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Accounting is very significant in business operations, because it helps to summarize, analyze and reporting the company data. Concurrently, it holds the different financial records of the company. Thus, this report aims to analyze the different operational problems of the Telstra by using the organization structure. This report identifies the software acquisition method of the company. Further, it provides the sales flow chart of the company. Apart from this, it is also helpful to analyze the development of different accounting software and adoption. Further, this report analyses the different market leader of the accounting software development for competitive advantage. It also addresses the various challenges and gap, which are encountered by users.  Finally, it provides some recommendation to overcome the gaps and challenges in the SAASU software.

1. Current Organization Structure

Ashkenas, et al. (2015) stated that organization structure is a system, which defines the different roles and responsibilities of the staff in the company management. Though, it helps to analyze the process of organization operation. Concerning this, organization effectively assigns the roles and responsibility of employee for accomplishing the objectives. Basically, there are two types of organizational structure like flat structure and hierarchal structure that can be used by the Telstra. Therefore, Telstra is using the hierarchal organization structure, because it helps the staff to understand the different level of organization. Meanwhile, Salthe, (2013) this structure helps to increase the effectiveness of employee in the respective field. Moreover, it is also helpful to maximize the level of communication in the organization. Below depicts the organization structure.

Above diagram shows the hierarchal structure of Telstra, which shows the different business sections are working effectively. This organization structure enables the company to evaluate the employee performance. Simultaneously, organization structure fosters the staff in order to achieve its goals.

Sharma and Lawrence, (2015) depicts that the operational management of an organization is liable to identify the different risk of the company. Often, problems are occurred due to the ineffective organizational structure. Concerning this, there are different operational problems are identified of Telstra while operating the telecommunication activities such as the vice president of the company not able to manage the production and operation management of the firm, because it may create the chances of theft. As per the concern of Hajir, et al., (2015), ineffective structure arises the departmental conflict, because often staff requires submitting the report to two managers like a functional and divisional manager. Thereby, it may create the conflict between staff and managers. In order to overcome this conflict, organization should effectively coordinate and collaboration with departments. Further, Uygun, et al., (2015) proposed that the customers are facing the ineffective phone services due to ineffective controlling in the service department, which may create the dissatisfaction among the customers. Along with this, organization is also facing the operational problem i.e. network disappeared. This problem occurs due to lack of consistency in technology department. Thereby, Telstra may face the quality control issues in the organization.  

Xing, et al. (2013) stated that marketing department efforts are not much effective to retain more customers, which can affect the company customer service and organization sustainable growth. Additionally, poor communication in the different department may lead to creating the ineffectiveness in the company. Therefore, company should enhance the communication channels through emails and presentation, which can quite helpful to improve the sustainable growth of the company. In opposing of this, Pina, (2013) identified that the different unclear goals in the departments create confusion among the management. Therefore, it indicates organization needs more cohesive direction. Moreover, different department work may create the inconsistency results, which affects the Telstra feasibility. As a result, company can’t enforce its policies and procedures as a result, it may create the dissension and confusion among the employees. For example, if any customer complaint in the service department but if there is no positive response consequently, it negatively impacts on the company productivity. In consequence, above operational problems are direct affects the Telstra productivity, decrease reputation, customer service, employee turnover, and break customer connection.    

Operational Problems

Congedo, et al. (2016) assist that the Telstra is used the ERP acquisition method in order to improve the productivity, efficiency, minimize the cost. Though, company hosted the SAP with Accenture for managing its services. This is the effective way to gain the competitive advantage in technology. Thereby, company offers the different cutting edge SAP solutions. Moreover, ERP enables the company staff to access the data at a globally (Telstra Connected Clouds, 2017). ERP acquisition method is quite effective for the company to providing the business solutions. Concerning this, Telstra will provide the licensing to the SAP mission enterprise resource planning (ERP). In consequence, ERP is the most appropriate acquisition method instead of the custom and commercial software, because it helps to improve the company efficiency, gather information, effective customer service, and data security. While, other software requires qualified and experienced IT professionals, which consumes large time and cost. Besides this, it is effective to reduce time and cost of the Telstra while operating the activities. Through this, the customer can easily access the company information regarding telecommunication plans.

Sales flow chart is significant for improving the process development, communication, better coordination, effective analysis, problem-solving, and proper documentation of the organization.

Above diagram shows the sales flow chart of the Telstra, which indicates that the company can effectively provide the different telecommunication services. Thereby, sales chart helps to reduce the cost and time of the company. This diagram shows that the company is effectively designed the sales schedule activity for the sales. As per opinion, Rushton, et al., (2014) company can easily concern with sales staff through effective communication by using sales flow chart. It is also helpful in debugging process. Further, company can easily manage its sales operations through a sales representative, retail stores, and promotional events. This process enables the company to make proper coordination with the sales department and management.  In spite of this Hall, (2015) sales flow chart is also helpful to connect with other activities like accounting, finance, and purchasing. Though, Telstra, sales flow chart ensures whether the sales staff is created the value to its customers. In doing so, an organization can easily measure the sales performance goals of the staff.  Similarly, it can easily evaluate the sales effectiveness through the above sales flow chart.

