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Explain the role of Marketing and how it Interrelates with other Functional units of an Organization

In today’s competitive business environment, Marketing is a significant tool for the business organizations. This includes the process of understanding the market and needs and demands of customers, creating beneficial relations, implementing effective market strategies and offering quality products and services to the customers. Most of the companies have realized the significance of customer relationships and they are making efforts to implement an innovative approach for its marketing process. Awareness about the marketing essentials is very high in the current marketing environment all over the world. This report includes the discussion about the marketing processes and their role at Cadbury Organization, which is based in United Kingdom. Cadbury is one of the largest companies in the British multinational confectionary industry. The report emphasizes on the marketing essentials in this business organization and demonstrates the roles and responsibilities of marketing and its functions and interrelations with other functions of company. Furthermore, it compares different ways of implementation of marketing mix in organization to attain its goals and objectives. At the end, it creates and develops a marketing plan for the chosen organization, i.e. Cadbury.

Concept of Marketing, Current and Future Trends and Different Elements 

Marketing is the process that includes different activities and sub-processes for developing, communicating, distributing and exchanging the products and services, which have value for people, partners and its potential customers. The concept of marketing is an aspect that the companies should evaluate the needs and expectations of customers and then they should make the decisions for satisfying their requirements better than their potential competitors. In today’s business environment, most of the organizations have implemented different concepts of marketing (Armstrong et al, 2014).

At Cadbury, the marketing concept is categorized in five important concepts, which show the core of its marketing. These marketing concepts include both current and future trends for en effective marketing planning. In UK, Cadbury is also considering these concepts for developing marketing process for its products and services. Five elements of marketing at Cadbury are stated below;

The management at Cadbury believes that their customers choose the products and services, which offers them value for their money, innovation and quality. For this, the company focuses on the quality of products and customer satisfaction. Consumer base can be maintained via products, which offers benefits to potential customers (Bakker, 2014).

This concept of marketing is based on the consumer perception that shows that they are persuaded towards the products that are easily available at affordable rates. Under this concept, Cadbury is focusing to become affordable and favorable to the customers.  

This concept states that the mind set of today’s customers can be attracted via attractive promotions and advertisements. Generally, customers focus on the products, which are aggressively advertised in the market. Cadbury is also focusing on different promotion and advertising techniques, like; electronic media, print media, sign boards etc.

Under this, company is considering the needs and wants of target customers and offering them effective value than their competitors (Baines, Fill, and Page, 2013). Cadbury can focus on developing a strong brand image by creating an effective positioning statement and strong customer relationships.

Concept of Marketing, Current and Future Trends and Different Elements

This element of marketing concept indicates that the major emphasis on needs and preferences of target customers, so they will prefer this brand over other companies in the confectionary industry (Berg, 2016).

The major roles and responsibilities of marketing function in context of business environment are explained below;

Marketing Management is a term that is described as the process of execution and planning of different marketing processes. These marketing processes include marketing mix, such as; product, pricing, distribution, promotion and sales etc. These processes compliment the target customers of the company. Different roles and responsibilities of marketing function and marketing manager are stated below;

The marketing manager at Cadbury can create a marketing information system, which can provide the data and information regarding different factors, like; products and services, planning, implementation and evaluation and control. For instance, at Cadbury, this system represents the data about the supply chain or logistics on the real time base that assists the distribution channels to work effectively (Bharucha, 2016).

One of the major roles of marketing is to develop the marketing strategies and strategic planning for the company. Under this role, the managers at Cadbury require identifying the needs and expectations of the customers and offer the products accordingly. It assists the company in balancing its objectives and market opportunities.

Marketing function and manger have significant role in recognizing the new innovations in marketing environment. These developments offer positive feedback for the products and services of the company (Dibb and Simkin, 2013). At Cadbury, these developments include changes in market trends, economic and social factors, legal and political forces etc.

Conducting Market Research

Conducting the market research is considered as the major role of marketing process and its concerned people (Chokshi, et al, 2016). This research includes gathering the information about the needs and desires of customers and changing market trends, so that company can communicate to the customers with its best possible products in the market.

