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Assignment Tasks

Develop a project journal (a log of YOUR OWN real activities in doing Assignment 2). Use a table with columns with number, date, activity, explanation and status. This is the diary of your project. (

Before you start on the tasks in Assignment 2 do a one-page Work Breakdown Structure showing activities and duration (examples in Satzinger and on-line).

Provide the “TO-BE” core business process for your new system (BPMN or UML)

Compare your As is and To be diagrams to assess the impact of the new system on previous pre-automation processes and prepare a briefing note for the Organisational change and Training Team on the anticipated business impact of the system. You should make recommendations on how these can be managed.

Develop screen designs for two MUST stories, identify business rules; justify your design

Write all acceptance criteria for these two stories to be done

Draw an applications architecture diagram showing interfaces for all systems in the Case Study that will be operating at the client site and their connections to your new system.

Presume you have completed a “waterfall method” processes of RFT, evaluation of tenders and selection of a solution/supplier. Write the executive summary of the Report to client where you explain the processes undertaken and recommend a preferred supplier.

You have decided to develop the software for the new system and to follow an Agile approach but need to explain this to your client. Prepare a briefing paper for your client listing the key differences between Agile and Waterfall, the pros and cons of each approach and explain to your client why you recommend Agile. You may wish to use a table and dot-points. 

as your project is near completion the client asks for a brief report. Produce a 5-6 minute “elevator pitch” video clip explaining to the client what you have done since your last report (assignment 1) and how you did it. Provide a URL link and test it. If your marker cannot watch your video then it won’t be marked; please make sure you can be clearly seen in the video.

All questions relate to the following Case Study.

The national health insurance system “Medigood” that pays for patients’ visits to family doctors has provided a new category of service that family doctors can be paid a bonus for using. This is for a phone or telehealth medical specialist consultation for a qualifying patient.  To qualify patients need to be any one of:

  • over 65
  • indigenous
  • suffering chronic disease.

A consultation can occur when a family doctor with a patient links up for a consultation with a medical specialist using a telephone or telehealth equipment. Medigood will make a payment to both the family doctor and the specialist.

Currently the family doctor or office administrator needs to identify a qualifying patient and then try to find a suitable medical specialist who is available. The office administrators monitor scheduled appointments to see if there are qualified patients and then try to schedule link with specialists. Patients sometimes do not arrive on time or at all, doctors and specialists are often running late and overall it is too difficult; especially for busy doctors with many other patients waiting to see them.

Medigood has already provided Telehealth equipment to all doctors and specialists but to date very few doctors have taken advantage of this. You should do a search of the Internet to understand Telehealth and how it can be used.

Your friend Lee has come up with a new business idea that she wants to sell to doctors and has asked you for help due to your studies in Business Analysis. Lee proposes to develop a software package that will sit on the doctor’s computer alongside any other patient management system (PMS) they may have taking advantage of available interfaces. Lee’s software will monitor appointments and when it sees there is a qualifying patient with the doctor, or if a qualifying patient has a scheduled appointment, it will alert the doctor that the patient is eligible for a Telehealth consultation and search for an available medical specialist for an on-line telehealth consultation. Medical specialists are expected to register with the system which will monitor when they are on-line and potentially available for a Telehealth consultation with a patient and their family doctor. When the doctor and the specialist both accept the telehealth consultation, the Telehealth equipment at either end is activated. Once the consultation is completed, the software will process the claim for payment to the insurance for both the family doctor and medical specialist. 

Assignment Tasks



Development of Work Breakdown Structure for the assignment

03 days

Preparation of the “To-be” design activity diagram from Medigood case study

02 days

Discussing impact of new system on the business and recommendations for change management

04 days

Development of two screen designs from two must stories

05 days

Demonstrating the acceptance criteria for the designs from two stories

03 days

Preparing a diagram to show the application architecture of the new system

02 days

Preparing the executive summary with explanation of the undertaken processes for recommending preferred supplier

04 days

Comparison of Agile with Waterfall approach to demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of each approach

02 day

Preparation of a video to present a brief report to the client

02 day


“The Medigood business process has been dismembered and it is recognized that new data framework will be important for recording the information of patients and also specialists related in the methodology for restorative treatment. There may be period of slip-ups as the present framework for securing records is manual and the organization is facing inconvenience in supervising arrangements received from the patients by discovering authority according to the prerequisite of patients. There is a prerequisite of new data framework such that booking of arrangements can be taken care of effectively for checking specialist’s availability.

Further, the data structure will help Medigood with giving the patients tele-success gathering office so they can finish their treatment from remote area and do not have to visit the specialist physically every time they require any remedial provoking. The new structure will help the patients with checking their thriving with no other person's assistance and it will in like way help Medigood in fruitful relationship of their business works out. The structure will other than fortify outfitting the patients with expressive results remotely. The change and usage of another data framework will unequivocally affect business systems of the organization together. The change inside the association on account of use of the new structure must be overseen beneficially with certifiable getting ready for change association and sensible essential authority. The improvements should be comprehends how to such a degree, to the point that those extraordinary parts lines up with the objectives behind use of the new data structure. The new structure will help the relationship with coming to more clients and extension their capacity by extending flexibility of the present framework.”





“The acceptance of the new information system will rely upon satisfaction of the customer prerequisites and use of appropriate programming advancement system. The system will be accepted if the advancement procedure being taken after is as per the fitting programming improvement philosophy. The significant acknowledgment criteria for the new system to help Medigood relies upon the UI implies the outline ought to be anything but difficult to utilize with the end goal that the clients do not lose their enthusiasm over the system. The UI is considered as the middle person that collaborates with a system so it must be easy to use to such an extent that the clients wear not feel unpredictability in utilizing the system. The new system must be created in such a way, to the point that it meets required functionalities of the clients and in addition the customer. The introduction of the system must be outlined in a reasonable structure so the clients can without much of a stretch decide the capacities performed by the distinctive modules inside the system.

