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User Interface and Human-Computer Interaction

The user interface is for the designing of the fields with the Human Computer Interaction between the machines and the humans. The major goal is to allow all the effective operations and then control of the machine as well. This includes the feedback of the information which includes the working with the different aspects of creating the user interface with the involvement of the self-explanatory and the sufficient patterns for operating the machine. This includes the minimal input with the desired output which could minimize the undesired types of the output to the human. (Frost, 2015). With this, there is also a proper and an increased use of the computers which includes the management of the graphical user interface. The terms like the man machine learning is set with the computer interaction that corresponds to the usability engineering. The no user interface works on the computer systems and the computer graphics that is to highlight on the graphical user interface. There is different screen based thinking which are best for the applications. The screen based thinking leads to why no user interface is considered to be best. Some of the applications for the same are:

  1. The new technology for the motor engine is need which is able to properly design the steering wheel which results in the better products of the car, to reach towards it best potential.
  2. How the person is able to go to his car, where there are intermediate steps like the walking towards the car, unlocking the phone, checking the messages and then locking it and sitting in the car. (Botta et al., 2014).


Twisted Pair Cable

coaxial Pair Cable

Fibre Pair Cable


0-4 KHz

0 to 475 MHz

186 to 370 Thz

Cost inferred


More than twisted


Security pattern


Low than the fibre


Interference rating

Medium but lower than the coaxial

Medium less than the fiber



2.5 km

1 to 10 km

39 km

  1. UTP: This is the Unshielded Twister Pair Cable which is for handling the connections with the standards set to designator which wire is connected with the connector.

The UTP cost for this is low, where the speed range from 1 to 100 M with the higher attenuation, higher interference and the lower security range.

  1. STP: The Shielded Twisted Pair Cable which is for handling the electrical frequency interference and working on the shielding with the foil.

The STP is where the cost is medium set in between 1 to 150 M with the higher range of the attenuation, medium interference and the lower security.

  1. Radio: This includes the cost which is at the medium range with the speed that is set at 1-10M and there is a variation in the attenuation depending upon the signals, with high interference possibility and so the security is also less.
  1. Sensors: Internet of Things is important and could not be set without any smart sensors where there is a growth and a proper use of the technology. Here, there are transformations set for the manufacturers to implement and work towards the better connectivity and the analytics for the supply chain. This includes how there is a possibility to work on the smart sensors which include the identification of the items, locating them and then handling them with respect to the environmental conditions. The major advantage is that it is able to work on the different embedded products which could be important for improving the different processes of manufacturing and creating the new revenue resources. The disadvantage for this is that the sensors are leading to the loss of jobs of the people. (Borgia, 2014).
  1. RFID: RFID works on the technology which is for the tracking purpose and is used for the tagging to track the location for the different products. This includes how the RFID works over the other devices which is based on providing the unique identified for the object. The technology is there for working on the high frequency of the devices where the major reason comes for the use of the lack of the standards in the industry. The company has been able to invest in the RFID with the control and the benefits which comes when the items are tracked from company.

The major issues with RFID is the reader collision and the tag collision where the reader collision is when the two signals tend to overlap. With this, there is a need to tap on the response to the queries. With this, the tag collision occurs with the presenting in the small areas where it is easy for the vendors to properly develop the systems to respond to the tags one at a time.

The best example for this is the animal tracking tags with the credit shapes for the use in the access applications. It is important to identify the dogs for the permanent identification, where the dog owners had long used tattoos. (Jing et al., 2014).

c: Video Tracking: This is properly detecting the moving of the objects which is through the use of the camera. For this, the IoT the focus is on how to handle the relative purpose of moving the fast frame with relative effect to the frame rate. This leads to the increased complexity with the tracking of the objects which change the orientation over the time.

Cables for Networking

One of the example for the same is the video compression which is divided into the macroblocks and used for the motion vector that is given by the different motion parameters. Inorder to perform the video tracking, the algorithm is based on the sequential video frames with the output for the movement of the targets. There are different algorithms with the strength and the weakness and for the target representation and location.

The issues are of the performance as it is difficult to handle and check whether the movement cover is covering all or not.

There is issue related to the security and the privacy which is considered to be the major concern for the information technology. For this, there are different technologies which are set with the marketing share to get their standards. The securing of the devices and the applications is important as IoT allow the hackers to exploit for the common vulnerability of the IoT device platform set in the different class structures. (IoT, 2014). The low costs of the devise with the producers from issuing the security patches is there, where the privacy is about how the connectivity is important for the data creation that is associated to the objects.

The valuable data is set with the leveraging value where the data is for the proper purposes and the profit. The privacy is mainly to protect the individuals from the exposure in the IoT environment with the logical entity or the object that is for the unique identifier. The ability is also to communicate and work on the Internet of things over the network. Here, there are different end points where the data can transmit with the other points and then communicate. The interoperability is important for the functioning with the networked elements at the home, where there are issues related to the fragmentation of the data that comes from the different types of the endpoints, for the analysis, collation and the gathering of all the sensitive information. The security has not been important for the product designing.

The time needed for the requesting the trigger = 1s

The round trip delay in propagation is 12ms

The processing time request is 3ms

The time for the application transport is 2ms

Hence the total is 1.019s

Here it is seen that there is a proper communication which could be done at the time when the request for the particular transaction is being made. This is set at the time to process the requests and then make use of the round trip times. It becomes half of the data transport.

Hence, 6+2 ms= 8ms.

The Neilsen law includes the high end user connection speed which grows with time, where there is a possibility of learnability, efficiency, errors and the satisfaction. The computing and the mainstream press is for the handling of the data which is connected depending upon how the telecoms are sensitive. In this, the users are also reluctant to make use of the bandwidth, where the user base is working on getting better. The designing implications are related to the advancement of the equipment that runs fast with the address of more normal high end user work who is willing to work on the well-tested equipment.

When compared to Moore Law, it says that the computer is able to double its capabilities in the time of every 18 months which leads to the growth of about 60%. With this, the proper description of how the bandwidth will be able to handle the gating factor is described with the ability to make use of the different internet medium. With this, the major implications on IoT are based on the smaller models with the built of the virtual functioning and developing a proper RFID helps in handling the bigger markets.


Borgia, E. (2014). The Internet of Things vision: Key features, applications and open issues. Computer Communications, 54, 1-31.

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Jing, Q., Vasilakos, A. V., Wan, J., Lu, J., & Qiu, D. (2014). Security of the internet of things: Perspectives and challenges. Wireless Networks, 20(8), 2481-2501.

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