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Austpak IT Solutions is a mid-sized IT company. It is in a very competitive environment and the goals and strategies are crucial to both the company’s profitability and its survival. The IT manager at Austpak IT Solutions is in charge of IT systems development. In the past, she has supervised and participated in developing the strategic goals for the company. This document has been supplied to you as Austpak IT Solutions Strategy Document V1.pdf. Austpak IT solutions are keen to stay competitive. Their strategic goals were documented twelve (12) months ago and will need to be re-addressed, due to no action occurring to implement the original strategy document.

  1. Analyse the current strategic plan (Austpak IT Solutions Strategy Document V1.pdf), including the current hardware and software assets, network infrastructure and website.
  2. Conduct a SWOT analysis to identify strength and weakness of the current system in order to identify possible solution(s) and the opportunities and threats for the company.
  3. Conduct a GAP analysis to represent the gaps between current operational performance of the organisation and the performance required for successful strategic performance.
  4. Based on the information gathered, identify at least two possible solutions that will impact the system in order to improve productivity, cost, and efficiency. These solutions should take into account the implications of introducing the changes.
  5. Prepare a Comparison table that will compare the advantages and disadvantages of the current system and proposed system.

Prepare a draft report that identifies and documents the business needs identified during Task 1.

  1. Identify and confirm the problems with the current system
  2. The results of your SWOT analysis, including a breakdown of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  3. The results of your GAP analysis, including graphs to illustrate the results
  4. Identify and justify any proposed solutions, including the impact of the proposed changes
  5. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of both the current system and the proposed system
  6. Develop an Action Plan containing targets and implementation methods for the proposed changes, ensuring that the appropriate considerations are taken into account.
  7. A strategic project plan to address the system upgrade

Upload your report to my.evocca for your tutor to provide feedback and negotiate final approval.

  1. Confirmation of the problems with the current system
  2. The results of your SWOT analysis for Austpak's business
  3. The results of your GAP analysis of Austpak's systems
  4. Two possible system solutions that will improve Austpak's system
  5. A comparison table that compares the advantages and disadvantages of each solution
  6. Possible business impacts due to the proposed changes
  7. An action plan for implementation of the proposed changes
  8. A strategic plan addressing the system upgrade

The main purpose for this document is to explain the System Analysis, problem with current system, do the SWOT and GAP analysis, along with advantages and disadvantages of the current system and old system. This document also find out the implications to the way toward looking at a business circumstance with the purpose of enhancing it through better strategies as well as techniques. The action plan and its configuration identifies with molding associations, enhancing execution along with accomplishing destinations for benefit and development. The accentuation is on frameworks in real life, the connections among subsystems and their commitment to meeting a shared objective. Taking a gander at a framework and deciding how satisfactorily it works, the progressions to be made and the nature of the yield are parts of framework examination. Associations are perplexing frameworks that comprise of interrelated and interlocking subsystems. Changes in one a player in the framework have both foreseen and unforeseen outcomes in different parts of the framework. The frameworks endorsement is a state of mind about the investigation and outline of Windows based applications. It gives a system to envisioning the authoritative and natural variables that work on a framework. At the point when a Computers are brought into an Austpak IT Solutions, different capacities' and brokenness' work on the client also on the Austpak IT Solutions. Among the positive results are enhanced execution and a sentiment accomplishment with quality data. Among the unexpected outcomes may be a conceivable danger to representatives work, a diminished resolve of work force due to back of inclusion and a sentiment terrorizing by clients because of PC ignorance. The investigator's part is to evacuate such feelings of dread and make the framework a win.

The Austpak IT Solutions right now utilizing a old hardware as well as Window operating system i.e. XP for which Microsoft has stopped their support. Most of the information is kept in older formats records in the Austpak IT Solutions main subversive circulation centre. The company employees are finding very tough to compete with latest technologies which their competitors are using. Information more established than a year are moved in different distribution centres outside the base camp. There shall be always security concern with the current system as most of the software are runned on new platform. In addition, distribution centres are loaded with tremendous measure of records along with some of them are scarcely at any point utilized. The storage space has also become bit of concern for Austpal IT solutions as there is not enough storage for new software or any other records to maintain. Moreover, a document management system is very hard to manage in the current system. In the current system as it is very slow, the individual should sit long time to access all the document for checking. Likewise, if record is lost or harmed then it is very hard to do the recovery. Accordingly, a reinforcement has not been kept by the current system. Be that as it may, if a record is altered vindictively, the reinforcement is futile as changes are not followed and it may be past the point where it is possible to acknowledge about the issue.