Case Study: Medigood

The system must be executed with proper safety efforts as record of patient and in addition other imperative data will be put away through the system. The system improvement must be completed by keep up the quality measures with the goal that the clients are fulfilled while utilizing the system. The system must be tried utilizing unit testing and for checking the usefulness, convenience, viability and unwavering quality with the end goal that the system mirrors a positive impression amid client acknowledgment testing. The practicality alongside versatility tests must be improved the situation the system with the goal that quality is kept up and the customer is guaranteed about the institutionalized item. The system ought to be executed with appropriate validation and safety efforts as there will be capacity of individual data and also trade of data. The records of the patient can be gotten to by the executive however other patients will not be able to view the information.”

“The above diagram speaks to design of the system to be produced for Medigood so the present business forms and existing system inside the association can be moved forward. The design graph is created subsequent to examining the modules that must be produced for the information system. The information system will involve mainly two modules that is one for management of patients and the other for administrative parts of the association. The patient administration system identifies with putting away, controlling and recovery of patient record. The administrative module will investigate the administration related data put away with the system. The database for both the modules will be isolated with the goal that restore and backup information can be completed effortlessly in the event of any disappointment. The administration module will likewise encourage preparing of information from outer sources, for example, information on clinical administrations being offered to the patients.”

“This report is centered around portraying the procedures that has been attempted to settle on a choice to build up the information system. The favored decision for building up the new information system is In-House improvement implies designers will be contracted and the system will be created with the joint effort of Medigood. The present business approach of Medigood has been examined to decide necessities of the partners related with the association. The new system is being proposed for interfacing patients with the pros and giving restorative meeting to the patients so they do not need to visit the doctor's facility or center physically every time they require a discussion.

Lee's Proposal for a New System

The Waterfall approach has been chosen for advancement of the new system as the necessities have been obviously distinguished and it would decrease the time required for building up the system. The determination of a reasonable supplier is fundamental for fruitful improvement of an information system as the acquirement of required materials on time and with great quality will guarantee achievement of the system. The system will be produced by making an in-house improvement group and to such an extent that it lines up with the business necessities. The adjustments in necessities can be overseen while following the nimble strategy however if there should arise an occurrence of waterfall approach the progressions cannot be received and the entire system must be disposed of and it must be begun once again to achieve the coveted objectives.”

There are different methodologies that can be executed for development of systems but the selection of methodology depends on the type of system to be developed. The conventional waterfall approach is characterized as the mostly used methodology for the development of information systems. The Agile strategy is additionally being currently utilized by different associations for creating programming items. The real contrasts between the Agile and Waterfall strategy is outlined below:



Agile Approach

· Agile strategy is highly centered on the group joint effort. There will be no nearness of any sort of rouge components that may lead to failure of project.

· Through the assistance of this approach a product improvement turn out to be substantially simpler and faster than others (Abrahamsson et al. 2017). Notwithstanding to repeat business event this approach is useful.

· For overseeing cost however this stands less demanding. Independent companies can without much of a stretch manage the cost of this approach.

· The customers can look at the progress and it likewise offers proposal in each progression.

· The cost required for the development of the product is not predictable.

· This approach is hard to understand and it is suitable only for large projects and small projects cannot be executed through this strategy.

· The timing for this approach is problematic (Ashmore et al. 2018).

· Through this technique, system can be developed successfully if required resources are made available by the client.

Waterfall Approach

· This approach is simple, basic and effortlessly justifiable by the developers.

· All stages of the waterfall approach are documented precisely and can be actualized independently.

· It gives high level of vision to the developers (Dingsoyr et al. 2018).

· The phases in this approach are developed individually hence there is no requirement of customer engagement at later phases.

· This approach provide clear control over the due date when the work is being circulated.

· This approach is not adaptable because of its inflexibility amid the development stages and no requirements can be effortlessly changed.

· Within the stages, the progress cannot be effortlessly recognized.

· The use of this model is very costly than the others.

· The challenges, issues, bottlenecks can be recognized toward the finish of the development cycle and not during the progress.

· If the assumptions for project are observed to be not right at that point, the evaluated finish time may surpass and the project may not meet the estimated time.

This assignment is related to the Medigood National Health Insurance system to propose a new system for their business activities. In the Assignment 1, I have analysed the case study in detailed manner for identifying the existing issues within the present system. I have identified the stakeholders associated with the business for determining the requirements efficiently. I presented the analysis of stakeholders along with their roles and interests in context to the Medigood case study. I developed the document reflecting the system vision for illustrating the benefits to the business from implementation of the new information system. I have prepared the AS-IS process design activity to demonstrate the existing system. I have determined the flow of processes within the organization along with it I developed a Product Backlog statement from the perspective of each user. MoSCoW analysis was being done by me to demonstrate the requirements according to priority. I also developed five use cases to demonstrate the requirements that will be fulfilled by the new information system.

To start with Assignment 2, I have developed a work breakdown structure so that the required activities can be completed for this assignment. I developed the “TO-BE” design process in context to the case study of Medigood Health system with the help of BPMN diagramming tool. Next, I analyzed the impact of new system on the business and presented discussion to demonstrate the plan for change management for implementing the new system. I also developed two screen designs from two must user stories being identified in Assignment 1. After that I have determined the acceptance criteria for the designed interfaces from the user stories. An architecture diagram has also been prepared by me to illustrate the architecture of new information system and I have prepared an executive summary with processes that has been undertaken to choose a suitable supplier to develop the new information system. In the last section of this assignment I have presented the comparison between Agile and Waterfall approach to demonstrate the key differences as per their advantages and disadvantages.

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