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Suggested seating location

Q1. The General Manager of the Regency Grand Hotel has contacted you via email, in your role of Restaurant Manager/Executive Chef of the Brougham Dining Room. There are a group of VIP guests visiting the hotel from our sister properties throughout the Asia Pacific Region. The GM is looking for a dinner booking this Friday evening. (It is Tuesday today).  Amongst the 15 attendees there are two guests who follow the Muslim faith and three who follow a strict vegan diet. The group is on a tight timeframe as they are heading to an evening performance at the Festival Theatre beginning at 8:30 pm. The GM has advised there are two presentations to be made during the meal and is wondering how this might be accommodated?

Please respond to the General Manager’s enquiry via return email with a proposal and suggestions that will meet the requirements of this particular group. Your response will include:

Suggested seating location

Acknowledgement of menu/beverage requirements for:

Content (note: sample menus not needed but menu constraints must be identified)

Confirmed departure time

Arrangements for presentations

Arrangements to ensure on time arrival at the Festival Centre

Opportunities to personalise the even

What would be the suggested timeframe for your response, if the request arrived in your email inbox at 3:30 pm on Tuesday afternoon?

Once you have finished your email response and assuming your proposals were accepted, who else in the hotel would need to be notified of the event details?

On the day of VIP luncheon, what elements of the dinner would you confirm to ensure the event was a success?

The new junior Concierge at the Regency Grand Hotel has left a telephone message for you, in your role as Outlet Manager for the Blend Cocktail Lounge. She has been tasked with creating a specialised cocktail menu for the Executive Club Lounge. She needs advice on what can be served in the lounge during next week’s conference, consisting exclusively of business people from Indonesia and Malaysia. She has suggested Cosmopolitan cocktails and mini hot dogs, to fit with the “New York City” theme of the conference.

Please respond to her enquiry via return email with a proposal and suggestions that will meet the requirements of this particular group. Your response will include:

2.1Advice on style and suitability of cocktail beverages

2.2Advice on style and suitability of canapes

2.3Opportunities to personalise the event

Acknowledgement of menu/beverage requirements

What would be the suggested timeframe for your response, if the message was left on your desk during your days off (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and the conference delegates begin arriving Sunday?

Jonathan Silvers, a guest who lunches in Café B at least 3 times a week has contacted you, in your role as the Outlet Manager. He has a few queries:

  • First, he has recently moved and needs to update the contact details for his Café B loyalty card.
  • Second, he is looking for some suggestions on what he can do to celebrate his elderly mother’s 90th birthday, in 4 weeks’ time? What could the Café B offer for a group of mostly elderly guests, between 3-5 pm in the afternoon?

Please respond to his enquiry via return email with:

  1. A list of the information you require to update his loyalty card.
  2. A proposal and suggestions that will meet the requirements of this particular group. Your response will include:
  • Advice on style of event at that time of day.
  • Advice on beverage/food choices, given the style of event and age of participants
  • A list of questions you might ask Mr Silvers that would allow you further opportunities to personalise the event and cater to the needs of the group.

What would be the suggested timeframe for your response?

Customer Complaint 1: It is now 3 weeks after Mr Silver held his mother’s 90th birthday at Café B. You last saw Mr Silvers on the day of the event as he was leaving after the party.  He had been enthusiastic in his complements for the success of the event and how smoothly everything had gone.  His tone in the email you have just received is markedly different.

He has just received his loyalty card statement (after having to contact the account department to email it, as it had not arrived in the post) to discover the points balance does not reflect the invoice he paid for the birthday party. As it was a relatively large amount for him to pay, he is not happy. He is angry his details were not updated and he was planning to use his newly earned loyalty points to come for lunch this Sunday. As it is now Friday afternoon, he is demanding you fix the situation immediately.

Please identify how you would respond to Mr Silver including:

4.1 Preferred method of communication to respond to Mr Silver

4.2 Using the general complaint policy guidelines discussed in class, how you would personalise/adapt them for use with Mr Silver

4.3What, if any, compensation Mr Silver might be entitled to?

4.4Time frame for your resolution

4.5Should other departments or staff members be notified of Mr Silver’s’ complaint? If so who?

4.6What can be done to prevent a reoccurrence of Mr Silver’s situation?

