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Mission and Innovations

Discuss about the Processing and Display Systems for CSIRO.

The organization of choice is the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). The company aims at shaping the future using real scientific discoveries and advancements (CSIRO, n.d.). The organization solves problems facing people, industries and the globe using scientific methods discovered by the talented pool of expertise employed by the organization. The organization is based in Australia where most of the scientific advancements take place. However, the company has advanced to other parts of the globe including Europe and Africa (CSIRO, n.d.).

The company has a mission of doing the extraordinary every day and innovating for tomorrow and helping to improve today for the customers, all the Australians and the world at large. The organization has come up with various discoveries such as Wi-Fi, vaccines and the polymer banknotes but more discoveries are what motivates the company to keep going. The organization influences the international businesses through trend setting discoveries, which change operations (CSIRO, n.d.).

CSIRO has based the business in Australia where the head offices are located (CSIRO, n.d.). The organization provides scientific solutions to Australia on matters such as environment and sustainability, energy storage and other technological advances in business such as smartphone applications and wearable technology. However, the organization has extended to other countries. The corporate has collaborated with various countries to help in scientific developments. The corporate assists other countries in scientific researches and delivers innovations across a variety of national challenges and opportunities. The company has changed the business operations by introducing wireless technology used to send data quickly and transfer money (CSIRO, n.d.).

CSIRO is an Australian government corporate organization that has a board of directors, and a chief executive all who take part in the strategic management activities (CSIRO, n.d.). The organization is categorized under the science and industry act, which spells out the functions and powers of the corporate. The act gives the powers of the minister, the board of directors and the chief executive of the organisation. The minister can only act according to the powers given by the act in decision-making and strategy development. All the strategic decisions focus on making the organization better and a source of scientific innovations. The decision begins from the ministry level where the board meets with the minister to discuss issues affecting the organization or the opportunities to exploit in order to further the mission of the company. The chief executive then communicates the ministry and board decisions to the company management who ensures the implementation of the strategies (Baack, 2017).

Management Structure

The minister is at the top of the management, and ensures that the organization runs according to the acts of the constitution concerning scientific researches. Additionally, the minister ensures that the organization objectives align with the national goals and budgets. The minister informs the parliament of the activities of the corporation and approves the yearly budget for the company (Kettner, 2013).

Directly below the minister is the board of governors who link the corporation with the ministry. The board of directors meet with the minister to plan on the strategic plans of the company and the opportunities that the organization should exploit. The board of directors give a clear focus to the company in terms of the goals, operation methods and alignment with the national goals.

Moreover, the chief executive acts as the link for the CSIRO management and employees with the board. The chief executive communicates the strategy and objectives and ensures that the operations aim at the achievement of corporate goals. Additionally, the organization has managers who head departments and supervise the routine activities within the corporate. Furthermore, the department managers head the projects undertaken at the company by assembling the right personnel and resources to accomplish projects (Noe, 2014).

CSIRO plans to introduce an air cargo scanner that will make air travel safer than today (Yi Liu, 2016). The scanner enables the identification of contrabands, which the current scanners do not detect. The scanner will utilize strong gamma rays to notify the shape and organic composition of the cargo in transit. Therefore, the innovation will directly influence the security in air travel by ensuring that distinct weapons and illegal drugs so not sneak into a country through the airport. The wider influence of the organization involves giving other companies the ideas and means to run operations. The airports and seaports will have a better and easier method of inspecting goods coming into the country since the technology does not require the unpacking of the goods. The cargo scanners will reduce the time spent inspecting goods at the airport thus reducing time spent on flights (Gregory G Dess, 2015).

The scanner will assist in the local airports with a prototype already installed at the Brisbane Airport (Yi Liu, 2016). The scanner will assist in the detection of illegal substances at the airport and give feedback to the research and development department for identification of areas of improvement. Moreover, the new scanner will assist in the improvement of airport security in the world. The airports face a challenge of restricting the illegal substances passing through airports since most of the scanners only detect metallic substances. The new scanner will revolutionize the security due to the detection of illegal substances such as uranium, glasses and ceramics and explosives using x-ray and neutron images. Many airports will adapt the technology to boost security at the airports (Fred R. David, 2016).

Airport Scanner Innovation

The new airport scanner represents a milestone in scientific research and developments, which represents the objectives of the organization. CSIRO aims at solving global problems using scientific discoveries and solutions. The airport scanner uses new technology of combining high-energy neutrons with x-ray to produce images and the material composition of substances. The scanner represents a discovery that other scientific researchers have not discovered. Therefore, the product upholds the corporation’s objective and strategy of staying ahead with new scientific discoveries (Mizrahi, 2010).

CSIRO is affected by various internal and external factors, which influence how the organization runs activities. The organization is mostly affected by external factors such as challenges and opportunities that require the application of scientific methods (Maloney, 2015). The external business environment includes the environment and security, which prompts the organization to come up with better methods of solving problems. For example, the new airport scanner results from the external environment need to tighten security at the airport. The airports use scanners that do not detect all illegal substance, which results in the sneaking of substances such as explosives and illegal drugs. The company responded to the environmental problem with a scanner that identifies all types of illegal substances.

Additionally, the internal environment consists of the organization’s employees who have a high expertise on scientific research and development, which leads to many discoveries, and advancements in the field of science. The employees influence the organization by maintaining the top position in scientific discoveries (Planning Function of Management, 2018).

