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SWOT Table

Discuss about the Marketing Report for Dominos Pizza Enterprises.

The organization chosen for the paper for creating its company’s profile is the very famous pizza chain of America, The Dominos. This also deals in international franchisees for delivering pizza all over the world, Australia is one of them. Dominos was started in the year 1960 and is considered the 2nd most popular chain of pizza globally. Dominos nearly consists of 9600 corporate franchisee stores in Australia and present in around 60 countries all over the world (Steve, R 2011).

Commonly, Dominos deals in three sizes of pizzas regular, medium and large which include 4, 6 and 10 fixings respectively while it has Coke as its soda alternative. The products delivered by Domino’s are salads, winds, Boneless chicken, oven-baked sandwiches, pizza, and pasta with a variety of desserts including cheese sticks and breadsticks.

The company has a vision of being placed in top position amongst all others and also to be considered number one amongst its consumers. While it has a mission statement “selling more and more pizzas and to add more fun to the life of its customers”. The goal of Dominos is to provide fun, happiness and convenience by providing tastiest pizzas to its customers globally and achieve their commitment which has been made to customers.

Dominos is able to uphold its guarantees and goodwill because of its successful and effective management of inventory. Company possess a wide annexation medium which helps it to gain focus on its productivity. E-commerce trade is at its full pace in this modern era and Dominos has tried its best to match up to the level by now. The company is providing the facility to order online even with the help of their mobile phones.

Domino's prosperity is determined by its solid duty to individual and expert honesty. Domino's pizza gives stress on knowing the particular qualities, capacities, power and obligation of its representatives. Concentrated rivalry and establishment administration which differ with cash variances represent a risk to the organization. 


1. Brand name loyalty and popularity. This is because of its high advertising. For example. It has a tagline “30 minutes else free”.

2. Domino’s has a very strong channel network. With approximate 9500 franchised and corporate stores it has a wide-ranging network.

3. Domino’s has a strong supply chain and varied products. The Dough supply chain of the company is very efficient. Also food is very hygienic and the service is quite impressive.

4. It is amongst the top rankers in mobile and online ordering.

5. Domino’s is financially strong and receives a healthy cash flow.

6. No high class ambiance is needed hence low establishment cost.

7. Healthy alternates for health conscious customers.


1. Difficulty in performing smooth operations and challenging quality maintenance.

2. Mature markets are becoming challenging for sales department.

3. Retaining staff is a major challenge. Also absence of appropriate development and training is the major problem of the corporation.

4. Eateries are less in number and more delivery outlets.


1. Domino’s has a great opportunity in underdevelopment markets and countries.

2. Penetration of current market is another opportunity.

3. Introduction of more low calories products for the health conscious people.

4. Opening of new exclusive restaurants in creamy locations.


1. High indirect as well as direct competition on the cost leadership base.

2. Change in the eating habits of consumers is a major threat to the organization.

A SWOT analysis helps to identify strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats to the organization. If the individuals in top management have the information regarding SWOT about the organization, they can explore and understand the primary issues within it. In fact, the administration could take a move towards enhancing and refining the business. The findings on the same show much strengths of the company with little weaknesses and threats too but have the capability to overcome if properly handled.


As per the analysis has been conducted it has been found that the greatest and strongest strength that the company possess is the loyalty and popularity of its brand name. Its belligerent marketing skills has resulted in strong awareness in consumers. The brand name of Dominos is identified globally as well as locally. The next strength of the company is its high maintained long franchisee network.  Consisting of around 9600 corporate franchisee stores in Australian states and presence in around 60 countries make it a wide ranging network and this is the greatest part of Dominos income share through royalty payments. The third ranked strength is its supply chain which is very efficient because of which its product delivery system is very quick otherwise it even guarantees it for free excluding rainy days.

Dominos is under top leading firms because of its superior supply chain system. Additionally, the supply chain management of raw materials to corporate stores and outlets is very efficient.

Social media networks are wide and large and every human breed can easily be found on this network, hence it is the best platform in today’s era which must be utilized in a more enhanced way. Another strength which the company possess is that they are able to order their pizzas and sides online without any additional cost and get their pizzas in less than 30 minutes at their doorstep. Also, cash transactions have been replaced by card payments for these orders if it is feasible for customer.

