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3. To what extent has management theory made room for gender?

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Company Profile

A marketing mix analysis will be conduct on Qantas Airline and related marketing strategies will recommend to Qantas Airline for better market performance. All of the 8 marketing mix including product/service, price, promotion, distribution, partnership, people, process and physical evidence will be discus in this report. This report will conduct evaluation strategies for marketing purpose with perspective recommendation.

Qantas Airline Australia is one of the largest international and domestic airlines of Australia. It has founded in 1920 in Queensland. These are the world largest airline and hold a longest history in the world from its beginning era doing its business as transporting passengers and mail in biplanes. The operation of Qantas airline now has been extended to around five continents reaching by 140 destinations. Qantas Airlines has built a reputation of excellence in operational reliability, engineering and maintenance, customer services and most significantly the excellence reputation in safety. This is one of the strongest brands in Australia and delivering its best quality as a long distance airline.

Qantas Airline is one of the major leading brands of Australia and has developed a strong market value. It is one of the powerful brands; this has developed a superior market value. They are providing its service by holding a ling successful history. The customers are loyal to them, thus its shows that they have maintained a good market value and are serving 1000 of customers on daily basis. According to the recent research it has found that in international market Qantas average share is found about 28% and Qantas domestic maker share dips below 40%. But in between the 2007 to 2016 the share of domestic market has been decreased nearly 48% to 39% but its overall capacity during past 10 years has been increase by 8.2% with offering 31 Million seats all over the world.

The marketing mix analysis of Qantas airlines has been done in this section with the related issues and strategies. As the Qantas Airline is one of the major leading brands of Australia, has captured a good market value, but ups and downs are always part of the business that need to be analyzed and focused for the better growth of business in industry.

Qantas has paid an immense importance to product planning with an increasing competitiveness in airline industry. They are crafting new product in order to attract new customer and to hold on to the current ones. A high priority of profitability has been held by the Qantas airline. The product of Qantas includes both freight containers and passenger travelling accommodations in the airlines.

Current Market Position

Basically the premium travelling arrangements have been offered by the Qantas. They offer a range of flying arrangements. They are offering international business class, first class, premium economy and international economy. In each of the class they have been providing various kinds of seating arrangements, meals and amenities and in fight services. The business and economy classes has been separated by the domestic flights, in which the in-flight passenger entertainment services (Paul, 2011).

The one the most popular frequent flyer program has been conduct by Qantas. They are providing the best conducting flight all around the world. The company logo, slogan, and history has distinguished them form its rival in industry. They are providing the best tracking system for Qantas freight. Throughout the world they are offering one of the quickest routes, safe containers and better connecting flight (Hussey, 2012).

The cost plus margin method is majorly used by the Qantas as the method of product pricing. The more demands in the market prompts the higher pricing for Qantas. On some extent they are also using the competitive pricing. For the low cost airlines they are also using the penetrative pricing. Without portraying them as discounts they provide the price discount, this is the initiative taken by them to maintain the customer price perception. The fair refunding is also provided to customer’s flexibility. At the new destination they are offering low pricing strategy. The benefits that have been delivered to customer through frequent flyer program (Proctor, 2000).

The TV-Advertisement, Internet Advertising, Radio, Billboards, magazines, brochures and many others are used as the branding purpose and promotion of product. Direct marketing has been delivered to send the across messages. This strategy is seems to be successful so far. As compare to mass media this is the far effective tool and is known as the mass communication message in which the messages are customized according to need of the customer in order to hit them at personal level. Sales promotions tool has been used by them during low seasons. The direct selling method has been used by them for corporate customers (Jackacki, 2013). The email marketing, slow marketing and blogs has been used by them to get closer to the customers. They are also promoting their products through sponsorship of event art and sports entertainment related programs, PR activities and sponsorship of various charitable programs and others (Healey, 2009).

They conduct the direct sale strategies that are counter at the airports from Qantas. For the ticket sale purpose the Qantas outlets has been opened in various areas. Internet has been used as the purpose of placement at an increasing stage. The company websites and other traveling sects are being used to sell tickets. Through the use of mobile and telephones purchasing of ticket can also be done. Travel agents that are considered as intermediaries are used as purpose to sale tickets (Thompson, 2012).