The organization’s management forms the internal environment and influences the operations and strategies of CSIRO. The management develops the strategies for the company and sets the objectives that the organization should achieve (William Stallings, 2012). The management participates in the development of the airport scanner by providing resources and guidance to the employees. Additionally, the management allocates the employees according to expertise to ensure the successful development of the scanner. Moreover, the leaders avail the required resources such as raw materials, and finances required in accomplishing the task (William Stallings, 2012).

 Furthermore, the employees participate in the development of the airport scanner according to the various levels of expertise. The employees work in cross-functional teams, which provide a wide pool of knowledge in the operations. The airport scanner requires that all the teams come together to come up with a quality product (Noe, 2014).

CSIRO has a culture of continuous research and development in the field of science, which allows the employees to apply knowledge and research in advancing technology. The employees uphold the culture by participating in research and using the resources provided by the company to solve environmental problems. The employees actively search for solutions to challenges and seize opportunities that require scientific solutions (Noe, 2014).

Internal and External Factors Affecting CSIROS's Operations

The CSIRO organization faces stiff competition from other organizations such as NASA that deal with science and development (Gregory G Dess, 2015). CSIRO requires coming up with new inventions to stay in the scientific field and avoid lagging behind in innovations and providing solutions to problems. Additionally, the corporate faces stiff competition from individuals with scientific laboratories that come up with new technological inventions (Ferrell, 2017). Moreover, the advancements in technology have allowed many people to have access to scientific information leading to increased innovations, which threaten CSIRO. Therefore, the company should focus on staying ahead with powerful innovations such as the new airport scanner (Gregory G Dess, 2015).

The PESTEL analysis involves checking the environment factors influencing a product. The many environmental factors affect an organization. The PESTEL analysis refers to the political, environmental, technological, social, economic and legal factors (Marketing Theories-PESTEL Analysis, 2018).

The political factors surrounding the new airport scanner have been positive since all the political players accept the idea for more security at the airport. The government would like to have tighter security at the airport thus approving the development of better scanners. Therefore, the new scanner lacks political barriers to launch (Marketing Theories-PESTEL Analysis, 2018).

The environmental factors support the development of the new airport scanner. The scanner will assist to better the environment by preventing the passage of harmful substances through the border. Therefore, the consumers will appreciate the product due to the ability to protect the environment (Marketing Theories-PESTEL Analysis, 2018).

The social factors refer to the society’s response to the new airport scanners. The society will appreciate the machine’s ability to detect harmful drugs and weapons that pass through the airport. Therefore, the machine will serve the social purpose of minimizing illegal drugs and weapons such as explosives (Marketing Theories-PESTEL Analysis, 2018).

The technological environment favors the product by availing advanced systems to develop the machine. The scanner relies on new technology to improve the security in the airports. The current advances in technology provide the necessary skills, information systems and other components to develop the scanner (Marketing Theories-PESTEL Analysis, 2018).

The economic factors affecting the product include such the ability of the buyers to pay for the product. The product could seem very expensive due to inflation and the taxes charged for buying the scanner. Therefore, the customers could hesitate buying due to lack of enough purchasing power (Marketing Theories-PESTEL Analysis, 2018).

The airport scanner faces legal challenges that could stop the launching and proper use in airports. The argument is that the exposure to the rays used by the machine could result in cancer and other conditions (Julie Accardo, 2014). CSIRO should check into the matter and assure the customers that the rays are safe and do not cause harm (Marketing Theories-PESTEL Analysis, 2018).


CSIRO faces competition from other organizations such as the NASA and the armies of various countries such as the USA. The USA army and the homeland security also provide high-technology security scanners, which poses competition for the CSIRO airport scanner. The homeland security provides the non-intrusive inspection, which functions similarly to the CSIRO scanner. The scanner could pose competition to the market for CSIRO scanner (Porter's Five Forces, 2018).

The organization has able suppliers of materials and expertise to make the scanners. However, the suppliers could charge expensively to supply the required skills and materials. Therefore, the organization requires to source for the right suppliers who charge less to supply the required items (Porter's Five Forces, 2018).

The product has many customers including the airports, seaports and border points. The marketing department should come up with a strategy to reach most of the potential buyers. Moreover, the market projections indicate a high demand for the product meaning the product will maintain a high a market price. The buyers could decide to get the scanners from other firms such as homeland security, which prompts CSIRO to sell the scanner affordably (Porter's Five Forces, 2018).

The airport cargo scanner from CSIRO faces the threat of customers using scanners from other manufacturers. Other departments such as the homeland security provides similar services, which the customers could use as substitutes (Porter's Five Forces, 2018).

The scanner faces the threat of not performing in the market due to the introduction of other scanners in the market. For example NASA and the homeland, security also provides scanning machines, which compete with the scanner (Porter's Five Forces, 2018).

The organization has a global advantage of being a renowned supplier of science and technology (Mulder, 2017). The organization could utilize the national resources to do extensive research in science and develop high-technology facilities. Additionally, the new technology gives the product a competitive advantage globally since most countries need to improve security in airports (Mulder, 2017).

CSIRO should go ahead with the plans to introduce the new airport scanner since most factors support the launch of the product. However, the management should develop a marketing strategy to ensure that the scanner beats competition in the market. The scanner should ensure the highest levels of security in airports by detecting all types of illegal drugs and weapons.

On the other hand, the company should consider reducing the levels of command to enable quick decision-making. The company could achieve quick decision making by allowing the board to develop strategies that are implemented without waiting for the minister’s confirmation.


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