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1. Make a list of different training techniques you can use when trying to overcome a language barrier?

2. At the end of the training, what methods can you use to determine whether or not the worker understood?

3. When developing a training plan for an employee who has English as a second language, what types of things should you consider when putting your training plan together?

Presentation and Communication On Workplace Conflict and Difficulties

Conducting a formal presentation and communication on workplace conflict and difficulties (20 marks)

As the HR manager of a five star hotel chain that includes 20 different departments, you are to plan, prepare and conduct a formal presentation (10 minutes duration) assuming the students as staff members of different departments and your trainer as the senior manager. Using any of the problem scenarios/situations as the contexts you are required to present, advise, make decisions and guide organisational staff members. Assume the employees within the scenarios are present during your presentation.

*SCENARIOS (select any one for your presentation and communication):

1.Alexandra is an apprentice chef at Cafe Claude’s in your Hotel. Basil, the head chef, pays her a lot of attention. At first she feels flattered, but when he starts touching and cuddling her she is worried. She wants him to stop, but is afraid that if she says anything she might lose her job or strain the working relationship.

2.Donna is being interviewed for a position as a front service team leader. The interviewer, Eric, says how impressed he is with Donna. He then asks Donna about her personal life and plans she may have regarding marriage and children before the training is finished. Donna replies that she does not think the question is relevant to the job. Eric says that he is asking it to ensure that the company gets some return for the cost of training.

3.Ho is a nineteen year old man from a Cambodian background. When Ho’s job requires him to deal directly with a hotel supplier, he is told by the supplier, “I’ll deal directly with the boss, not you, refugee”. Ho explains the situation to his boss, Iannis, who says he will deal with the supplier personally. Ho is humiliated and angry, but decides not to raise the issue with Iannis again for fear of being seen as weak and unable to handle the job

4.Jemal is a devout Muslim who wears the traditional head covering, the hijab. Most of the workers at her place have no problem with Jemal’s dress. One colleague, however, Kalia, constantly mocks her for her beliefs, and calls her names. At times when Jemal is fasting, Kalia keeps putting food on her desk. Jemal gets very upset. She is uncomfortable with the situation and sometimes becomes ill with worry and calls in sick in certain days.

5.Oswald has a Nigerian background. Having worked part-time for a few months, he applies for a full-time position that has become vacant in his department. His manager, Peter, says that he has to choose between several candidates, but has found in the past that Nigerians and other African people are not as responsible or reliable as others, but he will think about it.

Workforce Diversity Scenario and Solutions

6.Melanie works in a restaurant within the hotel. She is keen to make a career in the hospitality industry. This is her first job and, like everyone else, she sometimes makes mistakes. Her boss, Neil who is the restaurant manager, suggests that they go out. Melanie does not want to and declines the invitation. Trying to ease the situation, she suggests that she might change her mind in the future. Neil comments: “That’s OK, but the way you’re working there might not be a future”. Melanie now thinks that she might only keep her job if she goes out with Neil.

7.Quentin works in the logistics department and needs a wheelchair to be mobile. His department manager, Ronnie, thinks he is a good worker but refuses to install ramps in a section of the logistics warehouse area where they work. This means that there are parts of the warehouse that Quentin cannot access, and some types of work that he cannot perform on his own.

*Scenarios sourced from rightsED.

  • Choose your own templates
  • You must have at least 10 slides
  • Business style font and size should be used
  • You are encouraged to include images, video links and colour
  • Use an icebreaker that encourages team work and the development of effective workplace relationships

Attach the presentation slides (in Appendix) and submit the complete assessment before you start your presentation. Your trainer/assessor will allocate a slot for your presentation.

PRESENTATION ASSESSING CRITERIA (Trainer use only for marking purposes)

Assessing Criteria Marks Allocated Marks received

Presentation Slides submission 2

Presentation & communication includes appropriate and adequate solutions to the problem and difficulty     8

Verbal and non-verbal communication used 2

Uses graphs, images and examples in explanation 2

Explains and discusses desired outcomes and decisions to audience 4

Professional layout, fonts and formatting 2

Task 2: Workforce Diversity Scenario (5 marks)

SCENARIO: A campus has set aside a prayer block for the sole use of students who have rigid religious restrictions of praying ( such as Muslims, Buddhist, Jehovah Witness, Catholics, Jews, Hindus) as praying. Other students, who are not much religious using the adjacent building in the evening now need to walk through a dark and bushy isolated area of the campus to the nearest alternative facility or transport.

This has led to complaints about risking personal safety by walking alone, disruption to classes when students have others accompany them, and embarrassment for some students and staff needing to contact the only campus security to provide escort to and from the toilets.