In today’s globalized era, market is unpredictable, so it is very essential for the firms to do accurate segmentation. Under this, marketing manager assists in identifying the customers in diverse market and make efforts to promote their products to them. For example, Cadbury targets the market on the basis of different characteristics, like; demographic, behavioral etc. For Cadbury Dairy Milk, the company is targeting the age group 4 years to 50 years. This market is identified by the marketing division by conducting marketing research (Djekic, et al, 2016).

Brand Equity

Generally, the customers tend to be motivated towards the brands that offer more value to their products. In this way, the marketing function offers a brand image and builds a strong value of the organization among its customers. At Cadbury, this function will assist in increasing its sales volume.

The functions of marketing encompass different processes, like; distribution, finance, advertising and promotion etc. but these processes come under all over marketing process. The major elements of marketing functions are stated below;

As discussed above, marketing research plays an important for an organization. Generally, it is considered as most important function of marketing, because without this the growth of business is impossible. This research assists the organization in getting the material information regarding different factors related to business process (Hill, Jones, and Schilling, 2014). In addition to market information, research helps Cadbury in attaining the information about the finance, logistics, resources, raw materials and other business activities. In this way, it can be considered as important marketing function in Business Corporation.

Roles and responsibilities of Marketing and Marketing Manager in context of organization

After gathering the information from the research, it is utilized to analyze the potential strengths and weaknesses about the business operations. This information allows Cadbury to develop the ideas for strategies that can be used in the company. These strategies give the support and guidance for competing with the strong competitors in the confectionary industry, like; Hershey’s, Nestle etc. The company builds these strategies from the outcomes, which are measured via market research (Hollensen, 2015).

Strategic Planning

After conducting market research and strategy development, the next function is strategic planning. Under this process, the marketing division at Cadbury includes different activities; distribution, financial planning, sales projection, communication and other factors. Under this, company’s marketing department uses a timeline framework to plan the effective strategies for transforming the objectives into success.

The above mentioned marketing functions are interrelated with other functional units of the company.

Interrelations with other Functional Units 

At Cadbury, these marketing functions are closely connected with its other functional areas. Here is an example of finance department that is connected with the marketing department. The marketing functions of the company need economic sources and funds for developing, implementing and evaluating the market strategies in the organization. These financial and economic sources are provided by the finance department of company. Furthermore, these functions are interrelated with other functions also, like; they need accurate information from production division about the products and services, manufactured by Cadbury, when they create a marketing plan. Moreover, they need human resources from Human resource department and logistic help from supply chain and networking (Lewis, 2013). At Cadbury, the marketing operations require to be communicated by other divisions. For instance, the human resource policies should be aligned with marketing functions to enhance its sales and production division should provide the data about products for developing plan. If these functions of marketing will be unknown about the stock of raw material and production capacity of company, then the marketing plan of company will result huge losses. Thus, it is very true that all the functions of marketing are very co-related to other functional areas of the firm, i.e. Cadbury.

Marketing mix is an important tool in the marketing plan of the company. It includes various elements and strategies, which are essential for a firm from production to the sale of products and services. Primarily, it includes 4Ps and currently, it is extended to the 7Ps of marketing mix. Different organizations utilize marketing mix in different ways for attaining its overall business goals and objectives (Lilly, 2014). In addition to Cadbury, there is one more organization that is taken into consideration for making comparison of marketing mix, i.e. Nestle. Nestle is one of the leading competitors, which is also implementing marketing mix in different way. The comparison of both marketing mixes is stated below;

Marketing Mix Tools




Cadbury is offering a wide range of products in confectionary industry. The products and offerings are the biggest strength of the company. It is providing chocolates, bar, ice-creams, cakes, desserts and biscuits in different packs (Cadbury, 2017). Other products are manufactured on the basis of festive season and special occasion, like; Christmas, Diwali etc. The product strategy of the company is very effective as it is focusing on attractive packaging of products, so that it can entice the customers towards its chocolates and other confectionary items.

