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Communicating with Target Audience

Create a homepage: just like any website, this should be a static page that tells the reader about YOU. It should be fitting for your intended audience. How many words - whatever you feel is appropriate, but at least one paragraph. Write in 1st person, or 3rd person point of view - think about your audience in you decision making. One WordPress page: this page is an blank page that you can do anything with. It can be multimedia based or written words OR a combination. It should showcase YOU, however, this page is different from your blog writing (below).

While blog writing share an opinion/view about a topic that relates to your dream employer/industry, this page will support your brand, but doesn't have to be a written opinion piece. Example 1 If you wanted to work in a Public Relations role in the fashion industry, this this WP page could include content about fashion or pop culture moments that fascinate you. Example 2 - If you wanted to work as a Marketing Manager for a boat manufacturer, a student may have a WP page that curates content about great boat journeys of the world, or dream boat rides. One blog topic that should include at least two posts that relate to the topic that you feel is important to YOU/the industry you want to work in/ would be of interest to your dream employer.

EAch of your blog posts are a maximum 500 words each. Remember, your blog posts are different to your additional Wordpress page. How? Well, your blog posts provide your opinions/reflections about a topic that is of interest. Example 1 Thinking back to the student that wants a public relations career in the fashion industry, they may write about a blog topic/theme called "the role of technology in PR". In keeping with this theme, the student would write two opinion pieces; a blog post a (500 words) bout why wearable technologies are the next big thing in fashion and another blog post (500 words) about technology and reputation management and spread of PR disasters. Your blog topic/theme and the two posts that bring your theme to life, DO NOT have to relate to the digital world. These blog posts are about topics that fascinate you, and you have an opinion about AND are strategically able to gain the interest of your dream employer. The posts that are going to get the highest marks, will be the ones that connect the student to the employer though rich and compelling content, and clearly demonstrate a cohesive brand strategy.

Offline and Online Communication

1 Fully Online Presentation Assessment Description NOTE - your WordPress quick reference guide outlines how to create a WP homepage, additional pages, and Blog posts AND keep them private so that only YOU and YOUR TUTOR can view content. You do this by providing administrator access to your tutor. Making you site public is NOT a requirement of this unit. We advise that you keep your WP asset private until after you have completed the semester. LINKED IN REQUIREMENTS To create a branded content strategy, a brand uses more than just one owned media asset.

Therefore, not only are you asked to create your personal brand using WordPress, you are also required to create or update your LinkedIn page to support your personal brand. You may already have a linked in page, so adjusting your LinkedIn Page by doing an audit (details are available on Bb) you will ensure what you have now showcased on your WordPress site, is consistent with how you want to position yourself in the employment market. Consistent messaging across media is essential. Please contact your tutor if you are currently employed and you feel that updating your LinkedIn site may cause an issue with your current employer OR if you have concern about creating a LinkedIn site (your tutor can advise regarding privacy settings).

For most students, updating your LinkedIn page includes updating photographs to fit with WordPress, updating work samples, updating employment experience, joining groups and following brands that are relevant to your dream career. Your WordPress and LinkedIn content should be written in a style that is appealing and appropriate for the intended audience. Your content should be original and related to your personal brand. Your WordPress pages should demonstrate writing quality that is free of grammatical errors, show evidence of self-editing, and use accurate citations (Chicago referencing) where relevant (multimedia embedded should be cited using Chicago style referencing). Your owned assets should be unified. Your blog posts should include enhancements such as tags, hyperlinks, video, and images that make your content rich and compelling (instructions are in the WordPress QRG).

PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTS Once you have created your WordPress asset, and created/updated your LinkedIn asset, you then need to create a power point presentation. This is where you justify your content decisions. Your presentation should be a maximum of 5 minutes in length. Your presentation should include the following slides:

1. State you dream employer/industry/work role

2. The key story communicated: talk about your content strategy/theme

3. Content strategy execution: this should include screen shots of your blogs/or information about your topics. Include screen shots from LinkedIn.

4. Integration: provide information about how you have achieved integration 2 Fully Online Presentation Assessment Description

5. Reflection: How would you enhance your digital footprint? Discuss whether you would continue with WP. Would you use alternative platforms for communicating your digital footprint? Would you join other Linkedin groups in the future? Why?

