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In some cases we will give you a reference to the unit in which you will find the information you require. In some cases you may need to rely on your understanding from what you have learned from the content, or undertake a search on the internet. The questions will also be used to assess your language and literacy skills. The assessor will check all your exercises and assignments to ensure

- that they are accurate with correct grammar and punctuation

- that they are appropriate to the target audience.

- that they show planning and organisational skills.

- that they demonstrate your ability to search for products and service information and use problem solving approaches to identify customer needs and expectations.

  1. List at least 5 points that are important to ensure communication delivers on customer needs, expectations and priorities.
  2. It is important that staff should deliver an outstanding customer experience at all times. What are the specific behavioural competencies that this requires and how would this be measured?
  3. Using information provided in Unit 2, it is important that an organisation continually improves. How might an organisation collect information to facilitate this?
  4. There are many laws that regulate the way businesses may provide service to a client. Why is this important and what is your responsibility?
  5. Write a guide regarding customer service that you would use, as a mortgage broker, to look after a customer. Your guide should be a minimum of 3 typed pages and must include the following points:
  • Identify and clarify customer needs and expectations
  • Assess the urgency of the request
  • Determine priorities for service delivery
  • Inform the customer of possible choices
  • Assist in the selection of the preferred option
  • Address what action you would take if you were unable to satisfy the customer need
  • Seek appropriate assistance where appropriate
  • Provide prompt service to customers
  • Establish and maintain rapport with customers
  • What action might be taken if there was a complaint
  • Provide assistance should there be a specific need
  • Propose cross-selling opportunities that may be apparent
  • Seek customer feedback
  • Review customer satisfaction
  • Use feedback to improve customer service
  1. Detail some clear recommendations on how to improve service delivery to prospective customers.
  2. Using information in Unit 11, before a mortgage broker attempts to handle an objection they must first determine what kind of objection they are dealing with. There are three common types of objections. List the three objections and provide a brief explanation of each one.
  3. Using information in Unit 12, there are four main personality types a mortgage broker may have to deal with. List the four types and provide a brief description of each.
  4. Using information in Unit 12, there is a five point plan to successfully establishing networking, list the five prescribed methods.
  5. Using information in Unit 4, list four different sectors of the financial services industry and describe how they interrelate.
  6. Name five things you can think of that may make your current or future business more environmentally sustainable (the business can be your own or the business you will, or would like to, be working for).
  7. List 10 documents required for an ACL application. You may need to refer to the Appendix 10.
  8. Visit four different bank’s websites, list one loan product from each website, and list the key features of each of those products
  9. Using the steps provided in Unit 9 Practice Activity 1 ‘Calculating Borrowing Capacity’, determine what this client can borrow, at an interest rate of 5%, qualifying rate of 7%,a loan period of 25 years, on salaries of Mr X $105,000 gross per annum and Mrs X $47,000 gross per annum, they have two children. They have credit cards of $10,000 limit and a personal loan of $25,000 at repayments of $600 per month. (Tip: if you include your calculations we will try to understand whether your final result has been achieved correctly).

Points those are important for assuring that the communication delivers on the priorities, expectation and needs of the customers are as follows –

  • Providing the opportunity to the customers for confirming their request
  • Actively listen to the communication made by the customers
  • Questioning the customers for confirming and clarifying their needs and requirements
  • Asking feedback from customers for confirming understanding of the needs
  • Using proper body language (, 2018).
  • Paraphrasing and summarising for checking understanding of the messages from customers.
  • Must be aware of limitations while addressing the needs of customers and must look for the assistance from any designated individuals.
  • Prompt service must be availed to the customers for satisfying the customer’s needs and requirements.

Specific behavioural competencies required for delivering outstanding experience to the customers are as follows –

  • Managerial competencies – it involves the qualities brought out while any person in –charge of any other person.
  • Individual competencies – it involves the personal qualities including risk taking approach, flexibilities, personal integrity and independence
  • Patience – patience is not only important for the customers who comes for support, it is equally important for the staffs while dealing with the customers.
  • Attentiveness – ability to listen to the customers is crucial for delivering great service to the customers. It is not sufficient to pay attention only but the staff shall also be attentive and mindful to feedback received at large (Ostrom et al. 2015).
  • Clear skill for communication – while serving the customers they must be sure that they get their hand quickly regarding the customer’s problem as the customers are just concerned about their issues and not interested in listening to the staff’s stories.
  • Knowledge of product or service – the staff must have sufficient knowledge regarding the service or product offered to the customer. Without proper knowledge of the service or goods the staff will not be able to help the customers while they face problems.   
  • Ability to use the positive language – language plays important part of the persuasion while dealing with the customers. Further it creates perceptions regarding the staff and his company based on the language they use for communication (Boshyk 2016)

Continuous improvement includes incremental innovations and initiatives for achieving the best practices. All the objectives and expectations shall be deployed to the customers clearly. Information can be collected from distributing the feedback form and collecting it after filling by the customers. It will assist in evaluating and improving the organisation’s service delivery strategies. Further, information can also be collected from customers review published in social media.

