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explain the organisation's mission,values and strategic directors.

Details of Incident

The documentation of Max Lionel shows that the organization was founded as a sole proprietorship business. The current chart of the organization mentions the presence of the directors, the chief executive officer and the chief financial officer. This gives an idea of the fact that the organization has become a limited company, on the other hand the documents of the organization include the memorandum of the association and the articles of the associations. It is based on the provisions of the legislation like the Corporation Act 2001 under the Investment Commission and Australian Securities. The company concentrates on the managing properties of both the residential as well as the commercial type. The organization fulfils the laws related to Equal Opportunity Act 2010 and the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Appendix 1).


Name: Kate Winsley

Position: Manager Job Title: Operations general manager


Date: To be mentioned                                                       Time: To be mentioned

Location: Commercial Office, Max Lionel Realty

Describe what happened and how:

A client was trying to leave by using the emergency exit gate and while doing so she feel down. Her wrist got fractured. During that time an agent tried to help her but he insulted her by saying her that her shoes that had high heels were responsible for this. The actual reason was the stacked paper that blocked the way. The client was however given the treatment but she threatened the organization. The manager failed to fulfil his responsibilities of maintaining the safety and holding meetings with the agents.


1. Checking whether the emergency exit gates are opened.

2. The complaint should be registered that states the facilities from the agents and the clients.

3. Maintaining of the WHS records should be done properly.

4. There should be meetings held with the agents and the WHS committee.


Name: To be filled up                                          Job title: To be filled up

Name: To be filled up                                          Job title: To be filled up

Name: To be filled up                                          Job title: To be filled up

Sign:  Date:


Name:    To be filled

Position: To be filled

Risk details

Risk ID: To be filled

Raised by: To be filled

Date raised: To be filled

Description of risk:

Briefly describe the identified risk and its possible impact.

Likelihood of risk:
Describe and rank the likelihood of the risk occurring (i.e. low, medium or high).

1. Falling of the client: this can cause a physical rsik (Medium)

Impact of risk:
Describe and rank the impact if the risk occurs (i.e. low, medium or high).

1. Max Lionel would lose clients: this would include the financial risk (High)

Risk mitigation

Preventative actions recommended:

Briefly describe any action that should be taken to prevent the risk from occurring.

1. providing a proper light in the staircase and the in the floor.

2. the staircases and the floor should be properly wiped and they should be kept free from all kinds of things that might cause accidents.

3. Action plan:

Briefly describe any action that should be taken, should the risk occur, to minimise its impact.

a. Keeping the first aid ready so that in case of emergency the clients can be treated.

b. There should be a system of emergency calling where with the ringing of the bell the client can call a staff.

Approval details

Supporting documentation:

Details of any supporting documentation used to substantiate this risk.

WHS Risk registers.

Complaint registers.

Signature: ________________________________________

Date:   _____/_____/______

Organization risks register:




Risk response
(contingency strategies)


Physical risks: Falling, injuring etc.



Enlightening of flights of stairs.

Commercial manager

Financial risks



Adoption of Total quality management, WHS etc

CFO, HR manager and apex management

The documentation is an evident of the fact that the company is a limited company and it is a member of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (RIEV). The company has the documents which shows that the company aims at abiding by the laws that were enforced like the Safe Work Act.

The scenario that is given below reveal that the company needed to improvise the factors that was affecting the ethics that should be enforced within the entire company not considering the different levels. The organization offers their service to the clients, the brokers and the tenants who are did not receive proper education regarding the ethical codes. This is a loss for the company. The behavior of the uneducated staffs might let go the potential clients. This is the reason the company should provide adequate training to the three group of stakeholders.

Action no.


Milestone date



The formation of the new chart of ethics


Apex management, middle level management


The clients and the tenants should be interviewed


Marketing department


The rooms should be booked and the department of human resource should be recruited


HR department


The clients should be trained


WHS trainer


The brokers should be trained


Lawyer, WHS trainer


Training of tenants


Anti-discrimination expert


Evaluation of the process and making the necessary changes


The HR manager

The time span required to complete the action plan is 1 month 

The budget shows that amount of AU$ 12000 towards this change management in their modus operandi is insufficient and the same should be communicated to the CFO, Mr. Mehra. 

  1. Communication plan:





The formation of the new ethical charter

Apex management, middle level management

The establishment of the ethical responsibilities.

While launching the project

Interview of clients, agents and tenants

Marketing department

Providing information regarding the codes of conduct.

Before the project gets started

Hiring of human resources and booking of room

HR department

The tenants, brokers and clients should be provided training.

Before the initiation of the project.

Training of clients

WHS trainer

Increasing the understanding the codes of the company.

As a part of the project

Training of brokers

Lawyer, WHS trainer

Increase of their understanding of MLR codes of conduct and align them with the ethical charter

As a part of the project

Training of tenants

Anti-discrimination expert

Increase in their understanding of the ethical charter of MLR and the new policies.

As a part of the project

6. Meeting with the CEO:

The appropriate leadership style would include the mixture of the autocratic leadership style and the transformational leadership style. It was compulsory to have an authoritative rule as the clients and the agents were not aware of the codes of conduct. While training the participative leadership style would be an effective one.

This would include the change management strategy. The strategy would be inclusive of the allocation of more funds. Apart from this in order to decrease the budget the training program should be restricted only for 2 days.

Suggest Corrective Actions

The training plan would include providing the knowledge to the tenants, clients and the brokers about the new codes of MLR. This would enable them to align their operation with the legal requirements that are related to the real estate industry of Victoria, Australia.

