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Anti-Discrimination Policy for BBQfun


Discuss About The Management Operational Plan Bbqfun Context?

The organization has established its operational environment and policy thus ensure it remains ethical and accurate regarding sales, advertising, and marketing. It will ensure that all activities and operations are in tandem with the Australian standards, legislation, and codes of conducts.[1] Without a doubt, the firm intends to use procedures and policies relating to its marketing materials to enable to comply with the country’s legislations relevant to the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau and marketing practices. Businesses in Australia operate under the Australian legislative and regulatory contexts. BBQfun is never exceptional and it intends to comply with these provisions.

BBQfun anticipate using the policy to ensure its transactions with stakeholders like employees, tenants and clients are handled transparently, fairly, and in accordance with Australian legal and organizational laws. The company understands that it is illegal to discriminate people based on different characteristics like sexuality, trade union activity, relationship status, sex, parental status, political and religion belief, and gender among other parameters.

The scope of the BBQfun anti-discrimination policy is to cover its contractors and employees. It has provided the procedures for implementing the policy in workforce induction kits. It remains the responsibility of the management, contractors, and employees to implement the anti-discriminatory policy. The relevant legislation that the company must comply with including Private Act 1988, Age Discrimination Act of 2004, Anti-Discrimination Act of 1991, Sex Discrimination Act of 1984, and Disability Discrimination Act of 1992 among other legislations.[2] The workplace relations legislations will allow the company to treat workers appropriately by offering acceptable wages and conditions. The Fair Act 2009 covers Australian workplaces. The company understands that the Fair Work Ombudsman regulates the Fair Work Act. BBQfun provides a minimum wages and workplace conditions to justify its awards or agreements.

The Australian consumer law also highlights the responsibilities and rights of consumers. This law prevents misleading and false conduct regarding sales, advertisement, and product provisions. The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 is a legislation that regulates the Australian business environment. There are various state protection agencies mandated to regulate the business activities. As a business entity, BBQfun has to comply with these consumer laws. The important requirements covered in this law include replacement or refund, product repairs, cancelling services, and compensating for losses and damages.

The employees will have to follow the procedures laid down by BBQfun. The customer and sales service personnel must adhere to the detailed written procedures as provided during the induction process. In most cases, the company expects the employees to use templates to help them in documenting marketing operations and activities. As new employees of the company, the company expects these workers to seek the manager’s approval for various online marketing activities. Importantly, the sales and marketing representatives should use marketing activities and materials that are relevant to the Privacy Act.[3] For instance, they should desist from using personal images to market the products without the consent. The online marketing staff should also comply with the legislations on Do Not Call Register for achieving marketing purposes. This shall violate the rights of customers. The BBQfun workers will also comply with the policy on anti-discrimination. This will ensure that any material used rarely portray an individual or group negatively. Such conducts are viewed under the law as stereotyping or offensive.

Australian Consumer Law and Regulations

The employees should also understand the significance of conducting their activities responsibly thus reduce risks to their safety and health. Importantly, it is critical for the employees to avoid spam campaigns in the company’s e-commerce strategy. This should involve complying with the Competition and Consumer Act of 2010. The workforce must thus avoid inducing individuals by sacrificing BBQfun’s interests for their benefits. The company has also provided procedures regarding the accessing unauthorized information by employees. Consequently, it has defined strategies and policies to ensure nobody violates regulations and laws. BBQfun also bars employees from giving misleading and false information relating to any claims, ethical conducts, and sustainability and environment of the company. Therefore, they should adhere to the codes and standards of practices depending on the media.

The operational plan is important in achieving the successful implementation of e-commerce strategy. Since the business depends on technology, the customers and the online customer representatives. Importantly, the operational plan would allow the company to deliver its product online, through the internet. This implies the plan addresses the aspects of distribution, inventory, facilities, production, and maintenance and services. As such, it is possible to achieve order fulfilment and offer quality customer service.




