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  1. Evaluate the internal and external factors that affect an enterprise’s market position
  2. Critically reflect on the complex nature of planning and designing for hospitality facilities and future implementation.
  3. Identify and assess the key factors of a feasibility study for hospitality venues
  4. Discuss the planning process for environmental sustainability and how it informs hospitality venue design

Using the initial concept developed by

your group, you are now required to individually extend the concept to develop a planning and design proposal. It is essential you draw upon the feedback provided by your ‘owner’ (Learning Facilitator) and key stakeholders (class peers) at the conclusion of your concept presentation delivered in Week 8. To do this, you should reflect on the questionnaire that  you completed. Additionally, you may choose to draw upon learnings achieved from peer presentations, and modify and incorporate relevant factors to improve your final proposal. Your report will include:

  • A summary review of the business opportunity and reasoning.
  • Details of the venue, including:

o Business name

o Location

o Target market

o Hours of operation

o Type of licences required

o Competitive point of difference

o Management / employee skill set requirements

o Venue layout and design implications

  • Feasibility study
  • Planning processes for sustainability
  • Financial analysis
  • Evaluation of stakeholders (suppliers) to be contracted for implementation
  • Final visual representation of the venue, including final floor plan layout and refined brand concept

Business Name, Location, and Target Market

This assignment is mainly about then planning and the designing of the infrastructure or the layout of any hospitality venues. As a matter of fact, these hospitality venues have to be designed in a proper manner so that the customers do not get any chance of complaints. This report dealt with the feedbacks that have been given in the last assessment regarding the probable issues in the planning of the restaurant that is the Treehouse restaurant at the BarangarooReverse (Barangaroo Reserve Plan. 2018).

However, developing and managing a business in this age of competition is not an easy job. There are many other restaurants that can give a very tough competition to the Treehouse Restaurant. Therefore, it is the duty of the restaurant staffs to make sure that they are following the policy of constant improvement. They have to upgrade themselves on a regular basis so that they can put up a strong competition for their customers. This report mainly deals with the changes that needed to be incorporated within the infrastructural setup of the restaurant.

The venue or the location of the restaurant has to be in such a place that majority if the customer can easily reach out to it. In other words, the location must be such that people living in and around Sydney are able to sneak into the restaurant. As a result of this BarangarooReverse has been chosen. Selecting the location of a restaurant is indeed one of the most essential decisions. If customers face a lot of trouble in reaching the restaurant, they will surely not have any energy left for enjoying the rest of the facilities. Hence, the Barangaroo reserve will be the best place as it is seated within the best known and famous places in Sydney. It has about some 22 hectares; $6+ billion development has evolved into a dynamic retail, cultural and financial hub.

It is like the paradise of the business tycoons of Sydney. So, the Treehouse restaurant will have an added advantage if it is set up at this place. It will have all the eating and drinking facilities for the customers. Moreover, this will be a bar come restaurant that will try to make an appeal to multicultural customers. In other words, this will give the feel of a fusion culture. According to Meryment.E (2016), the success of restaurants in Barangaroo has revealed that people are interested in this area as a dining destination.

Hours of Operation and Licenses Required

Treehouse uses “picnic baskets service” concept which is one of the best and newest kinds of concept in this modern day scenario. This is because of the fact that they need to bring some of the other kinds of innovations in order to give a strong competition to their competitors. There are some very strong restaurants like The Hotel Palisade and Picnic pop up. So, they have o offer some additional facilities to the customers so that they switch over to the Treehouse restaurant and also develop a strong customer loyalty.

The Treehouse is a bar and dining restaurant located in Stargazer Lawn (BarangarooReverse). The restaurant location is also very beautiful that can soothe the senses of the customers. The restaurant location is beautifully adorned with gentle slopes, well-decorated parkland that offers a generous, open lawn area and harbor views.

As the chosen location is Sydney, which is the most favorite and happening holiday destination of people, it is essential that the restaurant is adding a scenic beauty. In other words, the environment must be such that the customers get a very good vibe from the surrounding ambiance. It is for this reason that they have combined with Walumil Lawns for greater capacity and views to the Harbour Bridge. It will also provide the customers with a perfect location for picnics, community events or filming and photography.

Geographic-As far as the geographic location is concerned the Treehouse restaurant has a good advantage as they have set up their business at a very happening place. It is located right at the heart of Australia that is in Sydney. They have made sure that people living in and around this place are able to visit the restaurant. In addition the beautiful scenic atmosphere, this restaurant will also provide sufficient opportunities to the customers for enjoying some good moments during the picnic or other such occasions. So, this place will attract the attention of students, families and also the office goers. So, it will actually have a mass appeal.

It is said that Sydney is one of the highly visited places for the picnic lovers. It is for this reason that people like to get a good holidaying experience at this place (ABC News website, 25/10/2009). This is like embedded within the minds of the people of Australia that BarangarooReverse is one of the best places for spending their holidays. People belonging within the age group of 30 to 60 years will also have an attraction towards this place as they will be able to go out for a family outing.

Competitive Point of Difference

As far this parameter is concerned, it is seen that people in Sydney usually have a good affinity towards spending time in the picnic spots that which is adorned with beautiful natural beauty as well. They have a tendency of going out for picnics and will find this place attractive. This is also because of the fact that visiting the Treehouse restaurant will not only give them a wide range of multi-cuisine food but at the same time, they will get many recreational facilities as well. They will also get a good attention from people who do not have time to go to a large number of places for carrying on activities like photography, natural site seeing, picnic, and other such activities.

