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PESTLE and SWOT analysis of Burger Hut

Discuss About The Strategic Integrated Market Communications?

The report describes the several tools used in marketing communications of Burger Hut. Burger Hut is a local chain of fast food restaurant which launch a new product in the market for their customers. Burger Hut presently provide burgers, spring rolls and snacks and now company launch new flavors of burgers which make their product more delicious and also offer nuggets, chicken whopper for their customers. Burger Hut initiates a new plan to offer their customers new flavors in burgers and wide variety for nuggets and a crispy fried whole chicken thigh topped with fresh vegetables and spicy sauce. The main objective of this report is to explain various communications tools that are necessary to introduce this new product in the market. The report also shows the environmental analysis by identifying the competitors in the market and environment awareness, the marketing communication objectives which are required to drive sales, marketing communication strategy and its implementation and the evaluation methods for the effective communication tools used in launching a new product in the market by Burger Hut.

The report describes the PESTLE and SWOT analysis of Burger Hut to identify the competitors in the market and create awareness among the customers about the product.

Burger Hut is a local chain of fast food restaurant that has run its business across the world. This food chain has its own challenges that have been faced by the owners of the organization as well as the team members which handle all the events of the company. In today’s world, demand for fast food has been increased among the customers. Burger Hut needs to be very careful about many factors in launching this new product in the market. To follow these guidelines and the contemporary trends in the relevant food chain in the company has to do the pestle analysis that helps the company in comprehending the requirements and the current market movement.

Political: The political aspects surround the policies and the laws of the government of the state in which the brand of Burger Hut operates. If the governments of the state are more concern related to growth of Burger's Hut outlets, there will be a large number of restaurants of Burger Hut. The growth of restaurants will extremely raise the employment opportunities for the local person over there and will also offer more enjoyment services at every phase to the local residents. So, the places which offer company policies give better options to the Burger Hut to run its business in a successful way.

PESTLE analysis

Economic: The overall economic system of the state in which the outlet of the Burger Hut is played an important role and has a direct impact on the company. The unemployment rating and the rise in inflation rate of the region of the business also influence the company in big terms. The states that are developed in the economic aspect are more sustainable to the success of the company. The foreign direct investment of a state will be there for Burger Hut.

Social: As per Burger Hut, the social aspects that will affect the business are the demographic and the life expectancy of the local person in which the franchise of the Burger Hut is placed. 

Technological: The technological factors consist of latest technologies in the environment. For example, ordering burgers online, as these movements has directly affected the business of the organization like Burger Hut.

Legal: The legal factors emphasize the following rules and regulations of the state in which food network is working. In order to sustain the new flavors of burgers, the owner and the team of the Burger Hut should maintain the quality and all the desired principles.

Environmental: Environmental factors consist of hygiene factor and considering the movements to the environment like initiate a new method of recycling is the imperative aspects that should be considered for the food network like Burger Hut. Consumers of each region are now very much conscious about their health with the developing state of various health issues.


·         Burger Hut is an internationally recognized brand name

·         Large brand awareness

·         Franchise differentiation

·         Developed market share

·         Large growth plan


·         Company heavily concentrated in the United States

·         Depend on franchise

·         High-calorie food

·         Depend on long-term consumers

·         Not sufficient promotion


·         Development with new advancement

·         Home delivery services with applications

·         Healthier menus

·         Update children menus

·         Differentiation of services

·         New chances in developing economies

·         Decrease entrance cost


·         Changing consumer towards healthier food

·         Promotion against fast food networks

·         Extreme competition from another food network

·         Rise in labor cost

·         Currency  fluctuation

Marketing communication objective refers to the long-term goals where marketing campaign are intended to drive up the value of product brand over a period of time. The fundamental goal of advertising communication is to convey, contend and persuade and the essential goal of marketing communication is to pass on the idea to target audiences. The main marketing communication objectives of Burger Hut in launching a new product in the market are explained as follows:

According to Arnold & Boggs (2015), Burger Hut makes efforts to become the primary choice for consumers who order new flavors of burgers and offer nuggets, chicken whopper digitally. This marketing communication objective depends on the consumer taste and preferences. The company should focus on the customer requirement keeping in mind the good quality, delivery services, and healthy food. The company should consider the people health in offering their products. The consumer only orders Burger Hut products only when they experience that company offers good quality, tasty food, and affordable price. By considering all these factors, Burger Hut should cater all these requirements in order to achieve their marketing communication objective. The company should adopt innovate and create promotional methods in order to make its products unique in customer mind.