Marketing Mix of Qantas Airline

The Qantas are one of the major leadi8mg brands of Australia. It has been found that people can only earn credits status when their flying is eligible. The partners of the Qantas Airlines are American Airlines, Alliance Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, British Airways, and Finnair, Japan Airlines. LAn, Air pacific and Royal Jordanian Airline. They are working with all the stated airlines and are focusing on the strategies to make their partnership better with the joint aim to serve the customers. It has found that the Qantas are the largest Australian International and domestic airline. They are working with all the possible need so that all the requirements of the partnership will be met according to the stated agreement that has been done between Qantas and all of its perspective partners.   

The most important part of the marketing mix is the people of that are served by the business. Qantas has been focusing strongly on their customers. They are providing their customers service to be consumed at the same time they are also worrying about to gain the customers aspect so they have been alert all the time to meet the need of every individual that they try to consume. Qantas are working to send thousands of people to their destination; they are working to serve their customers with the help of 27000 employees. According to them they value their people each and every day. They are providing their customer a value by being optimistic, inventive, genuine, experienced and together, they has been intrinsically linked to point that what makes Australia a great and prosper nation. Their spirit to serve their customers doesn’t end here, they are working on various investment programs to serve their customers. Towards the many important causes their people are working with their skill a time to server that is the contribution towards the customer.

The process is another main function of the marketing mix. In the perspective of market literature and business the concept of process is very important to focus on. The Qantas are focusing very strongly on their process function in order to achieve the outcome in more effective and efficient manner. They are working on their process to achieve the best to best market share. They are implementing their marketing process in profound and proficient manner in order to achieve the best outcome and greatest market share with in the premises of airline industry in Australia. In the viewpoint of market writing and business the idea of process is imperative to concentrate on. The Qantas are concentrating firmly on their procedure work with a specific end goal to accomplish the result in more powerful and proficient way. They are chipping away at their procedure to accomplish the best to best piece of the overall industry. They are executing their showcasing procedure in significant and capable way so as to accomplish the best result and most prominent piece of the overall industry with in the premises of carrier industry in Australia.

Qantas Airline products

The Qantas are playing their vital role in order to have the design to implement tangible evidence that are the sign that they have being working to maintain the best possible evidence on which their customers rely in order to make the decision to have prior product. At Qantas many of the marketing constraints has been established by physical limiting such as the flight scheduling and new initiatives rollout like the entertainment has been provide during the line check. The Qantas are assuming their crucial part keeping in mind the end goal to have the outline to execute substantial proof that are the sign that they have being attempting to keep up the most ideal confirmation on which their clients depend so as to settle on the choice to have earlier item. At Qantas a large number of the showcasing limitations has been set up by physical restricting, for example, the flight booking and new activities rollout like the diversion has been give amid the line check.

Following are the recommendation that has been made for the Qantas airline on the basis of the evaluation of the marketing strategies

They must revamp their branding campaign to create the strong brand value, they must mesh up their branding to retain the old customers and gain the new ones.

They need to develop the more airbus and Boeing wide bodied aircraft in order to serve the customers with more frequent service, so that the customer will enjoy the more privacy.

They must need to less the number of seats in each row.  They must maximize the push back and leg space. They must provide larger area for washrooms.

They must customize the meals of aircraft as per customer request.

They must provide consistency in the service standard in every of the class

They should bring down to a minimum luggage loss (Jones and Hill, 2009)

They must take up their flight delays to zero point

Fantastic on-board wellbeing game plans. Beat class inability help (e.g. permitting administration mutts in traveler lodges). Elderly and the hopeful moms ought to get exceptional care. Newborn children and youthful voyagers require unique participation

They must focus on the quicker and more brilliant on the web and versatile registrations

Vital organizations together with more One World accomplices to box unbroken systems all through the world (as of now has with British Airways and arranging with Emirates)

Develop more in-flight excitement choices and stimulation framework like Oryx Continuous portable, web, electrical plug administrations. Video/sound on request benefits required. Uncommon diversion programs for kids. Just discharged motion pictures (perhaps on the extremely same day) required to be included motion picture list. Most recent and well known TV programming ought to likewise be incorporated. Prizes can be offered for noting question identified with in-flight motion pictures. More assortments in magazine choice ought to be appeared (Ulph, 2011) 

Prices set by Qantas Airline

The Premium parlors ought to be redone at Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Singapore and better, more detailed scope of the South American sky

They must concentrate on creating nations, particularly BRIC countries, with infiltration estimating.

