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The Globex Rostering system

Describe the RALS Rostering Project for Business Project Evaluation.

Part One

Project Name: The Globex Rostering system

Team Members


Contact Details

1.      David


2.      Nick


3.      Josh


4.      Sam


Note: The names may be replaced with the students’ names

Due to the current technological advancement globally, many companies are moving away from manual systems to computer-based systems. Enterprises have recognised the need for customer-oriented services as one way of improving efficiency in services delivery and gain competitive advantage in the today’s competitive markets ( Zidane, Johansen, & Anandasivakumar , 2015). Even Non-Profit making organizations such as Globex has to moving from manual systems into computer-based systems. This project on the development of the computer-based program is based on a request by the by the management of Globex International. The system would be used purposefully to keep track of the volunteers who work at the Riverina Agricultural and Lifestyle Show (RALS) to enhance management of personnel.

As a long term client for the Virtucon, Globex made a formal request to the former to commence the development of the new rostering system. In response, Virtucon has accepted the request and promised to develop a user-friendly system while observing cost effectiveness and usability (Turner, 2016). As a reputable organization, Virtucon is known in developing computer-based systems that go beyond the fundamental requirements mentioned by the client. Most of the customers are satisfied with the services provided by Virtucon; this was the basis of the decision by Globex to contract the company.

The Globex Rostering system will improve the efficiency of coordinating all the activities delegated to the volunteers. The basic features of the system would basically record and store the Volunteer’s personal details like full names, contact, residential areas, physical address, and professions. Besides the personal information, additional information listed below would captured using the system as well;

Key responsibilities, interests and roles.

Volunteers’ qualification details which should be supported by academic and professional certificates from recognized academic institutions and reputable organizations. For instance, the qualification details of the security officer working with the child check department and first aid personnel would be stored (Cover, 2012).

The current employees of the volunteers. Such organizations will include Rotary, Red Cross, St. Johns ambulance, the World Bank and the ICV among other others. The information is important because it would allow retrieval of the volunteers’ performance and behaviour information to ascertain their credibility of working with the Globex (Samset, 2013). Globex is dedicated to protect their clients against any form of victimization that would arise from unqualified volunteers.

Team Members

A timetable showing the time and days assigned to each volunteers

Outline the duties assigned to each volunteer.

Lastly, the system would give room for adding more information about the volunteers are deemed fit by Globex. This will be possible by including a “Add Info” Icon on a volunteers page.

Project members’ skills and assigned duties

The project team was constituted based on the project roles and requirements. Each member has a distinctive role assigned to them. The roles are clear outlines to; a) avoid redundancy where two or more members find themselves performing similar jobs without their knowledge (gudda, 2011); b) allow proper time management- the system should be developed, tested and implemented within a period of six months. Therefore, there is the need to allocated duties to each member as a method of beating the deadline; and c) avoid non-execution of given tasks which might have been forgotten during the preparation stag (Morell, 2016).

Task assignment will be done at the initial stage of project planning. The following are the roles to be performed by each members. The tasks were assigned based on the member’s profession, knowledge, skills and experience.

  1. David will provide technical support

David is a qualified ICT personnel with vast experience in computer systems. Therefore, his role would be providing advice on designing the computer system and computer networking. David has the responsibility of advising other members on issues such as networking diagnosis, search engines, handling security and privacy issues. This member is very important to the success of project design, development, and implementation and upgrading (Pierce, White, & Emery, 2011).

  1. Nick has been assigned the communication role

The role of communication has been assigned to Nick. He has the responsibility of coordinating communication between other team members to enhance effective flow of information between them. Communication barrier was identified as a hindrance to the project design and to avoid any form of inconveniences the role of communication director was introduced. As a communication director, Nick will be required to be good listener and communicator and possess the ability of resolving conflicts when they arise. He is open-minded, respectful, friendly and confidence. In simple terms, Nick understands his role perfectly well (Don Passey, 2014).

  • Josh assigned the role of team leader

As the team leader, Josh will coordinate all the activities of the group such as check the progress against the timeline, liaising with Globex to inform them on the teams progress and taking corrective actions when a problem arise during the process. He has the responsibility of making strategic decisions that supports the project, Josh has vast experience in personnel management and provision of visionary leadership skills (Don Passey, 2014).

Project Overview

Sam has been assigned the role of system designing

Sam is a qualified system developer with over 15 years working experience. He will work hand in hand with David to ensure that the designed system meets all the requirements listed by the Globex.

The team have already discussed and agreed on the meeting place and time. It has been agreed that team will be meeting on Wednesdays and Fridays each week at the company’s conference hall located within the ICT department. The Wednesday meetings are scheduled to commence at 10 am and last for 4 hours. During the time, the team members would be reviewing the progress of each member in performing their assigned duties. Urgent issues such as corrections would be noted done, and each member requested to make the necessary changes (Turner, 2016).

