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The role of social media in uplifting the image of UBER and make it a household name. It can be an inspiration that how the company is reaching a high level of success by having advertised the company only on social media. Not only this, but the company is also able to deal with regulations of government with the help of social media. The company has also created a campaign to save overall transportation services in some places all across the world (Howison et al., 2015).

The company has been able to utilize the platform of social media to be able to enter many diverse markets. The overall strategy of the company is to higher local staff and with the help of social media to provide some learning about the company to the community. Sometime back right before entering the market, the company tries to ask the staff to start promoting the company in the respective market. This way, the company will be able to create some awareness after the transportation process starts functioning properly (Howison et al., 2015). With the help of recruiting local management, the local society becomes the face of the brand and also builds the overall foundation that exists between different members of the society.

The company has the personally customized page to the region that one may check easily and the page consists of different posts from the company while particularly also tailoring it for many geographic places that they are functioning on. This adds to the connection and the overall efforts that are conducted by different fronts. This is also based on building a diverse partnership of current value system of the particular region in which company functions in. After that, the team also releases different kind of deals as well as partnerships to the consumers on many platforms (Bal et al., 2015).

The company actively tries to fosters some communication, and for this, they have also utilized a different kind of geographical pages to permit people to post what they usually enjoy, and it is not just about the company. Here PR teams play a crucial role because the moment someone posts on social media within few minutes there will be some or other kind of comments which informs that the problem will be taken care of. After that, the customer service department becomes active and tries to resolve the issues (Bal et al., 2015).

Social media presence

The report discusses in detail about the social media presence of UBER. UBER is an organization that pushes brand identification with the help of some interdisciplinary groups. The company has successfully covered the ground level well from all corners. Also, there is no impactful place to see and analyze it on the internet. The amount of integration, the company has created between the marketing and multiple customer services as well as PR teams are on their feet all the time. The company can effectively utilize the social media to expand the business on an international level. It also created a lot of social awareness and had made sure them to be able to create some loyalty from consumers and at the same time also gain huge market share in the industry (Laurell and Sandström, 2016). The marketing has been done in some ways than the normal regular organization, and the overall awareness that has been created all across the world is remarkable. The company is now operating in more than hundred and thirty cities and is continuing to expand more in future. The company is also able to create the high level of awareness in different countries where the operations are not yet initiated. The future of the industry seems to be favorable for the company.

The company also tries to maintain some level of engagement with the help of the customers through different deals as well as promotions, which can be only made possible since there is an existence of some strong base and connection between the PR, customer care and the marketing team (Bal et al., 2015). These discussions further help the consumer to get some important rides and also some attractive deals because of some simple kind of facts of them being a part of company's family. The company utilizes social media to launch new plans and services and also understand the social talks in the surroundings. This further helps the marketing team to plan the campaign around the sentiments of consumers and modify their services as per the customer demand in the market. In the end, the company understands that the main key to making the social presence strong it is important to revolve it around the needs of consumers and how customers, in the long run, use the services to bring some engagement in the company.

The social media audiences are decided by the strategy which is planned by many elements in a single thread. The main aim is to develop a thread where the clients of the company can see different kind of photographs as well as videos. Different kind of photographs will also be shown the true value of the company and the overall customer experience. The platform is specifically generated so that it is to the public. At the same time, the main aim will be for the users of application like the drivers and customers. Every week, the company selects a winner for some discount for the users, and there is also some fee waiver as well for the drivers (Kethman et al., 2016). The key feature here is the main strategy that helps in giving some voice and also provides an action to every party can get involved in the communication in UBER. Some people are part of huge kind of social setting which may exist online as well as offline. It is important to understand this influence the attitude, decisions, and opinions of the organization. Different communication methods and change in behavior constantly since technology is also changing with time. The primary focus of the company is to generate a friendly surrounding to demonstrate how small things can influence the life of people. The campaign of the company also shows that the company values great customer service and tries to provide a polite staff at front office. To make the drivers qualifies for the job, it is important to motivate them, and that is where the whole campaign plays an important role. The level of competition is rising every day, and with every new market UBER is entering into, and this is why it becomes even more important to differentiate. Therefore, the social media campaign will help in developing a unique selling point as compared to the competition and slowly will enhance the overall usage of the company among the target market (Kethman et al., 2016).

Social media audience

Following are some of the important social media marketing strategies adopted by UBER: -

  1. Influencer based strategy: the company initiates different referral programs each day as influencers and the pull strategy to circulate the word with the help of social channels. The company can benefit from the different level of influences and the people in the network that uses the code and also the credit earned for the referrers. This further can mean a higher level of awareness along with more new kind of users.
  2. UBER strategy to become likable: the management of community comes with the help of human voice of the brand. These days, brands are constantly trying to go close and contact through e-personal with the customer, and also have a conversation with them. This is one of the most important things that a brand can do. At the same time, campaigns initiated by UBER like #UBERKITTENS helps in interaction as people which can be funny at the same time, very helpful when wrong people makes the overall brand relatable and likable. Therefore, it is important for the company to completely master the art of marketing in social media (Sawhney et al., 2017).
  3. On the other hand, the kind of customer service company provides only possible with activeness of social media platforms and the Twitter page has a strong presence both internationally as well as in the domestic market. This further helps in believing that the company has determined the usage of Facebook as huge broadcasting based platform rather than a more engaging kind of channel.

