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Part A:

Portfolio of communication materials As the Communications Manager at the Commonwealth Bank you are coordinating an end of year dinner for clients, staff and special guests, such as politicians and celebrities. The dinner will be held on15 December 2018 from 6pm to 11.00pm at the Westin Hotel at Martin Place, Sydney. There will be a range of entertainment and three course dinner served at the event

As part of the communications of this project you are required to prepare:-

An emailto staff inviting them to the event A letterto an external special guestinviting them to the event

A progress report to the Chief Executive Officer on how preparations of the eventare proceeding

A report structure(table of contents) suitable for a final event report

Hypothetical information, such as names, contact numbers and event details can be used to create the communication materials.

Part B:

Reflection on academic progress In this part of your assessment you are to reflect on your academic progress in this unit. Specifically you are to consider your Assessment 2 Turnitin Report, as well as all feedback from your lecturer and a Studiosity submission. Put forward suggestions on how you will improve your academic practice as a result of lessons learntfrom this unit.

Event Details

Email to staff inviting them to the event:

From:[email protected]

To: [email protected]

Subject: Invitation of the annual day function and dinner

Dear all,

We are happy to announce that our organization is arranging for a gala dinner party on 15th of December 2017. The venue of the gala dinner party is Western Hotel at Martin Place in Sydney. The dinner will begin from 6 pm to 11pm. A range of entertainment will be conducted for the guests and this will accompany a three-course dinner at the event.

We had a pleasant year with good amounts of profits and different turns of faith in our organization. Together, we can end the year on a good note and make our unity stronger. We will together pledge to provide the best performance in the coming years and see our organization reach the peak of success.

It is expected from each of the staffs to attend the dinner party whole-heartedly and together make the entire event a grand success. We are expecting the presence of all staffs with equal enthusiasm, exchange our gratitude and promise for better days in the future.

A letter to an external special guest inviting them to the event:


Mr. Ferdinand Andrew,

Honorable Councilor jurisdiction of Sydney,

Sydney, Australia,

Date: 27th December 2017

Subject: Invitation for dinner party and annual function of Commonwealth Bank

Respected Mr. Andrew,

We are feeling honored to get the opportunity to invite you to the annual function and dinner party which we are organizing on 15th of December 2017. The event, which we are organizing, is mainly directed to provide our gratitude to the staffs and clients of the organization who had been our constant companions throughout the year in the course of the organization. This event will also provide an opportunity to develop our relations with the stakeholders and to promise for brighter days in the future.

Our dedication to the nation has helped clients from all socioeconomic status to get opportunities to tackle their financial status properly and live better quality lives. This year’s event will also celebrate the new ventures that our organization has launched like the new financial schemes, insurance coverage and the new plans that had helped a diverse range of people to conduct proper financial transactions and have higher savings. The event is organized in the Westin Hotel at Martin Place in Sydney at around 6 pm and will continue till 11 pm. A range of entertainment is also organized which will accompany the three course dinner part organized by us. Different celebrities and special guests will also be joining the party. The details of the events are given below:

Invitation to External Guest

Date: 15th December 2017

Venue: Westin Hotel at Martin Place in Sydney

Time: 6pm to 11pm

We kindly request you to make our event glamorous and successful by your humble presence and make our annual day a successful one. It would be an honor for our organization to your company’s participation.

Warmest regard,

Samandra Jones,

Communication manager

Commonwealth Bank

Sydney Canada

A progress report to the Chief Executive Officer on how preparations of the event are proceeding:

 The preparation of the Annual day event and gala dinner party is going on a smooth note. The respective managers of the teams had done proper planning and they had communicated with their team members about the importance of the day and their presence in the party.

Not only that, the facility manager and his team had taken the responsibility of the entire arrangement of the seating and dining of the guests. They have contacted with the best catering system of the state namely “the Bloomsvalley catering service”. They have properly negotiated with the catering service and have been successful in receiving the best deal within the financial plan done by the business analyst. The catering service will be serving 200 heads within a constant budget fixed by the financial team and they have been also ready to serve more than 25 types of dishes within the price confirmed. The facility department manager will visit their organization and test the dishes before confirming them within this week only

The event manager had planned to incorporate two dance performance and two singing performance. A meeting was held with him where he communicated that some of the best singing and dancing troupes had been approached. The event managers will send the names of the final troupes within the coming week. However, he had also arranged for a show by a stand-up comedian who will be mainly conducting his performance in corporate humor. The event manger had seen and liked demo of his performance. Effective negotiation had been conducted which had helped arranging the dance troupe, singing choir and stand-up comedian within the budget allotted to him. However, two motivational speakers had been invited to speak for the guests and motivate them for the coming years. In this case, the remuneration demanded by them is going over the budget and therefore this is still on a negotiation mode. Further information on this, will be conveyed to you within three coming days.

Preparation Update

 However, representatives of our organization had gone and visited the venue of the Westin Hotel and had a meeting with the coordinator of the hotel. The venue had been finalized and half of the payment had been made to them. The rest of the payment will be done on the day before the event. Moreover, the facility manager had taken the responsibility of designing the venue and providing the best of the luxuries that can be afforded for the guests. Moreover, he had a detailed discussion with his team and volunteers had been arranged so that the program is completed on a smooth note.

The next set of progress report will be provided to you after seven days clearly depicting the status of the different events and how their managements are taking place.

A report structure suitable for a final event report:

The report structure will be first containing the budget plans. This budget plan will incorporate all the funds allocated to different entertainers, venue booking, catering service, luxury service and others. Certain amount of funds also needs to be allocated for the designing of the venues that will be done by decorators. Moreover, it is also important for making arrangements for the hospitability of the special guests like the celebrities and the ministers who will be involved.