While Nestle is offering different types of food products apart from confectionary items. It offers nutrition and milk products. In addition to this, the company is attracting the people by providing prepared dishes and beverages also.


Cadbury is adopting competitive pricing strategy for its basic products and premium pricing for other products. It was the company that was ruling the industry before Nestle entered in the market.

Whereas Nestle decides its prices on the basis of competition. It is very much flexible on its prices. It can cut down its prices very quickly (McDaniel and Gates, 2014).


Cadbury operations its business operations all over the world. It has expanded its business in different nations by using different market entry options. It is using effective distribution channels to deliver the products to its potential customers (Pike, 2015). Moreover, it is providing its products to both rural and urban regions via wholesalers, retailers etc.

Nestle is also using its place strategy in an effective way. The company is also offering its products worldwide. When the company enters in any new market, it prefers to enter in partnership and merger. The company has collaborated with different multi-national corporations.


The company is very popular in terms of promotion and advertisements. Cadbury is using online and print media and television broadcasting also. In addition to this, it is using attractive taglines for improving its marketing efforts, like; “Kuch Mitha Ho Jaaye” for Dairy Milk chocolates.

Same as Cadbury, Nestle is also very famous for its promotional techniques. It has lunched various promotional campaigns to attract the people. It is also offering the Meggi brand, for which it is attracting the customers by asking their “Meggi story”. The company is using sales promotions also.


Human resources are the major factor for Cadbury. The company is providing effective training to its people, so that they can gain higher customer satisfaction by providing effective services.

Whereas Nestle is hiring the people, who already have experience in the prospective industry. It reduces the need of training and development program (Köse, 2007).


The processes play an important role in the growth of organization. Cadbury is using a systematic manufacturing process that is environment-friendly. Operations and functions of all the areas are very well-organized at Cadbury.

Nestle is executing different processes for its different product line. It is very much focused on the quality factor of the products. For its coffee products, they are following different factors from planting to quality assurance. Thus, the processes of Nestle are different from Cadbury.

Physical Evidence

Cadbury does not use its physical evidence to entice the customers. Physical evidence of this company includes the logo of organization and attractive packaging of products.

Same as Cadbury, the logo of organization is the major physical evidence at Nestle. The company is offering an excellent experience by offering a wide range of products.

In this way, different organizations use the marketing mix tool in different ways to attain its overall business objectives. Each and every organization should use these strategies for attracting a huge customer base towards its products and services (Shah, 2014).

Key Elements of Marketing Function and Interrelations with the Functional Departments of Organization

Under the process of marketing, preparing an effective marketing plan is an effective activity, when the company plans to introduce a new product in the marketplace. This part of the report includes the marketing plan of Cadbury, which is planning to introduce a sugar free chocolate under its Dairy Milk brand. The various essential aspects of marketing plan are stated below;

For its new products, Cadbury will set some marketing objectives, which it wants to attain in the time frame of next three years. As the Sugar free chocolates by Cadbury are new products in the industry, so the company will determine the marketing goals and objectives accordingly (Malhotra, Birks, and Wills, 2013). For these products, the marketing goals of the company are stated below;

  • To enhance its market share by 30%
  • To increase its customer base through these new products and services
  • To offer 100% customer satisfaction to the people, who need sugar free chocolates
  • To increase brand awareness by a significant percentage

For attaining these marketing objectives, Cadbury will develop and implement effective marketing strategies by targeting the customers, who share similar desires and wants towards the products.

Cadbury prefers to sell the chocolates and cookies products than other confectionary items. Generally, Cadbury targets the customer from all the age groups, children to old age people, but for this chocolate it will target the people, who are suffering from Diabetes disease and who cannot intake sugar ingredients. In addition to the diabetic patients, it will target the customers, who are very concerned for their health and fitness. Increased issues of overweight and obesity are pushing the people towards sugar free alternatives (Thomas, 2017).

