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Task 1 – Practical: Planning the Production Process

You may be required to demonstrate knowledge and skills which may be difficult for the Assessor to witness. If so, an Evidence Record is supplied which will allow the knowledge or skill to be verified by at least one third party, and preferably two or more. These witnesses would usually be current or recent supervisors or your Assessor.

Explanations are given for each Task. If you have any questions, consult with your Assessor.

To contextualise this Assessment to your industry, you must complete a few additional tasks based on your employer ’s industry. These will be provided by your Assessor.

The assessment tasks may be answered using your business, the simulated business or a mixture of both as instructed by your Assessor.

You are required to complete all tasks as instructed.

Task 1 – Practical: Planning the Production Process

Task 1 requires that you plan your production process and you need to refine the information provided. Address the following points on your own paper and include in your assessment:

a What is your budget and what is the timeframe? Who will you confirm this with?

b Using the Bounce Fitness in Maturity Advertising Brief, discuss the factors influencing the production process?

c What production processes will you consider for each of the approaches?

d What  are  the  specifications  that  you  need  to work with to suit both the advertisement and the production process for each of the approaches?

e Create a schedule for the pre-production work for each of the approaches.

This is best completed using a Critical Path Analysis, Gantt Chart or other planning tool.  Submit with your assessment. This schedule must enable the production and post-production schedules to be completed on time.

1f Create a schedule for the production for each of the approaches. This also is best completed using a Critical Path Analysis, Gantt Chart or other planning tool. Ensure that it meets the requirements of the advertising brief and the media plan. Submit with your assessment.

Task 2 – Practical: Evaluate and Select Suppliers

Task 2 requires you to find suppliers who can do what you need done and at a price that meets your budget. Address the following on your own paper:

a Identify suppliers for each element in both production processes. Include copies and references for information that you use for your decision- making.

b Assess and discuss each of the suppliers in terms of their expertise and ability to meet the production budget, production and schedule requirements.

c Discuss your final choices for each of the approaches and include how they were chosen.   Discuss their merit, value for money and ability to meet the legal and ethical requirements.

d Discuss  also  how  you  will  brief  your chosen suppliers  and gain their agreement on the production, its schedule and the process requirements. Include a copy of the brief.

Task 3 – Theory: Direct the Advertising Production

Task 3 requires you to prepare to direct the production. On your own paper discuss:

a Consider the suppliers and their timelines; do you need to adjust the Critical Path Analysis (or other planning tool) you created in 1e and 1f?  If so, create a new version now and include a copy for your Assessor to demonstrate that you have integrated all aspects of the production process so that you get what you need on time and on budget?

b Discuss  if  you  need  to  involve  creative  specialists  in  either  production processes to solve creative problems or to advise on creative changes to ensure the resulting advertising copy is consistent with your objectives and the positioning you want for your brief?

c How  did  you  ensure  the  outputs  from  the  production  processes  met  the requirements of the production schedule, creative brief and media plans for each approach as well as meeting legal and ethical requirements?

Task 4 – Theory: Evaluate Advertising Production

Task 4 requires that you plan to evaluate your production to know whether it was successful or not for future learning. On your own paper:

a Discuss  how  you  will  evaluate  the  quality and cost effectiveness  of  the production processes and how you will compare this information to the requirements of the original creative brief.

b Discuss how you have ensured that the evaluation processes are valid and measure the quality against the standards established in the creative brief.

c Discuss how you will evaluate the final advertisements in relation to the original requirements of the creative brief.

Task 5 – Practical: Produce the Two Approaches

Task 5 requires you  to  complete  your  production  and  provide a copy of your electronic and print advertisement for your Assessor.

Task 6 – Evidence Record

This form provides verification and evidence that Learner has demonstrated the skills and applies the knowledge required to manage advertising production of electronic and print advertising. It includes planning and directing the advertising production process, evaluating and selecting suppliers, and evaluating the final production of the advertisement according to the creative brief.

This unit applies to individuals working in a senior advertising management, advertising production or account management role within an advertising or media organisation.

The Assessor will observe aspects of this by the Learner as much as possible but will also require information from a Supervisor of the Learner to corroborate and verify their assessment. The Assessor will arrange a time to meet and complete this Evidence Record with Supervisor.