Current controls

Future actions

Failure to review resourcing and operations based on its marketing strategies



§  Aligning employee performance plans with its business plan and reviews

§  Offering managers incentives to achieve management policies

§  Review appropriate insurances and coverage regularly

§  Increase awareness of unethical business practices and legislations

§ Conduct industry benchmark in organizational performance areas

§ Reviewing online presence and opportunities

§ Review operational planning and marketing

§ Online sales staff

Inability to train employees on marketing strategies



Inability to identify changes in market environment



Failure to employ experienced customer service  and sales staff due to stiff competition



Risk update




1.      Failure to provide incentives to workers

§ Management offer financial and non-financial incentives to motivate them

§ Training workforce to impart relevant skills

Motivated employees maximize productivity and performance. This is the only way to overcome the underperformance issues

2.      Failure to protect the intellectual property thus exposing the company to third-party interference

§ Obtain the intellectual property rights to maintain the privacy of the organization and its customers

§ Comply with the privacy  Act by avoiding using personal images without written consents

§ Review its privacy policy

The safety of the company’s transaction and processes must be guaranteed. Given the current competitive pressure in the market, the company must protect its products and services by obtaining the IP rights.

3.      Failure to comply with the Australian occupational health and safety needs by allowing workers to operate without safety clothing

The management should conduct an industry benchmarking to improve organizational performance

Conduct the marketing of products and services in a responsible and safe manner thus reduce the risk to safety and health of workers and the public

BBQfun needs expertise and resources to achieve its marketing objectives that focus on becoming the leading player in online business operations. The company needs to invest about $30,000 and $100,000 in human and redevelopment resourcing respectively. The available resources will help the company to hire individuals with relevant skills and knowledge to boost the firm’s move to invade the online market. BBQfun can increase its revenues and market share and improve customer satisfaction based on the investments. Since the company intends to launch an online store, the company will not incur costs on storage, as customers will be made to pay for product delivery. BBQfun has a non-functional website thus requires redevelopment to meet the technical specifications. Therefore, the company requires resourcing to remain relevant to the external and internal standards. The provided resource planning will make it possible for the company to implement its e-commerce strategy.[4] This involves implementing physical resourcing and human resourcing.



Person Responsible

Resources/ Budget

Select the best company to redevelop BBQfun websites


Procurement manager


Advertise for the online customer service and sales rep


Human Resource manager


Recruit consultant


HR Manager


Interviewing candidates


Recruiting agency


Select the candidate


Recruitment Consultant


Hiring successful applicants


HR Manager


Based on the bid analysis, the best company to redevelop BBQfun’s website is the Innovative Technologies. The firm’s bid for the redevelopment plan was $90,000. This company has been selected because it has demonstrated its ability to improve the firm’s websites. Although Innovative Technologies and Premier Tech had equal maintenance capacity, payment options, future proofing, the former guarantees quality relating to the customer usage. Therefore, BBQfun will minimize cost and maximize quality relating to customer services. This is important for the future of the company because many customers value quality.

Employees and Marketing Activities

Based on the provided budget for human resourcing, the company will manage to identify the best-qualified staff who can meet its expectation in the market. The recruitment of online customer services will cost $30,000. This amount will be used as follows:


Costs $





Consultant recruitment






Resourcing is essential in building the image and reputation for quality customer service and product. With qualified staff, the company will increase its profile by over 20 percent and improve the satisfaction of clients. Importantly, brand recognition is also critical for the company’s success. BBQfun will manage to fulfil its distribution and resourcing needs based on the procedures and policies. This will involve enterprise resource management and maintenance. Customer service representatives are expected to enhance its marketing strategies.[5] These representatives are experts in advising customers on various products and services thus maximize sales. These officials must be competent so that they can describe the use of BBQfun’s products. Apart from product knowledge, customer-focused staff can inspire confidence, develop rapport, and meet customer needs.

The new employees must undergo training programs so that they can understand how the firm’s operational plans. The move will ensure they develop relevant knowledge and skills in various areas including monitoring and reviewing performance, planning and managing resources, and developing operational plans. However, the training program will involve the use of a facilitator. The facilitator can opt to split or combine training sessions. Importantly, the company should consider delivering the training programs in three sessions.

Developing key performance indicators involves different approaches. Interestingly, various approaches are essential for BBQfun. The most common approaches that the company can use include leading indicators, bottom-up/operational approach, top-down/strategic approach, and lagging indicators.

This approach involves the development of targets and related key performance indicators thus developing KPIs based on the strategic objectives and organizational goals. The approach begins with the top-level organizational stakeholders. Interestingly, the organizational objective ensures BBQfun satisfy customer needs. The recruited sales representatives must answer customer inquiries within the shortest time. The customer service personnel should understand the firm’s KPIs, critical success factors, key operational functions, and organizational vision and strategy. The company expects its customer service personnel to use the least time to respond to the customers’ inquiries online.