Internal Environment

External environment


· According to IT bolster staff crosswise over grounds for their aptitude, devotion, adaptability as well as the nature of administration they gave

· The unwavering quality of the grounds system along with endeavor frameworks was viewed as a quality.

· The Austpak IT Solutions commended the accessibility of PCs along with said it was anything but difficult to discover offer assistance.

· Austpak IT Solutions particularly have good administrations as well as qualities to handle any situation.

· The consultants changes in correspondence along with connections between focal IT and dispersed IT staff.


· Workers distinguished open doors for enhancing effectiveness and diminishing expenses through economies of scale, joint effort and distributed computing. Representatives and understudies both recorded development of remote system access as an open door.


There is concurred that an absence of profundity in specialized staff was reason for concern. There was likewise affirmation that absence of subsidizing for IT was a worry, yet maybe all the more concerning was a focal IT financing model in light of to a great extent on phone and system port charges. Financing levels and strength additionally make enrollment and maintenance issues for specialized staff.

· Both bunches invested impressive energy examining shortcomings identified with coordination of focal and conveyed IT administrations. The gatherings indicated absence of SLAs, absence of standard working strategies, absence of administration along with  poor correspondence as huge shortcomings.

· Lack of viable administration and coordination is fixing to IT benefit conveyance and bolster shortcomings. The gatherings distinguished irregularity, administration and wasteful business forms as shortcomings.

· A fourth region of concern was IT vital arranging. Workers communicated worries about absence of structure and straightforwardness in arranging and basic leadership,

· Students communicated disappointment with irregularities in the nature of grounds sites, and irregularities in innovation in PC labs and classrooms. They said that numerous grounds web frameworks are not easy to understand and are not incorporated with each other. Also, they recorded an absence of remote system scope in a few ranges as a critical shortcoming.


· The most huge risk imagined by personnel, staff and heads was the test of adjusting the Austpak IT Solutions innovation limit with quickly rising desires. The gatherings likewise recorded security challenges, legitimate commands and financial conditions as dangers.

· Austpak IT Solutions perceived that developing interest for innovation makes a risk. They recommended that the quickly developing scope of cell phones may make a danger to the nature of support. The team likewise perceived the strain that developing innovation requests would put on the company, communicating worries about spending needs. At long last, team recognized worries about access to innovation in instances of crises.

(Quincy, Ronald, 2013)

  1. Conduct Gap Analysis

Currently in place


Gap Y/N

Items needed

Pentium Dual Core 2.4GHz, 1M, 800Mhz

Skt 775 M/board, Integrated Audio/Video-

Memory Shared w/ Ext Memory & Lan. 1 Serial,

2 PCI & 1 PCI Ex, 4 USB,

1GB DDR2 Memory,

80GB SATA Hard Disk Drive


DVD Rewriter Drive

Mid - Tower Black Case, Speakers

USB Keyboard

Scroll Mouse USB & pad

Latest Processor,

New Motherboard

Audio/Video card

Hard disk drive internal



New LCD based monitors

New USB keyboard , Mouse USB and Wireless


Intel Kaby Lake Core i5-7600K 3.8GHz Quad-Core

Corsair H100i v2 70.7 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler


G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory

Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive

18.4 LCD  based Monitor

NZXT S340 (Black/Red) ATX Mid Tower Case

EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply

Asus VG248QE 24.0" 1920x1080 144Hz Monitor

Razer BlackWidow Chroma Wired Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries Rival 100 Wired Optical Mouse


Kingston - HyperX Fury Black 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4-2133 Memory

Operating System, Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2

Application Software, Microsoft Office 2007

Anti-Virus Software, Norton Anti-Virus, Norton Internet Security 2008

Adobe Acrobat CS4

MYOB Accounting Plus Version 15

 Latest Operating System,

Latest Microsoft office 2016

Updated Norton Anti-Virus

Updated Norton Internet Security

Latest MYOB Accounting Plus version

New Adobe Acrobat Reader


Windows 10 Professional Version

Office 365

Norton Anti Virus 2016

Norton Internet Security 2016

Adobe Acrobat Reader

MYOB Acounting Plus Version 19

Local Area Network

Wired Network

New Improved LAN  or Wireless Services


Wireless Network shall be set-up

E-commerce catalog & Product Features

Administration Features

Updated E-commerce

Catalog & Product features with New design


The catalog & product features shall remain same

( Business Analyst, 2013)

  1. Record the information gathered from the Gap Analysis

Gap analysis

Objectives: To evaluate the present system requirements such as Hardware and software, along with E-commerce functionality, to regulate network gaps as well.