Different laws are there for regulating the businesses while services are provided to the client. The service provider shall comply with the laws enforced and administered by ASIC. If any name is used as business name the owner must comply with the legal obligations applicable under the Business Names Act business must be complied with the laws and regulation for the following reasons –

  • Business growth – compliance to laws and regulations are important for protecting the welfare, safety and health. It includes business license and payment of taxes. Compliance is important as issues become complex with the business growth. Responsibilities towards customers as well as employees increases with the growth in business (Macaulay 2018).
  • Reduction of legal problems – compliance with the regulations and laws reduces the risk associated with penalties, fines, lawsuits, work stoppages and shut down of the business. If any compliance is not met, the business may get warning for correcting the issue however in some situations the business may get penalised (Donkor-Hyiaman and Ghartey 2017).
  • Improves relation with customers – when the business meets its legal obligations the business may include it in their marketing materials and official website. An organization that complies with the regulations and laws will be definitely preferred by the customers while they make decisions regarding purchasing the product.
  • Higher employee as well as customer retention – many organizations comply with the laws and regulations for protecting their employees and customers. The reason behind this is that the customers feel that they purchase the product from safe, professional and fair environment which in turn will influence them to stay for long.  

The guide can be used as the sales training tools for the experienced as well as new brokers. As the mortgage broker the broker is considered as the trusted advisor having the power of helping the client. The guide will include the following points –

  • Customer’s expectations and need  - it shall be identified accurately and clarified through proper interpersonal skills
  • Assessing the urgency of request and determining priorities - Needs of the customer shall be assessed for urgency for determining priorities to deliver the services as per the organizational requirements
  • Informing regarding possible choices and assisting in selecting preferred option - Customers shall be provided with the information regarding available choices to meet their requirements and must assist in selecting the preferred options.
  • Addressing the action in case no fulfilment of needs - Limitation in fulfilling the customer’s requirements shall be identified and the suitable assistance shall be sought from the designated individuals ( 2018).  
  • Providing prompt services - Services shall be provided to the customers promptly for meeting the recognised needs as per the organizational requirements
  • Establishing and maintaining the rapport with customer - Appropriate rapport shall be established and maintained with the customers for assuring completion of quality service delivery
  • Action to be taken in case of complaint - In case of any complaint it must be handled courteously and sensitively as per the organizational requirements.
  • Assistance in case of special need - Customers with special assistance or needs shall be responded as per the organizations needs
  • Providing cross – selling opportunities - Cross-selling opportunities that may be apparent shall be proposed to the customers
  • Seeking customer feedback - Feedback from the customer shall be seek for confirming the understanding of the needs
  • Reviewing customer satisfaction - Procedural aspects regarding service delivery shall be monitored for the effectiveness and to be useful for customer’s requirements (Jaakkola and Alexander 2014).
  • Using feedback for improving the customer service - Customer’s feedback shall be sought regularly and it shall be used for improving the provisions of services and provisions.

Following recommendations can be provided for improving the service delivery to the perspective customers –

  • Strengthening the customer service skills – the customer service team must have right skill for managing the needs of the customers. The service provider must know how to handle the customer’s temperaments and must have patience, consistency and empathy to deal with. Further, as each customer and their needs are different the service provider must be able to adapt the customer’s needs and shall be able to communicate in clear manner.
  • Improving the customer’s interactions – apart from necessary skills the service provider must build trust and restore the confidence in customer’s minds. It will further allow them in controlling the situation, focussing on customer’s attention and resolving the issues ( 2018).
  • Enhancing the strategies related to customer service – service provider must have required know-how and skills to interact with the customers. Various strategies that may improve relations with customers are – (i) providing more than just the automated e-mail replies and replying back regarding their issues or needs (ii) apart from online service providing the customers shall be met personally which in turn will develop personal touch (iii) customer need shall be met to the extent possible. Additional services may be provided to valuable customers to strengthen the relationship (Reim, Parida and Örtqvist 2015).


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