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1. This assignment must be prepared and submitted as an individual, the work you submit must be your own.
2. You should include a reference list for any textbooks, websites or other references you use to support your recommendations.
3. The purpose of this assignment is for students to use a case study approach to compare and contrast two different international markets for a brand and to recommend which market has the greatest potential for immediate development.
4. The report should consider the external environment (economic, financial, legal, political & cultural) and the student should discuss the similarities and differences for the brand marketer.
5. The company is Australian icon R.M. Williams, which is now owned 100% by luxury goods company LVMH.
6. The two markets to compare are Europe and China
7. Students are advised to conduct secondary research and analysis of the company and the markets to substantiate the recommendations.
8. A professional level of presentation is expected together with adherence to the word limit.

Background of R.M. Williams

This task aims to analyze the international market for R.M. Williams’s boots which is a favorite brand for most of the Australians and other citizens from various countries in this case Europe and China. The report is going to clearly depict the purchasing trend of the brand in those two countries so as to enable the researcher make a recommendation on the country that has a high capability of being incorporated by LVMH in the marketing of its products to enhance an increased purchases in the boots. The research shall come up with conclusion for the potential marketer for the brand after a thorough analysis of the macro environment in both international markets outlining the similarities and the differences that exist between them in relation to the marketing of the brand (Brexendorf, Bayus and Keller, 2015).

historical background.

Reginald Murray Williams commonly known as R.M Williams was the founder of R.M.Williams Company in the year 1932. This was when he was a hunter and for the effectiveness of his task he required some boots hence he made his first boots and came up with an idea of boot making for Australians and this led to the birth of R.M. Williams Company. He later sold the business to Tony Summers an Adelaide business man in the year 1998. In 2003, the business went into a receivership under Mr. Cowley and Kerry Stokes and in late 2014, the ownership of the company was overtaken by IFM investors.  The company is currently under the control of L Capital which is a private firm in Singapore and is backed by the luxury goods company, LVMH Group.

Categories of the products

The company engages in designing, manufacturing and marketing of the footwear, clothing and leather accessories for both men and women. The company offers various types of leather boots in different colors which have various prices according to the quality of the leather used to manufacture the boot. It also manufactures pants, shirts, tops, jeans, dresses, jackets, knitwear, skirts, vests, handbags, caps, hats, purses and gift cards for women among others.

Product positioning

The company often use technology to market its products. It has various online platforms where the potential customers have an access a variety of information in relation to the company’s brand for the boots and other products. This is important because it enables the consumer to make effective purchasing decision (Amin, Uthamaputhran and Ali, 2015). The company also continues to apply technology in the improvement of their brand to enhance the belief of customers that the boots can suit their individual needs by from its nature of being fit for both gender.

The company sells its products in various countries such as United Kingdom, Scandanavia and it is focusing to expand its market to Europe and China through various formulated strategies such as forming partnerships with international companies in some investments which paves the way for penetrating such markets with its brand.  

Fit with LVMH

Louis Vuitton also referred to as LVMH, took over the ownership of R.M Williams Company in the year 2013 after purchasing over 49% of the total shares of the company. LVMH have opened new stores for its products in the various parts of the world and the recent establishment in Asia is a clear evidence of how the company is progressing under the new management.

Categories of R.M. Williams's Products

Pestel analysis to establish European macro environmental conditions for the brand.

This section shall outline the external environmental factors that have an impact on the foot wear products in Europe which automatically affects the distribution of the R.M Williams brand in Europe. These factors range from political, Economical, Socio-cultural, Technological and legal factors as discussed below.

Political Factors

Several political factors have an impact on the consumer purchasing behavior of the footwear products in Europe. The government may set high taxes for imported products in order to protect its local industries and as a result imported goods are usually quite expensive in the foreign market which lowers the consumers purchasing ability.

Economic Factors

This is most significant aspect in the footwear industry. Most of the people in Europe are employed with a good income an aspect that increasing their purchasing ability. This implies that R.M Williams Company should formulate strategies to avail its products in Europe and for sure it shall reap maximum benefits due to the sufficient income for the population. The economic situation in Europe implies high value for the currencies hence investment shall be advantageous for R.M Williams company.

Technological Factors

According to Hakansson (2015) advancement in technology in European nations have increased the efficiency of availing various commodities for the target consumers. Most of the industries in Europe have created their own websites where consumers can access several products and they also allow other industries from various countries to use the website to advertise their products at some fee. As a result, R.M Williams Company has the potential of penetrating the market by availing its products in those websites hence creation of awareness among the target consumers. This shall in return lead to profit maximization as the company shall be selling to both local and international consumers.

Legal Factors

Most of the European nations have strict trade laws that protect foreign products. This is because it has been a trend where foreign companies purchase foreign products and destroy them to prevent them from prevailing in the market to avoid the competition that may be posed by such products. When such an act is discovered, the involved company can be dissolved by the court of law. This implies that R.M Williams can sell its products through foreign agents and this shall automatically lead to the popularization of its products in the foreign market hence reaping maximum profit in return.