Customer Complaint 2: A staff member from the marketing department alerts you to a complaint on the Trip Advisor Web site about a guest’s recent visit to the Brougham Dining Room. The details of the post are below:

“I ordered the soup of the day, supposedly a “creamy rich vegetable soup”. I was in a hurry and it took 20 minutes to arrive. When it arrived, it was cold and I counted two unidentifiable vegetables floating in what was no more than a bland consommé!”

While the post was attributed to a user name of “foodhoundforever”, you recognise the accompanying picture as that of regular guest. With a bit of research, you find the guest contact details through the hotel loyalty card system.

Preferred method of communication

Using the general complaint policy guidelines discussed in class, how you would personalise/adapt them for use in this case?

What, if any, compensation the guest might be entitled to?

What can be done to prevent a reoccurrence of this situation?

Design a customer feedback form for use with guests like Mr Silver and “foodhoundforever” above.

What elements in this feedback form would be different than forms used for general feedback purposes?

What communication methods or mediums could you use to circulate your feedback form?

Suggested seating location

Q.1Email response

This is in response to the dinner booking on Friday night.  The 15 clients can be accommodated in the function room. It can be divided into two parts so that they can occupy one half the room.  This will facilitate the two presentations to be done without interruptions from the other clients. The hotel should avail the menus to the clients before their arrival. Special considerations will be adhered to about the Muslim and vegan clients. The client can order what they want, and it will be prepared before their arrival. The hotel will make arrangements on transport to the festival using the company vans.

Q1 A.  I would preferably respond to the email received on Tuesday afternoon immediately. This will help get feedback on the client about the proposal. Enough time will be needed to prepare for the clients by the involved stakeholders.

Q1B. Upon acceptance of my approval, other stakeholders should be notified. The chief chef should be notified on the suggested menu. The restaurant chafer should also be advised to make transport arrangements. The head caterer should be informed to prepare the venue and service facilities.

Q1C.  During the VIP luncheon, several things should be confirmed to ensure its success. The venue should be ready. The requested menu should be adhered to. The chauffer should verify on the travel arrangements made.

Q2. Email response to cocktail preferences

Organizing a cocktail party requires a lot of concentration.  The choice of cosmopolitan cocktails is appropriate for the subject clients. They fit the expected New York theme. They are also easy to prepare and thus time conscious. All the required ingredients should be made before the party. Mini hot dogs are also appropriate served alongside the cocktails.  They should be freshly cooked and should not go cold. This will help maintain their original flavor. Both the canapés and cocktails should be attractively presented. Other cocktails should also be availed apart from the international theme brand. This will be in preparation for different preferences by other clients.

Q2A. Its best to respond to the phone message left during my off days immediately. This will provide sufficient time for preparation. It will also prevent last minute rush.  It will also help in organizing the attendance schedule to prevent disorganizations.


About updating your café d loyalty card details, go to any of our outlets. The customer service attends will gladly update the required information. You will be given another royalty card with the updated information.

Acknowledgement of menu/beverage requirements

We are humbled to host your mother’s 90th birthday. We suggest that we hold an outdoor party. This will ease movement due to expected guests using wheel chairs. The recommended time for the party is in the early afternoon. The duration will be maximum 3 hrs. Soft foods will be served. The menu will also be health –conscious and tailored to suit different health conditions.

Kindly clarify on some issues. How many people re expected at the party? What special medical conditions do the clients have? Will they be accompanied by other people? Is there any suggestion on how to personalize preferences? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Outlet manager   café B

Q3A. I would preferably respond the moment I receive the email. This creates good rapport and trust with the client. It also allows time for feedback. Preparations are also made early to avoid rushing on the big day.


4.1 I would preferably communicate with Mr. Silver through the telephone call. It’s fast and efficient. It will also enhance getting feedback and coming into agreement with the complainant. It also shows urgency and enthusiasm to correct the situation at hand.

4.2. I would call Mr. Silver. First, I would apologize for the inconveniences made. I would explain how I plan to rectify the problem. I would then make an offer on complimentary allowed. Upon reaching an agreement, I would thank him for agreeing to the deal.

4.3. According to the policies, he is entitled to a complimentary late check-out. He can opt for two drink vouchers each valued at fifteen dollars.

4.4. The time frame for the resolution would be approximately one day. The client will thus be able to use the loyalty card on Sunday for his lunch.

4.5. The account attendant should be notified by this complaint.  The regency Grande ‘OPPS' complaint platform should also be disclosed.

4.6. Measures should be taken to prevent reoccurrence of this situation. Client’s loyalty card statements should be updated on payment of the bills. Posting services should also be improved. This ensures clients receive any documents they have requested on time.