Task 1 – Practical: Planning the Production Process

Advertisement production management is an inevitable property of business administration as it allows incorporating effective market attention and embracing adoption of advanced facilities and customer requirements while considering various project requirements. Project management is a systematic empirical framework that confines various distinct processes of project such as initiation, planning, executing, controlling and completion. This study has selected Bounce Fitness, a well-known fitness center that provides fitness and wellness in Australia as a reference framework to develop strategic advertisement production. The paper intends to provide a detailed description of the planning of production process while selecting potential suppliers based on expertise qualities and skills. This study also directs two different advertising process such as electronic and printed of Bounce Fitness while evaluating advertising productions. This paperwork also consist of two production approaches such as PMBOK and Agile that allows the project manager to incorporate productivity and profitability within organizational context.

Budget Line Item

Total Cost Estimation

Site design and coding site


Discovery and requirements brief


Architecture, wireframes and template development process


Site content planning and development


Technology, integration and software purchase


Website Executions


Multilingual facilities and site versions


Total Cost


Table 1: Budget Estimation for Website Development

(Source: Developed by the Author)

This website design budget is designed to generate awareness, acquire effective budget allocation for various distinct activities of website design and nurture prospects to evaluate advertisement qualify readiness of the project. Total allocation of budget is estimated for $75000 to incorporate efficient design and visibility. However, website design process confines various associated tasks such as additional designs including icons, graphics, photography and videography services, various assessment tools, additional content development programs and awareness and lead generation programs (Chaves et al. 2016). In order to exaggerate accurate budgeting, the company has allocated $85000 to complete project tasks.

Task Description

Time Frame (per Day)

Discovery and requirements identification

10 days

Site design and coding phases

15 days

Installation of software and other technological advances

6 days

Website Executions process

5 days

Site content planning and development process of appropriate actions

10 days

Total Time Frame

46 Days

Table 2: Time Frame for Project Tasks

(Source: Developed by the Author)

This project table upholds various time frames taken for the completion of the website development process. Specific time allocation for each tasks are distributed efficiently to ensure effective development by providing adequate time to meet project objectives. The company has taken initiatives to complete the project within 50 days as various obstacles and challenges generally occur within website development programs. The project has considered adequate time frame and developed potential time schedule to incorporate effective time management system within advertisement project development process for Bounce Fitness.

This budget has been checked by various designated positions of the company such as stakeholders, chief finance officer, project manager, IT engineers and operational managers. The authority has dig into the budget allocation and time frame to understand project growth phases while identifying profitability and stability within website development custom.

Task 2 – Practical: Evaluate and Select Suppliers

1b. Factors Influences Production Process

Within the Maturity Advertising Brief, various production inputs are taken into consideration to make profit and accuracy within Bounce Fitness content. Various associated factors of production process includes management, machines, materials and labor and  knowledge to develop potential production process to achieve premeditated purposes and objectives while following specific guidelines and procedures. Factors of production depend on the availability of various necessary items and several other agents that are responsible for website development program (Kendall et al. 2018). In order to develop potential first impression, business expansion criteria and customer retention, various distinct factors significantly influences developer to exaggerate accurate website design.

Targeted Audience

As Bounce Fitness provides services, the company can engage with various segments of targeted visitors. Development of website allows Bounce Fitness to incorporate higher customers based on different age groups and individual's preferences. This development helps the company to have a solid grasp on different targeted segments.


Navigation is an integral part of website success and it allows visitors to fine distinguish elements within a particular page. As the company willing to expand business functions, simple and user-friendly website development can be effective initiative to engage higher traffic and confine adequate attention in advertising process. Feedback responses are also important for business reputation.

Potential Content

Content is essential for website to attract larger group of internet traffic. As Bounce Fitness has developed business ventures within various cities of Australia, the company needs to facilitate different contents for various types of consumers. Potential content and presentation of such content into website is inevitable for higher recognition and appreciation.

Web advertisement design is designed to develop various creative contents and attachments to satisfy consumer needs. Various advertising medium as electronic and print media provides a guide written to its outsourcing targets that describes deliverables and service packages. Different types of production process are necessary for website to address specific requirements.

For Electronic Approach

Potential content of the website are essential for business growth through electronic advertisement while considering a creative brief to incorporate effective marketing campaign. Web advertisements are required to satisfy digital marketing components while ensuring the purpose of reaching a wider range of consumers. The production process of electronic approach confirms its target and develops principal structure to incorporate various web based advertising such as web banner advertising and As Sense Advertising. Identification of online potential traffic and evaluation of their requirements are essential for production process (Scott et al. 2016). The placement of developed content is also inevitable for electronic communication production process.

