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1.Describe the advantages and disadvantages of Portfolio Analysis, as it pertains to the BCG Growth-Share Matrix.

2.Explain how Corporate Parenting can contribute to an effective corporate strategy. Discuss how it can relate to a SWOT analysis.

3.Describe the two types of diversification strategies. Evaluate which of these two strategies you would recommend for your Strategic Audit firm to use moving forward and why.

4.Discuss the roles each of the four vertical growth integration strategies play in corporate strategy.

5.Describe what you believe to be the strategic differences between globalization, regionalization, and localization.

6.Discuss two reactive responses and two proactive reasons why firms wish to become involved with globalization.

7.Describe an entry strategy used by your Strategic Audit firm to enter global markets.

8.Describe the benefits and pitfalls of making a strategic alliance with another global firm.

9.Identify and analyze an actual global joint venture that has occurred over the past few years.

10.Discuss the difference between equity and non-equity strategic alliances.

11.Explain Corporate Scenarios and then describe how they can have an effect on the formulation and implementation of a firm’s strategy.

12.Describe the expanding roles outsourcing plays on creating an effective strategy. Discuss any outsourcing performed by your Strategic Audit firm.

13.Select a functional strategy and then discuss how this functional strategy can enhance a firm’s bottom line.

14.Discuss how Programs, Budgets, and Procedures can be used to create a successful strategy.

15.Analyze the various Stages of Corporate Development. Describe which Organizational Life Cycle Stage your Strategic Audit firm is currently in.

16.Describe the importance of synergy to an effective strategy.

17.Discuss what leadership or staffing skills a Board of Directors should be looking for when hiring a senior management person to implement a major strategic plan.

18.Describe the benefits MBO and TQM can bring to a new strategic plan.

19.Evaluate the part corporate culture can play when contemplating implementing a new strategy in a firm.  Describe briefly the corporate culture in your Strategic Audit firm.

20.Discuss the three types of controls that firms can use to evaluate a strategy.  Explain examples of each of these controls.

21.Describe various measurements of corporate performance.

22.Describe a specific strategic incentive management method you would use for your Strategic Audit firm.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Portfolio Analysis using BCG Growth-Share Matrix

1.Advantages of matrix

  • It assists to evaluate the position of the business portfolio.
  • It can be performed in a simple way.


  • It does not give focus on the external factors that can change the condition.
  • It can be evaluated that external share of the market is not only the factor of profitability.

2.Corporate parenting can help to give a contribution to proper corporate strategy as it is seen that it helps to accomplish the advantage of parenting.  It is seen that advantage of parenting is met when the parents give more emphasis on the portfolio of the business as compared to the rivalry. This is concerned with the SWOT analysis as it shows the disadvantages and advantages of the company (Galpin, 2018).

3.The two strategies related to diversification are concentric and conglomerate. Concentric is for the companies who have a good position but their attractiveness is low. The conglomerate is the situation when the organization analyzes that industry attractiveness is low. I would recommend related approach as it is good for Gulfstream aerospace's it is seen that they conduct the best activities.

4. The four strategies are

  • Full integration strategy: In this, all the resources are owned by the company. The disadvantage is related to the risk that will be beard by the company.
  • Taper integration: the production is less on the internal basis and purchases it made from the suppliers.
  • Quasi-integration helps the company to purchase the goods and services from the outlets.
  • Long-term integration strategy will be considered when a company wants to share the benefits and disadvantage of the company.

5.Globalization is considered as a strategy that will be considered so that business can expand its activities on a global basis. Regionalization is also one of the forms of decentralized regions and it is considered to offer a strong regional focus. Localization is related to consider the products of a particular local market (Hirst, Thompson & Bromley, 2015).

6.Two reactive responses are
  • Customer demand
  • Regulations and restrictions

Two proactive reasons are

  • Profits that will help to grab a large market share
  • The first mover in the emerging market

7.It is analyzed that Boston Beer Company entered the global market by exporting its Samuel Adams line of beer in the foreign markets. Samuel Adams was one of the first exporters who started exporting in the European countries.

8.The first benefit is to enter the market immediately in which the other companies are conducting the activities. When aligning with the company in the market, the company can enter the market without considering marketing and research which is required to achieve success in the market. By considering pitfall it can be analyzed that loss of control can take place (Babin & Zikmund, 2015).

9.The joint venture is considered as a term which is considered by two or more organizations so that competitive advantage can be achieved. It is not permanent but is created by signing the agreement which is for less time. The disadvantage is related to the low profits that lower the control of the companies (van der Meer-Kooistra & Kamminga, 2015).

10.It is seen that equity companies will invest financially in the companies whereas non-equity organizations will be dependent on the individual with the strategic business plans. Profits are shared in equity whereas in non-equity the companies will not share the profits.

Corporate Parenting and its Contribution to Corporate Strategy and SWOT Analysis

11.The corporate scenario is considered as a pro forma balance sheets and also income statements that help to analyze the impact of the strategies. The corporate scenario also gives impact on the process of decision making by considering a preview of the results.  

12.It is seen that outsourcing should be considered when the organization is successful. Outsourcing can help to enhance the efficiency and also reduce the cost. Southwest airline is trying to outsource the activities which can give a bad image on their name.

13.One of the functional strategies is marketing strategy which will help to increase the company bottom line. It is seen that if the good marketing strategy is not there then it cannot be possible to offer the products to the customers. Market saturation and market penetration is the strategy that will help to sell the products and make profits (Manning, 2017).

14.Programs are related to making a strategy which is strategy action oriented. Budgets are concerned with the final check on the feasibility. Procedures are created to conduct the actions of the company that will help to achieve success.

15There are various stages of the lifecycle, horizontal growth strategy, maturing firm, decline stage. Gulfstream is one the stage 3 which is organizational life cycle.

16.It is seen that goals and objectives can be achieved. Synergy is considered when the two things come together and give proper results. Proper strategy takes place when a proper planning of action is done (Tantalo & Priem, 2016).

17.The director focuses on the senior management who consider the strategy which is used by the organization. A person who is expert will be considered and also a profit planner that will help to enhance the performance.

18.It is analyzed that total quality management is a strategic tool whereas MBO is a performance management tool.

19.Corporate culture supports the mission and strategy of the organization. Southwest airline is having positive corporate culture. The employees conduct the activities with proper support (Guiso, Sapienza & Zingales, 2015).

20.Output control which helps to achieve objectives. Behavior controls help to specify the policies. Input controls give focus on the skills and values (Wheelen, Hunger, Hoffman & Bamford, 2017).

21.The measurements are traditional forms and financial measurements which will help to earn profits.

22.I would take into consideration the long-term evaluation method that will help to achieve profits. It is seen that in the last five years the craft beer market has enhanced and there are many craft breweries who are giving tough competition


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