TASK: Provide at least five solutions to the issues raised with the group and explain the solutions.  Your response and solutions should take into account cultural needs, discrimination, religious practice, health and safety, and legal obligation.

Managing Team Performance Scenario and Goals

  1. make a new prayer block: which is not in the way of students travel course

Proposed Solution 2 and explanation:

  1. increase safety in the isolated area: use police protection and 24 hour watch guards

Proposed Solution 3 and explanation

  1. fix specific timings for prayer: so that rest of the time the students can use the area

Proposed Solution 4 and explanation:

  1. allow people to walk by quietly from the prayer area: So that students can use the area without disturbing students who are praying

Proposed Solution 5 and explanation:

  1. make a new route for students to travel: so that it is safe and does not disturb students who wish to pray

TASK 3: Managing Team Performance Scenario (5 marks)

As the delegated leader of the customer service team at ‘Yummy in your Tummy Lollies’ you are responsible for ensuring that the shop is always staffed with shop assistants who make customers feel welcome, attend to their individual needs knowledgably and promptly and who are able to maintain the shop’s displays at all times. At any one time you have a team of fifteen (15) shop assistants with a need for six (6) per day. Due to the nature of the work you have an average staff turnover of ONE (1) staff position per month.

At a recent senior management meeting the business plan was developed from which you now to develop a performance plan for your sales team. You also need to remember the ongoing team requirements as well as those new requirements brought about the strategic plan. In essence, the business plan states that, over the next twelve (12) months, ‘Yummy in your Tummy Lollies’ is aiming to:

  • Introducing twenty (20) new products including a range of 6 ‘healthy lollies’ options
  • Build market loyalty by specifically targeting ‘teens’ as customers by:
  • Designing new packaging specifically designed to have greater marketing appeal to the 7-12 age demographic
  • Introduce and roll out a club membership for ‘teens; that provides them free gifts for purchases over certain amounts.

Increase efficiencies by:

  • Increasing average customer sales from $4 per person per visit
  • Purchasing and installing a new computerised Point of Sales system (till) aimed at tracking sales by each Sales assistant

The requirement here is to undertake and complete the following key tasks within the tables provided:

1.Define at least 3 new sales team goals for the next twelve (12) months. You are to ensure that all sales goals are written in a SMART (specific, measureable, achievable, relevant and timely).

2.Define the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and standards for each goal.

3.Define the timeframe for each goal.

4.Select one (1) goal and create an action plan which clearly documents how you will achieve this goal.

Task 4: Developing and Implementing Workplace Policy (10 marks)

Tom, one of your employees, has worked with your XYZ Tax Accounting firm for ten years. He is well liked and knowledgeable about the history of the office and IT systems. There is no past history of performance issues that you can see from looking at past performance reviews. But your workplace does not have a performance policy as well. What you have observed is that Tom regularly shows up late, (office opens at 8:30am, Tom usually comes by 9/9:15 am), takes longer than an hour for lunch, and often is heading out the door by 4:30pm (office closes at 5pm). You notice that this type of behaviour seems to happen once in a while for other employees in the office, but seems like a daily practice for Tom. He never records any of this time on his time card as official time off.

Another employee, Kelly who has recently joined the firm misses most of her weekly Tax reporting deadlines and submits them the week after. This creates a disruption to your office productivity and sometimes you have to personally deal with client complaints why the processing is taking too long.

A third employee, who is a young accountant in your firm has some behavioural issues. You have received three complaints in regards to his behaviour. Other staff members complained that he mocks using inappropriate language and sometimes he uses racist and sexist words when joking.

Since your organisation does not have a strict written policy in regards to performance, attendance and behaviour, you are now in the process to prepare a policy/rule for everyone to follow.

Prepare a policy statement within 200 words mentioning the purpose of this policy for your organisation.

Develop at least 8 policy points/rules for the “Performance Attendance and Behaviour Policy” for this workplace in regards to performance, attendance and other expected behaviour. (Example: All staff members are to arrive at 9 am and sign the timesheet accordingly)


Attendance policy: Everyone has to clock in 9 hours of work including 1 hour of lunch break. Everyone must report to office at 8am. In case of a delay, the reporting manager must be informed. Two sick leaves would be granted every month.

Behaviour policy: Inappropriate behaviour will be punished and hence it must immediately be reported. Use of derogatory or racist remarks is grounds for suspension.

Performance Policy: The goals for every week would be given in advance. Failure to achieve more than 80% of the goal is grounds for suspension. Performance review meetings would be done quarterly. Failure to meet deadlines would be grounds for imposing a hefty penalty

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