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Singapore is a world class events hub hosting events ranging from high level government meetings to glitzy fashion shows. In order for events to be staged successfully, it is important for organisers to engage professional event management companies to plan and execute these events.You have been appointed to research and submit a proposal on ONE (1) of the following events that will be held in Singapore:

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) is considering a family day carnival to raise awareness of the increasing instances of dementia amongst elderly Singaporeans and ways to manage the progress of this disease.This event is scheduled to take place over a weekend in January 2018. Visitors can look forward to free health talks by experts on how to care for dementia patients and manage caregivers’ stress.

On top of these, there will be activities for families – the elderly can look forward to light exercises such as ‘tai-chi’; the young children can look forward to balloon sculpting, art and craft sessions, and face painting. There will also be cooking demonstrations by Chef Eric Teo on how to whip up healthy meals for individuals with dementia.The event is expected to attract 2,000 visitors. HPB has invited Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Health, as the Guest of Honour for this event, along with 20 other VIPs. HPB has engaged your event management company to organise this event.

Techinnovation is an annual event that brings together international and Singapore technology providers and seekers to explore technology and business collaboration opportunities through innovation. In its sixth year since its inception in 2012, it has grown to become a leading conference and exhibition in Singapore that focuses on the matching
of industry’s needs to enabling technologies.Other than the main conference and exhibition, there will be a networking welcome dinner for interested delegates. The event is expected to host up to 500 guests and your company has been selected to organize this.You are allowed to make certain assumptions about the target audience. Please state your
assumptions with valid justifications.


The proposal is based on an event plan of “Techinnovation Networking Welcome Dinner”. It is an annual event which brings to explore of technology throughout innovation. The event is going to host 500 guests. In this project framework, a networking welcome dinner is conducted for the interested delegates after the exhibition and conference.  

  1. The data of the event is 21stOctober, 2018 at 6 pm onwards.
  2. The selected venue for the event is “Amara Singapore Hotel”
  3. The address of the event is “165 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088539”.
  4. The theme is “Technology meets friendship” as the event is based on explore of technological innovation.
  5. The target audiences are international as well as Singapore technology providers.

2.0 Event concept, branding and marketing 

2.1 Objectives 

  • To plan an event for Techinnovation Networking Welcome Dinner
  • To target the international as well as Singapore technology providers
  • To finish the event plan within 3 months with target of 500 guests
  • To plan the event with budget of $15000
  • To create of socialization atmosphere for the guests

2.2 Formulate of event branding strategy

This welcoming dinner event plan consists of some branding strategies such as:

Invitations: In order to invite the guests into the event, handwritten invitations are created for them which create some personal touch.

Flyers and posters: The event is planned using of signage and handouts. Print marketing is used to advertise the event among people so that they can aware of this technology innovation dinner event.

Speaker: The major attraction of this branded event is a qualified speaker. An opening speaker is hired for the event program to provide the guests with valuable information.

2.3 Identification of marketing channels

The marketing channels are:

Social media: The online social media channel such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is used as a valuable part of marketing channel to brand the entire dinner event plan.

Newsletter: Most of the clients are getting touch to look at the newsletter blasts. A blog is used to promote the event through use of newsletter.

3.0 Event programme 



5 pm- 5:45 pm


5:45 pm- 6 pm

Entry of guests

6pm- 6:30 pm

Speaker will provide speech

6:30 pm- 7:30 pm

Solo song and dance performance

7:30 pm- 8 pm


8 pm- 10 pm


4.0 Venue selection and evaluation 

4.1 Justification of selected venue

The “Amara Singapore” is selected for the dinner party for the international and Singapore technology provider. The venue is selected for the event as it provides best ambience includes of views, intimate lightning. The seats are reserved for the event data as well as time. The atmosphere of selected venue sets a perfect tone for the event. The venue also offers food as well as beverage to the guests. The total number of guests for the event is 500. Therefore, the selected venue is perfect for the welcoming dinner event. The venue has tables, chairs and liners for the guests.

5.0 Event space and floor layout 

The layout of the event space and floor are follows:

Registration areas: They should be a membership counter and help desk to solve the event related questions. There is a separate counter with on-site registration forms. There is a big signage for the attendees to go for pre-registration and on-site registration.

Seating plan: There is a round table with 8-10 guests which encourages them to interact with others. The important guests are seated in middle of the room as they are the heart of the event.

Flyers and posters

Stage: The stage is decorated with flowers and lights with a seating arrangement of 10 people, mostly the important guests and honorable chief guest of the event.

Food and beverage area: The food and beverage area is separate from the seating area. At one batch and one time, there is availability of 100 guests. As it is a buffet system, therefore it is not a bug problem at all.

Entrances and exits: There are 1 entrance and 2 exits.

Parking facilities: There is parking of 1000 cars in front of the entrance which is situated next to exit 2.