Task 3 – Theory: Direct the Advertising Production

For Print Media

Print media of advertising approach confines various types of important advertisement options such as newspaper and magazine that connects huge audience on a daily basis. The production process needs to focus on various factors associated with print media advertisement such as coverage of the newspaper, the class of consumers and cost of advertising. Evaluation of valuable customer base and development of customer focused strategies are the prime objective to meet. The production must require ensuring flexibility degree and medium of communication. As newspaper advertisement has short life span, advertisements must need to be accurate and attractive. The production process develops project tasks based on demographic information regarding customer priorities and availability of Bounce Fitness services.

PMBOK Approach

PMBOK is a widely used approach that refers to a collection of processes and knowledge area. It is designed to provide the fundamental aspects of project management within various contexts. It has significant application in website development program as it allows determining effectiveness and accuracy of the project. It includes five process steps such as initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and closing (Karaman & Kurt, 2015). It has substantial framework for contract management, scope management, risk management that helps the project team to exaggerate specific tasks while evaluating its effectiveness and efficiency. Website designing can be incorporated by this approach as it upholds significant advantages to enhance project success while considering creative brief of advertising contents. Managers can test various statistical values to understand the pros and cons of PMBOK approach.

Agile Approach

Agile Approach is also a widely used approach within project management system which is also known for its flexible nature. Its flexibility allows it to produce better contrast within deliverables without substantial changes and rework throughout the project process. Each task can be broken into smaller pieces and substantial risk reduction can be achieved by this approach through earlier assessment, testing facilities and analysis. Website designing for advertisement is complex enough to exaggerate accurately (McLaughlin, 2012). Implementation of Agile production process can be an effective alternative for PMBOK approach as it includes lower amount of risks and uncertainties.


Figure 1: Project Schedule

Based on the above mentioned project schedule, it can be stated that a total of 99 days are required in order to accomplish the project goals in an efficient manner. However, crashing the project can help to decrease the time-frame required for the completion of the project.

Task 4 – Theory: Evaluate Advertising Production


Figure 2: Gantt chart

Based on the above figure, a Gantt chart has been presented based on the schedule provided above. The Gantt chart presents a detailed view of various activities involved in the project development process.


Figure 3: Critical Path

The critical path for the project has been presented above. It can be stated that the current model of the development process selects all of the activities in an orderly processes.


Figure 4: Schedule involved in project advertising

Advertising the project indicates that the website development process is not executed. This indicates that the project can be developed within a new time-frame. It was found that the project can be completed within 98 days instead of 99 days. Additionally, crashing the project can lead to additional decrease in the time required for product development.


Figure 5: Gantt chart for project advertising process

2a. Identification of Suppliers for Each Production

Identification of potential suppliers is inevitable for website development program as it upholds significant amount of importance regarding production processes. Various associated resources of project items and requirements are essential to gather within adequate time and budget framework to meet project objectives (Pasian, 2015). As the production process confines several Technological goods, software are applications, project manager needs to implement innovative and strategic planning to incorporate cost and time effective purchase, operations and installations within systematic empirical evidence. In order to fine distinguish suppliers, a written checklist is inevitable as it deals with production, souring, development and transportation.

Identification of potential suppliers includes two parts which are identifying suppliers and screening and verifying candidates. Drawing an ideal supplier profile helps the project team to address definite needs regarding software, tools, and digital appliances. The availability of wide range availability is necessary to meet project objectives. The project has selected two Australian based software development companies such as Unified Infotech and Fingent to develop effective services.  In addition, the project team must need to engage with potential vendors such as software provider, digital goods provider and installation company that provides adequate design options and cost effective services to sustain budget efficiency and time allocation within both approaches of advertising media. As per the view of Busch (2016), Background information of suppliers, payment structure and function availabilities are also an integral part of hiring potential suppliers such as IT engineers, Software developers and designers.

2b. Suppliers Criteria and Expertise

Task 5 – Practical: Produce the Two Approaches

Modern contemporary marketplace is vibrant and competitive which forces project management to consider various expertise skills and experiences to incorporate adequate services. Hiring potential suppliers is a difficult task that requires a systematic review to evaluate potential skills and knowledge regarding website design process. This part of the study focuses on specific expertise qualities of the hired suppliers.

