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Energy consumption

Sources of raw materials – suppliers

Method(s) of transportation used

  • From suppliers to the company
  • From company to the market

Emission level targets identified

Emission levels controlled (recorded, compared to targets)

How these measurements are recorded

How the corrective actions communicated to various stakeholders

Identify the various stakeholders sentiments about the environment

  • Manufacturing efficiency (process) reviews and actions
  • Manufacturing efficiency (facilities, equipment, technology reviews and actions
  • New and/or improved product developments
  • Waste levels and waste controls

Mitsui & Co. Ltd. is considered to be one of the greatest trading companies of the general category. The organization has its headquarters in Japan and it is a major part of Mitsui Group. The business areas that are covered by the organization include, machinery, energy, food, chemicals, logistics, textile, finance and many more. The organization was established in the year 1876 and it included 16 other members along with Takashi Masuda who was the owner of Mitsui & Co. The company has its operations in many other countries including, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Australia and Abu Dhabi ( 2018).

The report is based on the analysis of the Australian operations of the organization and many other aspects of the organization as well. The discussion of the report is based on Mitsui & Co. (Australia) Ltd. which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. Japan. The Australian subsidiary of the organization has also managed to acquire the topmost position in investment, trading and services. The organization manages to maintain a varied portfolio of the businesses related to industries including, coal, iron ore, gas, oil, generation of power and many more. The different aspects of the organization including environmental aspects, target market and strategic plan will be analysed in the report (McKinnon et al. 2015).

The organization has its headquarters in Tokyo and it has its global presence in 66 other countries of the world and 138 offices. The company also has more 460 subsidiaries and companies that have association with Mitsui & Co. all over the world. The target market of Mitsui & Co. is mainly related to the supply of energy, metal and mineral resources, infrastructure, food, chemicals, mining machinery, construction, transportation and steel ( 2018).

The products that are offered by the organization are products of steel and iron, manufacturing of steel products, manufacture of copper, nickel, aluminium, rare metals, titanium. Another major sector of operations of the organization is the power sector, which includes, thermal power, cogeneration, renewable energy, power wholesaling, energy management, power retailing (Akhtar et al. 2017). The import and export of gas is another sector where the organization operates. The other products that are offered by the organization are related to agriculture and animal nutrition as well. Mitsui & Co. also produces ingredients and raw materials that are required for the preparation of food. Mitsui and Co. is considered to be one of the leading players in the market of integrated energy supplies (Pierie et al. 2016).

Products offered by the company

The company has been organising many types of marketing activities which are related to the sustainability related issues of the company. Mitsui promotes sustainability in its operations which gives the organization a suitable position in the market. The organization has been planning many programs, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and many other activities related to promotion (Naranjo-Gil 2016).

Planning related to different aspects of Mitsui & Co.

The main strategy of Mitsui and Co. is related to the ways by the company uses communication technology and information to raise corporate values for a medium or long-term period as well. This helps the organization in strengthening their capabilities of innovation with the help of transformation in a digital way by using the technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Mitsui has made major investments in this field so that the data can be used in a continuous basis so that the value of the business can be improved (Frynas and Mellahi 2015).

The organization has a well-defined set of objectives which are related to sustainable operations and thereby fulfilling the needs and demands of the customers without making diverse effects on the environment. The implementation of the different strategies that are formulated by the company are mainly related to the progress of the corporate planning ( 2018).

The decision-making process of Mitsui & Co. is carried out by keeping in mind the that the activities of the company do not have any negative effects on the environment. The major goal of the environmental planning is to consider the environment where the organization is operating and the political, social, economic factors are also taken into account (Bergh et al. 2016).

Mitsui & Co. has been collecting information related to the environment with the help of the government. The company also follows the laws, treaties and regulations that are related to the environment in a rigorous manner. The organization tries to prevent pollution of the environment and curbs the emission of greenhouse gas so that they adapt to the change in climate and maintain biodiversity. The company is always alert towards the implications of its work process on the environment and tries to mitigate the impacts that are caused (Gallego-Álvarez and Ortas 2017). Mitsui works with its partners in such a way so as to use their strengths to achieve the long-term and rational solutions to the problems related to the environment. Grants are provided by the organization through the Mitsui& Co. Environment Fund for the purpose of research in the universities and other activities related to NGOs. These activities contribute to the solutions of efficient use of resources, solving environmental problems, protecting the ecosystems and coexistence in a harmonious manner. Mitsui has also started new ventures related to the sharing of cars so that the environments is not affected. The sharing of cars has been of help to resolve major issues related to the impact on the environment and the high costs that are incurred due to the owning of private cars (Sarkis and Zhu 2017).

Promotional activities of the organization

The response mechanism of the organization is related to decision-making regarding the systems that are implemented to reduce the effects of their activities on the environment. The decisions related to the environmental activities are taken based on the processes of the organization. Mitsui & Co. has undertaken activities related to corporate social responsibility so that they can contribute to the society with the help of its core business (Bettis et al. 2015). The business is launched based on the creation of new values and thereby build interpersonal relationships. The organization aims to contribute to the growth of the communities in the area where the business operates. This helps in ensuring better living standards for the communities where the organization is based. Mitsui contributes to the society with the help of activities outside the core business activities and this includes area like international exchange, environment and education. Mitsui & Co. develops as well as participates in the different community programs in the Australian areas which are focussed on many areas. Other activities that are conducted by the organization include helping the communities to recover from disasters, the organization encourages volunteering activities (David and David 2015). The regional communities of Queensland are also supported by the organization which is a part of their CSR activities.