Along with strengths every organization has some weaknesses which come as a hurdle to the growth and expansion. The utmost ranked weakness for the Domino’s is to maintain its operations. It faces a difficulty in performing smooth operations because of large number of its outlets and sometimes even maintaining the quality at all stores becomes challenging as every employee might not be equal trained or proper trained which results in closing of some outlets as it affects the brand image of the company. The other weakness is that sales department is not able to handle mature markets that are becoming more health conscious and giving up the high calorie food.

Dominos has a great scope of opportunities in corporate world along with their imposed threats. Dominos possess a capability and opportunity to grow in developing countries as people are more aware now. Additionally, low calories products could be introduced by the company as people are becoming health conscious and it will even overcome one of its weaknesses.High indirect as well as direct competition on the cost leadership base is a well-known threat to the organization. Pizza-hut, US Pizza, etc. are the one that has successfully established them in the market along with Domino’s and because of this many times Domino’s has to come out with cost cut schemes to attract customers, which lowers down its revenue. 


In general, Domino’s has no specific target market as it is for anyone and everyone who is urging to eat healthier choice or have a preference for larger menu. The segmentation base of Dominos supports it in challenging other competitive companies in the market such as US pizza and Pizza Hut. Dominos creates a self-motivation atmosphere amongst its employees which helps them to be exclusive amongst all. Conversely, the price of pizzas at Dominos are genuinely low and affordable for middle class and lower middle class, hence it could be considered as the main target market for the company.So demographical segmentation is the main target as per its marketing mix. Because of the lifestyle of middle class people they are more likely to buy from Domino’s.

 According to Geographical segmentation as the company is located in more than 60 countries it could be considered as one which sells outside the original place. As per the psychographic segmentation is concerned the person’s that desires for quick and healthy pizzas would go the Domino’s as it mainly connected to personality and lifestyle of people.

The customer who visits Dominos regularly for say to get their daily meals or any other similar reason comes under the Beneficial Segment. They could benefit themselves by ordering cheapest but tastiest pizza or could get benefited by ordering healthiest pizza. It depends on just one’s own perception.

Domino’s has recently launched a new pizza which has a chicken base and kept some faulty name for it as “Specialty Chicken”. Its marketing mix is as follows. 

To make chicken base for the new pizza the chef swaps the crust made up of dough into slices of bread, 12 in number. This is made up of 100 % white whole breast chicken and toppings are same as of pizza like vegetable, sauces, meats and cheese. This recipe has been launched in four flavours Spicy Jalapeno Pineapple, Crispy Bacon and Tomato, Sweet BBQ Bacon and Classic Hot Buffalo (Li and Wearing 2014).

As price is concerned this is a perfect deal for the target market identified above. As the Domino’s has a policy to keep its prices consistent and uniform the price for specialty chicken has not been kept much and is under the budget of normal people. The price for the pizza is 3.99$ for the medium size without any extra toppings. Though the customer can always customize it on the appropriate costs (Horvitz 2010).

Segmentation and Target Markets

Specialty Chicken has been made available in every outlet throughout the 60 countries in which the Domino’s operates. The customers could even file complain if not satisfied. Also, they can ask for the money back.

To promote its new product Domino’s is using internet at its best. It has even distributed its pamphlets and this new product is on the front page of the menu in every store. It has used social media too at its best by offering 25000 free pizzas who advertises it well. 

The new product at Dominos i.e. Specialty Chicken has been completely designed out of customers’ requirements and desires. Also its price has been kept very reasonable so that anyone could afford it easily. In all parts of the world chicken is everyone’s favourite and in demand except for some nations like India where people prefer veg. So it has targeted the massive population (Horvitz 2010).

This new product launch has met all the policies and rules of Domino’s along with its impact on the organization and the market both has proved to be good results till now. It has overcome one of the weaknesses of Domino’s as the health conscious customers can consume this for this has been created with less oil scheme. Though fat is there because of chicken still less use of oil has made it a perfect food for conscious ones (Li and Wearing 2014).

Still the company has many opportunities open as it could launch more products that has low calories and could even expand its business in developing countries. Domino’s has  a well chance to survive in the race. 


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