Unified InfoTech

Unified InfoTech is a legitimate software development business venture that provides world-class web solutions to increase business efficiency. The company provides services based on research, analyze, plan and documents of project requirements that executes profitable results. The company is capable of handling SAAS video platforms that allows to record 4k videos for advertising and also provides agile solutions for project management. The company has a wide range of offerings such as web development, SAAS platforms, custom solutions for specific needs and ecommerce solutions for its worldwide customer base.


Fingent is an enterprise software development company that provides adequate services to develop desire solutions for specific needs. Fingent offers a wide range of services such as web application development, mobile application development, product development (SaaS) and enterprise software development that allows each organization to resolve business challenges within technological areas. Strong customer base and adequate experience highlights company's profile significantly. Leadership, reliability and ability of providing software solutions are prime cornerstone of Fingent. The company provides PMBOK approaches to diminish project challenges with cost effective services.

2c. Final Selection of Suppliers

Hiring the right software testing supplier is a difficult task to perform as the project mainly deals software gadgets and computing applications that allows to perform various production process to complete the advertisement project within given time frame and allocated budget. The project team has selected Fingent as potential supplier to develop business objects (Bathallath et al. 2016). During the selection process of suppliers, basic premises and performance criteria are taken into account to evaluate the effectiveness of Fingent as a potential candidate.

Track Record

Fingent have significantly established their business prosperity into Australian marketplace as a potential software developing company and gained enormous recognition from various famous companies. Both companies uphold good reputations and performance index as end to end software testing company.  

Cost and Time efficiency

Fingent has received significant recognition due to its cost effective services and quality management systems. They build proper business communication and interpersonal relationships to understand project requirements based on budget and time schedule. From project manager to developer, stakeholders to finance department, they have created potential network cycle of working while maintaining line of communication.

Task 6 – Evidence Record

Expertise Skills

Fingent is flexible and scalable in various distinct functions such as revising tests, regression testing and commissioning phases. They have gained top notch software testing company recognition by providing utmost strategies and quality assurance within services. Flexibility and understanding choices have made Fingent more appropriate to exasperate project requirements.

2d. Brief of Chosen Suppliers

Selection of quality suppliers is a complex process that involves various important decision making process as it allows the project manager to run effective operations within website development programs. Engagement with selected vendors needs to evaluate detailed description and provide all necessary documents to create agreement based on project complexity and course offerings. Basic commands and objectives of the project are required to ensure for both parties. However, provided time frame and amount of budget have become an issue for both parties to determine how attachments and project objectives can be used in advertising. In the meantime, the selection of suppliers needs to be justified in its ability to serve excellence, effectiveness of its outsourcing capabilities and operational configuration management system (Nicholson et al. 2017). The project manager needs to communicate efficiently with respective company's representative to deal various important properties of project agreement such as time frame, budget efficiency and price structure.

3a. Critical Path Analysis of Advertisement Project

Critical path analysis refers to a systematic project management technique that is designed to map out each key project tasks that are essential for project completion (White et al. 2015). Application of critical path analysis within current website development process is inevitable as it will help the project team to identify the amount of time necessary and dependencies of each activity within the project. It also helps the organization to save time and money as many steps can be performed in parallel form.

CPA is a significant method of reducing overall consumption of time and tracking information and project progress. As the project needs to be done within 40 days, Based on the requirements of Fingent, project crashing tools are implemented to incorporate more time for completion of the website development project.

Project Crash

Task Description

Time Frame (per Day)

Discovery and requirements identification and Site design and coding phases

22 days

Installation of software and other technological advances

6 days

Site content planning and development process of appropriate actions

12 days

Total Time Frame

40 Days

Table 3: Time schedule after Project Crash

(Source: Developed by the author)

Based on the requirements, project crashing tool are required to implement to enclose adequate time schedule to deliver within given time Frame. Discovery and site design process can be performed together to save time. In addition, Site content planning and development process of appropriate actions activities can be performed in parallel form to incorporate higher time frame.

Project crashing is a complex and difficult task to shift time-cost allocation of the project. The role of specialist is inevitable in case of Both PMBOK and Agile production process of the website development program.

Crash Analysis of PMBOK

Creasing value of the project provides adequate information for preplanning of time and cost while assuming performance and quality are fixed along with a specific outcome. PMBOK Approach defines project crashing as a schedule compression tool that provides sufficient compressed value of cost and schedule tradeoffs by providing additional resources (DeFillippi & Sydow, 2016). Compression of project has direct impact of project completion time as project creasing concentrates on time schedule of the project. Based on the current situation of website development, it can be stated that project creasing includes various plausible components such as over time, additional allocation of resources within specific activities, incentive payments for early completion and hiring new resources. These creases allow project manager to satisfy client and stakeholders respectively while maintaining creative objectives of Bounce Fitness advertising objectives.