On Thursdays, the members involve themselves on their personal responsibilities. Nevertheless, they are required to make the discussed changes before the second meeting on Friday at 4 pm at the same venue. The Friday meetings would last for two hours, and the members would review whether the changes have been made as discussed. Likewise, any arising issues would be discussed during the period. Lastly, each member would be assigned new tasks to be executed during the flowing week ( Zidane, Johansen, & Anandasivakumar , 2015).

All the communication between the members would be carried by Nick, the Communications Manager. He is required to take minutes discussed during the meetings and conduct follow-ups with members. The meetings would be used to discuss the essential resources and its Upon Josh to make sure that the resources are availed to the members on time ( Zwar, Mendelsohn, & Richmond , 2014).

All the team members are expected to have a shared vision aimed at completion of the project. Teamwork is highly advocated for. We look forwards to collaboration and working together towards achieving goals. The rules governing our relationship are well captured in our meetings as well as in the company’s policies, rules and terms of engagement documents (Cover, 2012).

I have had positive experience with the teams that I worked with previously. We work was objective based and guided by customer’s requirements. I also learned to be a good listener and take the views of other people seriously without forming personal grudges when my viewed have been questioned. We believed that the team had to disagree, to agree and base our decisions on objectivity and evidence. I look forward for the same kind of relationship in the task ahead (Don Passey, 2014).

Key responsibilities, interests and roles

Team Values

The team will guided by values such as objectivity, confidentiality, respect for others, honesty. Commitment, integrity, and loyalty.

Codes of ethics

The team will be guided the ethical principles of sincerity, upholding integrity and objectivity, honesty and acting with Utmost good faith.

The team members should abide by the rules stated below;

Members must abide and respect the decisions taken during the meetings. Agreement can only change such decisions;

Conflicts of interests can only be resolved by all members;

Penal actions will be taken on members who miss two consecutive meetings without apology;

Members who fails to execute their duties/ tasks will be expelled and his role assigned to a new members agreed upon by the remaining members;

All the meetings shall be chaired by the team leader but any member shall be selected to be the chair during his absences

All the assignments should be completed in accordance with the project plan.

Each member is accountable for his/ her actions.


All members are signatories to the team charter. Likewise, each member should sign the agreements documents to ascertain that they have read and understood the term of engagement listed thereon.

Part Two: Learning Cycles



What is your view concerning the past group meetings?


Do you think the team is on the right path towards achieving the project goals?


Rate the team success on a Scale of 0-10 (with 0 indicating poor achievements and 10 indicating excellent achievements). Rationalize your choice.


What factors are likely to hinder the group from achieving its goals?


Give suggestions on the best ways of improving the teams performance


The learning cycle would allow members to share their personal views on the progress of the project. The roles of an organizer of the learning cycles would be rotated to give all members equal participation in the system development.

The stakeholders who are directly involved in the system developing project are the Virtucon, and the Globex Corporation. Other stakeholder include the Riverina Community Volunteering organizations and other Non-Government organizations. Any communication with be channelled by out tem leader through the management of Virtucon (Morell, 2016). Globex remains as the principal while Virtucon is the Agent according to the contracting law. The Globex Corp is remains the owner of the project and should be briefed on the progress on a weekly basis. Other the other hand, we, the team members, have the responsibility of informing Virtucon about our progress. The communication between and Virtucon will be facilitate by the communication director (Scott, 2016).

PART FOUR: Annotated bibliography

Zidane, Y. J., Johansen, A., & Anandasivakumar , E. (2015). Project Evaluation Holistic Framework. Application on Megaproject Case.

The journal article is published on a yearly basis to address the holistic approaches in system development and evaluation. The journal exclusives addresses the issues such as sustainability, relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and cost -effective and how they can be applied in each stage of system development. The authors believes that these are the key factors that can be used to evaluate the success of all the phases of system project. The identifiable phases include conception, front-end analysis, planning, designing, engineering, procurement, construction, closing, implementation and evaluation. I recommend the journal because it has been diversified to meet of the requirement as stipulated under each phase of system development.

Team Charter

Morell, J. (2016). Evaluation and Program Planning. An International Journal.

This journal is published yearly and addresses the emerging issues in the field of project management, development, and evaluation. The contributions made in this journal are collected from different experts with a broad range of experience in the field of system design, development, and evaluations. The main objective of the journal is to help system planners and evaluators in improving the application of their professions by gaining new skills.

Turner, R. J. (2016). International Journal of Project Management.

The journal published by Rodney Turner in 2016 provides a comprehensive and a broad range coverage on project management. The journal is published Eight times in years and offers a detailed analysis of project technicality, design, practices, and holistic management of system development. The journal is detailed with topics such as the human aspect of system development, case studies, theories, and practices. This information can be applied in areas such as strategic planning, agricultural projects, information systems, and system design and leisure projects among others.