SWOT analysis

The marketing communication objective of Burger Hut is to have 75 of all burgers orders to be completed digitally. According to Beach (2014), the company encompasses the whole process of receiving an order and delivering it to a customer. For this purpose, the company should well-versed in operational e-commerce and encompasses various difficult steps throughout the supply chain that all play an important role in how consumers receive the product. The main three steps in the order completion are as follows:

Organize stock: Retailers should have objective to work with providers in order to guarantee stock shipments land on time and are arranged by including definite and simple pressing and substance slips. According to Belch et al. (2014), in the event that the retailers get a considerable number of things composedly, it can set aside a long opportunity to stock and demand it legitimately which brings about making reinforcements when it comes time to checking and satisfying requests.

Rethink use of space: Frequently reviews of continuous data from e-commerce business software can enable traders to identify if they can at present accomplish deals objectives with less stock, which cannot just lead a quicker turnaround for customers but edges for retailers (Blakeman, 2014). 

Packaging: According to Garvey (2014), retailers must perform general investigation of their packaging needs to recognize approaches to advance their transportation and a request satisfaction endeavors.

Digital transformation is not about enhancing customer experience, but it also about empowering operational efficiencies for the employees. According to Ginsburg et al. (2017), Burger Hut offers the best-advanced experience in the classification food of burgers. Using digital as a tool, Burger Hut is trailing a tablet framework in Singapore which enables customers to directly submit their requests from the table. The tablet mitigates an opportunity to arrange, liberating the servers to concentrate their consideration on different undertakings such as serving tables and attending to customer's needs. Burger Hut was maniacal about customer satisfaction. Company measure every attributes that makes a customer experience good. 

According to Grunig (2017), Burger Hut tries to maintain the number position in the market by offering good quality, affordable prices, and healthy food to their customers. Business reformulating dinners for kids, giving sustenance information on menus, making enlightening ventures. Burger Hut identifies demand for more beneficial items and has responded to this requirement with new or modified items. The company also offer unique selling point of new flavors in Burgers in order to attract the customers.

Marketing communication objective

A viable marketing communication strategy will help Burger Hut to define the overall actions and objectives for the marketing. According to Hatziargyriou (2014), company strategy must be effective and innovative in order to deliver the products or services in such a manner that will satisfy the customers. The main marketing communication strategies that Burger Hut can use for the products enhancement are as follows:

Burger Hut can use content promoting tool as a communication strategy for launching a new product in the market. Content promoting consist many forms such as news, ebooks, videos, case studies, infographics, images and blogs to market their product in the customer's mind. According to Jensen (2013), the fundamental plan behind this marketing communication strategy is to give useful information to potential customers despite the fact that they will most likely be able to buy the item or contract benefits yet. Regular groups of customers explore most purchase online before taking a choice and by offering fun and instructive substance for them to utilize and appreciate, organization brand can upgrade ID and mindshare as a valuable of important information.

With the huge popularity of YouTube and other video sites is an excellent way to enhance leads and increase sales. Video puts a human face on organization picture and offerings. A few couple minute video can describe company products benefits to the customer. A video on company homepage or posted by means of web-based social networking has another basic segment which creates the awareness among the customers towards the products. Burger Hut can use this marketing communication strategy with the purpose to strike the correct harmony among watchers, producing a huge degree of profitability (Kasper & Kellerman, 2014).

