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1.Provide background information on the company or organization and its goals. Describe its history/evolution, structure, function, mission, vision, values, goals and products/services and markets. 

2.Conduct research using the library databases to provide proof of the demand for this product or service. Find trends or statistics showing this demand and how that presents an opportunity for future growth and sales. Use APA formatting for in text citations and references.

3.Perform a macro-enviromental scan of the following areas: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal (PESTEL) to identify issues, both positive and negative, that may impact this organization. Be sure to reference the information you are providing. 

4.Perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis for this organization 

5.Formatting, spelling, overall impression 

Background of GoGreen Paradise

Background of GoGreen Paradise

The company GoGreen Paradise is an emerging organization of Calgary. The company was started with a concern for the health of people due to the increase in the utilization of artificial synthetic substances in the production of various food products. This is the main vision of the organization that focuses on people’s health and to build a healthy society, by improving the agricultural practices. The mission of the organization can be described in two words, agriculture and encourage, which means that the production of vegetables and fruits should be done through natural means and more farmers in Canada should follow this practice.


                                                                       Image source: (

Situational Analysis

According to the mission and vision of the organization, it is clear that sustainability is paramount for the organization and in this perspective the Triple Bottom Line concept has to be incorporated in the organization planning and activities. The triple bottom line focuses on the organization’s financial value along with environmental impact and social responsibilities. This means that the organization GoGreen Paradise, have to fulfill their objectives and goals to attain the financial value of the organization and the methods adapted for it should encourage a sustainable environment that the society should follow (Bezawada & Pauwels, 2013).

The demand for organic products is very high due to their natural production ways. According to the survey conducted the following results have been gained about the different organic product of GoGreen Paradise.


                                                                    Image source: (

Product Analysis

GoGreen Paradise Products

Consumer Need

Demand Scale













Other Ingredients



The organic market globally is going to witness a huge rise of 16% by 2020, according to the researchers. This is due to the increase in knowledge about the health benefits that organic products possess. Some of the trends that are responsible for this increase in demand in the organic organization are-

  • People are more informed about organic products than before.
  • People are more conscious about their health now.
  • Environmental sustainability is the main agenda of major countries.
  • A better and healthier future is a trend that has increased the demand for organic products (Bodini, Richter & Felder, 2009).

Situational Analysis

PESTEL Analysis

The PESTEL analysis of the GoGreen Paradise is-

  • Political

The organic industry will be affected by any changes that will be made by a country in their food production and agricultural policies. The organization GoGreen Paradise will be affected by the changes that will be made by the Canadian government. This will affect the production of the products.

  • Economic

The economic crisis has impacted the food retail sector and this had an effect on the GoGreen Paradise. The organic products are a bit expensive than the regular products and in the situation of financial crisis, consumers tend to follow a strict budget that will make them shift from organic products to cheaper ones (Denver & Christensen, 2014).

  • Social

The organic products are introduced in the market with a perception of healthy food that is good for the environment and people. This is the main focus of the organization that has a huge impact on society. But there is also a huge percentage of people who do not possess adequate information about organic products and thus are in a flux situation.

  • Technological

The GoGreen Paradise has made it to the shelves of supermarkets and local stores, but it lags behind in utilizing the technology for increasing sales, especially when compared with the conventional farmers who are using artificial synthetic substances in their production (Ghosh, Datta & Barai, 2016).

  • Environmental

The organic product is all about a better sustainable environment. The organization GoGreen has to maintain a standard that is beneficial for the organization as well as the environment.

  • Legal

There are a number of rules and regulations that the organization has to follow. This includes company law, food production law, environmental law, and others. Any changes in these rules will have an impact on the organization (Hall, 2008).

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis of GoGreen Paradise-


  • High quality food.
  • No use of pesticides, herbicides or any other artificial synthetic substance.
  • Increasing demand for the products.

A diverse range of products (Mazzacano D’Amato & Falzon, 2014)


                                                                           Image source: (


  • The high prices in comparison to the other conventional products.
  • The inadequate knowledge about the products and the organic industry amongst the consumers.
  • The products take a longer time to produce and many of the fruits and vegetables are seasonal (Pearson & Henryks, 2008).
  • Perishability of the food products.


Product Analysis

                                                                             Image source: (


  • The rapid growth of the organic industry that is going to increase even more with time.
  • Loyal customers, who have the right knowledge about the product are helping with good mouth marketing of the organization.
  • Growing concern and consciousness towards health.
  • The Growing concern of society towards the environment.


  • The changing weather conditions.
  • The aggressive promotional tactics of other organizations.
  • The fluctuation in prices.
  • The growing competitors (Persaud & Schillo, 2017).


The organization GoGreen Paradise has a great potential in the market. All the circumstances and the conditions are in favor of the organization. The organization is providing the consumers with products that are high on quality and have massive benefits for the society and the environment. The organization has to educate people more about organic products and also about the production process of the products. The other issue that the organization has to tackle is to promote and sell their products more aggressively with the help of technology and have to create a strong foundation in the online market.

The food market of the world has evolved immensely in the last two decades with a wide range of organic products being introduced in the market. Organic products have acquired a huge prominence in the market and are consumer’s favorite as they do not use any synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers for the production of the products. They are manufactured in a sustainable environment and in a responsible way, so as to protect the environment and the health of the people. The organic organization that is being examined in this assignment is GoGreen Paradise that is an organic organization that specializes in organic vegetables, fruits, meats, and other products.


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