The approach ensures the key performance indicators starts from bottom. The employee will have to determine the success indicators using the operational activities. For instance, the management would use consultation to understand the challenges customer service experiences in resolving inquiries. This will compel the organization to establish KPIs to deliver training on the issues.

The leading indicators focus on the future success of the organization. In most cases, these indicators use the key drivers of the firm’s success thus drive the business results. For instance, the company needs to train the online customer service representatives in new practices and software to facilitate e-commerce strategy.[6] On the other hand, lagging indicators show the past performance, such as the past revenue generated, return on investment, and costs saved. For example, the $30,000 and $100,000 human and physical resourcing needed for the human resourcing and redevelopment of BBQfun’s website respectively are lagging indicators. However, the resources the company will use to train the recruited staff would surmount to leading indicators because the move will improve the performance of the workers.

Key Result Areas





$6,000 sales per month

$4,000 average in 6 months

The minimum target was supposed to achieve within six months. The minimum target set for each worker should be $12,000 by the end of sixth month.

Professional development

Attend 40 hours training a month

5 training hours

The online sales representatives must express enthusiasm in their work. Since their work revolves around technology, these employees should engage in a continuous training to acquire new skills relating to the technology.

Internal business processes

Complete sales transactions in seconds

The delivery of products should be achieved in five hours

The employees need to understand the working of system.

Customer satisfaction

Score 80 percent in customer satisfaction index

Score fifty percent

The employees should develop outstanding rapport and relationship with customers.

BBQfun could be committed to complying with the Privacy Act 1988, but the employees can undermine this provision by failing to protect customer privacy. The country is governed by the national privacy principles and related privacy legislations. BBQfun is expected to apply these rules when handling personal information. A business must be concerned about customers’ privacy. Therefore, by failing to comply or establish procedures and policies that assure customers of their protected private information would expose the company to risks. For instance, the Australian e-commerce model and e-Marketing code of practices must be respected.

  • Failure to recruit experienced and qualified staff because on intense competition in Australia
  • Failure to comply with the occupational health and safety provisions and related legal requirements
  • Failure to revise its resourcing and operations based on marketing strategies
  • The management of BBQfun has to take immediate steps to reduce these risks. For instance, it has to review privacy policy so that the customers’ personal information can remain uncompromised. The company will only allow authorized individuals to use or see personal information found in the innovative widgets.
  • The company’s management will have to review its online presence and identify e-commerce opportunities to overcome stiff competition.
  • BBQfun should also review its operational and marketing planning to allow it meet the expectations in the market.
  • Introduce industry benchmarking is different areas relating to organizational performance. The move will help the company to reduce its shortfalls in various areas of concern, especially marketing.


Performance measures


Ø  Use market research and promotion to engage customers

§  Customer surveys

§  Identify marketing opportunities reports

§  Marketing research

§  Evaluate marketing data thus identify marketing opportunities

§  Conduct customer satisfaction surveys quarterly

Ø  Build reputation for quality customer services and products

§  Delivery times

§  Brand recognition percentage through periodic surveys

§  Customer complaints

§  Returned items

§  Positive views of customers

§  Regular contacts with stakeholders

§  Audit supply quality

§  Maintenance of systems like ERM, CRM, and Point-of-Sale

Ø  Support stakeholders through performance management and training

§  Anti-discrimination complaints

§  Number of injuries

§  Absentees

§  Coaching sessions

§  Operational training programs

§  Regular coaching

§  Management engagement with stakeholders

§  Strategic goals guiding the induction programs

§  Employee incentives

§  Research effectiveness

Ø  Minimize direct and indirect operational costs

§  Financial statements and ledger accounts

§  Expense target

§  Incentives

§  Inventory management to reduce risks and overstocking

§  Budget restraints in managing projects

§  Managing engagement with workers

§  New distribution possibilities like e-commerce

§  Research potentials

Ø  Increase sales revenues

§  Financial statements and general ledger accounts

§  Sales training for workers

§  Marketing campaigns


Anthony, W, K Kacmar, and P Perrewe. Human Resources Management: A Strategic Approach, Sixth Ed. Cincinnatti: South Western Educational Publishing, 2010.

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Standards Australia. AS ISO 15489.1-2002 Records Management, 2002.

[1] Referencesjustify;">[2] Ibid.

[3] R Compton, W Morrissey and A Nankervis, Effective Recruitment and Selection Practices, 6th Ed (Sydney, CCH Australia, 2014), 10.

[4] K Cole, Management: Theory and Practice, 5th Ed (Australia, Pearson, 2012), 19.

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