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Introduction to CSL Limited

The report provides a brief analysis of CSL Limited, giving bits of knowledge into its financial performance for the past ten years. The historical money related information is gathered for the years 2008 to 2017 including the the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement of the organization. The report starts with a concise presentation about the organization and its core practices. In the later part, the goals of conducting analysis of financial statements are clarified alongside the assessment of current operations of CSL.

With a specific end goal to evaluate the financial statements of the organization, different ratios are figured which estimates the profitability, solvency, efficiency and liquidity of CSL for the long ten years. In addition, the supply and demand factors are also thought about while assessing the current operations of the organization. The report likewise computes the estimation of stock by utilizing dividend valuation model and tells the movements in organization's share price and returns in the course of recent years. The analysis of all the calculation is done in the later part of the report which helps in identifying the areas in the cash flow statement that can be improved. In the last, the report recommends some applicable strategies for CSL in regard of financing and investing that will help in enhancing the cash flow position. Additionally, a conclusion has been provided covering all the findings of the report.

CSL Limited is an Australia based biotechnology organization associated with the matter of developing and distributing biotherapies. The core activities of the organization look into the manufacturing, development, marketing, advertising and distribution of biopharmaceutical and related items. It works through segments named as CSL Behring, CSL Intellectual Property and Seqirus. The CSL Intellectual Property division is occupied with the matter of permitting the property claimed or created by the organization to the outsiders which are not identified with the organization. The Behring segment is engaged with assembling and advertising of plasma treatments including plasma items. Seqirus manages the distribution, sale and assembling of extensive variety of antibodies, antivenoms and other pharmaceutical items crosswise over Australia and New Zealand. The segment also develops vitro diagnostic products through Seqirus immunohematology (Reuters. 2018).

Looking at the current data, the organization has performed well as its revenue expanded from $5902.34 million to $6590.60 million during 2017. Additionally the net income of the firm was up to $1332.31 million from $1240.89 million. The organization is listed on ASX and is traded with a ticker known as CSL.AX. The share price of the firm is $197.12 with the market capitalization of $59,929.89 million (Reuters. 2018).

Goals of Conducting Financial Statement Analysis

Analysis of financial statements is basically a methodology of breaking down and assessing the money related proclamations of the organization with the end goal of making appropriate decisions. The primary goal of leading such assessment is to encourage the directors, executives, managers and different stakeholders to take appropriate and pertinent judgments for the organization. Assessing all the three statements will push the clients to appropriately comprehend organization's financial position, productivity, liquidity and dissolvability (Penman, 2010). Cash flow statement assists in understanding the operating, investing and financing exercises of the firm. Following are the purpose of conducting financial statement analysis:

  • The objective is to survey the past trends of the firm keeping in mind the end goal to foresee the future execution. The examination gives details of past deals, income, net profit in order to help the creditors and investors to pass judgment on the performance and position of the firm (Pike and Neal. 2009).
  • The analysis helps in anticipating the growth rates and earnings prospects for the firm that are especially useful for the financial specialists while looking at the different venture options. It helps in making a decision about the gaining capability of the association.
  • Another thought process is to foresee the indebtedness and insolvency conditions of the organization. The investigation of articulations helps the supervisors and speculators to play it safe before time and keep the firm away from the greatest misfortunes (Viney, 2009).

In order to analyze the statements from all the aspects, the method of ratio analysis has been used under which various ratios are calculated for the past ten years. Thinking about the present activities of the organization, different classifications of ratios are figured which evaluate the execution and position of CSL Limited from 2008 to 2017.

Liquidity ratios: they measure the monetary wellbeing of the organization by looking at all the current resources or assets against its current liabilities.  

  • Current ratio: It indicates how proficiently and successfully an organization satisfies its present liabilities with its present resources.
  • Quick ratio: Another liquidity ratio which likewise assesses the financial strength of the association considering the most fluid resources of the firm against its short-lived liabilities (Gibson, 2011).

Both the ratios of CSL Limited have demonstrated fluctuating patterns in the previous ten years. In 2010, the CR of the organization was 4.24 which diminished to 2.92 in 2011 because of the critical decrease in resources and increment in liabilities. Nonetheless, after that the ratio expanded till 2014 as a result of the consistent decrease in liabilities. The QR demonstrates the same pattern from it was high in 2010 to a reduced one last year. This was due to the low cash balance and expanded inventory of the business. The situation got reversed and QR increased last year due to the upsurge in cash amount.

Profitability ratios: They assess the net profit of the organization from different perspectives. As such, the ratios mirror the profitability position of the firm.

  • Net profit ratio: It gauges the measure of net income earned by the organization against its aggregate revenue.
  • Return on equity: It assess the measure of return offered by the organization to its shareholders and investors out of the income earned by it.
  • Return on assets: The ratio estimates the pay made by the firm out of its aggregate resources amid a specific year (Godwin and Alderman. 2012).

In 2009, the NPR of CSL was 24.79% which diminished to 22.16% in 2012 and after that an upward pattern has been seen in the ratio till 2015. This change was because of the fact that sales have shown huge upsurge as compare to the profits. In the most recent year, the ratio diminished to 20.22% because of the proportionate increment in the turnover and net income. The ROE of the firm expanded after 2012 as and when CSL began making high profits and giving significant yields to its investors. It had the most noteworthy ROE of 50.20% out of 2015 which tumble to 42.27% a year ago.