SUBMISSION OF YOUR PRESENTATION ASSESSMENT You need to upload your WP site content to Bb. WordPress submission: The WordPress QRG details how to invite your tutor as an administrator for your WP site. Only you and your tutor will be able to view your content. When your tutor is grading this assessment, they do this on your live site. That way, the tutor can check your use of tags, categories, and play multimedia embedded in your site. However, as per Curtin guidelines all assessment submitted should be checked for plagiarism and therefore students need to upload a word document with their WP content to Blackboard.

You must upload a word document to Bb even though your tutor will be grading from your live site. Your word document is created by simply copying and pasting your content off WP into the document and should take just a few minutes to complete. To do this, students should create a word document that includes the following:

1. A front cover that list: Your name and ID number, your WP link and username, your dream employer/industry/work role

2. Copy and paste content from WP into the following sub headings; HOME PAGE, BLOG POSTS, ADDITIONAL PAGE (this may be written words or links to multimedia or images).

3. Simply upload using the relevant Bb link. Presentation submission. You presentation will be delivered in class, using your power point slides. Ensure that your presentation is no longer than 5 minutes. You should have no more than 10 slides as part of your presentation.

Communicating with Target Audience

The fashion business is a standout amongst the most powerful and flourishing ventures on the planet. It consolidates a huge assortment of exercises, from the best possible generation of items, the change of prime materials, and the production of pieces of attire, shoes, and add-ons among others. One of the skeletal supports of this part is the point of sale. The retail market represents 1.1 billion dollars per year (George, Richard and Lord 2015). 

Right now, there are various illustrations that can enable you to build deals and to confront the opposition. I have assembled 5 promoting methodologies for this post you can apply to your dress store, a "fashionista" rendition of how David can confront Goliath and be successful in a head on encounter. 

#1 Communicating with Target Audience

"It's basic to open powerful lines of correspondence with your objective market. In the event that you don't guarantee that your messages contact them, in what manner would you be able to conceivably expect that your activities for extending your deals will be taken note? As a general rule, it's unthinkable. When discussing these strategies for correspondence, it's critical to remember a few things: 


Make signs to guarantee that offers achieve clients. This publicizes advancements and increases the value of your items in your own particular foundations. It's typical for a portion of these to get ignored however they shouldn't be precluded hence since the speculation is negligible and the outcomes are more than adequate (Harris et al. 2016). 


Having an online presence is fundamental in such an aggressive area as the material business. It's valid that not all organizations can or ought to be on the web, but rather if it's inside the capacities of the business to open themselves up to the web, they shouldn't leave behind the chance to investigate this outlet. Presently, inside nations, for example, the United Kingdom and the United States, in the vicinity of 14 and 19% of aggregate benefits for national dress organizations originates from online channels, substantially more extraordinary than different nations, for example, Spain, where it just achieves 10%.

#2 Offline Events to De-Virtualize the Audience

The most fitting circumstances to 'make noise' inside the fashion business are the accompanying:

  • Kick off of another season with a showroom along with a fashion show
  • Reach out to customers with an invitation to a unique festival
  • Celebrate commemorations or exceptional dates in the life of the business (Chang, Chun-Wei and Zhang 2016).
  • Create exceptional deals to sell garments that is left finished from a season that is relatively finished or make occasions encompassing particular pieces

#3 Window Displays

Window presentations can be characterized as the craftsmanship that satisfactorily exhibits the articles that a foundation has available to be purchased through a mix of items and materials. The energy of how window shows are done ought to never be depreciated and strong verification of this exists in the way that, when one voyages, a most loved leisure activity is to turn by the "brilliant walkways" or the principle urban streets where one can see the show windows of the immense firms. 

Offline and Online Communication

#4 Packaging and Marketing at the Point of Sale

There are extremely intriguing inclinations that exist that push for the utilization of cardboard and reused paper to wrap up the items. Another thought is to incorporate a couple of desserts to the sack and a business card. Obviously, a coupon that can be utilized for a rebate on future deals or offering them a form magazine can help, as well. On the off chance that exceptional dates, for example, Valentine's Day and Christmas which we as of now checked on a comparative case in point 2# - make certain to incorporate merry bundling components identified with the occasion. This is something that clients will appreciate.

