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The history relating to the treaty

What does the treaty of Waitangi mean to the cotemporary businesses?

An agreement had been signed between those who represented the British crown and the chief of the Maori people in the year 1840. The treaty had been subjected to various disputes with respect to its nature which was different in relation to English language. This is also because the version of the treaty on the part of Maori people was different from the expectations which had been possessed by the by the English people.

The treaty’s three articles

Ko nga Rangatira o te Wakaminenga, me nga Rangatira katon hoki, kihai i uru ki taua. Wakaminega, ka tuku rawa atu ki te Kuini Q Ingarani ake tonu atu ke Kawanatanga katoa oo raton wenua”

The meaning of the word ‘kawanatanga’ is related to the power of governing. On the other hand the text which had been used in the English counterpart was that of ‘sovereignty’. Thus the treaty in its English part of the treaty actually means that those who are a part of the confederation along with the chief had provided supreme authority to the English government with respect to the governing of their territory.

“Ko te Kuini o Ingarani ka wakarite ki nga Rangatira, ki nga Hapu, ki nga tangata katoa o Nu Tirani, te tino Rangatiratanga oo tatou wenua o ratou kainga me o ratou taonga katoa ”

In the second article of the treaty in its Maori form consist of the word ‘rangatiratanga” for the purpose of stressing on the significance if the power and position of primordial people in relation to their territory. Thus in order to comply with such provisions the queen guaranteed via the treaty and this article that they shall provide safeguard protection in a guaranteed manner to all such people including sub tribes with respect to their properties and land held by them in relation to the territory.

Hei wakaritenga mai hoki tenei mo te wakaaetenga kit e Kawantanga o te Knini.

In relation to the treaty in its English part it had been clarified and stressed upon by the queen that she is going to give protection along with right to citizenship to the indigenous people.

It has argued buy Orange (2015) that the treaty of Waitangi has a significant role to play in the way in which business are operated with the territories of NZ. This is primarily because rights in relation to the indigenous people had been ensured to them via the treaty. it has also been provided with Xuefei (2018) that from the time of immemorial various settlers have come to NZ having the intention of taking possession of the land belonging to the indigenous people in a manner which can be regarded as illegal (Orange 2015)

The treaty’s three articles

Current NZ legislation

As stated by Orange  (2017)  the provisions which have been provided via a treaty agreement are enforceable at law. This can be made clear by referring to the provisions of the third article in the treaty which provisions for rights with respect to having equal rights in relation to law. Thus it can be rightly concluded that all such rights have been provided protection on relation to the Human Rights Act as well as the New Zealand Bill of Rights.  With respect to such rights and the motive of providing protection to them the country has entered upon into an international treaty which better known as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

New Zealand’s present business environment

The contemporary environment of business in NZ has been provided with a few significant benefits in relation to the treaty of Waitangi. There are various evidences which can be provided to support this statement. Firstly it can be stated that before the treaty had been formed there was no proper structure or framework of covenant between the English crown and the Maori people. As soon as the treaty had taken effect it resulted in efficient and smooth business operations in the country and the treaty itself highly favoured such operations.  Another evidence which can be provided in relation to the support of the above statement is that when the treaty had been implemented recognition has been provided to the culture of the indigenous people’s business and culture along with equal access with respect to employment opportunities (Short and Lennox 2016).

The core values which can potentially be made the part of the business culture

It is of significant importance being a consultant to be able to deploy the values relating to Manaakitanga and Rangatiratanga with respect to the culture of the company Naturally Woods so that it can be ensured that business activities can be operated in an efficient manner.  As stated by Hayward  and Wheen (2015) the meaning of the word Rangatiratanga refers to control, power, self-governance, dominance and self-determination. It would be highly beneficial to the company naturally woods to deploy the values which have been provided by Rangatiratanga into the business operations for the purpose of ensuring proper decision making for the purpose of business. In addition it has been argued by Wilson (2017) that self determination is not only decision making but much more than that.

The treaty of Waitangi and its impact

In relation to the Maori culture the meaning of Manaakitanga refers to warmth, kindness and hospitality which can be deployed to the business culture of the company naturally wood. It has been argued by Tait and Ladner (2018) that the term of Manaakitanga is NZ is not only used in relation to industry but also signifying  NZ’s indigenous culture as a whole. Thus the simple definition of the term Manaakitanga would be that of traditional value which can be applied to the business activities and operations of the company.