Findings: An environmental analysis produced the following weaknesses and opportunities:


The current hardware and software are outdated also there are various concern related to new software not running on these old systems.

The wired network are also very old and they are always issue in them and due to that there always issue related internet speed.


• The new wireless devices can cater to all the networking requirements of the company.

Implications: There is a huge gap amongst what the current hardware and software can presently do and new solutions shall be able to do with speed. At present, Austpak IT Solutions are using 10 years old, most of which are outdated have no support. This makes comparison amongst diverse solutions difficult.

Recommendations (if required): The Austpak IT Solutions ought to produce as well as execute strategy for updation of system that shall permits development of the company goal to get into top 5 of the market.

(Business Analyst, 2013)

Current System

Proposed system


The current staff is used to old working style, and that shall be easy for them to manage company’s business requirements.

Market team has very much used to old method of doing the sales and market the company’s product.


The cultural gap between the old and proposed system has widened over the years.

The security issues will there with old system, as they are using outdated softwares.


The Austpak IT Solutions shall have better ccommunication when proposed system  with assistance of  new hardware and software technologies such as faster messaging functionalities, cheaper, faster and more reliable way for Emails, voice and video calls via various methods such as Skype.

The proposed system shall be Cost effective along with productivity level shall tend to increase with new software application such MYOB new version, Microsoft office 365 indorses more well-organized process of the Austpak IT Solutions as well as correspondingly advances the source of data to various stakeholders involve for decision making; smearing the proposed  system shall correspondingly help Austpak IT Solutions team to place superior prominence on computer skills. This shall company garner competitive edge with newly acquired skill and knowledge.


Joblessness along with absence of work safety, with implementation of proposed system the Austpak IT Solutions shall save huge amount of time, but due to automation of the processes as well as throughout the conclusion of responsibilities various jobs might become obsolete such as Stenographers, Data entry operators etc.

The proposed system for upgradation of new information technology it might make Austpak IT Solutions leader in its market. But it might also lead to more dominating culture towards the weaker one.

  • The New hardware shall be having facility to adapt to new software proposed for Austpak IT Solutions.
  • The employees of Austpak IT Solutions shall gain advantages shall be as par with their competitors.
  • The Austpak IT Solutions shall be able to cater to new market requirements with updated features in their current system.
  • New jobs shall be created for the support engineer and maintenance engineer in the Austpak IT Solutions.
  • The old employees shall find it difficult to adapt to changes that shall be done in Austpak IT Solutions hardware and software.
  • Some staff members might lose their job, due to non-adherence to technologies.
  • The costing of the proposed shall be on the higher side and company has also spend on training as well as hiring new resources for the handling new software and hardware requirements.

Action Plan



1. Gather all the requirements

2. System Analysis

3. Design and Integration

4. Testing and final implementation

5. Sign-off


1. Consultants

2. Business owners, Business analyst

3. Designers and developer

4. Testers and developer

5. Business Owners


1. 2 (consultants)

2. 2 (Business Analysts)

3. 3( 1 designer and 2 developers)

4. 3 (1 Tester and 2 developers )


1. 2 Weeks

2. 2 Weeks

3. 4 Weeks

4. 2 Weeks

5. 1 Week

Evidence of success:

The system shall be considered successful, after final implementation of the whole project.

Evaluation Process:

The audit shall be done to evaluate all the hardware and software requirements of the  Austpak IT Solutions

Internal Considerations

External Considerations

  • Who will be incharge to co-ordinate with consultants
  • The finances for new hardware and software buying shall be approved from finance departments
  • All the licenses purchased shall be legal
  • They should provide resources for the requirements.
  • The team shall be deputed for this upgradation project of Austpak IT Solutions
  • The team shall be deployed to work on external operation such marketing and sales.
  • The competitor analysis should be done to capture the new requirement in the market
  • All the Government bodies approval shall be taken as per the project requirements such as Security certificates and government approval for various business functions.

Assessor Use Only

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  • Business Analyst | Do We Need a Mature GAP Analysis?", 2013, retrieved from
  • Lonnie, D Bentley, 2017, Systems Analysis and Design for the Global Enterprise, 7th Edition, retrieved from
  • Quincy, Ronald, 2013 "SWOT Analysis: Raising capacity of your organization". Rutgers School of Social Work.
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