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This paper is a good guide to launch an event such as music festival in some international location.

In your report include the following:

.how events happen?
.what are the strengths and weaknesses?
.what are the threats? competition? finances? weather conditions?
.you can put pestle factors to support threats, could be a political factor.
.porters five forces and pestle analysis relates to the country you plan to take the event too (boxes, bullet points).

Introduction to the event

The chosen event-organizing agency is “Jack Morton”, which is a global agency. In the United Kingdom, it has its office in London. They have worked for big brands such as Google, HSBC, IBM, Samsung, Subway, T-Mobile, Nivea etc. They are widely experienced, which is evident in their works with big names. They are specialized in doing several kinds of events such as event marketing, digital event, content marketing, sponsorship marketing, public events, broadcast design etc (Jack Morton 2017). The learner has chosen this event agency to organize a music festival in the target market “Dominica”.



· Capability to attract reputed brands

· Meeting the expectations level of the clients

· Versatile skills that enables them to excel in several kinds of events such as public events, promotional events and others

· Innovative leadership in the agency

· Incapability in identifying the potential market across the globe

· Incapability to identify new and potential clients



· Globalization has opened up doors to various other global locations

· Incrementing business opportunities with new clients and venues

· Developing countries have also become a good option for the business

· Enhanced competition both at the domestic and the global location is a threat to a sustained success

· Cultural challenges at the different abroad locations

· Human resource managing challenges

Figure 1: SWOT analysis

Source: (Geamanu 2015) 

Strengths (S)

Weaknesses (W)

Opportunities (O)

· They have capabilities to attract several reputed brands, which is a very healthy sign for the proposed music festival in the target country Dominica

· The incrementing business opportunities because of globalization would provide opportunities for the exploration of skilled workforce in the Jack Morton Company

· Innovative leadership skills in the company would help the company in attaining an incremented success in the untouched developing countries such as India, South Africa and China

· They have incapability to identify the potential market; however, the chosen market for the music festival should certainly change their strategy making, which is necessary for identifying the potential market

· They have also been incapable in identifying the potential clients and venues, which should be resolved after hosting the music festival in Dominica. The success of the scheduled music festival should certainly change every perception

Threats (T)

· Although globalization has enhanced the competition level at the global platform; but still, the chosen company would be able to compete with the help of its skilled workforces and innovative leadership

· Understanding the cultural requirements of the different global locations would be a challenge as well; however, Jack Morton Company should be able to mitigate the challenge as they are reputed for satisfying the needs of their clients

· Human resource management has identified as a potential challenge for the chosen company; however, the innovative leadership in the company should be able to mitigate the current issue

· Their incapability to identify the potential market might ruin their future success if they do not consider potential clients in different market across the globe

· Their incapability to identify the potential clients might restrict their business and not allow any expansion to global market because the global platform has several challenges such as the cultural challenge

Figure 2: TOWS analysis

Source: (created by author)

Market entry strategies

The best way to enter into the target market would be to collaborate with the local event firms in Dominica. This would let the Jack Morton Company acquaint with the cultural differences in the target country. This would also help to know the competition level in the target country, which is very important for the Jack Morton Company to produce their best service. This is essential to accelerate the business in the chosen country (Brady 2014).

Supplier Power

Supplier power in Dominica is of medium strength. This is because of several reasons. The city is filled up with numerous musical bands, which is a good point for the Jack Morton. They can take the benefits of competition and negotiate the dealing. The city is also enriched with expertise in IT, which gives Jack Morton a good opportunity for bargaining. There are several lighting and sound providing companies in the city, which is again good for bargaining.

Buyer Power

Music has an important link to the socio-cultural lives of people living in Dominica. This means that people love music in the city. The bargaining power would be high because people living in Dominica would judge the music festival based on their socio-cultural beliefs only. This is indeed a challenge to the Jack Morton to come alive on the expectations of people of Dominica.

Threat of Substitution

Thereat of substitution is less because music festivals are very popular in Dominica. It has been the host to many music festivals in past such as the World Creole Music Festival. Music festivals are related to the socio-cultural lives of people of Dominica. Any alternative of the existing culture does not look viable.

Threat of New Entrants

Threat of new entrants can be termed high because the people of Dominica have high passion for Music Festivals. Moreover, it is related to their socio-cultural beliefs. This is why it looks quite viable that any event company can make its entry if it has a good understanding of the culture of Dominica.

Competitive Rivalry

Competitive rivalry can be termed as medium because music festivals are happening in the city for quite a long time back in the past. It has already been the centre for notable event companies that have had explored their credentials in the past.

Figure 3: Porter’s Five Forces

Source: (Aramayo, Vokoun and Damborsky 2012) 

Figure 3: Ansoff Matrix

Source: (Hussain et al. 2013)

Ansoff Matrix is a good tool to enhance the competitive advantage. This helps organization know about their existing market status as well as about the future prospect for the existing product & service or a new product & service. According to the Ansoff Matrix, the Jack Morton Company is in the “Ansoff’s Market Development Quadrant”. The company is launching a music festival in the Dominica.







Political system is simple and approachable because the administrative council takes care of the market regulation, maintenance of roads, sanitation and other municipal requisites. This means that event companies would need to approach to the elected administrative councils for getting approvals on the scheduled music festival.

