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Description of organizations

What is the  Social Marketing?

The current assessment is on the analysis of the case study of the social marketing towards the adoption of pets by reviewing the websites which have been promoting for the adoption of pets which is a social marketing approach that has been developing the activities by aiming at the changes in the people’s behavior and maintaining them for the benefits of the people and the society in whole (Armstrong et al., 2014). The products are promoted by describing the unique points of it with the combination of the ideas from the social sciences and the commercial marketing, the social marketing has been proven to be the tool for influencing the behavior in a cost effective and sustainable manner.

It gives you the idea of deciding on:

  • Who are the people to work with
  • What is the behavior to influence
  • How to move forward about it
  • What are things used to measure it

The RSPCA is known to be an organization that is independent and a non government community which is based on the charity of providing the care for animals and their protection services. There are around 40 shelters which are run by the RSPCA and it consists of a staff of around 1000 employees. For delivering all the services to the animals it costs them more than 100 million dollars, which is helping in improving the lives of the animals in the Australia. Most of the money that is gained by this organization is donated by the people and also from the initiatives taken for fundraising (Browne et al., 2014). There are also other sources such as RSPCA patrons, business partnerships and the grants available for this organization.

WWF stands for World Wildlife Fund, which was started in the year 1961 on 29th April in the small area called Swiss town of Morges and very soon it has received the approval of the royal seal.  The partnership of this organization is very unique in which the government leaders, business and the scientists are involved. It is supported and guided by the HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and the HRH The Duke of Edinburgh (Bhattacharjee, Berger & Menon, 2014).

There was an urgent call from the group for the global action which insisted for the stop of a large number of wild animals from being hunted since their existence and the habitats are being destroyed so as to protect them from getting extinct (Crouch & Housden, 2012).

For the past 50 years, the WWF seems to grow into the independent and the most influential largest organization for conservation of animals in the whole world. The organization is having supporters of around 5 million globally and it has been operating in more than 100 countries (Costa & Vila, 2014). In the year 1978 on 29th June the establishment of WWfF has taken place in Australia, during which only three people were there as the working staff from the old factory located in Sydney.


The budget for conservation during the first year operation was nearly 80000 dollars. At present this organization is the largest conservation place in the nation which is being supported by more than 500000 supporters and have projects across Australia and the Oceania region (Desbordes, 2012).

The 4 P’s of marketing are the elements which are used by the organization are for the benefits of the wildlife animals and for the adoption of pets for their care and protection includes:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place or distribution
  • Promotion

Product:  In terms of marketing the term product can be defined as the thing which can be offered in the market for satisfying the needs or the wants of a customer. The first P out of four marketing P’s in the marketing is the product. The product can either be a touchable good or the intangible one which is fulfilling the needs of a customer. Here the product refers to either the wildlife species or the pets which can be adopted so that they get human care and attention. Whereas the wildlife species can be protected from being extinct by adopting them funds can be provided to them for their better life of conservation (DeConinck & Stilwell, 2015). The people can get the product that is according to their expectations that is any breed or any species that they are wanting for can be adopted as the organization is providing a wide range of choices in making the decisions. The people can have the core benefits of care which show as the recognition for sympathy, compassions and the tenderness for the animals and for them too. The behavioral change an also be benefited by adopting a pet and in turn one can provide support for its living. The augmented product that a customer can have is the desired animal that an animal lover can get from these organizations (Kotler, 2012).

 The term price in marketing can be defined as the value that can be put on for a product of the service which is resulted from the calculations from all dimensions, extensive research and the understandings and the abilities of risk taking. The strategy of pricing is taken into account by considering the segments such as the ability of the customer to pay, as per the conditions of the market, the actions of competitors, the trade margins and the input costs among all (Kumar et al., 2013).  While adopting the pet the organization would verify about the family and would take whether the pets are going to the right place or not. The price for the animals are not fixed, but it says to fund for the organization which is used for protecting their habitat, preservation of food and it will make sure that it will take care of the safety of the species that is going to be endangered bother globally and locally (Kotler et al., 2015). The ongoing pricing can be fixed in any of the means like ether donating the things by taking the initiative for raising the funds for the benefits of animals in the organization.


Place or distribution: The term place or distribution can be defined in terms of marketing as placing the right product with the right price and at the right place. It is very critical for determining the ideal locations for converting the potential clients into the actual clients. In the current situations, even if the transaction does not occur on the web the initial place where the potential clients are contacted and converted to their customers is through online. However, the organization takes into consideration various things while adopting or donating the animals by checking the family background and decides whether they are placed in the right family or not (Lusch & Vargo, 2014). After that the animal can be selected as per the environment of their family and according to their lifestyle which consider incredibly important by them. The process of adoption taken place only if they make sure of a perfect fit of the animal. The adoption journey ends only after training the animal so that it forms a vital part of the family. The  product can be obtained by visiting the place and making the choice or it can be processed through the website.

(Marta et al., 2013). If the person is an animal lover and provides all the evidences that are required by the organization and if it feels secure then it is a quite simple process.

Promotion: The term promotions can be defined in terms of marketing as the product that is used for bringing awareness among the people so that the sale are generated and the market is developed for that product. The information about the product should be relevant and should be unique from other products. The promotion can be carried out by social marketing, public relation, campaigning, advertising and many more (Zaltman, Olson & Forr, 2015). The messages that are passed on to the potential customers is that the Australia is the overwhelming nation in loving he animals which finds that there are some people in the community who are treating the animals cruelly. So these organizations are committed to helping these animals by their services. Their main motto is to protect the animals from becoming extinct and to reduce the threats that are posed to them from various factors (Xu et al., 2016). The messages that are being promoted are to bring the awareness among the people, which are the social messages for the welfare of the society to the animals. The community awareness is created in regards to the human treatment towards the animals along with giving information about animal care and their adoption facilities.

4 P's of Marketing


In this report the social marketing of the animal, adoption organizations has been discussed where the firms are mainly focusing on those potential customers who it exactly for their awareness programs that is mainly the animal lovers so that they can get a shelter for their good life conservation. Their main mission is to eradicate cruelty towards animals and create love for them and also let the right people know about the information regarding the adoption facilities. The other group of focused individuals is the one who is dedicated in catering the services for the wildlife conservation. The marketing criteria adopted by these organizations are so perfect that it fits for any kind of market that is targeted.


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