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Write a report on the business process of Qantas Airline. describe its mission and market strategy

The Maintenance of Qantas Airline

The Business Process Management helps to identify the organization needs to perform their task and to ensure the consistent outcomes and to take advantage of improvement opportunities in a workplace environment and to ensure the organization policy and set standards should be meet by the employees.

This report will focus on the business process of Qantas Airline. The Qantas airline was found in 1920, the largest airline in Australia and growing is business as international and domestic. Qantas is widely regarded as the world’s leading long Distance airline and strongest brand in Australia. The Qantas Airline use two complementary brands Qantas and Jetstar for transportation of passengers.  The airline brands operate regional, domestic and international services. The airline employ over 35,000 employees with approximately 93 percent of them based within Australia. The airline begins with using the fragile biplanes which could carry one or two passengers in open cockpits which later progress to Airbus A380 which could 450 passengers from one country to another destination.

The airline operates 20 Domestic and 21 international flights across 16 countries includes Africa, America, Asia and Europe. Qantas link and Jetstar operate 5,700 flights in a week which includes 50 city and regional destination flights in all states and territories. Qantas operates as premium, full-service Australian both domestic and international airlines which offers benefits as a global network, first, business premium Economy and economy on international services and economy on domestic services, and a leading frequent flyer program, inflight meal and entertainments services and airport lounges services for passengers to enjoy their comfortable journey.

Qantas engineers holds a regulatory approval from Civil Aviation Authority(CASA), and many other foreign regulatory authorities and airlines to ensure engineers not only meets the safety standards criteria of aviation authorities, but also achieve world standard for deliver, and for passengers’ safety.   

Qantas airline has the high safety record and leading as the world’s leading long distance airline and has the strong brand image in Australia. The airline will continue to provide the outstanding customer service to its passengers and is at the forefront of the international civil aviation industry (ICAO)). In future, Qantas holds many challenges such as theto maintain the safe flight operations, continue to train pilots, ground operation staff members and to upgrade their knowledge when any new technology implement in the workplace. The airline needs to maintain world class product standards when competing with other airlines for long term benefits.

  • The Organization      

The airline is committed to comply with all the applicable laws, regulations which set by the Australian Government and to conduct a business with the highest level of ethics and integrity. The Business Practices document is set by Qantas Group which highlights the standards which must be followed by the airlines employees, pilots, managers to be aware of seeking an advice and authorization action to be taken which may contrary to a Qantas Group applicable policy.

  • Mission  

Qantas is Australia’s leading premium airline and dedicated to being the best. The aim of the airline is to customer expectations every time when passengers using their flying service and continue to invest in business and to provide exceptional level of service. The airline will also continue to maintain the highest safety record by complying with all the laws and regulations set by the Australian government.

  • Target Market

Building a Strong Domestic Business

The airline’s Target audience are the business travelers who often use their service when travel in and outside Australia which is been down into routine travelers, conference travelers or emergency business travelers, again this gets broken down into weekend tourists and multiple destination travelers. The airline passengers would pay the extra charges for luxuries services provided by the airline.

  • Strategy
  • To make profitable growth for the business
  • To provide Customer service excellence
  • To create more optimal networks with other countries
  • Sustainability and risk management
  • To be the leading leaders.

    Building a strong Domestic Business:

  • To Grow Jetstar service in Asia
  • Transfer Qantas s international
  • Growing portfolio related business
  • Building customer loyalty through great experience and multiple brands
  • To engage and develop the staff experience by providing the latest technology equipment’s and machinery.

Travel Documents

Before departing flight with Qantas airline there are some important information needs to assess by the customer service team member which includes the ticket, av valid passport, and a forms of photo identification.


Passengers needs a valid airline ticket to travel for both domestic and international flight but, however with new advance technology many customers purchases an electronic ticket (e-ticket), which will be issued with an itinerary receipt which must carried by passengers.


All passenger who travel international need to have a valid passport regardless of the destination flight with a valid passport issued date and with an approved country visa destination country visa. Many countries nowadays used an, electronic machine readable passport which identify the person before boarding the flight.

Domestic flight

When travelling on a domestic flight needs a valid ticket and a photo identification such as a driver’s license, passport identification or a social security card.

The application for a job role can be completed by using their Careers site where applicant can attach their CV and Resume. The next process would be being a short listed for an interview and successful candidate would have to perform the Psychometric assessments for a verbal reasoning. Numerical reasoning and personality tests after that the background checks would be perform to see any criminal check records for employees.

Various organizations in the world of business have been weakened by weak relationship among their departments. Qantas airline has a business relationship which creates an understanding among the organizational departments. Through relationship mapping, Qantas has been able to make appropriate decision making while conducting their daily operations through the relationship between various departments. and cross function, the business have been able to make appropriate decisions relating to the generation business operations. Creation of a relationship and coordination among the organization departments will result into accuracy in terms of operation and smooth business operational process.