Mon to Thursday: 8am to 6pm / Fri, Sat, Sun: 8am to 9.30pm

The restaurant will be requiring many different licensees in order to start and carry on with their business in Sydney. To begin with, they will be requiring the legal permission to start their business in their chosen area. In other words, they have to make sure that the land which they are selecting for carrying on their business is not falling under any disputed zone. They must have all the legal documents clear in this aspect.

They will be requiring the FSSAI Food safety and d standards Authority license. This is because if the fact that they will be mainly appealing to their customers through a wide range of dishes. Therefore, they have to make sure that they are maintaining proper food safety they cannot afford to use any materials that do not have a proper expiry date or do not meet the accepted health standards.

Treehouse restaurant is a combination of a bar cum restaurant. Therefore, they have to make sure that they are not carrying on any illegal business. They have to use the Liquor License. This will help them to maintain a proper security within their hotel. They will be able to maintain decorum and a legal obligation as well. They have to make sure that they are not providing any illegal material.

Health and trade license is also one of the essential licenses that they will have to procure. As they want to add am International touch in their business, they will have to import labor, resources, and knowledge from many outside countries.  

Treehouse has to realize that they have to put up a very strong competition in order to attract the attention of their customers in this modern age. There are a large number of restaurants that were operating in the Barangaroo areas. There are about 40 different café outlets that are trying their level best in order to make a strong appeal to their customers. The other risk that they might face is the huge chance of the entry if new firms. This is because they are operating in a very good location. Therefore, there is always this threat that many new firms can set up their business in this area.

Management/Employee Skill Set Requirements


  • Professional outfits

The restaurant has to make sure that they are giving a proper touch of professionalism to the employees who are working for them. They will have to initiate a decorum and discipline within the restaurant. As it is a multicultural restaurant they will have to add a touch of all the other countries within the uniform of the employees.

  • Multicultural staffs

The restaurant will recruit staffs from Sain, China and also other countries. This will ensure that the customer base will increase. People from different countries will be able to bring along them different tastes. There will be a variation in the food and also in the organizational culture.

  • Well-trained staffs

The staffs must be well trained so that they can manage the customers properly. The restaurant will make sure that these employees are trained to respect the differences between the culture of different customers. They must also be trained on how to behave politely with the customers and respond to all their queries.

  • Great terms & conditions for good and loyalty staffs

The loyalty staffs will be given proper appraisals and benefits in order to retain the loyalty. They can use monetary benefits in order to reward these people. There can also be some free gifts or some flexible shift allowances for these staffs.

 The first and the foremost thing that the customers will be seeing is the entrance. It is for this reason that the restaurant has tried to add a very authentic, traditional and refreshing area. There are both indoor and outdoor eating facilities for the customers. Therefore the customers can enjoy their meals within the well-decorated interiors. At the same time, they can also experience the beautiful green exteriors. There are thatched huts located on both sides of the outdoor dining area. There are booths located on the right corner of the restaurant. This will help the customers to enjoy a good private time enjoying their drinks and food. The booths will be located on the sides and the restaurant tables will be in between where people can enjoy their meals on any family lunch or dinner outings.

The kitchen is located at the back end of the restaurant so that the customers are not disturbed by the sound of the cooking or the conversation of the chefs. The kitchen is also much spacious so that people can move freely within the kitchen floor. The kitchen will be made with soundproof material so that the outside sounds do not disturb the chefs and vice versa. The staff room is also located at a distance so that the restaurant staffs can stay there and rest for some time.

Venue Layout and Design Implications

The restaurant has to realize that in order to stay within the competitive market they have to make sure that they are including all the new and innovative services that are not being used by the rest of their competitors. They will have to make sure that they are using all the new and innovative approaches like multiculturalism. They have to make sure that they are using a touch of Chinese and Spanish culture (BioPak Food Service Packaging | Plant-Based & Compostable‎. 2018). They will bring this touch of fusion not only within food but also within their culture. They will be hiring the International staffs and give them proper training. This will help them in appealing to all the people belonging from different cultural backgrounds.

In order to satisfy their customers, they have also started home delivery options. They will give the home delivery service through Uber Eats and Deliveroo in Barangaroo area.

They will have to develop a sustainable approach to their business. It can be done by using the new nature conservation energy like usage of solar energy. This is one of the newest kinds of technology that is being endorsed by the Government of Australia. Recycling is also one of the best methods that they can use. Aside from recycling, there is now this practice known as “capturing and recapturing”.  They will have to store water and check the wastage or the improper usage of energy,

Evaluation of stakeholders (suppliers) to be contracted for implementation

  • Final visual representation of the venue, including final floor plan layout and refined brand


$25,000 per Week

Construction Cost


Kitchen & Bar Equip. Cost


Initial Supply of Food and Beverage


Permits and License


Labor Cost

$90,000 per Month

Utility Bills (Including Internet & Phone)

$3,000 per Month

Total Start Up Cost For 1st Month



Thus, it can be concluded that the employees will have to be given proper training in order to match the standards of the customers. The most common types of hospitality venues are hospitals, hotels, eateries and other such places that are mainly dedicated to serving the people. In order to stay in the competition, Treehouse restaurant will have to use many new and innovative methods in order to give a tough competition to their competitive firms. They will have to abide by all the legal rules and laws so that they can maintain a proper decorum and discipline within their organization.


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