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Leadership Competencies Add in library

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Describe about leadership competencies and a change leader?



Leadership can be explained as the organization’s major capacity of dependable choices to settle and motivate the fellow employees to perform. Good leaders are the one who has the influential capacity to prolifically set and acquire the objectives or goals of the organization under troublesome scenarios and help the organization to attain their objectives and outflank the rivals and move forward. A great vision to attain the goals, self confidence, capacity to motivate others etc makes a great leader.

Leadership signifies different prospects to motivate individuals to attain their goals under different circumstances. Leaders are not only related to organizational administration. Leaders come under different diverse things and from all around the globe like political authority, religious initiative and crusading gatherings etc. As per the initiative of transformational thought a motivating leader is the man who possesses different qualities and accompanies the following:

  • Makes a distinct vision and goal to be achieved without any bounds

  • Persuades and rouses different persons to achieve the goal or attaining the vision

  • Figure out the strategies and ways to attain the goals for the benefit

  • Prepares and leads the group along with the goal for achieving the desired

Leaders are the ones who not only help themselves but also the other people and guide them to do the rightful things. Leaders create a major vision to achieve something. A Leader’s main motive is to win and achieve the impossible along with its team or group by motivating and energizing.

Leadership Competencies

Leadership talents, administration ways and relevant practices along with aptitudes always make a prolific leader. By making full utilization of the competency to deal with the associations can make a leader better setting example for the leaders of the future era (Cao, 1981).

Communication Skills: Effective leadership actually helps to know how to deal up with major components that are related to the association, clients, financial specialists etc. Leaders must always possess the capacity to prolifically adjust with important aspect related to the association’s success. Good behavior and relational abilities are very important in any leader’s experience and aptitudes arrangement.

1. Plan how you'll impart

Clarify the objective of the correspondence.

Plan precisely before sending it or meeting in individual

Anticipate the collector's perspective and sentiments.

2. Convey the message

Express your importance with conviction.

Relate the message to your bigger objectives.

Identify the move to be made.

Confirm the other individual gets it.

3. Get the message

Keep a receptive outlook.

Identify key focuses in the message (Giuliani & Kurson, 2002).

Value helpful input and utilization it to develop.

Confirm your comprehension.

  • Assess the viability of the correspondence a short time later

  • Make correct decision as necessary

Motivation: A key administration trademark is to situated exclusive requirements of responsibility for themselves and for their practices. They accept that others are watching them and afterward setting their own measures by what they do. They, indeed, show others how it’s done, only precisely just as somebody were chasing after them, covertly taking notes and photos of their everyday activities for others to see and follow up on. Motivational administration is in view of the law of roundabout exertion. As per this law, most things in human life are accomplished more effectively by aberrant means as opposed to by direct means (Grint, 2005). You all the more effectively turn into leader to others by showing that you have the characteristics of administration, than you do by requesting others to take after your bearings.


One can turn by rousing himself as a motivational leader. Persuading yourself towards brilliance can lead to endeavoring success. You can rouse yourself by providing heart and soul and motivation in a prolific way. You propel others persistently by searching different approaches to enhance the individual’s lives and helping them and motivating them to achieve their goals and objectives. You can only turn into a motivational leader by bolster them inside out. The major principle occupation is controlling and calls upon your advancement and makes it to the higher prospect of being a leader in every aspect of life.

Values & Goals: Leaders should first comprehend and afterward convey their own worth frameworks on the off chance that they are to be trusted and took after. Initiative originates from inside of us, as in profoundly held qualities and standards give the guide to the way we lead, and the way other individuals react. It is dependably the Leader's own worth framework that supports them in their journey, whether they are a man of immaculate good fiber, or truly unsavory (Kelly, 2006). On the contrary side, without a reasonable feeling of his or her own particular individual values, the Leader-to-be can get miserably lost, falling foul of irregularity and untrustworthiness as he battles to handle the constituents.

