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1) Identify the accessibility standards and mark-up languages used for creating webpages.

2) Identify problems, opportunities and challenges in creating webpages.

3) Apply HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT, multimedia and interactivity to develop highly effective websites

Identifying Accessibility Standards and Markup Languages

Steve had started his customised T-shirt Company ten years in Sydney. It had expanded from one person to ten employees in last few years, as demand of customised T-shirt had increased. Currently his business model is customer call him on phone /or walk in his shop for order. Recently he is seeing his business declining as he is facing the competition from online customised T-shirt business.

What is the Name of the website?

The name of the website is “Youfit” with a tagline “Inhale, exhale, repeat”.

What is the purpose of the site?

The purpose of the website is to showcase the customized t-shirt company on the internet just like any other e-commerce site. The basic motto behind the website is that the customers can see the products of the company online and the get all the information of the company.

What do you want the web site to accomplish?

The website should have all the information about the company, the basic functioning of the company. Along with this it will describe the contact information of the company people so that the customers can contact them directly. It will also give a brief description of what products the company offers. It will accumulate the places where the company’s store is, along with the information of the store. It will also update the customers about the delivery information describing how the products are delivery once ordered, and the address they will be delivered. Basically, the website will accomplish all the important information which the customer’s needs. A long with this, the design of the website is attractive and the speed of accessing it is very good.

Who is your intended audience?

The intended audience are the customers who visit the store and the customers all over the world who are not able to visit the main store. The suppliers are also important audience as they will check the website and contact the owner to supply raw materials. The promoters forms secondary audience but their basic work is to promote the store and the website at right places and by sing right promotional activities.

What opportunity, problem, or issue is your site addressing?

The website is giving opportunities to the customers to see the products of the store online without visiting the store. They can easily order the products they want and keep a track of their product from the date of order till the product is delivered to them.

Identifying Problems, Opportunities and Challenges

The problem of the customers was that they have to visit the store whenever they want anything. They also have to keep waiting and ask for feedbacks till their product is delivered which was inconvenient for the customers.

The website provides them ease because they do not have to visit the store, secondly they can directly order on phone calls by getting the contact information of the store. The problem of asking for feedbacks about the product is also solved as the customers can track their orders easily and do not have to contact anyone again and again.

What type of content might be included in your site?

The website will include the following type of content,

It will represent the company’s culture and values along with the basic information about the company. The short description about the company’s history for example, the idea behind the company is mandatory and should be included. It might also include the important events of the company like the launch of new products, the important changes in the company’s structure, and the cultural and social events of the company. The technologies which are used should be described.

Brand-related content is found on the About Us or the Home page.

User-related content’

This content contains all the information which the user needs when placing an order. This information comprises of the terms and conditions, the privacy policies. The user will check whether the company is trustful or not, and will also check that what will happen to their personal data when they will place an order.

The loyalty programs and the discounts for orders should also be mentioned clearly.

The marketing content is included on all the pages of the website like the home page, contact us page, about us page, what we offer page. Social media ratings and blog pages highlights will enhance sales.

One of the examples for marketing promotion is that if the visitor clicks on a category on the home page then he should be redirected to the “what we offer” page and the design of the product page should be in a way that it makes easy for the customer to choose the desired product. The text should be clear along with the key selling points and the benefits of the products.

The product image galleries should be included which consists of stylistic photos describing the product. It attracts customers and they develop trust on the product.

Tips for Developing Highly Effective Websites

List at least four related or similar sites found on the WWW (two good and two bad in your opinion).

The two good customised t-shirt websites according to me are:

 The best feature of this website is that an individual can design their own t-shirt after that spread shirt will get it done completely and deliver it to that individual. They will get printed a t-shirt for you which is destined and created by your own imagination. Apart from this, spread shirt itself provide many innovative designs and a customer can buy the design from the website also.

 One of the catchy feature of this website is that on their t-shirt page they provide a column which displays “the top 20 selling designs along with their ranks”. This lets a customer to check all the designs and get the idea which design is best ranked. And when the customer chooses any of the design, the next page displays the information of the designer along with the sales stats snapshot. The sales stats snapshot describe the quantity breakdown of the customers who bought that design.

The two bad customised t-shirt websites according to me are:

One of the most important things for an e-commerce site is their creativity but the website of shirt city is very simple and is not attractive. No new features are added in the website which may attract customers.

The website of wire& Twine is also very simple. The look and feel of the website is not up to the mark, when browsing through the website it feels very boredom. There are no discounts provided on the webpage and no blog page is included.

Explain why you chose them

I choose these websites i.e. spread shirt and shirt.woot because the two websites are the best websites for selling customised t-shirt. They provide good features and attract many customers. The marketing strategies of both the companies are very interesting. The design of the websites is very flexible and is done in a nice way.

At the same time, the other two websites are i.e. Shirt city and Wire& Twine do not attract many customers as the service provided by them is up to the mark. The website interface is also not interesting that people like it i.e. the ease of usage is very bad.