6.0 Event team structure ad event action plan 

6.1 Justification of team structure for the event 

Team Members


Event Manager

· Handling of catering to programming of the event activities

· Pick the event venue and their details

· Schedule of the event including timing of all the activities

Creative Committee

· Implement of the media and marketing channels

· Taking of video of the whole event

· Document all the event program

· Handle of event handouts along with printed material

Operations Liaisons

· Set up the chairs and tables for the dinner session

· Provide technology support

· Look after the event equipments and the venue

· Distribute of the programs to the attendees

Finance Manager

· Coordinate with the team members for estimation of event cost

· Set up the budget

· Approve the payment of the event

Project Sponsor

· Provide fund for the event

· Approve the project deliverables

· Assign of project resources

· Manage the event risks

· Manage the changes into the project


· Provide healthy and safe event environment

· Providing of induction session to the staffs

· Providing of training along with supervision

Security Officer

· Secure the event premises

· Monitoring of CCTV equipments

· Inspecting the venue and access points

· Control of traffic

6.2 Development of project schedule/Event action plan


Task Name





Event planning phase

12 days

Fri 7/20/18

Mon 8/6/18



4 days

Fri 7/20/18

Wed 7/25/18


      Identification of speakers

2 days

Fri 7/20/18

Mon 7/23/18


      Invite the speaker

1 day

Tue 7/24/18

Tue 7/24/18


      Obtain the biographies of speaker

1 day

Wed 7/25/18

Wed 7/25/18


   Selection of venue

5 days

Thu 7/26/18

Wed 8/1/18


      Select a theme for venue

2 days

Thu 7/26/18

Fri 7/27/18


      Availability of the venue

1 day

Mon 7/30/18

Mon 7/30/18


      Agree the venue and event date

1 day

Tue 7/31/18

Tue 7/31/18


      Sign the venue contract

1 day

Wed 8/1/18

Wed 8/1/18


   Decide the dinner menu

3 days

Thu 8/2/18

Mon 8/6/18


Event execution phase

32 days

Tue 8/7/18

Wed 9/19/18


   Room and equipment

3 days

Tue 8/7/18

Thu 8/9/18


   Supervise the site

3 days

Fri 8/10/18

Tue 8/14/18


   Room, table, chairs and equipments

3 days

Wed 8/15/18

Fri 8/17/18


   Make a guest list

5 days

Mon 8/20/18

Fri 8/24/18


   Identify the guests requirements

9 days

Mon 8/27/18

Thu 9/6/18


   Hire the staffs

9 days

Fri 9/7/18

Wed 9/19/18


Event Monitoring and controlling phase

11 days

Thu 9/20/18

Thu 10/4/18


   Make a schedule list

4 days

Thu 9/20/18

Tue 9/25/18


   Set the stage

4 days

Wed 9/26/18

Mon 10/1/18


   Create seating plan

3 days

Tue 10/2/18

Thu 10/4/18


Event closure phase

11 days

Fri 10/5/18

Fri 10/19/18


   Decorate the venue

5 days

Fri 10/5/18

Thu 10/11/18


   Shop for food and beverages

2 days

Fri 10/12/18

Mon 10/15/18


   Set the table

3 days

Tue 10/16/18

Thu 10/18/18


   Buy the flowers

1 day

Fri 10/19/18

Fri 10/19/18

The lists of project deliverables are:

  1. Seating chairs
  2. Event venue
  3. Project budget, schedule and risks
  4. Communication plan
  5. Menu of the food and beverages

7.0 Food and beverage operations 

7.1 Justification of food and beverage vendor, menu selection and catering considerations

The dinner event is conducted in Amara Singapore those are provided food to the guest. At the time of menu selection, the profiles of guests are required to be known. Older guests may prefer for milder menu, guests those are concerned about health prefer sea food as well as vegetarian options and younger guests prefer to spicier meals. The menu offers of at least two choices of entrees, three salad dressing options, and condiments on the side and offers two dessert options. All the food should be halal. At the time of serving food the guests, numbers of factors are taken into considerations for the catering services such as:

Plating the food: As a first impression, good presentation of the food is required. The foods are arranged in such a way so that it looks colorful. Warm plates are used for hot food and chill for cold food. In order to add interest into dishes, garnishes as well as decorations are added.

Style of meal: Buffet meal style is selected for the dinner where the guests can select food from different dishes which is displayed on a table. Food and beverage waiter are involved into serving to the guests with a structured setting of table.

International Buffet Menu

Buffet Menu

There is availability of 100 guests.

Selection of food

Seafood, Fried rice, Prawn, Chicken,

Chicken + Tomoto Posale with fresh lime

Creamy polenta with cotija cheese


Chocolate brownie

Apple pie

Ice cream

Soft serve

Tin roof pie

Coffee and tea

8.0 Develop a sponsorship proposal 

8.1 Justify the sponsor for the selected event

  1. Media partners- They generate of free advertisements in exchange of media materials which is inserted into the event booklet. It offers of free participation into the race for new anchors in exchange of live new segment.
  2. Retail chain- They create of more channels for their communication.
  3. Barter partner- They lessen of expense for food and beverages in exchange of sponsorship exposure.




Supporter sponsorship package

The logo of the company is placed at the sponsor page including link of the company.

$ 250

Product sponsorship package

The logo is appeared at monthly newsletter.

$ 750

Bronze sponsorship package

The logo is appeared at promotional flyer.

$ 2000

Silver sponsorship package

The logo is appeared at letterhead and placed at the sponsor page.

$ 5000

Gold sponsorship package

The name is placed at sponsor page.

$ 10,000

Platinum sponsorship package

The logo is placed at top of the event booklet and placed at the sponsor page including link of the company.

$ 10,000

9.0 Event operations budget 




Price (in $)

Total (in $)


Dinner cost





Room and equipment






























Food preparation cost








Other expenses





$ 15000

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