Social-cultural factors

Most people in Europe prefer wearing clothes and shoes that may keep them warm due to their weather (Cramer, 2017). They have a culture of covering themselves with big hats and putting on heavy jackets. This is a clear implication that R.M Williams Company have a vast market in European nations for its boots, leather jackets and hats (Müller, 2017). There are also few competitors in the industry for the same products hence this is an added advantage for the company in its plan to venture into Europe. Most of the Europeans love fashion. This means that R.M Williams products shall be of great advantage because of variety of boots, jackets and other attires that might suit the needs of the target consumers.

Product Positioning

 Pestel analysis in china to establish macro environmental factors that may affect the brand.

Pestel analysis is very important for the business as it facilitates formulation of winning strategies in the competitive external business environment. In china, political factors, economic factors, social-cultural factors, technological factors and legal factors have an impact on business environment (Rastogi and Trivedi, 2016). Pestel analysis for Chinese business environment shall be very crucial for R.M Williams Company because it shall determine the possibility of penetration of the market by the company.

Political factors

China is experiencing a stable conducive political atmosphere. The leaders in the nation are in peace just working towards the development of the Chinese economy. As a result, many businesses in china are thriving. The government has funded the construction of good roads which enhances the efficiency of transporting people and goods from one place to another. This implies that R.M Williams Company can establish its branches in various parts of china since there are good roads to enhance the supply of its products.

     The Chinese government have also expanded free trade policies which does not inhibit importation of goods hence various foreign products can pave way in the Chinese market (Davcik and Sharma, 2016). This implies that R.M Williams Company have a good chance to market its products in the Chinese market to attract purchases from the target consumers.

Economic factor

Chinese industries have been affected by counterfeit products. This has really affected its economy because people are less interested with their products and prefer imported goods from foreign nations. China is a developing country hence its economy is not stable. This is an implication for R.M Williams Company that it has to offer competitive prices for its boots and other products to enhance affordability by the Chinese consumers. The aspect of the counterfeit goods implies that the Chinese shall have a lot of interest for the foreign products hence R.M William company shall have a golden opportunity for its products in the Chinese market (Thompson and McLarney, 2017).

Social-cultural factors

China has a large population which implies large market for the goods. China been a developing country, there is increasing individual wealth acquisition which implies increased purchasing ability among the people. When people have good wealth, they shall always desire to purchase classic products hence R.M Williams Company shall be in a good position to avail its products in the Chinese market with an assurance of attracting such consumers through its quality products. Most of the Chinese in rural areas are farmers.

This implies that the boots shall be very efficient for moving in the fields hence a potential market for R.M Williams boots (Homeyer, 2018). An increased emphasis on product safety and originality enhances consumer attraction for foreign products. In china, there is a wide gap between the rich and the poor hence the difference in purchasing ability. R.M Williams Company should ensure that it provides a wide range of products which is affordable for all

Technological Factors

The adequate spread of mobile technology in china gives each individual an opportunity to access the internet where most organizations advertise their various products. This provides a good opportunity for the boots company to advertise their various products to the potential buyers in china.

Fit with LVMH

Legal Factors

An increased health and safety awareness in the nation has enhanced local industries to avoid the production of counterfeit products hence there shall be minimum opportunity for production of the counterfeit boots. Counterfeit products pose competition to the original products because they are usually offered at cheap price.

Comparison of key factors between the two countries

Political factors

In both Europe and China, political stability is very crucial for the success of the existing businesses. This implies that R.M Williams Company has a capability to succeed in both markets.

Economic factors

Most of the European nations are developed which is directly proportional to their economic state. As a result businesses tend to flourish well because of the high value of money. In china, the economy is still developing hence R.M Williams Company has got a better opportunity in European nations than in China.

Social cultural factors

In both nations, the culture of the people initiate a potential market for R.M William Company’s products. In European nations, most of the people like boots and heavy jackets because of their weather while in china most of the Chinese who live in rural areas are farmers and hunters hence the boots would be efficient for them. Chances for production of counterfeit goods are high in china as compared to Europe.

Legal factors

In Europe there are usually some import restrictions for certain type of products to protect the local industries while in China there are no such restrictions hence various products can be imported.

Recommended market with reasons

R.M Williams Company should penetrate the market in Europe for the following reasons:

         Economic strength

Europe has a stable economy because it has developed countries. An economy that performs better enhances good return from investment leading to profit maximization.

Balanced life style

The gap between the rich and the poor in the society is minimal. This implies that the company can offer its products at better prices than it would have done in China where only a few people can afford luxurious commodities.

High integrity

There is a high degree of integrity in Europe where production of counterfeit commodities is minimal as compared to China. This enables the company to enjoy maximum profit due to minimal competition.

High degree of literacy

Most of the people are literate hence the company can easily employ sales agents and marketers to facilitate the popularization of the brand.


Choice of the market for the product is a very critical aspect for any business unit. This can only ascertained after a thorough PESTEL analysis for effective decisions after assessing the potential in the market.


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