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Accomplishment of skills required in an international manager

Describe about the International Management Focuses To Establish Appropriate Operations To Manage A Business In More Than One Country ?

International Management Focuses To Establish Appropriate Operations To Manage A Business In More Than One Country. Professionals working in international management must be familiar with the languages, cultures, economic condition and political atmosphere of a country where they are actively working for a multinational farm. Skills of an International business manager or a global leader are more critical than other professionals. According to Tietze (2013), global leaders are rare breed with distinguishable attributes. Global leadership is not about just doing business abroad. It is about leading a multinational organization in different countries where the issues of different culture, different languages, and complex legal and economical conditions are present. According to the situation of the market a global leader should be able to make changes to the existing marketing strategies of his company keeping the organizational goal intact Mendenhall (Osland 2012). To do so, some unique skill sets are required as an organization fully depends on a global manager while spreading their business in another country. So the decisions of a global manager will decide whether the business will rise or will fall.

In this task 2, I will discuss about the skills a global manager should carry to handle a business in a different country. This task will also shed light on my personal development to become a global manager and how I will use those enhanced skills to help enhance the organizational achievements in the future.

After doing a self evaluation, I have found that I have the virtuosity which will allow me to work as an international manager in an international management of an organization. I have developed 11 skills that will help me to become a successful international manager in the future

I have a tendency to travel overseas, so I do understand what doing business in a monotonous and stagnant world is like. I also understand that out ranking my own cultural perspectives while learning how I can conduct business in a difficult context is very crucial (Cumming 2015). Having these qualities, I can take perfect decisions and can perform according to the condition of an overseas market to achieve success for my organization.

Self awareness is an important skill to communicate with an overseas market and with the clients and customers of that market. I have achieved self awareness by understanding my beliefs and by figuring out where those believes might differ from an individuals from a different culture and a different country (Duval et al. 2012). Having this quality, I can adapt and consume deep seated beliefs of people from different cultures. I also understand that being tolerant is also an important task of an international manager.

This is another crucial subject that creates huge impact on overseas businesses. Each and every culture has different rules and regulations, and different dos’ and don’ts’ (Feng et al. 2013). I understand this fact and I know that to become a successful international manager I must learn those life styles while living in a different cultural atmosphere. Going through several books, journals, online articles has helped me to learn about the different cultural behaviors of different countries. So it can be said that I am flexible enough to work in an environment where cultural diversity is at its best. And having a habit of learning more and more about different cultures I can adopt in any overseas market.

Modesty is a primary tool to get close to the people of a country with different thinking, life style and cultural beliefs. Close relation with the clients or customers will allow acquiring their trust and securing a strong position in the market (Žiaran 2015). I have developed respect for other cultures and for their unique ways to deal with the problems they have in their daily lives.        So for me it will be easy to relate with them and to relate with those ideas while modifying our organizational strategies accordingly.

As the world is continuously evolving, I have developed a habit of acute curiosity and a desire to learn. Because I understood the fact that if I don’t learn then I will be left behind and as a result I will not be able to keep up with my peers (Woods 2012). I believe that more I learn, more I will be able to find out unique ideas to help my organization to gain success in international markets.

I believe that the definition of honesty and truth deviates widely in the business arena. To conduct successful business deals, sometimes people exclude some information to make something as presentable as the other party wants to see (Ferrell and Fraedrich 2014). I don’t agree with such behaviors. However, one can build own rules and regulations in his personal life, but in business setting I prefer to stay transparent and honest. If I am taking any responsibility or making a promise, I will deliver it as I know doing otherwise will harm my reputation and my organization’s reputation in the market.

I believe that my strategic thinking can serve the goal of an international manager carries while performing overseas. I think that while managing business overseas, as an international I should choose the best people from around the world (Kapferer 2012). I am following strategies of some organizations who have achieved tremendous success in global market to understand how the business world is working on global scale. This will help me to take strategic decisions in favor of my company.

I know that every country does not have same time and pace structure. So as an international manager I will perform hurriedness while allowing the local and regional activity to unroll at its own pace. Fulfilling the demand of competitive market while handling the pace of local employees can be frustrated sometimes. I understand that behaving impatiently while maintaining the degree of manner can cultivate good results. But I will have to act patiently while the results are coming out slowly but steadily.

I believe that communication creates a great impact on international business growth. It is very important to communicate clearly with the clients in their native languages or ask them politely to communicate in a universal language without insulting their mother tongue (Chatterjee and Subramanian 2013). Some managers rely on interpreters but I think this will prevent me to establish an amicable relation with my clients or customers. Having an everlasting habit of learning I will try to learn their language as much possible which will show my effort towards the customers and they will understand that I am not only willing to establish a business here but also willing to relate with them closely. This will help to achieve our organizational goal.

I think I am good negotiator which is a critical characteristic of an international manager. To secure a successful market hold across the ethnic, national and local boundaries it is essential to have strong negotiation skills. I have developed a strong negotiation skill as I can fulfill the terms of my organization while fulfilling most of the terms of the other party. This skill I acquired from following some highly successful multinational companies and by following some articles on how they negotiated with some third parties while keeping their organizational goals intact ( Trajković and Nikolic 2014).