On the other side, determine the tactical action steps which will modify strategy into a reality in company marketing plan, into a useful source of information for customers. There are also implementation tactics in marketing communications which Burger hut can use to achieve their business objective in a desirable manner. The main implementation tactics are explained as:

The product which is delivered to customers by the company is an important part in creating a brand image in the customer point of view. According to Lawrie (2014), Burger Hut should consider the characteristics and advantages they offer to their customers, the unique selling point of Burger Hut in making their burgers more tasty and healthy and the good services offer to the consumers which enhance their customer base towards their product.

Number one choice for consumers

Pricing is a basic factor of the advertising technique. Picking the right cost for the items or administration will enable the business to amplify the benefits and furthermore to set up solid associations with the consumers. Burger Hut should keep their prices affordable in order to invite the customers for their product. By pricing effectively, the company can also reduce the serious financial problems that can happen if the price of the product is too low because of not having sufficient profit and too high because of not having sufficient sales (McQuail &Windahl,2015).

Place means the different channels and areas for appropriating organization item, related data, and support administrations. According to Mymoneycoach (2017), his strategy of advertising communication will position organization item in the market that is where an item can purchase. Burger Hut can use various distribution channels by including any physical store (supermarket) as well as virtual stores (online).

There are various methods available for evaluating and controlling the marketing performance such as:

According to Percy (2014), it is considered to be one of the best evaluation component used in both B2C and B2B markets. The impacts of promoting are planned to be long term, yet something is going in the short run and along these lines, it can be measured. In the scholarly stage, promoting gives information and can be assessed in view of studies, play-back examinations, brand awareness overviews and helped survey. The powerful estimations publicizing is planned to change perspectives and states of mind, subsequently, appraising scales, picture estimations, rank request for brands and projective strategies are the strategy to assess the marketing communication tools of Burger Hut product.

According to Richards & Schmidt (2014), the marketing public relations had risen as a different idea where public relations tend to market important exercises and it must be ignored in the communication. In some cases, it achieves the outcomes that could not be proficient through various means. One of the essential methods for following the adequacy of advertising is media observing and assembling new articles in the social clippings book. There are three classifications of estimation to be specific measures of genuine exercises embraced and measures of gathering of people conduct. The upside of utilizing online networking for advertising was the inclusion with groups of onlookers of partners, and in this way moving advertising estimation from customary yield estimation to more proof results and affirmation of results and a business results and estimation of engagement.

Order completion

Sales promotion include a scope of exercise and instruments, for example, coupons, refunds, rebates, appears, difficulties, prizes and more to the correspondence blend, and in this manner, can target crowds superior to conventional types of promoting. According to Thorson & Moore, (2013), it is possible and vital to do pre-testing, post-testing, and following of offers advancement. Quantitative measures can be gotten finding out coupon restore, the take-up rate of particular offers, deals increment in esteem and volume can be directed to break down client viewpoints on exercises attempted. Evaluating diverse exercises, for example, the purpose of offer will not be simple as the result of extra immediate and aberrant factors that influence deals of Burger Hut.


From this report, it has been concluded that marketing communications are a multilevel build up that requires a strong blend of each one of its activities remembering the true objective to achieve the best results. This report explains the PESTLE and SWOT analysis of Burger Hut in order to identify the competitors in the market and create the brand awareness for the Burger Hut product. The report also explains various marketing communication strategies for Burger Hut new product introduce in the market and its implementation tactics for increasing customer base and retain consumers for the long term. An extensive outline of the promoting correspondence adds to the cognizance of estimation development and most basic patterns in each of components. The report mentions the marketing objectives of Burger Hut and the evaluation methods for controlling the marketing communication effectiveness of the company. The marketing communication helps Burger Hut to achieve its business objective in a suitable manner and to run their business keeping in mind the customer requirements. Marketing Communications is basic for all organizations to speak with the included partners. These partners incorporate the legislature, the merchants, the retailers, and the customers in a specific region. Promoting interchanges allude to administration methods that involve co-operations with unmistakable gatherings of people from different foundation.


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