Crash Analysis of Agile

Project crashing in agile production process helps to determine creative changes within advertising content and production development process. Hiring potential specialists are essential for project crashing as it allows reducing risk magnitudes and challenges of the project. This crash element also measures the efficiency of special work to determine effectiveness of advanced methods while considering creative objectives of Bounce Fitness content.

Justification of the creased project can be evaluated by considering various segments of creasing values of the inputs. The prime objective of project crashing is to sustain effective project schedule time and cost allocation while determining ethical and legal obligations. The success of CPA can be measured by the following points. The functional relationship between cost and time can be preplanned by introducing CPA within both production process of advertising approach. Project managers can generate alternative time and cost scenarios (Darling & Whitty, 2026). It is also designed to provide feasible options to the client along with reviewing and adopting a range of cost time crucial carve while saving time adjustments and its implications on cost structure of the project.

4a. Evaluation of Project Success based on cost and quality 

Creative team normally works under rigorous deadlines and faces significantly difficulties to keep the quality of the contexts along with maintaining project subordinates within a collaborative environment. Lack of communication and information, difficulties is sharing collective and collaborative goals and misunderstanding project enforcement requirements are the prime obstacles of the creation of creative brief. However, evaluation of cost effectiveness and quality are essential within the project production process as it provides a complete picture of total cost associated and measurement of advanced facilities within product services. As the production process undergoes various distinct project crashing methods, variation of cost and quality often occurs within the project.

Cost benefit analysis is an effective technique that helps project manager to weigh the benefits of the quality efforts with cost to ensure quality and requirements of the project. In the given context of Bounce Fitness advertisement project, implementation of Rule of Seven can be an effective initiative to measure cost effectiveness while selecting non random factors (Gilbert, 2017). Rule of Seven suggests the project manager that even if these non random factors are within limit, the outcomes of the project may be out of control. Benchmarking technique can be implemented by evaluating other similar projects outcomes. Design of experiments also effective for project valuations test as it allows manager to change various statistical values to understand the amount of impacts.

4b. Validation of project Evaluation process

Validation of the project can be evaluated by understanding various importance factors of the project such as cost of quality (COQ), cost effectiveness and quality management plan. COQ refers to a systematic empirical framework that includes cost of conformance and cost of non conformance to quality and creating an adequate balance between them. In order to incorporate productive and stable project conclusion, the cost of conformance needs to be lower than the cost of no conformance.

Development of quality management plan is inevitable for project as it allows determining what quality is and outing in a plan to manage quality assurance aspects. Implementation of quality measure matrix can be an effective alternative for project manager to evaluate important aspects and factors of the project by placing them significantly (Meredith et al. 2017). A quality checklist is important to inspect functional movements and steps to be performed. It helps the manager to evaluate disputes and project detects. Process improvement plan is necessary for project management as it will save time by increasing efficiency and preventing issues. It also saves money that enhances the likelihood of profitability and customer satisfaction options.

4c. Evaluation of Final Advertisement

The final advertisement can be conducted in an efficient manner with the proper use of online media such as social media and various forums. Social media applications and websites such as Facebook and Twitter are highly effective in advertising processes (Rosemann & vom Brocke, 2015). Additionally, the use of forums can help to provide people with information relating to new developments. As stated by Sarif, Omar & Shiratuddi (2016), the use of offline and printed media such as Newspapers and Magazines are also efficient in providing insights regarding the project. The evaluation processes can be conducted by analyzing the results gained from the advertisements.


This work matrix upholds each project objectives and taken initiatives that helped to exaggerate innovative approaches to diminish project risks and uncertainties while increasing the likelihood of project success. Advertisement production includes various significant medium to describe its outsourcing services and accommodations to configure notifications. Production process has significant impacts on the success of the project as it allows implementing innovative project approaches like PMBOK and Agile to manage tasks, schedule and planning. Various distinct steps of website development program needs to be supplied by sufficient resources to increase transparency and accountability. This study described the plan production process of advertisements of Bounce Fitness and evaluated potential suppliers based on expertise qualities. The study also consists of advertising production process and successful evaluated the implementation of production process such as PMBOK and Agile as systematic approach.


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