The chart below is a cross-functional map indicating the coordination between various stakeholders in Qatar airline.

The organization based on the weak business operation suffered losses and drawbacks in the year 2011. This was as result of lack of coordination among various sectors of the organization where departments like management and other departments were not able to coordinate. However, the organization was able to start again its operations based on perfect business process management. Even though the organization lost a lot of resources, it requires a major financial boost which can only be ensured through a proper coordination or the departments. The organization desire to achieve their transformation through partnering with emirates can only be achieved with a proper coordination among the departments.  Through adoption of a proper business plan, the senior management and board members should work together with other junior departments. The organization is likely to achieve their desires through planning and team work where all stakeholders are involved to avoid situation like that of the year 2011.

Business Process Identification

In the end of 2011 three unions which include the baggage screening, engineers, catering staff and Qantas aircraft pilots was went on strike regarded pay rising issue and conditions, for several months. In addition, Qantas services were affected and by as result 70,000 passengers were affected, more than 500 flights were cancelled and seven aircraft grounded. In addition, 22 airports were affected both internationally and domestically which involved 109 aircrafts.  On 29 November 2011, chief executive of Qantas Alan Joyce has made the decision to ground the airline’s entire fleet. After this situation, Alan Joyce’s decision was paid off when the industrial umpire, fair work Australia, arranged meetings to start service once again. The Qantas was given 20 days to resolve the conflict but, however Qantas was failed to make the decision within the given timeframe and fair work Australia made the decision to bring closure the Qantas team and three unions to made decision. Qantas has cut down 500 jobs which were major impact for the Qantas airline and Alan Joyce said, he is very concern about Qantas and will do everything to serve passengers and maintain safety standards by regulations also he will try to keep his employees such as pilots, baggage handlers, customer service and trained to the best quality and will pay high rates. Qantas airline ordered new boeing787 aircrafts. Qantas has positive reputation and looking forward positive alliance with emirates airline which will help Qantas to continue its service. Alan Joyce can use feedback, survey from customers to avoid conflict in future.   A major concern was the financial costs involved. To maintain its position in the global market, Qantas needed to spend $13 billion over the 10 years on new and more efficient planes, upgrades to its current fleet, fit-outs, in flights entertainment and improved terminals.  (Bamber, 2011). 


Qantas has been continuing to provide their service for 100 years and has been acclaimed for its success and milestone. As the rules and policy changes in business which needs to be followed by the airline. While Qantas has could boast of its legacy in business, Qantas needs a well structure mechanism to confront the challenges to compete with other airline services. Qantas carry on giving wonderful service to its clients and is at the front position of the worldwide civil aviation business.

The airline is doing an excellent job to ensure all its stakeholder’s needs are adequately catered for through a variety of initiatives undertaken by Qantas airline which includes the carbon initiatives and the supplier relationship program which has helps Qantas airline to remain Australia’s Premium airline and uphold distinguished reputation within the airline industry. Qantas airline domestic experienced Poor in the financial year of 2014. However, which is likely to be improved dramatically due to the retention of over 80% of the domestic market. By implementing the range of initiatives and programs Qantas airline could satisfy the strategic objectives effectively.

As with the growing competition the Qantas group needs to establish their business standards particularly, by maintaining the firm position in aviation industry as well as to well prepare for handle with unexpected situation that will be possible happen in the worldwide.  In my opinion there is some threatening such as domestic and international competition that can lead Qantas weaken. Those contestants can snatch the market share and create brand loyalty by better service, less accident, and punctual. Thus, Qantas must maintain standard the quality of service to be the world's best airline in the world.As nowadays many people travel around the world and wants to buy the cheapest flight deals as the world’s leading airline Qantas can provide the cheapest flight deals to their customers as in holiday season which will increase airline’s profit and more people will travel with Qantas airline.

The following are the list of recommendations for Qantas airline which needs to be consider sustaining in a business for longer time.

  • Workforce Management:  the airline industry is largely dependent on its Employee at all levels.  The airline provide training and upgrade their technology      skills of its employees but, however in the recent there has been cut down jobs in Qantas which could affect to airline industry to continue their service. As Qantas employee people from diverse culture and trained their employees to adopt a Qantas culture However, a more localized approach would be the best option for the airline.
  • Transforming Qantas international:   In recent years Qantas has expand its business as internationally despite significant capital infusion but, however the airline still required some improvement which could be achieved by buying new aircraft with new technology feature and to connect more flight service for customers. Qantas airline also could connect their service with other countries to make profit for their business.
  • Safety and Security The safety and security of Qantas group to their customer and employees is always being the priority. Qantas was the first airline to introduce the integrated safety management system and Qantas continue to use the guide to approach to safety today but however, Qantas still needs to main the safety and security standards in future to compete in business market with the other airlines.


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