5.1 using the clients contact information from the hotel loyal card systems, I prefer to call. This medium is fast and relevant.  Solution can be agreed to fast since feedback is provided on the spot.

5.2. I would call the client. First I would like apologies for the inconveniences made. I would make suggestions on how to rectify the problem. I would then make an offer on complimentary allowed in the hotel. Upon reaching an agreement, I would thank him for listening and being understanding.

Confirmed departure time

5.3. The complainant is entitled to being refunded for the services tot rightfully delivered.  Complimentary breakfast for two is also allowed at the regency Grande breakfast restaurant.

5.4 The resolution should take a day. Avoiding further negative public image should be urgent.

5.5. The catering department should be vigilant in response to timely service. The visitors should be informed on the expected duration of service to avoid misunderstandings.

6A; Customer feedback form


Suggestion. Concern; Date;

          Can we contact you for any information needed?

 Would you like us to follow up on you?

If yes to any of the above two questions, please provide your contact information:

Form return to the management, Regency Grande Hotel.

Q6B. The content on the description of the complaints would be different. The contact information on both forms would differ too.

Q6C. I would also provide the feedback forms at the hotel reception. They should also be availed in the hotels official website.


Specific program name

Membership fee

Method of earning points

Earnings ratio

Redemption ratio

Airline industry

A Advantage miles


Purchase in Americans shopping portal

Shop with American partners.

One mile per $2500 spent

Reduced flight charges

Hotel industry

Marriott’s rewards


Inviting new visitors

2000 bonus points per 5 friends

4000 points for a day at the hotel

Restaurant or café industry

Wyndham rewards


Duration stayed at restaurant

 200 points for spending more than two days

1500 points for a free night

Cultural group

Mode of greeting

Types of fare welling

Communication style

Body language body gestures

Formality of language



Verbal greetings

Verbal farewell

High context

Facial expression, posture, tone of voice

Frozen style

White robes and black veils




High context.

Facial expression, posture, tone of voice

Formal style



Hand shakes


Low context

Voice tone and pitch, facial expression

Casual style

Dress pants, formal shoes, tie


10.1. I would preferably call Mrs. Matthews. Calling is fast and efficient. It's also evidently her choice of communication method since she called.

10.2The birthday party is best suited in the function room. It’s easily accessible to those using wheel chairs. It will also provide privacy from other guests. It also eases service provision.

 10.3 The nutritionists will be consulted on a lactose free diet for the lactose intolerant guest expected.  

10.4Marked seated arrangements will be made with all expected guests assigned a seat. A guest list should be provided before the events date.

 10.5 Scheduled speeches and talks will be made at the possible stage for communication conveniences.

10.6Buffet service will be provided to enable the guest make a personal decision on foods and beverages. The client can choose the theme color to be used in decoration.


11.1 In this case study, I prefer to call Mr. Banks. Calling is more comfortable and makes dialogue smoother.

11.2 According to the policies put in place, the client should be listened to. The complained should be reacted to within the shortest time possible.

11.3 Due to delays and overpricing issues noted, the client is eligible for compensation. He can get complementary late checkout. He can also go for two drink vouchers valued at $ 30.for the experienced delay in service, complimentary breakfast for two.

11.4 This should be resolved within 24 hours.

11.5This complaint should be reported to the hotels complaint platform. The staff members should also be notified if their shortcomings. The account department should also be notified.

11.6 All stakeholders should be guided on how to improve their services. Effectiveness and accuracy should be observed at a personal level. This will help prevent future mistakes on the same issue to other clients.


When inquiring on Mr. Banks view of how we handled the previous situation, key points are noted. His opinion on whether the resolution was successful is essential. Suggestions on future improvement of services should be emphasized. The current opinion about the hotel should also be reviewed.


The raised concern on communication with the staff should be critically reviewed. Communication is critical in any service providing industry. Communication techniques and skills should be improved among the stuff. They should also be educated on the policies and guidelines of the hotel.

Q13.A It is not easy to determine the amount of compensation a guest should get. Several factors should be considered. The possibility of redoing the service. If it can be repeated, no compensation should take place. The cost of redesigning the service. It will cost more to redo the service which may accelerate loss.

13B The nature of the complaint is an important aspect. The impact on the customer is also a significant issue. Lastly, the behavior of the customer should also be considered when reviewing the compensation rate


Ebener, B. (2015). Strategic planning: an interactive process for leaders. Paulist press, New York.

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