Revenue Growth and Supply/Demand of Plasma Products

The ROA demonstrated an expanding pattern after 2009 where the ratio was 12.51% that rose to 21.54% of every 2015 because of the proportionate increment in both the assets and profit. The same get reduced in 2017 to 14.66% because of the huge increase in CSL's aggregate resources.

Efficiency ratios: They are called turnover ratios which estimates how effectively a firm deals with its assets so as to create high income.

  • Inventory turnover ratio: It indicates how frequently an organization converts its stock into cash. The ratio mirrors the proficiency of the firm in dealing with the measure of its inventory.
  • Asset turnover ratio: It gauges the estimation of organization's deals that is produced from its normal aggregate resources.
  • Receivable turnover ratio: Another metric which determines the amount of time taken by the organization to gather its receivables (Godwin and Alderman. 2012).

The ITR of the firm was 1.76 times in 2009 which diminished to 1.60 times in 2014. This was because of the expanded COGS of CSL. The ratio additionally lessened to 1.41 times in a year ago on account of the expanded stock. The ATR of the organization has demonstrated an upward pattern after 2010 where it was 0.68 that expanded to 0.88 out of 2014. Further, it diminished to 0.79 out of 2017 because of the expanded normal aggregate resources. The DTR of CSL has indicated consistent upsurge in the course of recent years mirroring the effective accumulation from borrowers.

Solvency ratios: These ratios measure the long haul dissolvability of the organization by assessing its obligation and equity structure for the past years.  

  • Debt to equity ratio: It compares the total debt and total equity of the firm against each other.
  • Debt ratio: it measures the amount of assets that are financed through debt (Gibson, 2011).

The D/E ratio of the firm expanded in recent years because of the upsurge in CSL's obligation part as contrast with its equity. Additionally, its debt ratio has revealed an upward pattern reflecting expanded borrowings and high financial risk for the organization.

Taking into account the increased revenue growth of CSL Limited, it tends to be interpreted that the demand of CSL’s products has expanded always which supported up its sales in the previous years. Likewise, the statistical data of the previous ten years mirrored that CSL's income expanded always from 2008 to 2017. In 2008, organization reported the revenue worth $3419.73 million which came to $6590.60 million in the most recent year. This steady upsurge reflected the increased demand of pharmaceuticals items in Australia. As indicated by the yearly report of 2017, the Immune Globulin Subcutaneous expanded at 10% because of the solid demand noted in US and Europe. 

As indicated by the report created by National Blood Authority of Australia, it is seen that the supply of plasma items has increased from 2012 to 2017. The plasma related items are been obtained from CSL Behring (Australia) Pty Ltd keeping in mind the end goal to meet the increasing clinical demand and to deal with the supply risks adequately. As indicated by the report, in 2012 the CSL provided items worth $222.02 million which expanded to $351.83 million (NBA. 2018). This demonstrates that the supply and demand of plasma items have been always expanded from the past years. Also the increased GDP of the country has resulted in increased demand.

Calculation of Ratios - Liquidity, Profitability, Efficiency, and Solvency

The graph shows the cash inflow from operations of CSL Limited over the past years from 2008 to 2017. The cash flow constantly increased in the past years due to the strong collection of debtors which contributed to the inflow of cash in the business. However, the amount reduced in 2017 to $1246.6 million because of the decrease in company’s efficiency in collecting its receivables. 

Considering, the cash used in investing activities, it can be interpreted that the flow has been increased in the past four years due to the investments made by the company during that time. As per its report, it has announced a new investment in Liverpool site which cause the outflow of cash.

The cash generated from financing activities was in 2009 at $1054.12 million. After that the figures turns negative because of the low proceeds from the issue of shares. However, the outflow has been reduced in the past years due to the issuance of borrowings which brings cash in the business.

Dividend discount model

Estimated dividend per share


Required rate of return


Growth rate


Value of stock

 $                                                           18.97

The graph outline share price and returns of CSL Limited with the market return of ordinaries index. It very well may be seen that both the pattern lines are essentially near one another. It tends to be seen that the organization offer negative returns when the market was negative and offer positive returns when it was expanding (Yahoo Finance. 2018).

At the point when contrasted and the stock valuation got from DDM model, it very well may be deciphered that the current share price is $197.12 and the future esteem assessed is $18.97. This implies the organization's shares will fall in future and the speculators have the chance to book high benefits by selling the shares today and purchasing them in future. Additionally the increased demand and supply boosted up the share price. However, the declined profitability situation does not enable CSL to create significant yields to its investors.

From the above examination, it very well may be deciphered that CSL need to enhance its income position in order to enhance its profits and turnover. One of the regions recognized is that CSL must spotlight on expanding its proceeds from the sale of property, plant and hardware. This will in the long run bring cash in business and assists in setting off the cash utilized to buy PPE. Additionally, the organization must issue high number of shares alongside the issue of borrowing. Also, CSL ought to focus on its adjustments in working capital by gathering its receivables and changing over its stock into money rapidly. Change in these zones will in the long run enhance the money position of the organization.

  • Increase the sale of PPE and cut down the cost of acquiring or making investments in property and equipment.
  • Issuance of shares and proceeds from borrowings are some financing strategies that can be applied (Peirson, Brown and Easton. 2015).

Recommendation and Conclusion 

From the view point of shareholder’s wealth maximization, the organization has performed well in the previous years as its share price has encountered an upsurge amid the time. It is said that expansion in the share price will build the abundance of investors. In addition, the firm has solid liquidity position yet need to work upon its profitability, effectiveness and dissolvability circumstance. Likewise, it needs to enhance its income in order to make high revenue. 


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