Market segmentation is an important part in the marketing plan of the company. Under this, the company targets the customers by combining different characteristics, like; behavioral, demographics and psychographic, like; it is targeting the people on the basis of income level and age group. Generally, the people from each and every age group enjoy the products of Cadbury. By offering this new product, the company will target the diabetes suffered and fitness enthusiasts by considering their behavioral characteristics. This market segmentation will assist the company in approaching the people in the market and attract them towards its new chocolates (Howell, 2015).


Cadbury is offering variety of products under its brand, like; chocolates, cakes, bars, biscuits etc. Now, the company is introducing its sugar-free chocolates for the people, who cannot eat the chocolates and candies with sugar contents. Under the production of this chocolate, the company will focus on providing higher quality of ingredients.

The pricing of the products at Cadbury is determined on the basis of product quality. There are various chocolates, which are available on premium prices. The products for this sugar-free chocolate will be higher than its other products. The company will use competitive pricing for this product. The company will consider that this is the need of the customers, so they will prefer to buy the chocolates at any price (Sert, and Köse, 2014).

As discussed above, Cadbury is using different methods and distribution channels for delivering their products to the customers. Under this strategy, the company will deliver the products to wholesalers and then to retail stores. People can purchase the products from these retailers. Sugar free chocolates will be available online, from where people can order these chocolates.

For promoting its new products in the market, Cadbury will use various promotional and advertising techniques. The company will prefer to use online media, print media and broadcasting media for promoting new chocolates. It will promote these chocolates by sponsoring the sports events, so that it can reach to the sports person and fitness enthusiasts (Shah, 2014).  

People are most important resources for the growth and success of the business organization. For Cadbury, it is same other organizations. The company will provide training to the employees, so that they can manufacture the sugar free products and providing the services effectively. It will create a workforce with the well-skilled and trained people, so that it can provide higher

Under this strategy, Cadbury will focus on the manufacturing and production process, so that it can effectively deliver these new chocolates to target customers. It will emphasize on the quality assurance and quality control process.

At Cadbury, the only physical evidence is the logo of company. The company is using its physical resources and assets to manufacturing the products. The packaging of the products will be attractive that will entice the customers towards its products and services.

After creating all the strategies, the organization will focus on preparing an action plan, so that it can implement the marketing plan in the practice (Wood, 2014). This action plan will include all the processes and activities, which are required for attaining the overall business objectives. The action plan for Cadbury’s marketing plan is given below;


Starting date

End Date

Responsible Person

Related Department

Setting new objectives and mission statement



Top level managers and Board

Top management

Discussion about the marketing objectives and new mission



Management and Board of Directors

Senior level management

Development of new opinions and ideas for decision making



Innovative people of the organization

All related departments

Choosing best alternative and implementation of best ideas



Marketing Executives

Marketing department

Implementation of new marketing plan and strategies



Advertising managers and marketing executives

Promotion and Marketing department

In this way, Cadbury will implement this plan and strategies by following the above given action plan. It will assist the organization in approaching its customers all over the world.

After the implementation of marketing, it is very important to evaluate and monitor the plan, whether it is profitable or not. Cadbury will evaluate the implemented marketing plan, whether it is successful for the company’s processes or not. For this, the company will look at the market share and its performance in the market (Shah, 2014). It will consider the level of customer satisfaction by taking feedback from customers through survey, questionnaire and company’s feedback form. This will assist the organization in understanding the deficiencies in the products or its marketing plan. Apart from this, the success of marketing plan can be evaluated and measured through the response of competitors in the market. So, Cadbury will look at the response of its leading competitors, like; Nestle, Hershey’s etc.


From the above report, it can be concluded that Cadbury is very well-known organization in confectionary industry all over the world. The report states that marketing is an important function for the organizations, including Cadbury. When, the company introduces its new products, it needs to create an effective marketing plan. This marketing plan will include all the strategies. The above mentioned strategies will assist Cadbury in approaching a huge customer base and increase its sales and revenues in confectionary industry.


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