I choose both types of website to make a comparison between them and them design the best website for Steve’s customised t-shirt website.


A storyboard is created when the website creators are at the initial stages of the website design. Storyboard describes how the website will look, feel and behave before it gets to its original design. It also streamlines the design and development process.

The first page i.e. the home page will consist of a series of tabs i.e. Home, About, Contact, What we offer and Delivery information along with a search box. Then there will be an image slider which will have images of the products. The footer will contain the links of home, about us and contact us page.

When the user will browse the website, he will be redirected to the home page. The tabs on the home page describe the movement of the user. If the user click on about us page, he will be redirected to a page which will contain the basic information of the company. On clicking back he will again be redirected to the home page. If he clicks on Contact us page then he will be redirected to a page which will contain the contact information of the company where thee customer can contact like the contact no., the email id, the social pages links, etc. The ‘What we offer’ page will describe the series of products along with the photo gallery of those products. The delivery information page comprises of the delivery information i.e. the address of the place where the product will be delivered and from where the customer can collect the product.

Content Inventory
Content inventory consists of the list of contents of a website. To create a content inventory a goal and a scope of the website should be determined.

The goal of Youfit is to provide a sense of ease to the customers so that they can easily check the products online from anywhere. The future scope of Youfit is to implement online ordering system also so that the customers do not have to call and place their order.

The website will contain 6 pages i.e. Home, about us, Contact, What we offer, Delivery information and Store information page. All the pages are linked with the home page i.e. whenever a user is on any of the page and he presses the back button he will be redirected to the home page again. All the pages are in the format of .html i.e. home.html, about.html, contact.html, what_we_offer.html, store_information.html, delivery_information.html. Images of the products are included on the first page and on “what we offer” page. The screenshot of first page is given below,

How will you market and advertise your website?

It is essential to advertise the website for getting more and more visitors to your website. There are various ways to connect through the networks to advertise the websites. It can be either the social media platforms or through the search engine optimization. It is necessary to choose the best platforms to publicize the website globally. For advertising your website, it is mandatory to understand few thinks like,

  • To understand the Internet and Advertising the Jargon
  • Doing more and more research according to your website platform
  • The advertising options should be present
  • Advertising the website on the social media platforms.
  • SEO helps in processing and increasing your website visibility.
  1. Create a blog

Create a blog of all the products the site is selling i.e. the customised t-shirts and hence attract people to the blog. On the blog page, make the visitors understand the product and gain their trust so that they become customers.

  1. Social media sites

In today’s world, social media acts like an asset in establishing any of the online market. A social media campaign can be organised which will increase the number of customers, for example post links on social sites and the publishing content. This is the best strategy as it will not cost much in organising a social media campaign.

  1. Advertise the site by paying

The best strategy is pay per click advertising because it allows an individual to pay every time a visitor or a user clicks a link which is directed to the site i.e. Youfit. Although this strategy is costly but at the same time it is effective.

  1. Promotions

Promotions can be done in market as well as on the internet. This can be done by offering many discounts and deals so that the customers get attracted, once the customer buy a product start a communication with them. For example, get their contact number registered and keep updating them about the latest deals and offers. This will make customers trust the site and the old customers will always be a part.

  1. Products review

If the customers find good reviews of a product and the website they will think of buying it. Therefore, find bloggers who can write reviews about the website and the product. If a blogger writes a good review then its audience thinks of visiting your site and hence this will attract many customers.

How will you address security, privacy issues on your website?

Privacy is gradually become the rare service in today’s world. It should be maintained because it keeps important information that includes the personal information, email address, social security number etc. that should be secured from any malicious activities and can be prevent from the highly relevant demographics and predilections. The information provided on the website should be protectable and have highly valuable personal information. To prevent and to overcome from the privacy issues the following things should be kept for the prevention are:

  • Switch on to the privacy browsing
  • Usability of the Two-factor authentication that helps in entering the special code for making the website secure from any intrusions.
  • Paying the things that has been purchased from the ecommerce platform can be paid by cash.
  • The various technologies used can help in the next consideration for altering the current privacy that helps in surveillance for capturing the data of the website.
  • It is necessary to maintain the regulation so as to resolve the  economic issues and co-design the privacy for continuing the e-commerce which tends to emerged with the safe and security internationally .
  • By choosing e-commerce hosting i.e. using virtual private servers.
  • By continuously switching HTTPs and using secure HTTPs.
  • By using secure platform tools like Magento, and PrestShop, buying them costs a price but with the help of these tools users privacy can be maintained.
  • One of the ways is by regularly backing up the data i.e. keeping a backup of the privacy information. The chances of hacking data are less when data is backed up and is up to date.
  • By creating manual security policies and procedures, if the security policies are up to date then the data of the user remains authentic and it gets difficult for the hacker to hack it.
  • Usage of physical firewall and web application firewall like SQL injection will keep the data secure. The website can also include Content Delivery Network which is basically a geographically scattered set of servers and stores duplicate copies of the website pages. Content Delivery Network prevents Distributed Deial of Service Attacks.


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