Uygun, et al. (2015) stated that the control helps to measure the actual performance with the standard in the organization. Concurrently, the effective controlling process helps to control the internal organizational activities, which can be helpful to improving the organization performances. Thus, there are different internal problems are faced by the Telstra while operating telecommunication activities such as cyber security issues, internal control system, and in effective operating system in absence of expertise. Often different department can create the degree of misunderstanding. On the other hand, Subudhi and Panigrahi, (2015) sometimes ineffective control system in the organization may create problem of fraud. For instance, unlawful and illegally use of telecommunication creates the problem like network security and infrastructure. There are different sort of frauds can be occurred in the company such as due to technology changes, call transfer fraud, false answer supervision, location routeing number fraud, revenue sharing, and exploitation and misuse of airtime.

Development and Adoption of Accounting Software Packages

Acquisition Methods of Telstra

Paternoster, et al. (2014) refers that the software development helps to solve the complex things in the organization as well as it saves time and cost of the firm. Therefore, there are different accounting software’s that are used by the Australian small, medium, and large organizations for better financial management. Though, accountability of software mainly depends upon the cost and complexity. Different software’s that can be used by the Australian firms are as follows

  • XERO
  • MYOB

In terms of development of accounting software packages, Telstra is used SAASU software for the effectiveness in operations.  


Han, et al. (2015) shows that the SAASU is an accounting software, which was established by the Marc and Grant in 2000. In the initial stage, it was promoted as a service model. This helps in small and medium businesses. It is developed for the fast coding, integration with PayPal, cash flow forecasting, dashboard, automatic billing and expenses, bank account management, and maintains the advance inventory. Company started with $1 million investment in Australian region. Further, SAASU main focus towards the cloud computing, which makes the business easy.


According to the Safari, et al., (2015) Telstra is adopting SAASU accounting software, because it is quite effective to provide the professional services, reporting and insights, cloud computing, maintain customer database, and up to date inventory level. Though, many of Australian SMEs are used the SAASU software while operating its business, because it allows the companies to exchange different currencies. In the views, Shao, et al. (2015) shows that the SAASU accounting software is effective to update all financial data, this is related to the business operations. Further, SAASU software is recorded over the $125 million of transactions through 80000 users. Moreover, there are many high ends of company customers such as delivery hero, Michelle Bridges, Shoes of Prey, and Bellroy.

As per the view, Lee, et al., (2013) SAASU accounting software is related to the marketing approach and other systems It provides its services in the Australian market as well as global market for capturing large market area. As a result, it captures overall 17% market size. In the current scenario, more than 200000 clients are connected with the SAASU software in the different regions of Australia. Meanwhile, Ma and Seidmann, (2015) identified that the more than 20000 business customers are connected with the company. In spite of this, SAASU has effectively provided over the $125 billion download through 80000 high-end customers throughout the world. Though, company has a large client like McDonald and Jim’s Franchise group. Further, company enlarges its market size on the basis of effective pricing and software features.  

Tarkoma, (2010) analyzed that the there are different leaders in the accounting software market such as MYOB, XERO, RECKON, QUICKBOOKS, and SAASU. Consequently, it creates the large business opportunities in accounting and financing services for the small and large business start-ups. Besides this, the SAASU accounting software is quite effective for the SMEs organizations, because it allows making the effective decision on the basis of different accounting data. Thus, it has positive impacts on the company operations and market. Nevertheless, millions of transactions have been done in a year and its worth’s in billions of dollars. Thereby, company becomes the market leader in the Asia-Pacific software on the basis of his effective services.

Flow Chart of the Sales Procedure of Telstra

Competitive advantage

As per conducted research, the aim of this study is to identify the competitive advantage of SAASU accounting software in the Telstra. Thus, one of the main competitive advantages of the SAASU i.e. it provides the free software up gradation to its business clients. Likewise, Ram, et al., (2014) analyzed that the SAASU provides the data accuracy while accessing the information anywhere. This software can use by many of users in a single time period as compared to other accounting software’s. Company also gains the competitive advantage through providing the global benchmark with quality and integrity.

Often, different business users and customers are also facing the accounting software gaps and challenges while operating the business functions. Concerning this, there are no challenges and gaps of SAASU accounting software. But I recommend to SAASU i.e. it requires retaining employees. Further, it require to keep satisfy its employees through motivation and training programs.  Further, Lewis, (2016) it recommends that the company should train its employees and clients as a result, company can easily change the new things, raise satisfaction level, and reduces any conflict and dispute. Moreover, SAASU should involve the strict cut off policies, automated data process, connection more application, and insist on oversight and reviews. 


On the basis of above analysis, it can be analyzed that the Telstra used the hierarchal structure while operating the different departments. Meanwhile, different operational problems harm the company reputation and productivity like department conflict and communication. Further, company used the ERP acquisition method to improving the efficiency and productivity. It is also identified that ineffective control system may create the problems and frauds in the organization. Moreover, company used SAASU accounting software for better management of data.


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