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Discuss about the Impact Of Acquiescence On The Evaluation Of Personality Structure.


The employees

Commonwealth Bank


Subject: Announcement for an event.

Dear Employees,

I, Patrick Watson, am the Communications Manager of the Commonwealth Bank love to announce that we are conducting a dinner event on 15th December 2018 are the Westin Hotel at Martin Place, Sydney. The event starts at 6 pm and lasts till 11 pm at night. This email is being sent to all of you for that reason.

 Like every year Commonwealth Bank has organized the plan and I hope all the employees will participate in that event so that the event will make it successful step in this year also. There are some celebrities and political persons also coming in this even so the event will be grace on its own. The honorable Prime Minister of Australia ‘Malcolm Turnbull’ will come on that day and will inaugurate the process of ‘Merger Benefit Scheme’ for matrix organization proposed by Commonwealth Bank. On the other hand, famous actor ‘Hugh Jackman’ and actress ‘Nicole Kidman’ will come on that event. However, we need our employees at every step as they are the resources for us and inspire us to make those events successful.

I will be eagerly waiting for all of you on that they as the completion of the event based on your participation. Please have a concerned look over the matter and be with us on that very day.

Thanking you                                                                                      

Date: 28.05.2018                                                         

                                                                                                         Patrick Watson

Communications Manager

Commonwealth Bank of Australia


Malcolm Turnbull

The Prime Minister of Australia


Subject: Request for attending the event organized by Commonwealth Bank

Respected Sir,

With all humility, gratitude and appreciation, I bid you with warm greeting and request you to make a concern look at my declaration. We, Commonwealth Bank of Australia celebrate a grand dinner event on 15th December 2018 at the Westin Hotel at Martin Place, Sydney. I will request to you, on behalf of the entire Bank management to come to that event and oblige us.  

I will also highlight that fact that Commonwealth Bank will be going to start from 17th December is the Merger Benefit Scheme and we want that you will inaugurate the scheme and proposed a good luck for matrix organizations in Australia. The event starts at 6 pm and lasts for 11 pm at night. We know that you have some prescheduled works and you are quite busy with these works but if you manage quite a bit of time for us, merely an hour or two and come to us then it will be the huge boost for the Bank and the followers who willing to come to see you. This is a humble request to you that be our chief guest on that night and make a huge fulfillment of that event.

Email to Staffs

I hope, you consider the issue and manage a little bit of time for the event and oblige us.

Thanking You

Date: 28.05.2018

                                                                                                      Patrick Watson

Communications Manager

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The event proceeding is good and all the necessary steps have been formulated. In case of event handlings, some significant steps need to be followed and that impacted on the successful completion of business decision making and the good way to finish the program. At first, the purpose of the event needs to be cleared and the program entirely covers the dinner event of a bank and that is quite clear to everyone. The target audience is also important in that state and that is the reason all targeted employee, special guests have been invited. All logistic programs have been set. The issue of the parking facility, employees’ car places, the timely vehicle for picking up the celebrities and chief guest is the crucial matter of event. Engagement with social media and promotional aspect of the event is also necessary and in that way, better market promotion can be acclaimed. The entire staffing of the event is crucial and that is the reason most of the employees selected for the process are proficient enough. Catering, music, decoration and lighting all these aspects are controlled in the right manner and that showcases the entire process in a systematic way. The health and safety issues are controlled in a right manner. All the sections of the banquet are controlled by the CCTV camera and security systems are best in quality. Surveillance process uses in this hotel is high in standard, as Prime Minister of the nation and other dignified celebrities has come in this hotel so special attention is required. The process of entry and exit will be checked thoroughly and that is the reason most of the undesired acts can be controlled in an effective manner.

The final event report structure will be looked like this way. The timetable of the process is important and that is the reason it has been prepared to make most of the work in time. The timely preparation and execution are important for that matter and the bits of help in the systematic process of the event.



Gathering and meeting about the program

5 pm

Welcoming and Introduction

6 pm

Arrival of chief guest  (Approx)

6: 45 pm

Arrival of celebrities (Approx)

7 pm

The process of inauguration

7:10 pm

Small speech from the chief guest

7:15 pm

Speech or performances from the celebrities

7:20 pm

Dinner for everyone (Start time)

7:45 pm

Exit of chief guests

8 pm

Exit of celebrities

8:15 pm

Dance program and drink session

8: 25 pm

Final process of end of dinner (End Time)

10: 50 pm

Wrapping up the whole thing (Quick manner, extra people or supporting staffs are needed)

11 pm

Any due payments and closure of the event

11: 10 pm

Table 1: Assumed entire timetable of the event

(Source: Created by Author)

In my academic progression, I have confronted some situations that stretch my horizon and help me in future. The aspect of reflective writing is the key issue that I have learned along with the feedback of my lecturer. The issue of communication material is significant in this case as the suitable progression to improve the systematic behavior is the key matter of this process. The effectiveness of communication that I have learned in assessment 2 is important and it helps me in my future in case of decision making situation. The process of single document belief and make suitable approach to improve the situation is the crucial matter for me. The situation is under control as I stated some improvement in my learning.