#5 Active Presence within Social Media

As of now, online networking resembles a play area where everybody spends some portion of their day talking with companions, securing new data, and abiding the hours. This implies any fashion industry needs to take an interest in these techniques in the event that they need to achieve a greater amount of their potential gathering of people (Adrian 2017). Facebook is the most exceptional one and can be a substitute for electronic trade until the point that the independent company chooses to make its own particular online store.


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Offline Events to De-Virtualize the Audience

Thompson, Kim Helen, Debbie Ellis, Sanjay Soni, and Samantha Paterson. "Attributes influencing clothing store choice for an emerging market’s Generation Y Twixter customers." The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research 28, no. 2 (2018): 157-173.

Improving Customer experience: In-Store

As customers turn out to be more associated, the fame of web based shopping keeps on expanding. Deals from retail internet business in Australia, surpassed $450 billion out of 2017, an expansion of in excess of 16 percent from 2016. Be that as it may, customers aren't deserting physical store areas. Retailers have the ability to draw clients and increment deals it just takes enhancing the in-store understanding. 

Embrace Technology

Customers don't trench their computerized gadgets since they're shopping in a physical store. The cell phone has changed the way numerous individuals shop from contrasting promotion costs with posting a photograph of a thing to online networking. Giving your clients a consistent ordeal that consolidates both advanced and physical is fundamental. Conspicuously show data about store applications and have partners prepared to give individual help from downloading the application to getting to the store's site (Marta 2014). QR codes additionally offer another level of collaboration, giving data about an item and even not publicly broadcast specials. 

Create the Mood

It's simple for customers to a single tick things from the solace of their home. When they come in-store, it's imperative to make the correct disposition. Mood melodies should fit with the store's image and never be loud to the point that your partners or clients need to raise their voices to talk.

Lighting assumes a critical part, also. Changing areas ought to be sufficiently bright (in addition to checked and safe), however complement lighting used to make a state of mind for presentations can be emotional and draw in customers toward particular things (Sachdeva, Ishita and Suhsma Goel 2015). Abstain from "refreshing" the air with intensely perfumed fragrances that scent excessively like drug.

Attention to Details

The detailing of elements regularly have the effect when attempting to enhance your clients' general in-store understanding. Consistently change the front window shows, evacuate outdated signage, and keep the floor clean all through every open hour. Clean free retires and spotless mirrors additionally establish a decent connection.

Also, tender loving care incorporates the way relates welcome clients as they enter the store. Go past the standard "How may I enable you?" To depend on casual chitchat as an incredible method to connect with clients and welcome them into the store. Consider welcome, for example, "How's your day going?" or "Who are we looking for now?"

Window Displays

Combine Experiences

Give you're in-store clients something they can't get from shopping on the web by facilitating occasions. Unique occasions may go from live amusement to item showings and philanthropy capacities held at your store. By consolidating retail with something more, your clients get an exceptional affair that can't be copied with internet shopping.

Offer Kid-Friendly Space

Grown-up customers feel more welcome in a store when they know there's a child inviting space for their kids. On the off chance that guardians feel loose in light of the fact that their kids are protected and having some good times, the general shopping background is enhanced with a potential increment in deals transformations. Consider setting up a child zone with a place to sit, books and a couple of toys.

Improve Checkout

A moderate checkout process is a speedy method to lose clients. You can have the best front window show, stunning deals partners and the things your customer’s need however it may not be sufficient if the checkout isn't on point, also. The exact opposite thing you need are clients to venture out of line without finishing their buy. On the busiest days, completely staffed registers are the arrangement (Stein, Alisha and Balasubramani Ramaseshan 2016). Portable registers offer another choice, perfect amid the heaviest shopping seasons, or amid your enormous deals. 

At times, in spite of best activities, lines shape. Keep clients connected with amid the checkout procedure by having partners answer addresses or direct movement to keep the lines moving. Partners can offer examples, coupons for future visits, or furnish tips for associating with the store's applications.

Once the decision has been made to visit a physical store, make that shopping knowledge as pleasant and bother free as could be expected under the circumstances. Enhancing the in-store experience can help build the business changes and your arrival client rates.


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