I think to become a successful international manager it is important to respect the identities and integrations of others. I have developed myself in such a way that I never run away from any responsibility and I always try to influence other employees by showing interest in their work and by communicating with them on regular basis while sharing my ideas with them. I am sure that these qualities will help me to establish a leader like presence in the organization which is important for an international manager as he will have to lead a group of people from different countries, different cultures and different life styles.

I think there are two skills which are directly responsible to become a successful international manager in an organization. Those are Presence and Negotiation. An international manager will negotiate with the clients personally. So I think it is very important to become a master of negotiation. Besides, I will have to lead a team of employees from different cultures and lifestyles while serving as an international manager. So my presence is very important to motivate them to perform at their best.  So I decided to develop these two skills further in the next 6 months. I have created a personal development plan for that,


Current ability

Target ability

Development opportunity

Criteria to judge success

Time frame


Presence and Motivator

I believe I can motivate others by showing interest in their works and by helping them to solve an issue by sharing my ideas.

I don’t have any working experience on this skill. So my target is to evaluate myself while working in an organization and to develop this skill so that it can cause benefits to the business.

I am planning to work as a sales marketing manager and leading a marketing team. There I will get a chance to have my own team and will be able to evaluate this skill. By doing this I will find out the flaws in this skill. Then I will be able to enhance it so that my team can get influenced by my presence.

While leading a team in sales marketing management, if my team and me can achieve the organizational targets together in the given time, and if my team is following whatever ideas and strategies I am following then it will exhibit that my presence is influencing them.

Six Months

After six months my performance graph and relationship with my team members will the evidence of my success.


Notaprofessional negotiator.

Become a professional negotiator

As I will work as a sales marketing manager, I will have to negotiate with the clients and customers so that they can put their trust on our product.

I will declare myself successful when I will see that I have successfully negotiated with some clients, company was having trouble with.

Six Months

After six months my performance graph and the number of clients with whom I have negotiated successfully.  

Table 1: My Personal Development plan

(Source: Author)

Motivation is a process that makes a person move towards a particular goal. In management, motivation serves to get the best out of an employee so that productivity can increase. I believe that an international manager must be able to motivate the employees disregarding their cultures, languages, life style and country so that they can perform well to achieve organizational goals. Personally I gained my awareness on motivation from Herzberg’s motivational theory (O'Neil  2012).

Herzberg divided job factors into two classes, Hygiene factors and motivational factors.

Hygiene factors do not lead to satisfaction but in case of absence of Hygiene factors, there will be dissatisfaction in the workplace.Hygiene factors points out the physiological needs of the employees which are salary, company policies, benefits, working condition, status, corporate relation and job security (Richard  2012).

Salary of the organization must be adequate so that employees can fulfill their daily needs. Besides, if a company is not offering salary equal to or more than any other company in the same field, then it will create dissatisfaction. Any employee wants an organization that maintains flexible company policies. Flexible working hours, dress code, proper breaks, vacation etc. If a company is offering several health care plans or insurances for the employee then it will create an atmosphere of satisfaction. Employees will stay loyal towards the organization. If the working atmosphere is not hygienic and safe, it will automatically create dissatisfaction among the employees. For the senior authorities, it is very important to maintain a healthy relation with the lower tier employees. Amicable behavior from the superiors will help the employees to work freely. The last but not the least par is job security. An organization must provide job security to the employees.

Motivational factors used to acquire positive satisfaction from the employees. Motivational factor has some strategies that help an employee to stay motivated towards his job. Recognition, sense of achievement, growth and promotional opportunities, responsibility, meaningfulness of work are the major parts of motivational factors (Malik and Naeem2013).

Negotiation is a process by which people can settle differences among them while avoiding argument and dispute. In any disagreement, individuals try to achieve best positive results for themselves.

There are three theories which are the base of it. They are decision analysis, behavioral decision making and negotiation analysis. Another classification of negotiation can be done by dividing it into four parts which are structural analysis, strategic analysis, process analysis and integrative analysis.

Structural analysis states that negotiation can be described with matrices like Prisoner’s dilemma (Wood and Khan 2015).

Process analysis follows structural assumptions as one side might be weaker or stronger. In this analysis negotiation is considered to unfold between fixed points, stating point of discord and end point of convergence.

Interactive analysis divides the process into successive stages. It does not focus on fixed points. It arranges pre negotiation stages where parties make contact to each other in the first place.  The outcome is explained as the performance of the actors at different stages.


From the above assignment it is clear that I am able to work as an international manager in an multinational organization as I have developed all the qualities that an international manager must have. From different learning styles and paths I figured out those skills and qualities and then I took different steps to maser those strategies. In the above assignment I shed light on two of skills that I will acquire by joining an organization as a sale marketing manager. This will help me to develop the skills like negotiation and motivation. These two skills are not possible to develop or understand from journals or books. Besides, a communication training classes helped me to communicate clearly with the people.  So after the self evaluation I can say that I am ready to join any multinational organization as an international head.


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