageable scope. 

1. Sexual assaults are all-too common on college/university campuses. How can administrators stop or at least lower the cases of sexual assaults?

2. The cost of post-secondary education is prohibitive for many people, and the cost of textbooks is part of the problem. Should colleges move to digital textbooks?

3. How can people be encouraged to take public transportation? What needs to be done to make public transportation an effective option for more people?

4. Should the representation of women in video games change? Why or why not?

5. "Love marriage" is the norm in North American society, but since the divorce rate is high, should arranged marriages be encouraged?

6. Professional athletes get paid millions of dollars for what they do. Should there be limits on how much they get paid?

7. Is the manufacturing, selling, and wearing of fur unethical? Should it be banned?

8. Should the promotion and advertisement of fast food be banned?

9. Is the process of global warming now at the stage where it is impossible to back up? 10. Are cameras in public places an invasion of people's lives? 

Sexual assaults in universities and colleges

Sexual assaults are activities that are increasing day by day, like if a person intentionally touches another person without their permission or force them to get engaged in sexual activities against their interest. It can be said as a form of sexual harassment or sexual violence that means torching a person in sexual manner. Sexual assault can take place in any manner such as rape or any unwanted contact (Kilmartin & Berkowitz, 2014). This impacts emotional feeling of a person as they are not treated in a right manner. It is an illegal sexual contact that is carried out by breaking trust of someone. It has increased these days and especially seen among young generation (Alegría-Flores, Raker, Pleasants, Weaver & Weinberger, 2017). There are many sexual assault cases seen in universities and colleges.

Various steps should be taken in order to stop these cases. The administrator should keep an eye by monitoring such cases very deeply. Sexual education should be a part of education as it may the victim’s aware about the steps they can take. On the other hand this will develop a mode of fear among the culprits. Spreading awareness about such issues will make student aware and powerful so that sexual assault cases in theses environment could be stopped. It is recommended that after short span off time, there is should be direct interaction with the student individual by asking them directly about nay miss-happening (Kilmartin & Berkowitz, 2014). Sexual assault can be stopped by paying attention at the boundaries so that unwanted encounters could be stopped. There should be an easy way of communication channel in universities and colleges doe student so that they can feel free and complain about the wrong that might happen to them (DeMatteo,  Galloway, Arnold & Patel, 2015).  A session of tricks to save oneself from this misbehaviour should be trained so that one can save themselves (DeKeseredy, Hall-Sanchez & Nolan, 2018).

The administration of the campuses has the core responsibility of dealing with such issues. They should support the student’s by launching various campuses save programs so that preventive sexual assault measures are taken. Sexual assaults are too commonly seen in universities and colleges these days. Thus, ways and resources should be offered to students where they can easily share their concerns (Eisenberg, Lust Hannan & Porta, 2016). Universities also receive some funding to offer equality to all the students that cover all the rights in education, discrimination, sexual harassment or any other issue (McMahon,  Banyard & McMahon, 2015).

There should be clear reporting options so that sexual assault could be reported. Some of the strategies to STOP sexual assault are by promoting Social norms against the violence (DeKeseredy, Hall-Sanchez & Nolan, 2018). Teach skills to girls to prevent sexual violence this can be done through emotional learning and teaching healthy skills. The administrator of campuses should focus on providing Opportunities to empower and support girls. It is important to create secure and Protective environment of universities by regularly monitoring and establishing workplace policies (Eisenberg, Lust Hannan & Porta, 2016). Some self-defence classes should be a compulsory subject in college as it offers way through which an individual can protect themselves. It is recommended that girls should carry pepper spray for their personal safety (Kitzinger, 2015).

Strategies to prevent sexual assault

In administrator defence training sessions need to provide to girls by telling them what need to be done in every situation. Guiding them with the ways how they can attempted to attacks and offend the victims. There should be various ways through which they can report their incidents easily (McMahon,  Banyard & McMahon, 2015). It is said that sexual assault prevention education should be offered to students.

