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General Medical Process at Maroondah Hospital

Discuss about the ICT on Innovation and Performance.

The healthcare organization is situated in the Ringwood East. Maroondah is known as the metropolitan teaching hospital that offers services that includes general and specialist medicines along with emergency medicine, services regarding critical services, surgery, allied health and ambulatory health. Within the case study, main focus has been put on the general medical process of Maroondah hospital. The process is consisting of all the activities that a patient has to follow in a general hospital. Detailed description of the process has been provided in the below section. The visit of individual patient has been considered in the case study. The process starts with admitting the patient and ends with discharge of patient. Individual patient record is maintained within the hospital. Treatment, Diagnosis and tests are included within the general medical process of Maroondah.

Doctors, therapists, receptionists, test experts and schedule planners are various resource groups within the organization. These groups are responsible for performing various tasks of the organization’s general medical process. Organizational knowledge, clinical information and medical knowledge is increased and understand by the points called work item, task and activity.

The purpose of the general medical process is offering cost efficient as well as high quality care to the patient of Maroondah hospital. This means that general medical process is done for providing better care to the patient while reducing the cost of the whole process without harming the quality of the process.

At first the patient registers at the front desk of Maroondah hospital through providing details to the receptionists. After the successful completion of registration, the schedule planner, regarding the initial diagnosis of the patient, creates an appointment. The doctor is responsible for carrying out the initial diagnosis. After the diagnosis is done, the doctor decides what needs to be done regarding the patient treatment. If the doctors decide that the patient requires no treatment then the patient is released. Another reason for releasing the patient can be inability of Maroondah hospital to provide treatment to the patient. Based on the collected initial diagnosis report and information, the doctor will refer the patient to another doctor. This doctor is often from other expertise and provide further assistance to the patient regarding the treatment. It may happen that the symptoms of the dieses are not clear to the doctors. In such cases, the doctors have to do further analysis on patient to identify the dieses and symptoms.


The tests can be of various kinds. Biochemical tests, function tests and visual tests are the most common among all the tests in Maroondah hospital. Various experts are required for doing a test on the patient. The doctors uses the reports, generated after successful completion of test, for understanding the patient condition in much better way. The responsible doctor may take a step to forward the treatment. The doctor, can choose to release the patient, do consulting with other experts, practitioners and doctors or request for further analysis. This analysis may consist of more tests or adequate therapies in accordance with patient health condition. Various options are available to the doctors such as surgery, medication, physiotherapy and radiotherapy that happen to be handled by the range of medical staff. Following therapy, a prospects is actually made good link between the actual therapies. For the medical diagnosis, test or therapy, a meeting should be created before you start because of the schedule planner.

Test: This is the dermatologist's selection pertaining to that testing should certainly end up being completed. There exists often standard protocol that designates the actual testing to try and do depending on early diagnosis. The testing can be executed in almost any order or in some cases concurrently. There are various unique testing, many turn out handled internal nonetheless other people additional by way of others due to the not enough educated team plus restricted equipment.

Therapy: This is the dermatologist's selection the way to proceed. In the event of surgery or radiotherapy an additional practitioner is actually engaged who seem to might look at the therapy as a whole new instance and she could possibly start with a much more precise medical diagnosis method just before beginning the actual therapy. Given that there could possibly be many remedies which might be executed as well we have used a repeater structure such as "testing ".

  • Low effectiveness is the absolute most visible problem. Some of the waiting time is excruciating for patients, and also delays in obtaining test results and unwanted tests.
  • For the reason that processes require numerous central units and external companies, conversation can be a major issue. To be sure punctual diagnosis needs advanced level cooperation among these entities which can even be not easy to manage.
  • Condition administration must be enhanced according to the utilization of Electric Individual records.

Website: If a website is developed for Maroondah hospital, then the patients can register themselves on their own. If the number of new patients are more than general, the receptionist may take more than required time to register each of them one by one. A patient has to wait until another patient is registered. If the website is developed, then individual patients can register themselves at the same time. The capacity of the website has to be processing hundred requests simultaneously so that website does not crash.

Using an Organization Wide Shared Database: The shared database will allow the organization to have all the data in the same place and better efficiency in providing information to the required personnel. The whole hospital employee and doctors can access that database and update of any data can be accessed by authorized user.