There are so many negative reports about the company lately which has sparked a lot of outrage. There are many disturbing issues that exist in the company. Following is the detailed discussion: -

  1. Drivers being a multitask expert: the main selling point of the company is that drivers in nearby location are provided a message to immediately reach the asked or desired location to pick up the customer. However, it can also be considered as a major drawback, especially from the safety point of view (Sawhney et al., 2017). Because drivers are the one who learns about the needs of the customer immediately. Checking phone while driving can also lead to a rising in the rate of accidents. The company has never properly addressed the issues, but most probably it is not something which is very surprising.
  2. Safety of the Passengers: there are so many examples of UBER drivers where they were accused of sexually harassing the passengers. However, it is important to understand that a registered cab driver might not do it. The company does have the policy to for the registered can install drivers, and the website is also able to provide an extensive protocol for the same. However, as per the reports and studies, the company has not open records in different parts of the world, and the company is also not responding to request for more information about different drivers (Lamberton and Stephen, 2016).
  3. The level of privacy: the company has also been accused of many problematic and troubling disregards for the privacy of the consumers. In fact, there is some association which is not happy with the popular God view tool used by the company. This application further can permit the company to be able to track the exact location of the customers of the company which is in one view can compromise with the overall duty or accountability to respect the privacy of customers (Lamberton and Stephen, 2016).
  4. Leadership: there were some incidences where the leaders openly argued with the journalist when they tried to criticize the company and also questions its credibility. However, the recent comments by the management can be considered as PR disaster.

The concept of ICT helps in making sure that new kind of value creation is promoted and in the recent time, there is some collaborative level of consumption as well as platforms that have gain advantages from the overall momentum in many places of the economy. There is collaborative based consumption as well which introduces an overall offering that shows some disruptive level issues in a manner that can greatly value in many novel methods. It is also normally done by discussing as well as introducing new types of performances. In recent time, the information coming in various publications says that UBER is not able to fulfill the domestic parameter for being considered as a disruptive kind of innovation. Also, the company also able to create some institutionalizes level of trouble mainly surrounded by present rules, regulations as well as taxes (Lobel et al., 2016). The overall work of this company can be considered as a kind of institutional based entrepreneurship as people are not able to compete as per the multiple established norms and rules. However, it is instead done by changing many institutional kinds of set-up governing an industry. These elements are new for the market, and it is still not very clear on how the collaborative kind of consumption and the platform associated with it will emerge within the set parameters and how the market in general achieves it.  The primary motive of the report is to understand that the company like UBER which is a personal platform for transportation can be conceived of as innovation in technology and as a main disruption on institution level. Application of analytics with social media as well as coding which exist among so many posts and the finding also suggest that UBER is also perceived as a technology-based innovation and a transformation on institution level (Lobel et al., 2016). The overall disruption is normally based on much prevalent as a discourse of social media.

The concept of technology has been an important factor for the company, and if there is no technology, the company will not be able to create a solid and impactful practical level of applications where people can see the name of drivers with a picture as well as ratings. It also consists of color and the model of the vehicle. Also, the customer is also able to continuously track the vehicle to understand the exact time of its arrival. Also of the app, that has successfully empowered them to construct a comparative kind of benefits against the transportation as well as taxi based industry. The concept of technology has assisted in every marketing campaign of the company (Weinman, 2015). Facebook, or Twitter and many other similar platforms are crucial since it helped in circulating the photos of many consumers and thanking them for the great experience. The company is also able to take benefits of the technology to spread the business all across the world.

Social media marketing


Over the years, UBER has exhibited a lot of strengths and most vital is that strengths that are strongly connecting with options that are present in the external culture or surroundings. Therefore, to accomplish a better level of performance, UBER must take advantages of its overall strengths and also be able to solve the crucial threats that can lead to major troubles for the company. From inside, the business philosophy of the company is always to charge little less than the traditional based competitors. Right from the starting, it has motivated people to try the new kind of app and also continue to utilize its different places of traditional services with which the consumers are not happy with (Evans and Cothrel, 2014). However, the fact is the association that exists between the organization as well as drivers along with the company and the clients is weak by nature and can be anytime replaced with competition which is also rising. Therefore, for the company to stay successful in business, it is important to keep the workforce as well as the client happy. Addressing such issues can be one of the major challenges for the company in future.

Following are the detailed discussion of recommendations: -

  1. Deregulation of fares: the company set its rates which rely on the fact and the kind of service which takes a commission up to twenty-five percent. As per the recommendations, the street based rides must be properly regulated. However, people and taxi based brokerages must be permitted to settle the rates currently especially when the whole ride is booked in advance. The company many times use the controversial kind of model like surge pricing where the regular kinds of rates must be doubled or sometimes tripled. There is a situation when the demand goes even higher, and the supply relatively remains low (Faff et al., 2017). 
  2. The transaction being cashless: there is an evasion of fare which is an existing threat to many taxi drivers which further leads to drivers who can profile the passengers. They are also very selective by nature especially when there is a pickup or ignore specific issues in the neighborhood which is considered as the high amount of risk. At the same time, passengers are constantly worrying about being victims of some fraud in case they use debit or credit card for the ride because of banking data.
  3. Licensing method: some drivers require getting screened with the proper check of background and with specific rules for each and everyone and with periodic kind of audits. All types of vehicles must continually be inspected just before it reaches the road, along with right kind of inspections allowed at any shop (Kane, 2017).
  4. Training and development: it must be made compulsory for the drivers to go through a specific training program to become one of the licensed as well as taken as course in a particular period. At the same time, the drivers also watch short videos online with the help that they achieve through instant feedback system on the services since the people traveling rate the driver's performance. It is very important to set certain guidelines and criteria for the basic level of training program, however, it is important to leave the process to the brokerages of taxi or organization like UBER to give the right kind of training (Davison et al., 2016). Some needs can change in future based on the overall time or hours spent by the driver.


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