The organization consumes energy for the production the different products that are offered which include minerals and metals, energy and power, infrastructure related equipments and services. Other products that consume energy are chemicals, food products, steel products, construction and transportation products.

Suppliers of the organization include those supply the raw materials required for the production of the food materials, metal and products, materials related to nutrition and agriculture (Cristóbal et al. 2016).

The transportation and logistics related to Mitsui & Co. include facilities like, ships, trucks, tractors and many more. The different fields where the organization operates include, manufacturing, logistics, retail, wholesale, finance and retail. Related to motorcycles, automobiles and automotive components. The sales, rental, retail and finance business related to construction and mining machinery, industrial machinery and sales of the machine tools.

The emission levels of the organization are recorded with the help of the data that are maintained in the company records. The targets and demands are controlled according to the levels of emissions (Seidel et al. 2014).

The various stakeholders of Mitsui & Co. include the different retailers and wholesalers who source the raw materials from the organization related to food, metal and all other products. The customers or end users of these products are the major stakeholders of the organization. The manufacturing operations of the organization contain many parts which include the manufacturing of steel and iron related products.  

The CEO of Mitsui has a positive attitude towards the environmental protection of the area where the organization operates. Mitsui has formulated many social contribution concepts that are related to the environmental protection. The trend towards globalization has been increasing in the recent times along with the advances in the IT related activities. The society has developed and diversity has increased bringing changes in the environment (Walls and Berrone 2017). The issues that are faced by the organizations have also increased which includes, global warming, environmental problems, inequality in education and poverty. Mitsui mainly works so that they can address global and local issues related to the society with the help of activities related to social contribution. The major areas where the social contribution of Mitsui & Co. is concentrated include, education, international exchange and environment. The organization uses its strengths to focus on different areas which include human resource development and multicultural symbiosis with international perspectives. The organization works together with the society and takes initiatives from their side to improve the surroundings where they operate (Song et al. 2017).

Mitsui & Co. tries to rigorously comply with the laws and regulations of the environment that are set by the government. The organization offers environment-friendly and low-cost options related to mobility. The business related activities that are conducted with respect to the enhancement of the management of environmental systems are the introduction of programs like e-Manifest for the use related to monitoring of disposal waste. The development of tools related to the accidents that can be caused in the environment. New networks have been developed with the help of collaboration with the NGOs and NPOs to drive the projects that are based on social and environmental priorities (Bjørn et al. 2015). The other environmental activities include the supply of the automotive parts on a global basis which are able to deliver excellent performance. The organization also contributes to materials and equipments related to wind power supply. The business of the organization has been developed with the help of the joint venture for the purpose of manufacturing of automotive parts. The organization also utilizes its copper resources with the help of blending copper concentrate and optimizes the levels of impurity. Mitsui has also taken steps to promote chemicals which are friendly to the environment which include, natural oil, palm oil and oleochemical business (Weldu and Assefa 2016).

The organization participates and invests in the production of chemical and fuel business which is grounded on the usage of the technology of microbial fermentation. The completion of the construction and operation commences with the boil=off of gas. The initiation of the development of the transportation and manufacturing value chain for production of hydrogen is considered as a next-generation energy resource which is clean in nature. The organization has also implemented a survey which is concerned with the reduction of the consumption of electric power with the utilization of the heat that is wasted in the process from the factory (Penzenstadler et al. 2014). The services of operational maintenance related to the generation of power from solar energy and biomass. Mitsui & Co. has also implemented effective process of the utilization of waste products which includes the commercialization of the chicken manure. The reduction of consumption of energy and the burdens related to environment are conducted in the plants of the organization. Mitsui & Co. provides grants through the organization named Mitsui & Co. Environment Fund. The organization contributes to the development of human resources related to the forestry as well as timber industries (Bettis et al. 2015).

Strategic planning

The complexity of the ways of reporting need to be made effective by the CEO and the CFO of the organizations. The reports which are quite long in nature and complex as well are also simplified by the executive officers of the organization. The officers of Mitsui & Co. try to make the reports that are presented by the employees valuable and effective. The accountability of the reports is aligned with the responsibilities and the cross-functional collaboration (Bergh et al. 2016). The reports that are presented to the management of Mitsui are judged with the help of the key performance indicators (KPIs).

The current practices of the organization with respect to the maintenance of sustainability are fruitful for the image and position of Mitsui & Co. in the market. Mitsui has taken many initiatives related to the activities of corporate social responsibility. The organization launches businesses so that they can create values, build relationships and thereby contribute to the growth of the communities. The living standards of the people living in the areas where the organization operates are also improved with the cooperation of the organizational activities and help of the people as well. Mitsui has always aimed to contribute to the global development of the people in and around the organization so that they can continue their operations in a sustainable environment. The company has always tried to keep in check by measuring the amount of energy that is consumed by the operations and manufacturing processes. The volunteer programs that are planned as well as implemented by the organization have also proven to be useful for the people and the communities that are related to Mitsui. Mitsui has its operations in many different fields which include, energy, transport, infrastructure and many more. The sustainability of the operations is important to ensure that the organization can operate for a longer time. Mitsui can use many other ways by which they can further improve their operations to ensure sustainability in the environment. They can implement methods of operations which are sustainable and that do not have adverse effects on the environment. The activities of the employees of the organization should be improved so that they can help in improving the lives of the people in the areas where the organization operates. The different products and services offered by the organization need to be improvised so that they consume less amounts of energy and thereby the operations are sustainable.

Corporate planning


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