In universities various promising solutions need to be defined to stop or reduce sexual assault cases. This can be done by openly defining the challenges that are faced concerning sexual assault (Allen, Ridgeway & Swan, 2015). Effective approaches need to be deployed to offer fairness and coercive behaviour against sexual safety. Late night monitoring for students is very important and administration should have a strict restriction over alcohol so that such incidents could be reduced. The whisper network should be created so that students fell easy and free to report sexual assaults (McMahon, et. al, 2015). The training staffs need to be changed regularly so that longer and interactive sessions could take place.

Some of the major changes that have seen in growing schools and universities are awareness about sexual concerns. The administration should make sure that when the students enter the system they should be offered with a brief training of ethics and regarding relationships and alcohol effect. The training covers all the negative behaviour related to gender stereotypes. They are also introduced with new prevention and intervention plan so that anyone can feel free to report any issues (Allen, Ridgeway & Swan, 2015). The management team teach students the concept that prevention strategy that sets up the norms that don't tolerate violence and ways to intervene when they see a risk looming (Silbaugh, 2015).

They should put frats on notice; fraternities are action plans that are taken against extreme behaviour on consensus. Like zero tolerance policy is among one of them, in this students can report against any bad or wrong thing done to them. It helps in finding out the inexperienced panels faced by students or faculty involves investigating the cases by hiring investigators (Orchowski & Gidycz, 2015). The role of investors is to keep an eye and gather treatments of victims of sexual assault acts. The steps should be taken to prevent sexual assault violence by listening to the gut feelings and be aware of alcohol or drug intakes.

It is seen that such activities are increasing in college and universities thus strong monitoring is required. The schools and universities should have self-defence classes so that female students feel protected. They need to address all the drinking habits so that such cases could be minimised (Silbaugh, 2015). The online modules could be designed against sexual violence by undergoing training when they enter the campus. Implementing sexual violence prevention programs helps in supporting staff.  The workshop should be provided that features role-playing scenarios of sexual misconduct and allows participants to practice in various strategies to stop an assault (Orchowski & Gidycz, 2015).

Challenges faced concerning sexual assault

The organisation campus should be anti-sexual activities so that criminal charges against alleged victims could be charged. Additionally, summarising some of the actions that could be taken by staff too fight against sexual violence (Potter, 2016). One such is by encouraging educational and prevention programs in campus this could be done through programming, training and awareness campaigns. Some experts could be asked to visit the campus for special lecture to teach about anti-violence rule and ways to overcome from thus circumstances (Kilmartin & Berkowitz, 2014). This is the best way that will spread awareness in an organisation. Faculty or staff members should also be trained as organizers and trainers to assist their colleagues, so that they can become more responsive to and aware of sexual violence issues.

The administrator should address faculty and staff roles and responsibilities, and students should be assisted if they disclose an assault that happened to them. The resources should be made available for the survivors for sexual assault. It is suggested that public awareness initiatives should be organised regularly so that an individual remain aware about their rights (Kilmartin & Berkowitz, 2014). It is observed that one of the main reasons behind such cases is alcohol, it is widely used as a rape drug; Mostly, assault cases occur due to this reason when the survivor is debilitated due to alcohol. Use of alcohol or drugs in campuses should be stopped. Some of the policy that could be adopted covers defining sexual discrimination or spreading awareness about sexual violence (Jozkowski, Peterson, Sanders Dennis & Reece, 2014).

Administrations also designs policy that explains detailed procedure for students to file complaints against sexual harassment (Alegría-Flores, Raker, Pleasants, Weaver & Weinberger, 2017). The administrator should also register their universities or campuses with annual security report that includes the statistics about dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking and mention the steps the school is taking to comply with the new law (Jozkowski, Peterson, Sanders Dennis & Reece, 2014). Social media can also be used for spreading awareness among the students and making campus and college a safe place.

Thus, it can be concluded that sexual assaults are so common in universities and colleges these days. Thus, administrator needs to take strict actions so that safety could be provided in the campus. This could be done by spreading awareness and designing strict action plans against such cases.


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