Quoted statement

The concept in relation of Bio-Culture  has been referred to is the quoted statement of community and ethical behaviour. These are the kind of statements which can be applied in a efficient manner for the purpose of denoting the concept of equal participations by the groups which provide high level importance to cultural diversity.

The company putting into action the statement

There can be an efficient application of the statement related to ethical behaviour by naturally woods for the purpose of addressing the issues which may arise out of the business operations of the company. In relation to this there may be effective compliance on the part of naturally woods with respect to the relevant legal provisions and regulation referring to fair trading and corruption as well as indulging in honest transactions with respect to such processes.

The statement in relation to community is also very important for the purpose of aiding the participation of the indigenous people with respect to business decision making. It can been stated  that it is of significance on the part of the company to get indulged with the indigenous community stakeholders in order to understand and address the primary issues which they face related to business.

Statements of the treaty which can be applied to Naturally Wood


  • Te Tiriti o Waitangias has acknowledged by the company naturally wood as the primary document of Aotearoa which may effect to te tiriti in practices, policies and constitution.
  • Tangata has been recognized as the status of Maori through the ensuring of the fact that the work environment as well as the organizational culture which would reflect the aspiration and interest of Maori
  • The assurance that the Maori are to be identified as equal shareholders and in the way shall be provided with equal opportunities for the purpose of participating in different levels within an organization  

Workforce and Human resources development

The process of fair recruitment has to be indulged into by the company and in doing so opportunities have to be provide to the Maori Work force.

The company has to ensure that the way in which recruitment policies and systems are such that they are in the best interest of the Maori people

It has to be ensured by the company that the work environment and practices are designed in a way which are relevant in the cultural manner with respect to the Maori people and make them feel comfortable about it. Thus through this equal opportunities would be provided to the Maori people in relation to employment aspirations and interests (Sullivan 2017).

Current NZ legislation

The staff of naturally wood is to be provided with equal opportunities so that they can develop appropriate knowledge in relation to their culture as well the Maori people in order to underpin practically Te Tiriti o Waitangi with respect to the organization framework.

Chosen statements explanation

The selections of the statements have been done based on the fact that Naturally wood have to manage the workplace in a way which is suitable to the Maoris. They also have to take into consideration the importance of culture so that they act in the best interest of the community.

Policy implementation by Naturally woods

In relation to work environment culture and human resources there can be effective implementation of the policies by the company and ensure the efficient functioning of the business operations. The company would be enhancing their human resource wing as well as get a proper knowledge in relation to the culture of the Maori people (Pringle and Ryan 2015.).

Business plan




Sub: Meeting plan preparation

Respected Sir,

We are planning to organize a Maori assembly in order to get proper an authentic feedback in relation to the polices which have been changed recently. We therefore humbly request you to attend the meeting at out head office. The reason why which the hui is being organized is to address issues relating to working environment, business operations and cultural discrepancies. Proper places have been arranged at a suitable time at which all participants are invited. We would be grateful if you kindly confirm the number of participants who would be a part of the hui

The agenda for which the meeting is carried out is that of the cultural issue related to the Maoris. The enhancement of the working environment for the people also has to be considered


Give us strength to be fair, honest and work for the betterment of Humanity


The manger or the Maori department welcomed me with warmth and compassion when I had visited Mihi Whakatau at Ara. The employees were well behaved and friendly. All my requirements and needs have been addressed by them effectively. I was well attended at all times. I found Mihi Whatatau to be very good.

 I have a very good experience during the event. I was well attended at all times. The organization of the event has been done in an appropriate manner by the employees and those who had the responsibility to do so.  It was assured by them that no difficulties are created.

The experience which I had was really mind blowing and real. I got to know that significant knowledge is required with respect to the cultures of the various ethnic groups as well as communicating with them in an effective manner. I got knowledge about various Ara polices which may help enhance the business relationships via imposing the principles of the treaty.

Out of all the experiences which I had in the vent there was also a difficulty which I had to face. This difficulty was in relation to understanding the language of the people. The notion of Biculturalism in my perspective is the language of a heritage culture must be known. However not always is biculturalism adaptive. Cultural practices needs to be endorsed to adopt biculturalism. Thus issues had been faced by me form the initial stages in relation to the language.


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