The next part will mainly contain all the important details about the events and the dinner party that is arranged by the organization. It will mainly show the planning about what each of the dance troupe and the singing choirs are performing and the total time allocated for their performance. Besides, it will also contain the details about the stand up comedians, his performance brief, his time allocation and the genre he will be including in his comedy. The next part will be followed by the speech provided by the motivational speakers and the total time which will be required by them in their work. It will also contain speech of the CEO. Moreover, a small token of appreciation will be provided to the best employees who had shown outstanding performance in the year.

  • Budget planning and allocation:

·       Entertainers                                                                      


·       Venue booking


·       Catering service


·       Luxury service


·       Designing of the venues by decorators


·       Hospitability of the special guests


  • Details of the events:

·       Dance performance


·       Singing performance


·       Standup comedy


·       Motivational speech by motivational speakers


·       Speech by CEO


·       Speech by special guests:


  • Dinner details:

·       Budget allocation


·       Number of invitees


·       Total number of dishes, menus and types in three meals


Academic writing skills are essential for modern day students, businessperson and also different teachers and professionals in the modern day generation. It is taken to be an important aspect in the professional genre and every professionals and students are expected to use these skills in their writing (Bailey, 2017). Essays, presentations, reports and research papers require the writers to use these skills in their writing. I have understood the main importance of this type of writing that helps in presenting a polished and professional attributes of an individual and helps expressing their knowledge and skills necessary for present day communications, critical thinking, proper judgment, conflict resolution, and others (McWilliams & Allan, 2014). I have learnt that academic writing has four important aspects that I need to develop in my writing. This is the use of formal tone and the use of third person rather than the first person. I have also learnt that I have to put my focus clearly on the issue or topic rather than the opinion of the author. Even if I need to put an author opinion, I have to paraphrase properly the information in ways so that it does not have plagiarism. Moreover, precise word choice is another important aspect of academic writing.

Academic Writing Skills

In my second assignment, I was given an opportunity to describe in details about the relationship of pathos, logos and ethos with that of advertisements in digital age. I have tried to follow all the academic writing skills and have proofread my writing a number of times. I had taken time to understand the requirements and did not hurry with the writing. I believe good writing takes time to distill information from authentic sources and review major points before developing the content of the assignments (LoCastro & Masuko, 2017). It was also after understanding the requirement of the files, I started to research on the topics. I have been blessed to get the guidance of some of the most eminent professors of the university and therefore I had taken their help whenever I had faced issues. The Turnitin report that I had got back from the professors on my assignment shows how well I had been able to follow their instructions and how well I had developed my academic writing skills. In my assignment 2, I had structured the concepts of pathos, ethos and logos and had provided current examples in the advertisement industry. The professors had commented that I had structures the assignments in a well-planned manner and my entire assignment had proper flow that made the reading interesting to them. They had provided high marks to them also as I had been able to sequentially arrange all the important information in a sequential manner as per the requirements. The professor noted that the examples I had provided were explained by me in ways that had actually brought out the true concept of logos, pathos and ethos. All these made me get higher marks in the assignment.

 However, there have been a number of aspects where I believe that I still need improvement. One of them is that I have a habit of writing long and complex sentences that is not the proper way of representing the assignments. The sentences should be short and meaningful and should be relevant with the requirements (Rakedzon & Baram-Tsabari, 2017). I have to be more careful when I write my assignments and should proofread repeatedly to avoid writing long and complex sentences. Moreover, I should also develop the habit of practicing academic writing as I frequently make mistakes in spellings and typos are prevalent in my assignments. Therefore, I should make a point to proofread my assignments for more than one time so that the quality of the work is not hampered. Another area where I also face issues is the referencing area. I often tend to be impatient when I develop the reference list and therefore often tend to miss out all the information of the sources of the journal and articles in sequential manner. Therefore, I should provide more attention to reference list and keep more time allotted for developing the list than I used to do before. I have realized that I need to plan all the segments and divide them according to the time I can allot for each of the segments. This will help me complete the work within deadline and have all the segments meet the criteria properly.

 Business communication topics taught in the unit had helped me in understanding how important; communication can be in the areas of business management and business administrations. Business communication can help in development of trust- relationship of the organization with the customers by the procedure of effective marketing through media, advertisements and social networking sites (Bovee, Thill & Raina, 2016). Other than this, effective written or verbal business communication can help in motivating teams to develop their quality of work and provide more productivity. Effective and constructive feedback has huge contributions in developing morale and enthusiasm of the employees and thereby reduces turnover and absenteeism (Jackson, 2014). It helps in developing partnerships among different stakeholders that helps organizations to increase their profit. I have learnt how to use effective communication skills and manage business effectively. I had learnt the importance of effective feedback and active listening skills. These help in conflict resolution and better team building (Harris et al. 2016). In these assignments, I got the scope to venture my written communication skills. I understood that my written communication skills are not well developed and therefore I need to undertake tasks through which I can brush up my skills. I can go through articles present in the internet that might help me to know how I can develop such skills. I can also attend workshops and take guidance from my mentors in this domain. I have learnt that when individuals can develop fluent written and verbal communication skills, they can consider themselves as expert professionals that will in turn help in being placed in some of the best organizations in the world (Rosemann & Brocke, 2015).

I had realized that I have gradually been able to master up the skills required in academic writing. However, certain issues I am still facing which I need to work on in the coming days. The topics taught to me in the unit in business communication had helped me to learn the attributes that can help me develop as a better professional. This has several advantages in business management and therefore my aim would be to inculcate proper communication skills in the future.


Bailey, S. (2017). Academic writing: A handbook for international students. Routledge.

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Rosemann, M., & vom Brocke, J. (2015). The six core elements of business process management. In Handbook on business process management 1 (pp. 105-122). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

The event manager had planned to incorporate two da

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