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List the two to four recommendations that you will support.

List your reasons for selecting these recommendations.

How would you summarise your reasons in a sharp and snappy message?

How will you target your method of communication to your audience?

How do you plan to engage your audience while communicating your recommendations?

How will you, or could you, use storytelling to support your message?

What kinds of skills and attributes of your audience could you use to encourage participation and discussion?

What additional resources will you need to communicate your message? Plan to use at least one digital tool.

Outline your plan for the presentation.

Consider what kind of questions your audience might ask you following your presentation.

List some additional sources of information you might provide for audience members who are interested in further information.

Recommendations for Better Talks

General recommendations of presenting better talks involve following skills. An effective debate requires ones to have better practices of presenting talks in front of friends. Presentation plan should have debate ideas that run more than two slides. The next recommendation require one to develop some visual pictures of debate to helps one remember and effectively illustrate ideas in slides. Another recommendation is that one should develop some clear and concise messages which have the better description of the main topic (Vithal, & Jansen, 2012). Additionally, the presentation plan should not have too much detail to an event that audiences are not convinced on interesting problems. Reasons for selecting these recommendations are to help present the best talk in the speculated time. There is need to fully practice on presentations methods and procedures to help build confidence before presentations. Use of pictures while discussing debate problem helps in generating a good visualization for understanding purpose (World Health Organization, 2012). A clear understanding of solutions works in the debate process is enhanced through presenting clear and concise messages. Equally important, summarizing detailed information helps in designing convincing debate to the target audience.

The method of summarizing reasoning of presentation plan is enhanced first by understanding problem ideas in the debate. Importantly, there is need to have better skimming steps of main ideas in the text. In most cases, procedures for allocating subheading help in generating systematic steps of presentation. The reason for presentation helps one to have better knowledge of dividing ideas into different sections (Vithal, & Jansen, 2012). Equally important, presentation procedures require one to identify important based on recommendations. With these procedures of summarizing ideas in presentations, there will be a sharp message to the solution of the work.

Effective methods of communication are developed by understanding following steps when presenting. The first steps involve determining potential audience prior to presentations. In this case, all aspects of audience are considered by identifying common traits and different segments of presentations. The second step requires one to consider expectations of the audience and what is on their minds. Effective messages are generated by engaging audiences to actively listen and act accordingly especially in the facial expressions (Viana et al., 2012) The third step requires one to develop critical thinking on core messages to help audience remember main ideas in the presentations. Additionally, there is needed to form a good relation of facts with audience based on individual mindset and story development. Some recommendations of enhancing effective's talks in the presentation plan involve the following steps. There is need to be authentic when explaining main ideas in the debate process. Slowing down when talking help one to have good ways of understanding audience behaviors (Stutely, 2012). Communication procedures require one's to be vulnerable to easily connect audience in the presentation. Additionally, telling jokes, communicating clearly, captivating people, addressing problems and encouraging interaction can help form straightforward presentations.

Reasons for Selecting These Recommendations

A presentation involves an active discussion that helps in making important messages clear to the potential audience. Importantly, there exist some different ways of enhancing active communication in the right techniques. The first way involves selecting right medium by considering the use of interactivity, infographics, video and photo. Secondly, there is need to begin the storytelling process with characters and identifying problem based on the dramatic structure of messages (Persson, & Tabellini, 2012). Thirdly, defining the journey to the solution helps one actively connect the audience with key messages. Lastly, the detailed information in the presentation can be explained by using small stories for better conceptuality.

A good presentation of ideas in the group discussion requires a better understanding of skills and attributes with potential audiences. Techniques of requesting some brief personal input in a group discussion help in forming an effective group discussion. In this case, giving audience real-time feedback motivates their contribution to the group discussion (Macfadyen, & Dawson, 2012). A group discussion is formed by interactive skills of planning ahead before the real participation. Equally, the inclusive framing of the idea presented in the questions helps in designs superlative phrasing. With such skills, there would be a better allowance of time to acknowledge individual response in the presentation.

Additional Resources

In the presentation procedures, there is need to have additional resources to maintain effective communication process. Email-communication helps in designs some better ways of encouraging active chat for purpose of presentation strategies (Milkova, 2012). Electronic means of enhancing communication involves projector device for better visualization in the presentation. Additionally, there is need to recommend some additional tools of communicating like inspiring and educative material. With these resources, it would be easy to present a project and designs some solution on the same.

Presentation plan covers following ideas based on the problem of interests. The outline of the plan involves the following procedures. The first procedure is designed by assembling best material based on goals of presentation. The summary if the idea in this procedure designs some better support of main ideas and consideration of audience (Levy, Weitz, & Grewal, 2012). The second procedures to plan presentation are architected by developing different means of finding trajectory materials. Trajectory presentation is developed by the solid introduction and body text of main ideas. The plans have an important statement that helps in linking important ideas through graphic visualization. The plan has better ways of practicing the reporting process through generating important themes. The procedure of practicing requires one to practice until there is little need for slides or notes.

In the presentation process, I expect different kinds of the question since the audience has a diverse understanding. The First question is rhetorical to incorporate personal thoughts on ways of presenting. The second question is an interactive question that translates better relation in the presentation process (Kornblum, Julian, & Smith, 2012). The third question I expect from the audiences is temporal questions for better visualization on the problem of interest. Lastly, some questions from the audience can be based on guiding options to enhance critical thinking of the retained information. With these questions, the presentation can be interactive based on constructive process answering the individual question.

Additional Resources of Information and Own Questions

Audiences who would want to get more information on presentation process can follow references provided in the present plan (Kramer et al., 2012). My own question on this presentation involves following.

  • How are photos and videos on presentation?
  • Have ever had the same presentation?
  • Do you prefer verbal presentation or use of projector?
  • How effective was your group discussion?
  • What are main ideas common to this presentation?
  • What might cause people to develop ineffective presentation?
  • How was my mode of presentation?


Kornblum, W., Julian, J., & Smith, C. D. (2012). Social problems. Pearson.

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Vithal, R., & Jansen, J. (2012). Designing your first research proposal: a manual for researchers in education and the social sciences. Juta and Company Ltd.

World Health Organization. (2012). Global measles and rubella strategic plan: 2012.

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