Email to Special guest

I understand the culture of organizational business communication. The process of effective business communication, in that case, is essential enough to evolve the nature of the business. In many cases, conflict situation arises in the organization and the reason behind the conflict situation is the positional aspect of the situation of misleading by the leader, but on other hands, the situation is changing the dimension through the effective use of communication. The use of communication is the most important things that I have learned. Organizational leadership desires to be mindful of what information desires to be collected when it should be mutual and what procedure should be implemented to share information (Morey 2015). The impact of leadership is the most challenging aspect to formulate in the right place. In my academic learning, the process is known to me. The employee engagement is the clear idea that I have got in this session and that help in the matter of engaged culture. This is the identifying nature that enhances business process and in that situation, same interpretations are important for the development of the business (Rammstedt and Farmer 2013).

In case of organizational communication, there is mainly formal oral communication is used. In some cases nonverbal communication is important and in case of intercultural communication, an aspect of body language and facial expression, tonal quality has come in between the communication and that is the concern reason of this process (Mischel 2013). In my academic process, this is the most important chapter that I have faced and that controls the communication issues.

I learned the process of Turnitin and understand that similarities in writing are not desirable in the academic writing process. The contents are quite similar in some cases and I have taken some secondary resources for the completion of the research. In that case, most of the writings are unique and rudimentary in nature but the influence of secondary sources is the crucial factor of this process. The preparation of full document may have some situations where quotation or the paraphrased lines are used and in those cases chances of plagiarism can be detected (Credé et al. 2012). This is the main reason which is copy-paste or improper paraphrasing is not considered be in the right way. In most of the parts are free from plagiarism but in some places where immature paraphrasing or wrong way to choose the words are the main concern and that impacted on my writing. In case of Turnitin, I can check my grammar related issues also and that will deliver a different dimension in my writing. In that case, there are some minor problems may happen in writing and through the grammar check process; the writing will be flawless in some cases.

Progress Report to Chief Executive Officer

The use of use of models and theories are also important in that case and that is the reason inclusion of these theories and models are important for development of the paper (Park et al. 2015). Through the theories and model justification on any processor, matter can be acknowledged and that is the key understanding of that. I also understate the important of rubric and try to maintain that for the development quality writing.

The ultimate thing that I have learned from my lecturer is the structure of the assignment, important of references and citation. These three things are important as well as significant for the framing of the assignment. This is a process of academic progression and that effect on the learning nature on me. This is one of the important matters in academic progression. The use of referencing style is also important as per the requirement of the university or student.

The learning process is good for me as the effective use of communication or the leaning practices are known to me. The effective use of self-assessment suggests people low in an expertise tend to misjudge their knowledge of that talent whereas people high in a skill tend to undervalue it (Di Fabio, Palazzeschi and Bar?On 2012). It is significant to be familiar with that while this solves my difficulty in the short term you also require to be looking towards the future. This is a process that requires techniques and conduct of learning to turn out to be more self-aware and set up systems to calculate my growth. The reason should external process right at the present is because that will pay for both times to work on the skills as glowing as being evaluated (Blevins et al. 2015). These are the concern aspects of learning and that evaluated in the form of gaining knowledge and implements the process for the better development of my enhancing nature of learning assessment of any paper. These are the most common process of the completion of the assessment and that evaluated in my learning assessment.


Blevins, C.A., Weathers, F.W., Davis, M.T., Witte, T.K. and Domino, J.L., 2015. The posttraumatic stress disorder checklist for DSM?5 (PCL?5): Development and initial psychometric evaluation. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 28(6), pp.489-498.

Credé, M., Harms, P., Niehorster, S. and Gaye-Valentine, A., 2012. An evaluation of the consequences of using short measures of the Big Five personality traits. Journal of personality and social psychology, 102(4), p.874.

Di Fabio, A., Palazzeschi, L. and Bar?On, R., 2012. The role of personality traits, core self?evaluation, and emotional intelligence in career decision?making difficulties. Journal of Employment Counseling, 49(3), pp.118-129.

Mischel, W., 2013. Personality and assessment. Psychology Press.

Morey, L.C., 2015. Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI). John Wiley & Sons, Inc..

Morey, L.C., 2014. The personality assessment inventory. In Personality assessment (pp. 193-240). Routledge.

Park, G., Schwartz, H.A., Eichstaedt, J.C., Kern, M.L., Kosinski, M., Stillwell, D.J., Ungar, L.H. and Seligman, M.E., 2015. Automatic personality assessment through social media language. Journal of personality and social psychology, 108(6), p.934.

Rammstedt, B. and Farmer, R.F., 2013. The impact of acquiescence on the evaluation of personality structure. Psychological assessment, 25(4), p.1137.

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