Check (x) if completed


Completion Date

Acceptance Date


·   Statement of Work

·   Change Management Plan

·   Budget and Cost

·   Project Plan

·   Other

1.            Functional needs  have been fulfilled successfully

2.            Technical needs have been fulfilled successfully

3.            Testing done accordance to accreditation and certification

4.            Security and Controls needs have been met

5.            Implementation of Support agreements

6.            Implementation of Data Archiving Plan

7.            Implementation of  Data Backup and Recovery

8.            Established maintenance Plans

9.            completed Licensing Agreements

10.        completion of Management Procedures and Account Authorization

11.        Successfully implementation of deployment Plan

12.        Formal acceptance of the completed system by the Customer

Evaluation Type


Evaluation Questions

Expected Results

1.System planning


Did the planning meet the Customers’ requirements?


2.System Designing


Did the designing meet the Customers’ requirements?


3. Engineering

1 month

Did the engineering meet the Customers’ requirements?


4.      Procurement

1 Week

Did the required resources supplied in time?


5.      Development

2 months

Did the development meet the Customers’ requirements?


6.      Completion and Delivery

2 Weeks

Was the customer satisfied with the final system developed?


7.      Implementation

I week

Was the system implemented successfully?



I have participated in many system development projects. Therefore, I had no difficulty in understanding what was expected of me. All through the group project, I have learned to a good listener and considerate about other people's views and opinion. During the project period, we would disagree to agree later. Each on of use considered his/ her views to be weightier than that of others. However, at the end of the project, we learned to appreciate every member of the group and used evidence-based analysis to examine each idea generated by the group member. I acknowledge that I learned several leadership skills by taking part in this project.

Consequently, I have learned that a person's views are influenced by their social beliefs, background, upbringing and religious belief. We based our decisions on evidence and practical to ensure the success of the project. I am happy to state that everything went according to the initial plans thanks to the dedication, honesty and Utmost good faith attributes portrayed by the team members.

The team consisted of experts who knew what was expected of them I can proudly state that portrayed quality leadership all through the process. For instance, Josh, the teal leader ensured that there was a conducive environment for all the other members to perform. He coordinated all the activities exemplary well without any flaws. He was ready to listen and take considerations of our views. Ours was teamwork. I would gladly accept any opportunity to work with this team in future.

Team Communication

b) The necessary techniques, skills, methods that an ICT project manager requires in the IT profession

An organization manager, irrespective of the industry he/ she is operating in, should have particularly characterized to succeed. An ICT is not exempted from leadership skills such as; a) being a team player, b) a good listener, c) Outstanding communication skills; d) integrity; e) professionalism; f) honesty; and g) visionary among others. An ICT Manager must be skilled in software development processes.

Gone are the days when a manager would give instructions and expected the employees to obey. Nowadays, managers are supposed to lead by example. A manager should be a pace-setter and a role player. Being working the talk, the manager sets a good example to be emulated by the employees. This is a vital attribute of a good manager. Second, a manager should readily listen to the opinion and views of other members of the organization. Being a manager does not mean that you are an expert on everything. Being a good listener provides an opportunity to learn new skills and have diversified views of handling issues. A good listener will be a good communicator. A manager should not be authoritative but rather develop an environment where he/ she can discuss issues with other team members.

As discussed earlier, a successful manager should have the attributes of being honest, visionary, act with integrity, and practice professionalism. With this fundamental skills, An ICT manager would win the hearts of the junior staff.

Likewise, an ICT manager should understand the programming skills, and possess the ability to apply the common engineering software tools. The manager must also possess the ability to plan, develop, monitor and evaluate the success of a given system software. Lastly, the manager should possess the ability for offering solutions to some of the technical issues facing team members or the subordinate staff.


Zidane, Y. J., Johansen, A., & Anandasivakumar , E. (2015). Project Evaluation Holistic Framework. Application on Megaproject Case.

Zwar, N. A., Mendelsohn, C. P., & Richmond , R. L. (2014). Tobacco smoking: options for helping smokers to quit. Australian Family Physician, Volume 43(No.6), 348-354.

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Don Passey, A. T. (2014). Key Competencies in ICT and Informatics: Implications and Issues for Educational Professionals and Management: IFIP WG 3.4/3.7 International Conferences, KCICTP and ITEM 2014, Potsdam, Germany, July 1-4, 2014, Revised Selected Papers. Springer,.

gudda. ( 2011). A Guide to Project Monitoring & Evaluation. AuthorHouse.

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Scott, D. J. (2016). Project Management: A Quick Start Beginner's Guide For The Serious Project Manager To Managing Any Project Easily. New Jersey: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform .

Turner, R. J. (2016). International Journal of Project Management.

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