It is thoughts that rouse individuals, yet values that tie them together. At the point when a Leader imparts, he or she must be clear whether the subject is thoughts or qualities. Presently this may sound oversimplified, however how often do we hear government officials guaranteeing a thought as a profound, socially critical worth? Along with the values it the critical role of the leaders to set out the goals and achieve it (Lawler, 2005). It is for the good of the organization or personal good but the major role of the leaders is to motivate and employees and lead them to the ultimate goal that is being worked on.  

Strategy & Planning: It is the critical role of the leaders first to sort out the strategies that will be needed to implement in the long run for the success or achievement of the goals and objectives. The leaders should play a prolific role in outlining a strategy and then plan out its execution. A leader is proficient in choosing a well directive strategy by which it will enable to sort out how the objectives can be attained, then to planning is important so that the implementation of strategy works. It is the role of the leader to seek out for the best strategy and planning features (Raatma, 2003).

Vision: Vision and administration concentrates on adding to a typical vision and cultivating astounding initiative at all levels. Associations must add to a mutual vision to guarantee a typical reason and an attention on get ready youngsters for what's to come. Leaders ought to concentrate on the center business of learning and educating. Extraordinary leaders have a profound comprehension of progress and how to guide and oversee change that prompts enhancing results for youngsters.

Leaders have vision. They share a fantasy and course that other individuals need to share and take after. The initiative of purpose and your vision explanation creates a major statement of hierarchy. The authority vision gets into the environment of work and shows the prolific qualities and the major objectives possessed by the leaders of the association.

Leadership Abilities: Likewise with most prevalent adages, it is correctly said that the best leaders are not made but conceived. To some extent it is correct but in case of some incredible authority the situation is inherent (Safire & Safir, 1990). It is very essential for a viable leader to have a major grip on motivating its team and lead them to success.   

Correspondence: Leaders tend to possess good relational abilities. Good abilities to create or keep a relation at each level of business are very necessary. It is mandatory that leaders should possess exceptional abilities related to relations.

  • Persuading groups: Inspiring the team members is one of the major roles that a leader plays. Inspiring the team members and persuading them to work is the major quality that a leader possesses.

  • Group building: Leaders play the role to be a motivational individual to the group. Leaders tend to create major groups so that the functions could be admirably processed out. It shows a major characteristic of an admirable leader. Same if the group doesn’t perform well the leader is the whole responsible for the broken consequences and by huge means disappointing the authority.

  • Danger taking: It is critically important on the parts of the leader to figure out the risk. It is also necessary in the due course to take identified risks to come up to a conclusion. Good and motivational leaders take risks and for that if any failure occurs it is the leader that prolifically accepts its mistakes.

  • Objective and Vision setting: A team totally depends upon its leaders to show way to the work being assigned. The leaders always tends to know about the team and the way they are going to perform their tasks, when and how? Every single member of the group is more propelled towards the leader when they express their vision and the major objectives that need to be followed or achieved ('Special Issue Leadership Journal: Indigenous Leadership', 2014).

A Change Leader

After going through the classes and learning more on leadership, I prolifically have come to know about major new aspects of leadership that was totally unknown to me. The learning session and the quiz have given me a new prospect and whole new view towards the term ‘leadership’. In fact I would feel better calling myself a better leader or a change leader after going through a whole new session and learning outcomes on leadership. The learning sessions produced a great deal of new information about leadership (Tracy, 2014). As said above I would love to call myself a change leader because it gave me a whole dimensional change of knowing the major qualities of a leader and how leadership qualities can be well used in the long term of the organization to achieve the significant goals and objectives desired.

The learning session also provided the major changes that need to be understood and implemented so that the leadership becomes more effective. It also highlighted how motivation, strategies, planning etc can be a new point to signify the need in leadership change. From this learning session and the quiz related to leadership, I can prolifically state that it would surely educate and change the way of thinking and apply new ways to be a leader and take effective leadership roles by which the change will be for the good (Giuliani & Kurson, 2002).



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