Using Hybrid Cloud Application: Through the use of cloud application that is shared with other hospitals, Maroondah hospital can actually see the results of the tests or previous health condition of the patient if that patient has taken treatment from partner healthcare center. This will surely result into less cost of treatment and less time of patient care.


Best Practices

Solution Explanation



waiting time is unbearable for patients


The hospital should process the request in form of larger number of queue formation. Higher number of queues would help in the process of clearing out the records of the patient faster.

The hospital should fast forward their work and gather the information of the patients before the scheduled appointment. Most of the appointments these days are pre booked. Thus the hospital should collect the reports based on the appointments and store them so that the process can be fast forwarded.

The time that is required for on patients would be reduced if the process of parallelism is used. Higher number of queues creation would help in process in higher number of patients at given time which would speed up the process as well as the waiting time of the patients. The hospital should fast forward their work and gather the information of the patients before the scheduled appointment.

The higher the number of queues formation the higher is the number of resources that needs to be provided for the completion of the checking procedure. This would in turn make the cost for the resources used would be more than the previous expenses.

communication is a big issue


Communication can be one of the biggest problem in an industrial sector. The problem due to communication can result in the loss of clients as well as in the loss of resources.

The advantage of using the outsourcing process would help the organization of retain the customers as well as process the request faster than before. The outsourcing of knowledge sharing work is done to a country with a different time line which would help in the provision of 24 hours of service to the clients.

The disadvantage of such process can be that the use of such outsourcing process can cost more than the previously incurred cost for the domain of communication. The outsourcing process of communication would require the sharing of data and information with other third party user which might hamper the data protection act of the patient as well as produce problems related to data theft and hacking.

Disease management needs to be enhanced

Separation of Duties

Dividing of the duties among different departments of the hospital would help in processing of the problems and issues of the patients at a faster rate. Creation of a separate department for the analysis of the patient’s details as well as the diseases they come to the hospital with would help the hospital in understanding their weakness and strength in the form of disease control.

Advantage of the usage of this process is that the data analysis would provide better insight in the process of understanding the drawbacks and the strengths of the hospital in the field of treatment of the patients. If the hospital is able to do this then they would be able to work on their weakness for the benefit of the hospital and in turn make a profit in the field of revenue as well as in the field of expanding their working environment.

The disadvantage of the use of such process is that due to the process of increasing the number of departments the management of the departments would become more complicated and the resources to be incurred in the management of the resources would be more. The process of requesting the reports from different departments would become more tiresome in the case of an emergency patient in the hospital. The departments should be interconnected to make the process of department creation better for the hospital.

delays in obtaining test results and unnecessary tests


The process of prioritization is the use of proving priority number to the cases which are coming into the hospital for diagnosis. The patient who are deemed as less critical can be provided with a general category bed for them whist reserving the critical unit beds for the patients who are to visit the hospital with much serious cases.

The advantage would help the hospital in managing the process of providing bed to the patients.  Creation of a separate department for the analysis of the patient’s details. The reserving of the beds for the most critical patients and providing the common beds to the patients with a lesser serious cases then they would be able to receive the best care from the hospital along with the fluid flow of patients care.

The disadvantage can be reported as the disallowance of beds to the patients due to the setting of the priority of the beds and cases. There may be patients who require an urgent bed but they are not in a serious condition to provide them with an intensive care bed. This would mean that the patient has to go away. This may become a serious issue for the hospital if the patients gets to go away then there may be  a loss of resource as well as clients

difficult to manage all  entities


The interfacing of different situations is the process of making use of different departments as well as employees for the fluid transaction clearance and process verification for the patients that are visiting the hospitals for the access of the features of the hospital.

The advantage of this process is that the entities will be able to be managed easily and the process of management of the working process would help in the easier understanding of the processes and formalities that needs to be followed for the admission procedure. Processing the request faster would help the client to stay happy in the form of cutomer support provided to them from the hospital.

The disadvantage is that the process can become longer and tiresome for the patients home party for the admission to be completed.  The hospital should fast forward their work and gather the information of the patients before the scheduled appointment. The process can often make the patient impatient during the time of admission.

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