The economy of the city has been boosted by the growth in the financial services. Agriculture industry is another good resource to their economy growth. An incrementing economy of the city should support the success of the scheduled music festival in Dominica. This is because the buying capacity of people is incrementing.

People of Dominica love music. It has been one of their identities. This is one of such reasons, which have attracted the views of the learner towards the place for launching the music festival.

The local government has realized the importance of technology improvement. This is why the government is encouraging various programs such as public events, broadcasting and information, film censorship etc. to explore the capabilities of IT industry.  This would indeed help the scheduled music festival as the local government has encouraging thoughts for such programs.

The regulatory framework of the city supports the right to live, the right to express and many more. Moreover, this means that expression of new thoughts have no restrictions in the city, which is a good opportunity for the Jack Morton Company.

The banana agriculture has suffered because of reduced exporting business. High CO2 emission is another constraint on the environment.

Figure 4: PESTLE analysis of Dominica

Source: (Mercer et al. 2012)

Socio demographic data & analysis of target market

The vast population in the city is shared by African descent, which is approximately around 75%. There are mixed population because of intermarriage, which is equal to approximately 20% (Council and Placek 2014).

Hofstede postulated culture into six dimensions to study the influence the impact of culture on the work values. Following are the six cultural dimensions:

Hofstede Dimensions for UK

Figure 5: Hofstede dimensions for UK

Source: (Morrow et al. 2013)

  1. Power Distance Index- Power Distance in the city is quite below than the UK.

PD of United Kingdom- 35

PD of Dominica- approximately 65 (Taras, Steel and Kirkman 2012)

The figure clearly shows that Dominica would be a challenging place to work with as powers are unequally distributed. It is challenging for the collaborative works.

  1. Individualism Vs Collectivism-

United Kingdom- 89

Dominica- 30 (Taras, Steel and Kirkman 2012)

The above stats clearly shows that the city encourages the development of skills, which is why the events like the scheduled music festival, would be successful in the city as it provides skill development opportunities.

  1. Masculinity Vs Femininity-

UK- 66

Dominica- 65 (Taras, Steel and Kirkman 2012)

It means that the city has high values to personal status. Money achievement is important for them. It is a potential option for the success of the scheduled event.

  1. Uncertainty Avoidance Index (high versus low)-

UK- 35

Dominica- 45 (Taras, Steel and Kirkman 2012)

It means that the city has high proximity for innovative works. Innovative thoughts would work in the city.

  1. Pragmatic Vs Normative-

Event’s current SWOT analysis

UK- 51

Dominica- 13 (Taras, Steel and Kirkman 2012)

It means that the city believes in short term gains, which is why it is important that the Jack Morton Company target the quarterly format for profit and loss statements.

  1. Indulgence Vs Restraint-

UK- 69

Dominica- 54 (Taras, Steel and Kirkman 2012)

It shows that Dominica is in comparatively more control than UK. The city has balanced approach towards personal feeling and freedom to express, which is good for scheduled music festival. This could be profitable for the scheduled event because people of Dominica has controlled behaviour, which is necessary for a patiently approach towards some innovative ideas such as the scheduled music festival.

People living in the city are majorly official English speaker. Some population do also speak French patois (Simounet 2014).

Event theme

It should be attractive as follows:

Figure 6: Theme for Music Festival

Source: (Abreu-Novais and Arcodia 2013)

The theme expresses an innovative idea, which is calling innovative people of Dominica to participate in the scheduled music festival for the month of November in 2017.

Schedule date and time: On 26th of November 2017

The event would kick off at sharp 2’O Clock and would continue until 9 PM

Map of Dominica

Figure 7: Map of Dominica

Flag of Dominica

Figure 8: Flag of Dominica





All kinds of popular music such as calypso, reggae, zouk, soca, kompa, rock & roll

· Fort Shirley in Dominica’s Cabrits National Park

· Marine Reserve near to Portsmouth

· For the youths in the age group of 13-17- EC$23

· For children below and equal to 12 years- Free Entry

· For rest- EC$70

· Poster images with several details on it such as venue details, theme of the music festival, name of city or state, show timings, ticket pricing and information on age limit

· Recruiting street team to promote the event on streets

· Publicity on every social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

· Uploading a video detailing the show themes and other details on YouTube

Figure 9: Marketing Plan

Source: (Tkaczynski and Rundle-Thiele 2013)

There can be following barriers to the success of the event (Polkinghorne et al. 2013):

  • Weather condition that might reduce the footfall
  • Poor lighting and sound system
  • Inefficient promotion of the event
  • Shortage of allocated budget

The above-mentioned problem can well be resolved with the help of the local event companies. They would help on every possible step, which is needed for a successful launch of the scheduled music festival. The Jack Morton Company should work in collaboration to some local event-organizing firms (Red 2012).


The scheduled music festival is a challenge to the Jack Morton Company. However, if it successfully overcomes the expected barriers the show should be a success. This is because the people living in Dominica have high passion for the music festival. There are certain barriers to the success of the scheduled music festival in Dominica such as the budgetary issues, the unexpected climatic condition, the poor condition of lighting and sounds. This is indeed important that strategies are planned accordingly to mitigate the expected barriers.


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