Regular customer needs to include more client advantages (most astounding flyer unique advantage, premium lodges getting twofold focuses, reward gold or silver coins, epicures dispatch and so forth) quality administration with advantages indicate mark faithfulness

Jetstar ought to be situated as nitty gritty. The best of no nonsense, minimal effort administrations ought to be given

Qantas requirements to develop a brand more grounded than any time in recent memory to recapture old wonderfulness (Ansoff, 2007).

For gaining new customers and winning back the lost customers by the adaption of penetration pricing strategy so that the developing nations can be easily penetrated with Qantas famous quality, brand, service and pricing strategy

For low demand market they must focus onto the selected term of loss leader pricing

For corporation they must specially crafted multi-unit pricing.

The marketing skimming should be cut down and they must limited to high demand markets

They must focus on the prestige pricing for the high demand segment (Paul, 2011).

They must focus on solid, well thoroughly considered, marking exercise through chose TV promotions concentrated especially the objective sections (Healey, 2008)

They must focus on tremendous weight on web promotions on travel and business related destinations and other well-known locales the locales gone to by target group of onlookers (Yahoo, Google and so forth.). Fly up/down advertisements, streak promotions, rich substance promotions ought to be set however much as could reasonably be expected. Publications and promotions in the destinations of vital accomplices

Person to person communication redo required. Page ought to be casual, client inviting and appealing, provoking client investment. Online people group ought to be work through destinations like Facebook and Twitter. Most recent happenings in organizations ought to be reported through these. Websites ought to be more casual and managing carrier related subjects and go about as an instrument to win clients.

The boards need to require at more vital areas (Jackacki, 2001)

They must focus on email promoting and bulletin sending ought to be given a lift.

They must focus on more grounded PR exercises

They must focus on Occasion sponsorships and investment in expos, traditions, fairs and so forth

For faster and better customer counter they must focus on the concept of direct selling because direct selling is one of the most useful and suggested technique

Promotions tool used by Qantas Airline

They must focus on the better outlet focusing on the better ambience, color and design

They should paid more importance to the internet sale. They must provide bonuses, special discounts and membership of internet sale

For the purpose of the greater sale they must associated with the popular travel site

For pushing Qantas sale they travel agent must offer award and reward

They should paid importance to telephone sales and must focus on the direct selling to corporation (Freeman, 2010).

They must focus on their process to implement best possible strategies in order to have the better market position which reflect good market value and share so that a productive organization results have been made.

They must focus on delivering the best possible service to their customers in order to retain them, thus it shows the loyalty of its customers. They are working by having a keen focus to maintain their customers. This must be the main initiative of Qantas to focus on to maintain their customer by providing them best possible customer services.

The must focus to work on the physical evidence in order  to provide the best results that have been focused by the customers in order to have the better effective and efficient market performance.


It has been concluded at the end that Qantas Airline Australia is one of the biggest global and household carriers of Australia. It has established in 1920 in Queensland. These are the world biggest carrier and hold a longest history on the planet from its starting period doing its business as transporting travelers and mail in biplanes. The operation of Qantas aircraft now has been stretched out to around five continent and coming to by 140 goals destination. Qantas Airlines has constructed a notoriety of greatness in operational unwavering quality, building and upkeep, client administrations and most altogether the perfection notoriety in wellbeing. This is one of the most grounded brands in Australia and conveying its best quality as a long separation aircraft. Qantas Airline is one of the significant driving brands of Australia and has built up a solid market esteem. It is one of the capable brands; this has built up an unrivaled market esteem. They are giving its administration by holding a ling effective history. The clients are faithful to them, consequently its demonstrates that they have kept up a decent market esteem and are serving 1000 of clients on regular routine. As indicated by the current research it has found that in worldwide market Qantas normal offer is found around 28% and Qantas household producer share plunges beneath 40%. Be that as it may, in the middle of the 2007 to 2016 the offer of household market has been diminished about 48% to 39% however its general limit amid recent years has been increment by 8.2% with offering 31 Million seats everywhere throughout the world. hence it has been analyzed at the end that they are focusing with immense attention towards their marketing mix plan in order to have the effective and efficient market value.  


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