The communication plan brings about the contribution towards the success of the company. It provides a better communication system between the internal stakeholders like the employees and the management. This can be held with the help of emails and holding conferences. The other group of stakeholders like the external stakeholders are communicated through the emails and the media.

The modes of communication that can be used is the power point presentation, posters, flyers and providing samples through emails.

The clients and the agents are given the training on the organizational codes so that they have enough information on it and they are able to conduct business in an ethical manner. MLR will be able to manage the financial risk and they will have a good will.

The implementation of the plan will be consulted with the managers.

The CEO pointed out that there was a shortage of the budget. Initially it was considered that he would allow an additional fund but later it was revised.

The revised plan would be consulted with the managers. After the approval of the managers the plan will be launched. This is the reason the feedback is essentially required.

The appropriate leadership style would be participative or transformational leadership.

The Utilitarianism theory of ethical modes should be followed that concentrates on the rightness of the outcomes of the activities.

The budget can be revised only after the consultation with the managers. It was assumed that the managers will be able to pay extra.  The revised budget has been incorporated and it has been named as budget 2 that has been attached.

The documentation that has been provided consists of the memorandum of the association and the other documents that are related to the incorporation under the Corporations Act 2001. The company is a member of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria. The organization follows certain codes and policies like the Safe Work Act and the WHS laws. The risk related to this are analysed that has been included in the appendix 2.

The previous assignment reflects the necessity of training in the company in order to maintain the code of conduct. This will enable the company to align their service with the clients, agents and the tenants. The previous assignment gives a brief view of the budget that is required for the training program.

Details of Witnesses

The scenario that is given is an extension of the previous scenario that has been provided in assignment 2. The scenario opens with the changes that has occurred in MLR. The internal as well as the external managers have accepted the changes that has occurred. The managers have taken up the responsibility to train the agents on WHS and ethics.

The workshop agenda will be divided into components, they are the training given on the WHS and on the ethical grounds. It would occur in a specific training rooms and they would be provided by the managers.

the team of trainees and the brokers would be led by the trainers.

the training would be designed with the objective of educating the brokers on their works and ethics. This would include the safety norms. This would be done inside a training room with the help of projector and power point slides.




(if required)

WHS training of agents

To be provided

Marketing manager, engineer


To be provided

Senior managers

Model ethical behaviour and encouraging ethical behaviour in team:

The managers would encourage the ethical behaviour among the agents based on the utilitarian theory.

the appropriate leadership style would be transformational or the participative leadership style.

it requires to follow the legislations like Fair Work Act.

the managers should support the team members while training and encouraging them to come up with ideas in order to make the sessions in an more effective manner.

 the mangers should encourage innovative methods in order to stimulate an effective learning. The training can use the brainstorming and the fishbone diagrams.

Innovative approaches like role play can be offered to the agents and they should be encourages in order to express their own ideas.

the managers should provide criticism along with motivation in order to have fruitful results. This would enable the gents to express their own ideas.

the managers in the training should employ the transformational and the participative leadership style.

the budget for the training could not be completed as the amount is too short for it.

the participants should take notes in the training process.

As a trainer I performed my duty well. I gave my level best on giving training on WHS and ethical knowledge. Apart from this I tried to get the approval from the CEO in order to increase the budget.

I need to maintain a written record of the risk and I should collect feedback from the participants of the training.

I was successful in engaging the stakeholders like the CEO, CFO, the managers, the employees and the other agents in the training process.

Risk Details

I successfully displayed the ethical conduct by ensuring the participation of the subordinate employees, the managers and the CEO. I tried to impart training on the ethics and WHS.

By applying the participative and transformational style of leadership I was able to create an interest among the participants and they seemed to be more enthusiastic because of this.


My personal goals are:

These should relate to or support professional goals

My professional goals are:

These should relate to objectives to maintain current competence in the job role or future career paths.

Next 12 months

This will depend on type of activity priority/ importance of undertaking it

The understanding of the consumer needs can be done

The communication skill can be strengthened.

Next 5 years

This will depend on type of activity priority/ importance of undertaking it

the development of career and appraisal.

I should take trainings on the leadership styles.


My objective is to improve my personal understanding on the needs of the customers from the real estate companies like MLR and inculcate the appropriate skills.

I prioritize the communication skills that I need to develop with the customers.

  • I would try to arrange camps where I can collect feedback from the customers.
  • I would take lessons on communication skills.
  • I would read books that would increase my knowledge on the preferences of the customers.
  • Training on communication classes.
  • Journals and books on consumer communication
  • Books of training


Required knowledge/skills


· competencies

· description of job role

· time frames and service period.



· the views

· the appraisal

· view of other people

Gaps/barriers/ obstacles and solutions

· gaps in knowledge/ skills

· changes to systems/ services requiring new skills

· what will help you to progress in your role, profession?

e. Professional Development and Networking Activities

Identified gap

Development activity

Details (provider, location, etc.)

Objective of development/ networking activity



1. Leadership gap

Communication classes

Professional institutes

Better leadership and achievement of target

6 months

Varies according to institutes

2. Diversity management gap

Reading of journals and watching of videos

Professional institutes

Better team management

6 months

Varies according to institutes

3. Understanding of customer perception gap

Meeting customers

Professional institutes

Better customer relationship

Once every week for 3 months.

Varies according to institutes

These include the training in the communication, the development that can be done by interviewing the customers. I would make efforts in taking feedbacks from the peers of the real estate industry.

This can be done by developing the relation with the customers. I would try to acquire the knowledge about the customer preference. This would help me to satisfy the customers who would approach Max Lionel Realty.

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